Cool 'Wonder Woman' Fan Trailer Feels Like a Female-Centric 'Thor'

October 1, 2013
Source: ScreenCrush

Wonder Woman

Batman and Superman have seen various iterations on the big screen, but for some reason, Warner Bros. hasn't been able to bring the DC Comics heroine Wonder Woman to the feature film world. While the once thriving superhero found success on the small screen decades ago, the most recent attempt was a failure, and producers can't seem to figure out how to bring the character to life again. Well, one more attempt to drum up interest and at least give fans something to enjoy comes from Sam Balcomb, who spent most of this year putting together fanmade trailer that isn't amazing, but it may strike the right tone.

Here's Sam Balcomb's Wonder Woman trailer, via ScreenCrush:

Sadly, Balcomb went with finding a pretty face (Rileah Vanderbilt) to get into the suit rather than an actress who knows how to pull off action or any semblance of acting, and it shows in the trailer. One of the biggest issues with Wonder Woman is the practicality of her outfit and accessories in a contemporary world. A lasso and bulletproof bracelets are barely useful, and that outfit just doesn't make sense for a superhero like this. Honestly, the most interesting aspect of this trailer are the scenes in Wonder Woman's homeland Themyscira, which is where quite an epic adventure could begin before integrating the hero with Superman and Batman. Her story would almost be like a female Thor, and that sounds pretty damn good. Thoughts?

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For a fan trailer, I think this short does a good job of demonstrating to thick-skulled film executives why Wonder Woman is not as "tricky" to adapt as they think she is. It's simple: embrace the Greek mythology backdrop in the same way Marvel embraced Thor's Norse mythos. That's her context; let her live in it. Portray her as the Amazon warrior she is, and update the outfit to reflect that (this is a good start, but I've actually seen better cosplay attempts at making it practical). This could be such a great fantasy adventure film if only WB/DC would wake up and make it happen.

Ali Miller on Oct 1, 2013


I tried to convey your words, Ali. You did better! 😀 Exactly! Hear, hear!

Janalyn on Oct 2, 2013


It's sad that there has been a film for almost every possible superhero recently, but still no wonder woman, which would be far more interesting than all those sequels..

DavideCoppola on Oct 1, 2013


Fantastic proof-of-concept. Though I'm a fan, execs need to avoid trying to re-create the Lynda Carter era. This is the direction they should be looking.

Brad Stephens on Oct 1, 2013


I don't think it would be hard to make Wonder Woman at all. The costume could be easily fixed to not look as silly as the comics or the tv show. I'm sure you'll have watched the short animations made recently?

Carpola on Oct 1, 2013


Pretty harsh on the woman playing her aren't you? It's got that synder-esque feeling to it, so there isn't much room for acting and/or dialogue. I'd watch the hell out of it though.

Edomaniac on Oct 1, 2013


I love how people are saying its not that hard to film a wonder woman movie, even Joss Whedon ( you know the guy that direct "The Avengers") couldnt make a Wonder Woman movie. Check out the Link of why he couldnt do it.

Red Robin on Oct 1, 2013


Very harsh critique on a 2:36 "fan" made trailer. How good an actress do you need to pull off a no dialogue, slow motion heavy action trailer? This short was epic by even tv/movie standards.

Eno Har on Oct 2, 2013


Agreed. If this were a trailer for a big-budget Hollywood blockbuster it would have been questionable. But since this is a fan-made trailer, I consider it to be a great job! How many of us are capable of doing something like this? Mr. Balcomb should continue to do more work like this!

Nash on Oct 2, 2013


While the concept was nice, and the girls were pretty. The acting however, was fucking horrible. From all of them. I wholeheartedly agree with Ethan. If you're going to make a bad ass trailer, then you need to get your shit together to go with all the pretty effects and lights.

ali3000 on Oct 2, 2013


Still think it was Brian Cox?

Guest on Oct 2, 2013


Says the expert who doesn't see the difference between Brian Cox and John Voight...

Nash on Oct 2, 2013


God how I missed you.

ali3000 on Oct 2, 2013


Good to know you still love me.

Nash on Oct 2, 2013


The only issue I see is the level of her power. Wonder Woman's damn near Superman level in strength, speed and durability, so if she took on a group of thugs, she's not going to go all Jason Bourne, she'd just gonna backhand them at super speed. I get the idea of trying to make things look cool, but the one thing I've always taken issue with in comic book movies is the depiction of power levels. While its got several issues, Man of Steel was the first comic book film I think to really show how powerful its main character really was. Some will quote Avengers, but if you compare the movie versions of Thor and Hulk to the comics, they didn't even come close.

Rob on Oct 2, 2013


She wasn't THAT pretty! I smell jealousy! I think Ethan wants to play wonder woman.

Jimmy Love on Oct 2, 2013


Rob - Bingo! I'm fact in the Parthenon of DC superheroes she's only bested by Superman and Captain Marvel (Shazam). But yeah, I think maybe solo she'd be a tough nut to crack on the big screen. How about in a group tho? Come on, JLA be a PERFECT platform to reintroduce the character to the big screen eh? And me personally, I liked Balcomb's WW outfit. Of all I've seen lately, it has the best blend of "kickass warrior" and old school pretty WW costume...

MovieLuvr on Oct 3, 2013


No no no!! Stop trying to mimic that old Wonder Woman suit. Go with that one in the Justice League alternate universe episode where she wore a full black suit with a thin red W going across the chest, short hair, wrist bands, and sexy as hell. Who's the chick who played Ma Ma in Dredd? She would be perfect!!

matt hard on Oct 3, 2013


There's nothing wrong with the's a modified example of Minoan/Greek leather armor from antiquity. Go re-watch Troy. It's absolutely appropriate for the character.

leemoder on Oct 3, 2013


Actually, I like this clip and I like the use of an actress that is unknown. The only well known actress I'd want otherwise would be Lena Headey from Game of Thrones, Judge Dredd and the Sarah Connors Chronicles. She could rock the part. The female Thor aspect would work today and I see nothing wrong with the costume at all, it looks authentic to her back story.. Growing up with comics I dislike when a costume is totally changed on any super hero. Reboot it, fancy it up for modern day yeah, but don't overdo it. This trailer works for me and I do agree the scenes in Themyscira are the coolest.

Carl Teska on Oct 12, 2013


it looks really bad, and almost homemade. i hope that i am wrong

Mário Bernardes on Oct 13, 2013

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