Christian Bale Says He Will Not Return as Batman in 'Justice League'

July 1, 2013
Source: EW

Christian Bale

It's been a pretty safe assumption that Christian Bale wouldn't be reprising his role as Batman if Warner Bros. ever gets their DC Comics superhero ensemble Justice League off the ground. However, plenty of fans have debated that with Christopher Nolan producing the new Man of Steel, anything is possible. That's even after writer David S. Goyer confirmed that the new Superman film and Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy do not exist in the same universe (despite the Wayne Enterprises easter egg). And in case there was any other doubt left out there, Bale has now confirmed that he will not return as Batman in a Justice League film.

When asked about his potential involvement in Justice League, Bale told EW:

”I have no information, no knowledge about anything. I’ve literally not had a conversation with a living soul. I understand that they may be making a Justice League movie, that’s it. It’s a torch that should be handed from one actor to another. So I enjoy looking forward to what somebody else will come up with.”

So there you have it. Don't look for Bale to bring Bruce Wayne back from the dead and return as Batman for Justice League. Of course, the real debate now will circle around whether or not Joseph Gordon-Levitt can be brought in to play Batman for the ensemble. But again, it's important to remember that Nolan's Batman film do not exist in the same universe as Snyder's Man of Steel. But what about the potential for Nolan and Bale to head back to Gotham City? You can probably guess that answer, but Bale says, "We were incredibly fortunate to get to make three [Batman films]. That’s enough. Let’s not get greedy.” Thoughts?

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Makes sense...seeing as Bats wears a mask it is an easy re-cast. Loved Bale's Bats...even if Rises was sorta sub-par...the cop on criminal battle royal is plagued with loads of bad fake-fighting.

Xerxexx on Jul 1, 2013


Subpar? Please...what reality do you come from where a movie like that is subpar. LMAO

Bob on Jul 1, 2013


It was, imo...remember bob is an opinion site. I found the film to be lacking in a few areas. No need to attack my perception of reality. I liked it, a definite 7/10. Not Nolan's best outing, but better than most Bats Movies. Begins was the best, imo.

Xerxexx on Jul 1, 2013


7/10? HAHA...please. The movie was incredible. Spare me the opinion defense. It's a cop out. People always hide behind that when they offer up an absurd, attention getting, pretentious douche-bag viewpoint of the world.

Bob on Jul 1, 2013


I second that pretentious douche-bag viewpoint of the world, Dark Knight Rises was subpar. 5/10. the first was best, then 2nd, then turd. Boo-yao!!!!!!

karl on Jul 1, 2013


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!! Don't do drugs kids or you'll end up a braindead moron like Karl.

Bob on Jul 2, 2013


if when u say kids u must mean your friends. your childish outburst in response to criticism of a movie you think is the "bestest" in the whole world betrays your level of maturity. you obviously lack the ability to control your emotion and participate in a discussion. when u are old enough to do drugs u should try them. it might help to expand ur mind. then u might realize it is ok to like a movie that isn't very good.

karl on Jul 2, 2013


I honestly think a 7/10 is being fairly generous, the movie was overall boring, the villain was fairly one dimensional, the war seemed forced, and lets face it there has a HUGE span of time that Batman wasn't even in the movie! Honestly they did NOT end the Trilogy on a high note. It was a good movie but it certainly didn't live up to it's two predecessors.

Jon on Jul 1, 2013


Do you get headaches when you try to do simple arithmetic ? Do us a favor. Don't breed. You're clearly a moron.

Bob on Jul 2, 2013


Ad hominem attacks are for people who don't have nothing of value to say.

grow up on Jul 2, 2013


I know trolls are a rarity on FS so I will forgive you all for feeding Bob here.

Cody W on Jul 2, 2013


Pleas remove the stick from your ass Bobby.

Xerxexx on Jul 2, 2013


Lulz. This is the Internet. No place for rationale. Silly Xerx.

DAVIDPD on Jul 1, 2013


I try to reason on the internet...for some reason I forget that the net is a breeding ground for insane man-children.

Xerxexx on Jul 2, 2013


Bob the troll.

reeo on Jul 3, 2013


Not really a troll so much as a dick.

