Compelling Trailer for JFK Assassination Ensemble Drama 'Parkland'

August 20, 2013
Source: Yahoo

Parkland Trailer

"We had him! And we could've stopped him!" Exclusive has finally debuted the full theatrical trailer for Peter Landesman's Parkland, the story of the John F. Kennedy assassination in Dallas, Texas as told from the point of view of the Parkland Medical Hospital where he was taken immediately after being shot. The ensemble drama features a cast that includes Billy Bob Thornton as head of Dallas' Secret Service office, Zac Efron as a doctor at Parkland, Marcia Gay Harden as a nurse, Paul Giamatti as the cameraman Abraham Zapruder, Jeremy Strong as shooter Lee Harvey Oswald, Ron Livingston and many more. It's a great trailer that builds as it goes on, and boasts a strong cast. This footage looks better than I was hoping.

Here's the full theatrical trailer for Peter Landesman's Parkland, originally from Yahoo:

The film tells the "dramatic true story of the chaotic events that occurred at Parkland Hospital in Dallas on the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963." First time filmmaker Peter Landesman is stepping behind the camera and directing his own script, which is based on Vincent Bugliosi's book Reclaiming History. The unraveling and intertwining narrative stays away from prominent characters such as the Kennedys and instead explores the besieged hospital staff -- with Zac Efron playing the rookie doctor on duty and Marcia Gay Harden as the head nurse in the trauma room. Exclusive Releasing will open Parkland in limited theaters on September 20th after it premieres at TIFF earlier that month. Interested?

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what with the close up, it in your face

Quynh Truong on Aug 20, 2013


JFK was a message to any president that decided to go up against the hidden powers that be!!! That is why no president since Kennedy has really done anything since JFK. They are all figure heads that pass a couple of bills and laws but in the end still do the bidding for the so called Elite secret Government.

Professor_Bedlam on Aug 20, 2013


Tin foil hats cause cancer.

Brian Sleider on Aug 21, 2013


So does air. Ignorance is bliss until they take your bliss away

Professor's assistant on Aug 21, 2013



Brian Sleider on Aug 21, 2013


Yeah... keep those straw men coming

Professor's assistant on Aug 22, 2013


Say what ever you want man. Nutters like you make me smile.

Brian Sleider on Aug 22, 2013


And glib, clueless idiots like you make me smile. See if you can peel yourself away from Jersey Shore for a few minutes to actually read something about this. It's people like you that keep America being one of the dumbest nations on earth.

Trey Wilson on Aug 22, 2013


Im sorry, I do not watch jersey shore. People like you who get their news from, "mother earth monthly" or what ever site are bigger wastes of life the the people who watch Reality TV. Half facts and asking people to "prove you wrong" are the hallmarks of pseudo science. You can assume what you will. but realize, not ever one who reads the tripe you read will end up agreeing with its nonsense.

Brian Sleider on Aug 23, 2013


Your biggest flaw isn't your glib outlook. It's that you think you know what's really going on in the world, yet you've probably never even read an article or book on any of the subjects being discussed. You probably get all your information from twitter. Come back to me when you get a clue, kid.

Trey Wilson on Aug 23, 2013


The irony is I am probably more up to date than you are. But people of your sort are not worth arguing with. Too close minded. Feel free to respond I shall no longer be responding myself. PS If you click my name it leads to my FB profile. I can say for certain I am not a kid. Demonstrably so. But saying that to end your statement made you sound cool.

Brian Sleider on Aug 23, 2013


If you believe conspiracy theories you are fucked, because they are usually not based on facts. If you dont question stuff, you are fucked, because there are people who love power over others. I personally agree with this guy: "If a man finds that his nature tends or is disposed to one of these extremes..., he should turn back and improve, so as to walk in the way of good people, which is the right way. The right way is the mean in each group of dispositions common to humanity; namely, that disposition which is equally distant from the two extremes in its class, not being nearer to the one than to the other." Maimonides

Professor's assistant on Aug 27, 2013


Most of the things you said were your personal, biased opinion. It is easy to blame the elite and not do anything about it except come up with new theories that are supposed to show us how good we could have it if "the people got the chance to run their country". Instead of waiting for a revolution, we should be DOING something about these problems. And yes, this is my biased opinion. So far the only thing that these comments have achieved, is throwing ad hominem and straw men arguments at each other. If people on the internet stopped bringing their egos to the table all the time, maybe we could actually discuss some ideas. Or maybe I am wrong. All I know is I shouldnt be the only one to admit that they dont know all of the answers.

Professor's assistant on Aug 27, 2013


You speak the truth. My earlier comment, which was in line with what you said, got deleted. But yeah, America is beholden to the banks, the wealthy elite, big oil, big pharma, and the military industrial complex. The idea that each POTUS is the savior of the nation is a myth perpetrated by the media. Each President is there to do the bidding of the people that put them in office - the Elite. That's it. Anyone who bucks the system ends up like JFK. He was the last 'real' POTUS we had. I also find it interesting that his legacy has all but been destroyed - his brother Bobby was also assassinated, and JFK Jnr's plane crash was definitely no accident or coincidence. Everyone knew he would one day be President. That was bad news to the puppet masters who keep this world in a state of perpetual fear and war. Don't agree with me? Ask yourself, has things in America really gotten better under Obama? "Yes we can?" Really? There's still rising poverty and unemployment, gun massacres and Obama basically ignored the peoples cries to ban assault weapons. Plus Obama has done nothing to put a hold on the terrible, anti-constitutional policies that Bush and Cheney implemented while in office. In fact, Obama has enhanced them. Americans don't like hearing that they live in a growing police state, and that the notion of being number one in the world, and the most free country in the world is all a bunch of BS. But it's true.Wake up!

Trey Wilson on Aug 21, 2013


How is it that a "real" president like JFK was even allowed to live until election day? If "they" really want to send a message, wouldn't it be "don't even try" as opposed to "you'd better not win"?

brijazz012 on Aug 24, 2013


This looks good, ill go see it. I admire President Kennedy for many reasons one being he stood up against the powers that be and let the people, the common man in, just wish someone had the guts to take out the cowards who shot him. Not saying Kennedy was perfect but not many of us are. I'll take Him any day. Rip Sir.

apowers02 on Sep 19, 2013

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