Del Toro Will Try 'Mountains of Madness' Again, Cruise Still Attached

January 7, 2013
Source: The Playlist

At the Mountains of Madness / Guillermo del Toro

It was a sad day when Universal pulled the plug on Guillermo del Toro's passion project film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness in 2011. The Hellboy director went on to direct Pacific Rim instead (which hits theaters this year), but right before Ridley Scott's Prometheus came out, he said the similarities it shares with Lovecraft might kill any future attempt to bring At the Mountains of Madness to life. Thankfully, in a new interview with The Playlist, del Toro has changed his mind, and he also revealed that Tom Cruise is still attached to lead the project, which he hopes to get going again soon. More below!

When it was announced that the haunted house film Crimson Peak would be del Toro's next directorial effort (not to be confused with the Disney remake of The Haunted Mansion that's reportedly still in the works), we found out that the visionary director was hoping that Legendary Pictures might step up and finance/produce At the Mountains of Madness depending on the success of Pacific Rim. But in this new interview with The Playlist, he says that he's actually casting a wider net to search for a home for the film:

"I'm going to try it one more time. Once more into the dark abyss. We're gonna do a big presentation of the project again at the start of the year and see if any [studio's] interested…Yeah, Tom [Cruise] is still attached. I think it would be so fantastic to make it with him. He's been such a great ally of the project."

We're not going to get ahead of ourselves and get too excited for this just yet, but it's undoubtedly a good sign that del Toro has a new pitch ready and is giving studios another opportunity to get involved with this. Hopefully with the good buzz coming from Pacific Rim (another project that's huge in scope) and the consistent support from sites like ours that we actually do want to see At the Mountains of Madness, maybe someone will actually give the man a chance to direct his dream film and complete a movie he's been wanting to make for decades. And having Tom Cruise still on board throwing his weight around can't hurt.

As for that pesky Prometheus comparison, del Toro doesn't seem bothered by it anymore after seeing film:

"I saw it finally and.. yes, there are things in common, but, you know, screw it. Lovecraft was there first."

Glad to hear that the jovial director has regained some confidence and momentum after a few underwhelming years. Based on how well Pacific Rim is tracking (at least with the buzz I've been hearing), it seems likely that Warner Bros. and Legendary will be the ones who end up financing this adaptation. I could easily see this being a "one for them, one for me" type of relationship with the studio, and if Pacific Rim - a movie that del Toro himself said was the "best experience [he's] ever had making a movie - is the "one for them," then this could be an awesome partnership that produces some truly epic films from del Toro.

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Please. Please. Do it. Can't Toro, Cruise and a couple producer buddies largely foot it themselves? How significant of a studio contribution do they need? It was mostly because the studios refused to let them make it rated R for the budget necessary, but they refused to make it anything less, right? That's what I originally read.

OfficialJab on Jan 7, 2013


Ask the Wachowskis...

Matt Peloquin on Jan 7, 2013


Yeah! It will live!

DAVIDPD on Jan 7, 2013


Good, promising news.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jan 7, 2013


Yep. Hoping he can get it done, and also hoping that PACIFIC RIM can kick all sorts of @$$.

Scopedog on Jan 7, 2013


Fingers double crossed.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Jan 7, 2013


Oh please let this be made one day soon!

David Kinskey-Lebeda on Jan 7, 2013


Does anyone know if James Cameron is still attached to produce???

Renovatio430 on Jan 7, 2013


Was about to ask that myself

David Banner on Jan 7, 2013


"Lovecraft was there first" this is why Del Toro is my favorite filmmaker

armeetapus16 on Jan 7, 2013



Xerxexx on Jan 7, 2013


a studio needs to make money to pay there personel and invest in new projects! Not every movie is a succes and the one they do must cover the cost for others... Onley a big name atracts people to the cinema and not a big director or it should be James Cameron! The Mountains of madness is a difficult story to sell and with a r rating and no happy ending virtually impossible! The studios are right this time and give del toro no money!

avi on Jan 7, 2013


Why doesn't he just quit whining, he's not a bad film maker but all he does is whoa-is-me, this and that got cancelled. There are some truly bananas movies out there that got made and continue to grow in popularity. Why can't this "genius visionary" make his most beloved project of all time, especially with a track record of well liked, well received movies? Shit, or get off that pot buddy. Look at that hound dog face in the picture, he's so sad, maybe Hell Boy 3 will make him feel better, maybe he should "Present" another meh horror something from some place. Use your money and famous person powers and get this movie made, or don't, just DO something.