Greg dinskisk on Jul 3, 2013


He knows it will not work!

Monica on Jul 1, 2013


Wait! He doesn't clearly say he's not going to be Batman again. That statement leaves room for interpretation! He can still play the role. Maybe Nolan and Snyder can convince him to come back. It's not over yet!!! How was it for a die hard Bale-as-Batman fan impression? Pretty good, eh? Eh?

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jul 1, 2013


Yeah but still...

DAVIDPD on Jul 1, 2013


Huge mistake on everyone's part. This all but assures that Justice League will be bad!

Patrick Bayard on Jul 1, 2013


It will be bad whatever they do. The concepts works in comics.If they go for a realistic Nolan Batman type of movie it will be just ridiculous.Wonder Woman and co. as realistic characters? C'mon. Make it camp,then maybe. Also I did not care much for The Avengers before you start going of on "you are a marveltard" route .

it's kids stuff on Jul 2, 2013


Jake Gylenhaal please!

Tey on Jul 1, 2013



cobrazombie on Jul 3, 2013


Michael Fassbender would be fun...but the bottom line is that if Nolan wants/asks him back for Justice League...he'll probably come back.

Chris Groves on Jul 1, 2013


Also, I'd recommend not going straight from Man of Steel to 'Justice League'...I'd suggest that they do a Man Of Steel sequel, as well as a Batman reboot...maybe a Green Lantern reboot...maybe a Flash movie, THEN do the Justice League. Have a multi-year plan and stick with it. Don't hinge on each film's individual success, stick to your guns. MOS, Batman, and a new Green Lantern/The Flash movie could all be getting made at virtually the same time and open within a year of one another...and if one fails, so what? Just keep rolling with it. Marvel didn't back off of the forward progress of 'The Avengers' just because The Incredible Hulk wasn't a smash hit.

Chris Groves on Jul 1, 2013


You have to will this sort of thing into existence, you can't just hope it happens organically.

Chris Groves on Jul 1, 2013


They should do a BatmanXSuperman film before a Justice League movie.

DAVIDPD on Jul 1, 2013


Exactly...a TON of the hype for 'Justice League' would come from getting Superman and Batman in one film together...if they saved the trouble, and did a Batman reboot, as well as an MOS sequel, THEN a Batman/Superman film...they'd still get loads of hype for that without all of the fuss of putting in X number of characters without giving each one their own film.

Chris Groves on Jul 3, 2013


Thor wasnt that good either IMO, the 2nd iron man is widely considered to be mediocre at best, captain america was sort of a snoozefest too. What marvel did was build tension within mediocre films to build up to one solid film (the avengers) youve gotta give there marketing guys props because most marvel films......kind of suck there I said it.

Cody W on Jul 2, 2013


Well, I strongly disagree. Sure, The Avengers is the best...but it's arguably the best superhero film EVER along with The Dark Knight, at least as far as the new millennium goes. But the other films are all very good in their own right, solid 8-9 out of 10, for sure. One thing is for sure and that is each Marvel movie is quite enjoyable to watch with a group of people and they sit well with repeat viewings(some improve the 2nd time around like Captain America)

Chris Groves on Jul 3, 2013


First of all i do not understand this inconsistency in actors/producers and Hollywood in keeping their characters/roles alive even if they are done with a three episode franchise with whatever company, i mean it is gonna be real awkward seeing Fassbander now playing batman in the justice league because it is not gonna be the same, in my point of view Batman is going to lose his identity, he`s identity is coming through a character play that is played by an actor, not every actor can play Batman or The Joker...and give them their identity, so my question is: does Bale really not wanna play Batman again? Will he not get "payed" enough? Or what could be there the issue? Because for me, as a fan, it is very important that this childhood "super hero" who i grew up with, stays as grumpy as he ever was and does not even get a bit of Fassbander or imagine Johnny Depp role play in his identity as a Batman.

