Comic-Con 2013 Live: Marvel Studios - 'Captain America 2' + 'Thor 2'

July 20, 2013

Marvel Studios

It's time for Marvel to blow the roof off of the San Diego Convention Center yet again. Wrapping up a full 3 days of movie presentations in Hall H, Marvel Studios is ready to unleash hell and show everyone how it's done. Three years ago they brought the entire cast of The Avengers on stage, can they top that this time? While their listing only mentions Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Thor 2, word is they might do something with Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy or even more. We're about to find out, and I'm incredibly excited to see how Marvel is going to make fans lose their mind this time. Let's start this up.

Updates LIVE directly from Marvel Studios Comic-Con panel on Saturday, from 6:00PM - 7:00PM PDT:

7:11PM - The title sequences Avengers: Age of Ultron confirmed. Looks like we know who the next villain is. Wow. BIG final reveal to end the panel. Marvel knows how to throw one hell of a show.

7:08PM - But it ain't over yet? There's one guy who wants to see us - Joss Whedon. "I don't really have anything, but I have one thing to add." Lights go down…

7:08PM - HA that was awesome. Tons of footage. Star Lord is a total jerk, but so much fun. Looks like a big fun James Gunn movie with tons of effects. Best shot of the footage.

7:03PM - Despite only 10 days of filming, they still brought early footage to show just us!

7:00PM - Karen Gillan shows off that she went bald to play Nebula. "I think everyone here should shave their heads, it's liberating. Do it!"

6:58PM - Benicio Del Toro, who plays "The Collector", says he is just meeting the cast for the first time because he hasn't started shooting yet, but still showed up anyway.

6:57PM - Kevin Feige on Dave Bautista: He tested 6 or 7 times and won it based on his acting. Bautista said he cried when he got the gig. Djimon Hounsou is playing Korath the Pursuer.

6:56PM - Zoe Saldana as Gamora: "She's feisty, nah… She's an assassin. So, I play an assassin from space."

6:54PM - "Peter Quill as Star Lord is htis guy who lives in space." [smiles] "He's kind of a jerk, had a hard time as a kid, and now he goes around space making out with hot alien girls and just being a rogue, and a bit of a jerk… Through teaming up with these guys, finds a higher purpose for himself."

6:52PM - Hardwick explains this cast literally just flew in for this and are going back to London tonight.

6:50PM - And now they're introducing the entire Guardians of the Galaxy cast to come in and say "hi" even though they just started shooting. Fine with me! Big ass, badass people coming on stage. Mohawks, Dave Bautista as buff as The Rock playing Drax, and of course Chris Pratt as Star Lord.

6:48PM - Quickly wrapping up the Captain America panel. Not much said, but the footage was the best part. I think this looks better than Thor, so kick ass.

6:46PM - "It's hard to speak on these panels because we can't say too much!" All the actors wish they could talk more about how great it is to be in this movie, but they can only say so much without getting in trouble.

6:44PM - WOW. Amazing footage from Captain America 2. Starts out with a fight scene in an elevator where Cap single-handedly takes on a huge group of SHIELD thugs. Shots of Robert Redford and Falcon and so much more. Looks way way better than I was expecting. Another SHIELD Helicarrier and a shot of it crashing into the ocean.

6:38PM - Feige says "let's show you why we hired" the two directors.

6:36PM - Anthony Mackie talking about Falcon: "I'm introducing the Falcon. I have wings and guns. Right? That's all you need. When you go to the grocery store, that's all you need, wings and guns." … "He is just handing out business!" "That's what we do - Captain America 2. That rhymes."

6:34PM - Sam Jackson on how he views the superheroes who work for him at SHIELD: "They're co-workers, subordinates in a sense, instruments of justice, tools. People that he cares about. He has a different relationship with everybody." "Almost everything that comes out of Nick Fury's mouth is a lie. Sometimes he has to figure out, am I lying to myself, too?"

6:31PM - Scarlett Johansson on Black Widow appearing in Cap 2: "Obviously when we find these characters it's in real-time and we've been working together. They're partners." They now have this relationship they built which wasn't shown much in Avengers. "This film is gritty, its gone some down and dirty knucle bearing."

6:29PM - We've already moved right on to Captain America and they introduced the entire cast from the sequel up to the stage to talk about it.

6:27PM - Footage from Thor 2 looks fantastic, big and epic and bigger and better. Footage ends with Loki punching off Thor's hand with the hammer on it - holy shit. Looks great, crowd went nuts for it.

6:24PM - "Say me name!" "LOKI!" "Say my name!" "LOKI!" "It seems I have an army!" "Feast your eyes" Shows us Thor 2 footage.

