China Getting an Alternate 'Iron Man 3' Cut with Exclusive Footage

March 29, 2013
Source: Deadline

Iron Man 3

When we heard that Marvel was looking to shoot some scenes from Iron Man 3 in China, we assumed it had something to do with Mandarin, and that was even before Ben Kingsley was officially revealed to by playing the comic book arch nemesis of Tony Stark. As it turns out, there's something different in store for the superhero on the other side of the world. We already knew that Chinese actor Wang Xueqi would have a role in the sequel, but now Marvel Studios and the Chinese media and entertainment company DMG have announced that an alternate cut of the film will be released in China with a new cast member. More below!

A press release today announced that while scenes featuring Xueqi will be featured in both versions of the film playing in China and elsewhere around the world, there will be more footage shot in Beijing last December appearing in a special Chinese cut of the film. DMG collaborated with Marvel on several Chinese elements in the film, and that includes featuring one of the country's most popular actresses, Fan Bingbing (who also just landed a role in X-Men: Days of Future Past), in some sort of role. As of now, the Chinese version of the film doesn't have a set release date, but it won't be arriving at the same time it hits the rest of the world. Perhaps the trade off will be enough for Chinese fans to enjoy.

Honestly, while it's interesting to see Marvel working with the Chinese entertainment industry for something like this, it's also a bit disconcerting. It seems that the only reason this is happening is to pander to Chinese audiences in order to grab even bigger box office numbers overseas. And considering their government is so controlling of their entertainment and more, it's likely that this was done in order to make sure China was painted in a positive light for a film that plenty of Chinese people want to see. The inclusion of Fan Bingbing also just proves that this is a cash grab job, and nothing ground breaking. Thoughts?

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COMMUNISM IS EVIL!!!! ...Unless there's money to be made

Matt Peloquin on Mar 29, 2013


Didn't 21 and Over do this as well? Kinda weird. No other countries are getting this "special" treatment.

Nielsen700 on Mar 29, 2013


Not only the film is painted in a positive light for Chinese audiences but for Western audiences as well. Hollywood is just China's PR firm.

Tey on Mar 29, 2013


And the US is for Israel...?

BOOM on Mar 30, 2013


Dude, Israel or her people owns the entire motherfucking firm!

Tey on Mar 30, 2013


well, China have the biggest population, try to grab some extra bucks

truong18 on Mar 29, 2013


Biggest population of poor people. Not really the movie going crowd.

Brian Sleider on Mar 30, 2013


If they ARE going to pander to Chinese audiences, I'd rather they do this than change the whole movie like they did with Red Dawn.

Kyle Thatcher on Mar 29, 2013


Wait. If china pegs their currency to the US Dollar...then if they rake in extra chinese dollars from this 'chinese version'...doesn't that imply that Marvel is actually giving a monetary 'discount' to the chinese viewers due to the Yuan being pegged to the Dollar? Even though Marvel will be making 'more' money from Chinese cinema there some money 'falling through the cracks' due to the currency manipulation? Me wonders...but not too hard, my head is starting to hurt.

nubbsy on Mar 29, 2013


If Xerxes or someone with a good explanation about this esoteric subject reply, it would be much appreciated, Thanks.

nubbsy on Mar 29, 2013


What's so difficult to understand? Free speech is not acceptable in China so Marvel is paying the price of free speech for the almighty dollar. Its the American way.

Hattori Hanzo on Mar 31, 2013


Who's your Sugar Daddy??!

Ron on Mar 29, 2013


It's not any different than when GI Joe did it to add Channing Tatum...

Vectorsfire on Mar 29, 2013


DMG invested this movie. That's what happens when you invest. Are any of you disturbed that they don't make (that many) Westerns anymore? You know why? They'll tell you no one wants to watch them anymore. It's really because of European investors. Europeans hate Westerns and the investors have a clause that none of their money ever go into making a Western.

Singular on Mar 29, 2013


You could look at this from the other perspective. This could be seen in more friendly terms. Usually we just make our villains of some evil ethnic origin and don't care how that ethnicity feels about the portrayal. This may be a way to say..."hey, we're not trying to villainize them as a people, what can we do to make this more friendly their audience." It may be kissing up a bit, but its better than the approach American films usually take.

Aero027 on Mar 29, 2013


If this were true why not build into the script instead of put a band aid on it?

Gengis timberlain on Mar 30, 2013


It would be nice if the blu-ray had both versions of the film...

Chris Groves on Mar 29, 2013


It's Super Sentei and Saban all over again...except this time, we're the export!

Thomas Carroll on Mar 29, 2013


Hammer and sickle on Stark`s suit?

Paranoid Android on Mar 30, 2013


China will be, if it is not all ready, the largest overseas market. They are just playing a safe hand, so they don't get banned. I guess we'll see it later on Blu-Ray, as "Extended Scenes"?

David Banner on Mar 30, 2013


I think we all know it is just for the money

Ollie on Mar 30, 2013


That'll be the first cammed version anyway, won't it :p

$126191 on Mar 30, 2013


stuff like this is usually contractual. The movie has to hit a certain run time when they shoot in China. Looper had a similar contract with China. So if you have to make the movie longer for China, just include more china scenes because they're the only ones that are going to watch it.

Dan LaBrecque on Apr 1, 2013


I think that Iron Man 3 will be movie of 2013!

Vali on Apr 1, 2013


Given how many times foreign films have been pointlessly remade for American audiences, it's probably worth not being too cynical/suspicious about this. Oh no, they want to appeal to a greater number of people and make more money! Run for the hills!

Chris on Apr 4, 2013

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