Chris Cooper is Playing Norman Osborn in 'Amazing Spider-Man 2'

February 27, 2013
Source: Heat Vision

Chris Cooper

It sounds like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will serve as quite the set-up for a third film in the reboot trilogy. It's been established that Jamie Foxx is playing the main villain Electro against Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, but Paul Giamatti is also on board playing the villain Rhino. While we're not sure how that second villain is coming into play, another villain has entered the mix. Heat Vision has word that Chris Cooper (The Muppets, American Beauty) has signed on to play Norman Osborn, the owner of Oscorp who goes on to become the Green Goblin in the comic books. But will he make a villainous turn? Read on!

Our guess is that Cooper will play Osborn as a sort of mentor to Parker, which is something that happened in the comics before he went mad and became a super villain. However, those who have seen The Amazing Spider-Man know that Osborn was dying, which is part of the reason Dr. Connors tried his DNA spliced serum on himself. Maybe this means we'll get to find out what happened to Irrfan Khan's character, since he was the middle man between Osborn and Connors. Adding Cooper to the cast just sweetens this sequel, and we're anxious to see if he'll end up becoming a villain sometime down the road. We're just hoping that he's improved his maniacal laugh since The Muppets.

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Hmmmm....gotta admit, the casting on TASM 2 is quite solid...Chris Cooper is an excellent, if underrated actor (in my personal opinion). Very interested to see how he handles this role, since I liked Willem Dafoe's portrayal.

Scopedog on Feb 27, 2013


Yeah that's the one area ASM beats or at least is equal with Raimi's trilogy. The casting has been fantastic. Dafoe, Molina, Franco, J.K. Simmons were amazing (even Baker would have been awesome) but I wish Garfield and Stone were in SM instead of Maguire and Dunst. Also Fox, Giamatti, Cooper, Ifans= awesome.

si1ver on Feb 27, 2013


Sup dog.. while I agree that Cooper is an excellent underrated actor, it will be difficult to top Dafoe ( then again I didnt think anyone could top Jack's Joker). However, how anyone could pick Garfield over Maguire I will never know.. Garfield was terrible, I never once felt like I was watching Peter Parker.

Tester on Feb 27, 2013


Most people don't Like Andrew's portrayal because they think Peter Parker is a dorky/nerdy guy, like Tobey's portrayal of the character, but in reality after the spider bite he breaks through the glass ceiling and becomes very self confident, and he actually becomes somehow similar to Andrew's portrayal, but without the skater attitude.

Fidel Reyes on Feb 27, 2013


Hey Tester, what's going on?...yeah, it is going to be hard to top Dafoe--remember the mirror scene?--but I guess I'll have deal with Cooper's take on Osborne. We'll have to wait and see on that one. As for Garfield vs. Maguire...well, that debate could go on forever, but it will always come down to personal preference...

Scopedog on Feb 27, 2013


I too thought Dafoe was fantastic and it will be incredibly difficult to even match him. Cooper is very good though of course and I'm extremely interested to see what he's going to do with the character. To clarify I REALLY didnt like the ASM. Raimi's first two were superior in every way IMO. But I also think Maguire and definitely Dunst were big weaknesses of the films. Stone may not be an amazing actress but she would have been a better love interest than Dunst, she certainly would have been more interesting and likeable. I think Maguire was serviceable enough to still make an awesome movie but he didn't bring that extra dimension to the character that a Bale or RDJ do. He did end up giving a poor performance but I think Garfield is still a great actor and a great choice for Spiderman but its not his fault that the dialogue, story, and direction were soooo weak. Even Ifans was forgettable as the Lizard. I think Garfield did exactly what Webb wanted him to do but Webb had shallow and ill advised ideas about the character. It was a horrible take on the character but that's not Garfield's responsibility to control, its his director and his writers'. My ideal movies would have been Garfield and Stone (or someone else) replacing MJ and PP in Raimi led movies because Raimi had such a clear vision of what he wanted to do and his ideas were much more aligned with what a SM movie should be. I think Garfield could definitely bring that wise-cracking webslinger we all want to see but he seriously needs better direction and writing.

si1ver on Feb 28, 2013


Another villain? he is perfect

TOONFED on Feb 27, 2013


Fuck yeah.

Xerxexx on Feb 27, 2013



si1ver on Feb 27, 2013


I like it, but I hated the first amazing, and I really loved Dafoes goblin.

Cody W on Feb 27, 2013


I think we just need 2 or 3 more villains and well have ourselves a movie.

Pete on Feb 27, 2013


Don't forget you have to kill them all off too. Base the marketing on the best villain then give him 5 min of screen time.

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Feb 28, 2013


Diabolical laughter!

Frank Sorbello on Feb 27, 2013


Awesome casting choice! But I don't know why I wanted Christoph Waltz as Norman Osborn, ah whatever, this is still awesome!

Fidel Reyes on Feb 27, 2013



David Darida on Feb 27, 2013


is it too late to replace Andrew Garfield?

Zak Coleman on Feb 27, 2013


I thought Michael Massee was playing Norman Osborn??

comic393 on Feb 27, 2013


Will it be as slow and boring as the first one? Will Peter actually NOT tell someone that he's spiderman?

Jimmy Love on Feb 28, 2013


Although disappointed with TASM, the casting is turning out to be awesome for #2. Hopefully there will be 'terror' in this flick that was lacking in the first. I found Irrfan Khan's character more sinister than the Lizard. I was hoping to see him turn into a maniac since he's such a great actor. Fingers crossed but looking good so far!

coolit43 on Feb 28, 2013


I just hope there is a balance with all three villains (or two villains and one half, upcoming villain) and they don't throw them all in the pot to fight for space like they did in the third SM. If they give each enough screen time like they did in Avengers, it should still turn out pretty solid. Rhino...hell yea!

JBrotsis on Feb 28, 2013


then who the hell was the guy in the shadows during the mid credits scene?! its gots 2 be Mysterio thwn.

comic 393 on Feb 28, 2013


meant 2 put then at the end.

comic 393 on Feb 28, 2013

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