Nick on Jan 7, 2013


Do Mass Effect!

Josh H on Jan 7, 2013


YES!!!! DONT GIVE UP!...this movie has the potential to be true scary ass horror.

Cody W on Jan 7, 2013



GonderBeGreat on Jan 7, 2013


Shame that tom cruise is attached to star. I thought Del Toro was smarter than that. Lost a little respect for him.

TommyTheGreenRanger on Jan 7, 2013


He's a case-by-case. He's not bad, just not for everyone. I like Tom a lot.

OfficialJab on Jan 7, 2013


It's not just that Tom is a bad actor some times or an annoying personality the past two decades. Tom is a celebrity advertisement tool for a cult. If tom dropped the psycho cult I would have no problem with him.

TommyTheGreenRanger on Jan 7, 2013


O yeah right because you see him talking about his beliefs all the time? Come on, Tom Cruise is hit and miss but you cant deny hes had the lead roles in A LOT of great movies. I honestly think people just hate on him because they thinks its the cool thing to do.

Cody W on Jan 7, 2013


I never hear about his beliefs. Except when other people insist on bringing them up unprompted when they hear his name.

OfficialJab on Jan 7, 2013


True. And frankly, I do not give a flying fig about Cruise's religious beliefs or background. They don't matter to me--it's only his acting in his films that do.

Scopedog on Jan 7, 2013


True... same goes for Mel Gibson. I don't give a shit who actors are in their private life...I guess even the actors I really like are sometimes douche bags.

thechillerdewd on Jan 8, 2013


Your an idiot.

Carmen13 on Jan 7, 2013


you're the idiot; Tom Cruise in Top Gun is ok. Not in a Lovecraft inspired movie. If you're not able to understand this.... The movie would benefit greatly from having only unknown or at least actors known only for back up roles. Tom Cruise is not a good choice for a dark piece of horror like that. This would inevitably put the movie in a kind of mainstream category. We definitely don't need this when it comes to seeing the work of the Great Master on screen.

LovecraftRules on Feb 26, 2013


Unless he gets by a shoggoth. Then it's cool.

TeraBat on Apr 12, 2013


3 oscar noms dumbass, get your facts right, bad actor my ass!!!!!!!!!

Vincent on Jan 7, 2013


"A bad actor sometimes" is not contradicted by Oscar nominations. Hell, a nomination doesn't mean you were ever good.

Sigivald on Apr 12, 2013


Hes a legend and one of the greatest movie star of all time !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vincent on Jan 7, 2013


watch Jerry Maguire...

thechillerdewd on Jan 8, 2013


FFS, some coke-sniffing moron green lights Battleship, but not this?? Btw, could someone please make(or link if it exists) an infograph of all projects del Toro has been involved in in the past and plans/hopes to make in the future? Seems like so many last 4, 5 years, and most get shutdown?

David Banner on Jan 7, 2013


Well the guy takes on like 20 projects and expects to be able to do them all in a 3 year period...I imagine a lot of studios and producers dont take him very seriously.

Cody W on Jan 7, 2013


i recommend the graphic novel. buy it on amazon. get ready for the film!!

dude on Jan 7, 2013


I recommend the actual book .You can get it at your local library.If you still have those.Or just buy it on amazon.It's worth the money.Then maybe get the comic.

where's my car on Jan 8, 2013


All Lovecraft's works published before 1923 are public domain in the U.S.

David Banner on Jan 12, 2013



Jericho on Jan 7, 2013


Hes a legend and one of the greatest movie star of all time !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vincent on Jan 7, 2013


You keep saying that, and people keep not agreeing with you.

Aaron Hawryluk on Apr 12, 2013


Yes ..yes yes.

