Colossus is Back in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' + 2 More Actors Join

March 15, 2013
Source: Twitter


In an effort to control speculation about his upcoming blockbuster and better connect with fans, X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer has dubbed his own personal Twitter account the final authority on the casting process. It's actually a cool tactic more directors should adopt: if we don't hear the news directly from him, consider it a rumor. In a recent post playfully bragging about the accolades of his film's actors, Singer tweeted a photo of a bulletin board of headshots, which indirectly answered a question that fans have had since the beginning: yes, the metallic mutant Colossus is returning. And there's more!

Here's the photo Bryan Singer tweeted, courtesy of his Twitter account:

X-Men: Days of Future Past - Cast Wall

Actor Daniel Cudmore, who played the role of Colossus in Singer's X2: X-Men United, has been confirmed to reprise his role in this sequel. This is good news not only for fans who wanted to see him on screen again because he's cool and was underused in X2, but also because his character is a love interest for Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) in the "Days of Future Past" comic run that the filmmakers are using as an influence for the movie. Hopefully he'll have a lot more to do this time around.

As for the newbies, Twilight actor Boo Boo Stewart (which I thought was a nickname for Kristen, but is apparently an entirely separate human being) and Chinese actress Fan Bingbing (Lost in Thailand, Double Xposure) have joined the cast. Previously thought to be playing the character of Psyloche, Bingbing will actually play Blink (via THR), a mutant with the power to teleport herself and large groups of people or objects. She's especially dangerous because she can teleport selected parts of objects if she chooses, and can open portals through which things can be teleported. No word yet on who Stewart will be playing. X-Men: Days of Future Past arrives in theaters on July 18th, 2014.

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I was real disappointed in the lack of usage for Colossus in X2 and wished he was used more in X3 instead of just the end. Then again, I also didn't like how they killed off Cyclops in the the very beginning of X3 either.

JBrotsis on Mar 15, 2013


Keep in mind Singer didn't direct X3.

$45974493 on Mar 15, 2013


X2 scene of Colossus was ten times better than all his scenes of X3. We can tell which director has more talent than the other

WarrenWII on Mar 15, 2013


I disagree. I'll take a minor role over essentially an extended cameo ANY day of the week. They CUT AWAY while Colossus was kicking ass in X2, at least in X3 we got to see SOME of him in action.

Chris Groves on Mar 15, 2013


but really poor action. X2 cameo felt memorable, X3 role was pathetic. Thanks, Brett Ratner. What a way to waste so many x-men on the same movie. That should be a Record or something

WarrenWII on Apr 6, 2013


I disagree completely, you don't get points just for SHOWING a character. "Oh my God, Colossus, for 5 whole seconds, sweet!"...he had quite a 'nothing' role in The Last Stand, but it was still miles ahead of what he had in X2...and we got the fastball special TWICE.

Chris Groves on Apr 6, 2013


many fans have praised his X2 cameo, you can see it on x-men boards out there. But if you loved his parts on X3, great to you, really. At the end of the day, what matters is what we preffer, instead of what others preffer.

WarrenWII on Apr 7, 2013


So true that he was underused, I was actually mad at that fact. He's a cool ass character and hopefully Bryan Singer does him justice in Days of Future Past

$45974493 on Mar 15, 2013


I think theres gonna be more cast coz its weird havin the bottom row of pictures separated apart like that

leemour on Mar 15, 2013


I hope he gets his own feature film...such an awesome character. Went all giddy when he showed up in X2.

Xerxexx on Mar 15, 2013


I agree, they should make make more "X-Men Origins" movies, even for Direct-to-Video/VOD.

David Banner on Mar 16, 2013



Xerxexx on Mar 16, 2013


Colossus return is great news, without doubt. About the young actor, my bet is Thunderbird, a native american who joined the X-men on the 70's. So this casting would make perfect sense.

WarrenWII on Mar 15, 2013

14 boo and bingbing? They sound like Care bear X-men crossovers.

Aero027 on Mar 15, 2013


Wonder Twin cross-over cameo!?

avconsumer2 on Mar 18, 2013


Singer doesn't truly love comic book films. His films stray too far from the source material. X-Men needs to go back to Marvel ASAP.

John G on Mar 15, 2013


I really hope that Jason Flemyng reprises his role as Azazel!

Dearsleazy on Mar 16, 2013


according to bryan singer azazel was killed off screen, im guessing its because nightcrawler was killed off in the video game based between 2 and 3 and without him they couldnt expand on azazels history and about him being nightcrawlers dad

Cai Chamberlain on May 13, 2014


They always waste the other characters in X Men films because the makers are too obsessed with cramming in loads of screen time for Wolverine, Magneto and Xavier. There's more depth in the other characters but they lazily never plumb those.

Payne by name on Mar 16, 2013


See the answer to funIFA above . with only ONE movie , equaling 2 1/2 hrs or so , you only have time to focus on main stars . The ones that got the film bankrolled in the first place ....

Dominic on Mar 17, 2013


Weren't there THREE movies in total? I mean look at Cyclops. Great character yet due to writers lack of imagination is consigned to being boring and then killed off come the 2nd film.

Payne by name on Mar 18, 2013


All I know is that THIS better happen..

Nick Sears on Mar 16, 2013


he he.

Carpola on Mar 17, 2013


This is great news, Colossus has always been my favourite character from the X-Men comics. It also means Bryan Singer is not sticking to the continuity of X-Men: The Last Stand too much, since Brett Ratner had Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix kill off Colossus in a single shot in the midst of the battle. It was so random most viewers missed it, but when Jean Grey gets the power to disintegrate metal objects she disintegrates Colossus all of a sudden. From that point he isn't in the movie anymore. This was also missed by a lot of viewers because he didn't even get a grave in the !SPOILER ALERT! group funeral at the end of the movie when the surviving X-Men stand at the graves of Xavier, Cyclops and Jean Grey.

Marvelfan on Mar 16, 2013


Collosus was never killed on screen in The Last Stand...I've seen that movie plenty of times...that never happened.

Chris Groves on Mar 18, 2013


I didn't like First Class outside of Fassbender's excellent Magneto role. Definitely looking forward to another Bryan Singer X-Men.

$126191 on Mar 17, 2013


The bigger this film gets, somehow the less i want to see it. As much as I enjoyed X2 ten years ago, it didn't age that well, and the casting choices never really seemed that good. They over-cooked First Class by adding too many characters, and this one seems to be heading in a similar direction. How many superheroes does one film need?

funisforassholes on Mar 17, 2013


At least 6, if you want to join the billionaire club.

Morvidus on Mar 17, 2013


the key phrase in your question is not "how many superheroes " but "one film" . All the best comic stories are "arcs' of 2-6 issues . So to do THIS arc justice two movies at LEAST are needed .Something like what the Twilight series did , taking 4-6 months to do two movies' worth of scenes , and putting the movies out a year apart .So yes , don't expect ALL ur fave characters to get meaty roles in this . Tho , if memory serves , the CB arc was dominated by Kitty and Colossus , plus the alt uni's Wolverine and Storm . and Sentinels !

Dominic on Mar 17, 2013


Yes, this. I wish studios would take time to establish this kind of thing more. You know the franchise will be rebooted anyway, so why not take your time over it? This should be a key factor in the tricky Highlander reboot - it probably won't be. Personally, I think First Class crammed two films' worth of material into one film; I wish they could have paced that better.

funisforassholes on Mar 21, 2013


OMG ...BLINK!!!!!!!!

dcock on Mar 18, 2013

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