6:20PM - Speaking to Hall H in his native tongue. "In this meager palace of Midgard, the arena they call Hall H. You should've let me rule you when you had the chance." Ha this is absolutely amazing. He's addressing the entire Hall H and the audience is chanting "Loki! Loki!" Then he says "where are your Avengers now?" "Claim loyalty to me…. and I will give you what you need."

6:17PM - We're in production Thor: The Dark World right now… all of a sudden the lights go black. "Humanity, humanity… look how far you've fallen. Huddling together in the dark. Like beasts." Tom Hiddleston as Loki appears on stage in costume.

6:16PM - Kevin Feige is introduced first and brought up on stage in his usual Marvel hat (looks like Hydra).

6:16PM - Chris Hardwick takes the stage to host the Marvel panel. He receives quite a bit of applause, probably one of the best hosts in Comic-Con history and the audience loves him.

6:15PM - Finally, lights go down and it's time to begin this. Introduction underway.

6:05PM - Still waiting, seems like things are a bit delayed for the start of this. But I'm happy to wait.

6:02PM - Waiting for our final Hall H panel of the day to start. This could be epic…

Note: the updates are now running in reverse, with the latest update at the top of the page instead.

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Amazing stuff coming out of Comic-con, and we're not even to full throttle Oscar season--yet, I'm looking past that to next summer, or the summer afterwards.

Quanah on Jul 20, 2013


What's crazy is, think how big next year will be? When they actually test footage.

DAVIDPD on Jul 21, 2013


im already looking forward to 2015....might be the best summer ever.

jimmy neon on Jul 20, 2013


It could be the best YEAR ever. Fantastic Four, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Warcraft, Jurassic Park 4, Assassin's Creed, Terminator, Independence Day 2, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, World's Finest, Ant-Man, Bond 24, Star Wars Episode 7, potentially Avatar 2. A lot of huge films with a lot of potential. 2015 will break box office records.

Chris Groves on Jul 20, 2013


So true.

DAVIDPD on Jul 20, 2013


Who was at the panel of captain america winter soldier?

avengersmarvelfan on Jul 20, 2013


Any Diesel news?

Xerxexx on Jul 20, 2013


I think that will come at D23 or whatever that big Disney Convention thing is. They are going to unveil Star Wars and Marvel stuff there. I'm imagining a lot of release dates and some juicy casting news could be revealed.

Chris Groves on Jul 20, 2013


I'm thinking with the whole "Age of Ultron" thing going plus all the Diesel hint dropping from our Fast-Franchise man. It is quite clear that he will be Vision. Joss Whedon has been tossing the idea if bringing Scarlet Witch into the Avengers Two, so now with this Ultron thing; him being Vision just makes sense.

Mandy on Jul 20, 2013

10's one big connective web. Whedon is bringing Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in, Ultron will be the villain. Vision's first incarnation was as a creation of Ultron. Vision and Scarlet Witch have a bit of a romance. Beyond that, Ultron's original origins were as a creation of Henry Pym, the first Ant-Man....Ant-Man is getting his own film later in 2015. These all seem like rather organic character introductions.

Chris Groves on Jul 20, 2013


I am not looking forward to ScarJo in CAPTAIN AMERICA 2.

DAVIDPD on Jul 20, 2013


Really? I think she's great. Certainly a much better actress than the likes of say...Megan Fox...and Johansson is certainly easy on the eyes, as well.

Chris Groves on Jul 21, 2013


Her character is not great.

DAVIDPD on Jul 21, 2013


Each to his own, I felt that Whedon did a great job writing and directing all of the characters.

Chris Groves on Jul 21, 2013


What is with this obsession that Marvel fans (and Marvel themselves) have with Loki. He's an annoying little twit. Enough already.

germss on Jul 21, 2013


Who knows...maybe he'll betray Thor in Thor 2 and Thor will finally kill him (like he said in the trailer). Then the reign of Loki will be finished. However, I highly doubt it.

JBrotsis on Jul 21, 2013


I don't think they will. For some weird reason he's become a huge fan favorite. Marvel doesn't like to kill off their characters, and when they do they just bring them back to star in a tv show. What does "Loki punching off Thor's hand with the hammer on it" even mean? Does Thor now only have one hand?

germss on Jul 21, 2013


So..even with the entire GOTG cast dropping in to say hello and Marvel revealing the villain for Avengers 2 (which is way in the distance)....we still don't know who's gonna voice groot or rocket raccoon?? I would've thought they'd reveal that at comic con as well. I'm also curious with Ultron...didn't he create Vision? Could we possibly see Vision then soon?

JBrotsis on Jul 21, 2013

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