Jim Dawkins on Jan 8, 2013


Oh, thank Cthulhu for this! Hope this gets made!

D6 on Jan 8, 2013


you're all idiots; Tom Cruise in Top Gun is ok. Not in a Lovecraft inspired movie. If you're not able to understand this.... The movie would benefit greatly from having only unknown or at least actors known only for back up roles. Tom Cruise is not a good choice for a dark piece of horror like that. This would inevitably put the movie in a kind of mainstream category. We definitely don't need this when it comes to seeing the work of the Great Master on screen.

LovecraftRules on Feb 26, 2013


I would just like to say that if this movie gets made i will personally watch it 5 times and buy the blu-ray. And personally drag everyone of my friends to it with me. If anyone can adapt Lovecraft for theaters it has to be Guillermo De Toro.

Someguyudontknow on Mar 17, 2013


Yes please! No more shitty holldwood corporate eyeball shitfests... let Del Torro make a REAL movie based on REAL writing!

Bob on Apr 3, 2013


I'd love to see Del Toro make this, but on the other hand, I hope he doesn't waste half his life vainly trying to get the big studios to produce it, when he could be making wonderful lower-budget films like Pan's Labyrinth or The Devil's Backbone.

Tim Evans on Apr 12, 2013


Nooooo! Not Cruise! NO, NO, NO, NO!

Saint Eligius on Apr 12, 2013


Balls, I am a big fan of Lovecraft but I will not support films with Cruise attached to them. Are there no other capable and willing actors in Hollywood? I guess I will sit this one out.

Rick on Apr 12, 2013


Del Toro, maybe you should turn to kick starter to finance a short trailer and try to net with that?

Jason Mills on Apr 12, 2013


FFS! NOT Tom Cruise! You've already ruined the film if he's in it!!

Neal Swarbrick on Apr 12, 2013


I don't get to see movies in the theatre any more, but this would be an exception -- I'd find a babysitter to be able to see it.

JimDesu on Apr 12, 2013


At first I was all, "Mountains of Madness, yaaay!" And then I was all, "Tom Cruise? Ewwwww." But then I was all, "I can watch Tom Cruise get eaten by a shoggoth!" And then I was all "Yaaaaaaaay!!!"

TeraBat on Apr 12, 2013


I wish Del Toro would get it through his head. Cruise needs to go away, period. If he's still involved a lot of us just won't care if the project burns out like a sheet of rice paper. Let dead mules lie.

Natalie Daniels on Apr 12, 2013


Pacific Rim will melt your brain with its sheer awesomeness. Fact.

Desperation_Jones on Apr 12, 2013


Lovecraft and Del Torro together can only mean greatness. But Tom Cruise will undoubtedly make this unwatchable. Anyone but Cruise please. Maybe Depp?

Alex Rude on Apr 13, 2013


H.P.Lovecraft is the God of Horror and even years after his death people still don't get it. Fuck Alien and Prometheus! These Movies are absolutly inspired by Lovecraft and also 1000s of other Movies, Video Games, Writters ans Mucicians... What about showing a little respect and give this great Guy a chance to make that Movie!!! Everybody is fucking waiting for it! IA IA RAX GILVUS

The King in Yellow on Jun 2, 2013


If Cruise could get his old buddy, Spielberg, behind the project, it'd be greenlite for certain! After all, Spielberg is the only man alive who successfully talked Disney and WB into letting Mickey and Bugs Bunny appear in the same scene together, in the same film. No one else has that kind of clout in the industry.

Dawson on Jun 10, 2013


jeffery combs ftw. i'd pay 50$ to see a shoggoth and another 50$ to see Tekeli-li in the subtitles. oh well

joe aa on Jun 26, 2013


I sure hope he gives it another try. The similarities prometheus stole from every other better movie didn't stop it from getting made. Unfortunately. Maybe we'll see what prometheus could have looked like if anybody involved in that fiasco had given a damn what they were doing.

robthom on Aug 13, 2013


No cruise for jesus saint...this man is only able for action fucking films....

Laguna M. on Jun 17, 2014

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