Peter Boros on Jul 1, 2013


Agreed. Four different actors in the last 20 years as well - stretching the ol' bat pretty thin imo. One of my favorite things about the Marvel series (Avengers line anyway) - everybody except Hulk was consistent with what I knew.

avconsumer2 on Jul 2, 2013


Batman and Superman duo works because they are the complete opposite. Thanks to MOS, they are both dark and therefore the dynamics would be gone in Justice League unless Supes does a complete 180 with no explanation. I know most would point to Zod's death, but the whole film had Clark always brooding and scowling.

mooreworthy on Jul 1, 2013


i just died right now

THEBATMAN on Jul 1, 2013


Christopher Nolan and WB lied to our faces that it was not Taliah Al Guhl we saw in the on set photos. He even got the actor to confess that she was not even IN the MOVIE at all..then BOOM, next thing you know it, she's in the movie... Goyer even said that Clark won't wear his iconic glasses in Man of Steel...then BOOM, he's wearing the glasses at the end...another flat out lie Bale has said everything but this..."I won't be in Justice League" So nobody really knows yet, at all.

Thomas on Jul 1, 2013


are yu sure that this romour is not true???

GABRIEL CRUZ on Aug 16, 2013


Consider Andrew Lincloln for Batman. The guy has acting chops. Serious cuts and toned physique. Besides, he's got the charm too.

Harlan on Jul 1, 2013


Interesting! That may actually work.

avconsumer2 on Jul 2, 2013


Honestly he wouldve played a good supes too, funny all 3 actors involved in this topic are brits.

Cody W on Jul 2, 2013


I feel I am alone in this BUT I want Bale as BATMAN!! The Dark Knight trilogy made to big of an Impact NOT to have those two worlds intertwine.. Have Joseph Goron been trained by Bales Wayne in the League of Shadows.. It would work!

C.j. Irving on Jul 1, 2013


yeah me tooo

GABRIEL CRUZ on Aug 16, 2013


If he was involved he would have signed a NDA .....

Steven on Jul 2, 2013


I'm not quite clear on why The Dark Knight movies can't be in the same universe as Man of Steel? Do they not want to go the "serious route" that was set in The Dark Knight(TDK) movies? Why do they want Superman to be the first to come out as a superhero? I never saw Batman as someone who was known worldwide in TDK movies, so with Superman being what he is, he would be "known worldwide first". Even if Bale won't be Batman again(well, we'll see), that style off Batman could have been brought into the same universe as Man of Steel. A colleague of mine thinks it has more to do with merch than anything else, Batman has last decades become a "Barbie" of sorts. They gotta push that new version of the Bat-mobile you know, a lot of toys linked to Batman. Give Bale $150 million for 3xJustice League and he'll join. The first could be Superman contacting Batman(or the other way around) and together they find Wonder Woman. I have know idea how the JL movies should be....

David Banner on Jul 2, 2013


Just no.

no on Jul 2, 2013


STFU Beevis

David Banner on Jul 5, 2013


uhmm lets try observing him in the movie batman vs superman k???

GABRIEL CRUZ on Aug 16, 2013


I'm going to throw this out for discussion. Concerning a Justice League movie. I could see it working with the latest iterations of Superman and Batman (whatever BS flippin' universe they want to share). I can even see Flash and maybe, just maybe, Green Lantern (without Ryan Reynolds) in the mix, but you throw in your standard garbed Wonder Woman and Aquaman and the wheels are going to fall off. A guaranteed train wreck in my opinion. I'm open to insightful commentary. Tell me how this won't look just plain stupid up on the big screen. (Yes, I know they're other members but let's keep it simple).

Guest on Jul 2, 2013



ff on Jul 2, 2013


thanks god! we do not have to see him!

David on Jul 2, 2013


Spare me, Bale, you'll be back when your star starts to fade and his reason will be Nolan asked for him back. Let's not forget people Nolan and co. are a bunch of liars and they seriously don't want to spark any anticipation for Justice League just yet.

BinaryChaos on Jul 2, 2013


Nic Cage.

cobrazombie on Jul 3, 2013


bale is sooo small compared to cavill.

derpface on Jul 4, 2013


no i want the successful bruce wayne like christian bale his 3 movies are totally addicting and totally legendary PLEASE CHRISTIAN BALE ..... RETURN AS BATMAN PLEASE !!!! AND WARNER BROS; PLEASE OFFER HIM A LARGE TALENT FEE

GABRIEL CRUZ on Aug 16, 2013

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