Daniel Craig May Be Written Out of 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' Sequel

January 31, 2013
Source: THR

Daniel Craig

Late last summer, we got word that a sequel to David Fincher's adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was coming, but likely not in 2013, as Steve Zailian was still working on the script for The Girl Who Played with Fire. Since then, we've heard no further development, and many think it's because Fincher takes awhile to get his projects off the ground. However, THR says Fincher isn't really the big hold-up on the sequel. In fact, it's co-star Daniel Craig who may be delaying the project because his $1 billion grossing turn as James Bond in Skyfall made the studio a lot of cash, and he wants a pay raise instead of a pay cut.

However, apparently Sony is willing to write the character out of the sequel as a last resort. After all, real negotiations about pay have yet to commence between Craig and the studio, and the actor is supposedly keen to reprise his role. The sequel wouldn't need a drastic rewrite since Craig's Mikael Blomkvist character isn't as prominent, with the story putting must of the focus on Lisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara) who is framed for the murder of two reporters who wrote a revealing story on a sex trafficking operation. Otherwise, the script is done and ready to shoot, it's just a matter of deals and schedules working together to get it off the ground. We're still not sure if Fincher will return to direct the sequel since he's supposed to take on Gone Girl for Fox, but hopefully we'll have an update soon.

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Hate to say it, guys. But this sounds like sensationalism. And The Girl Who Played with Fire focuses MOSTLY of Blomkvist...

Nick May on Jan 31, 2013


I wonder how much of that should be translated to "Craig's agents'. I would like to think that he'd be game to do it for the same or less pay if the project is in trouble, and not just spit on it if he doesn't get a raise. But maybe that's just how it is.

OfficialJab on Jan 31, 2013


I've seen the original Millenium movies, and I can't remember too well all the details, but as far as I can recall, both Lisbeth and Blomkvist were important parts of all 3 stories, so writing Craig's character off sounds like a complete nonsense to me!

Moutchy on Jan 31, 2013


This will literally ruin the whole franchise.

thesubstream on Jan 31, 2013


Politics as usual. They'll either hire someone to write him out of the script or pretend to offer the part to someone else, and then Craig will give in.

Chris Purdy on Jan 31, 2013


I mean, I don't like this series for a variety of reasons, but if they make the movie without Blomkvist I will pay sit in the theatre courtesy of my Moviepass card and watch it.

福 赐 天上 on Jan 31, 2013


Sigh. Whatever.

PBGray on Jan 31, 2013


Blomkvist is the main character in all three books. how the story would go without him? just ridiculous

truong18 on Jan 31, 2013


Yeah I didn't understand that part of the article. While the focus shifts from him to Lisbeth, he still is a primary role and character, and taking him out in some way or replacing his character with another that basically just takes his place with a different name will take a large part of the trilogy away. He is invested in Lisbeth, and she in him, you can tell, despite how the first book/movie ended. A new character entirely will not help the strength of the trilogy as a whole.

Mike P. on Jan 31, 2013


Greedy bastard. I guess the first couple million wasn't enough.

Dave Wetty on Jan 31, 2013


Yeah, that's cabbage.

Carpola on Jan 31, 2013


We need Craig back. Him and Mara worked very well off one another, hopefully this doesn't happen.

Xerxexx on Jan 31, 2013


not daniel craig - he's too damn sexy to leave out.

David Banner on Jan 31, 2013


Firstly they can't "write Blomkvist out". That's madness. Secondly, I know the amounts of money being talked about are abstracts for us plebs but Craig was just involved in making them a billion dollar movie... how would you like it if you did your best, most successful work and your boss offered you a pay cut? Apparently we expect superior morals from actors.

blargh on Jan 31, 2013


Also,there is no guarantee for an actor to work again even if he/she did make a successful movie or two.Better grab as much as you can while the buzz lasts.And as far as I know there's no pension plan in the movie business.

$ on Jan 31, 2013


And I thought Daniel Craig was a real actor, not a greedy self-absorbed bastard. Hopefully it's just his agents clawing for more money, because the other movies really need him in the same role. Otherwise, don't bother.

castingcouch on Jan 31, 2013


No, they can't write that character out, says so in the contract. They can replace Craig.

David Banner on Feb 2, 2013

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