Did Sylvester Stallone Confirm Mel Gibson as 'Expendables 3' Villain?

July 16, 2013
Source: Twitter

Mel Gibson

After entertaining the idea of having Mel Gibson get behind the camera for The Expendables 3, producer Sylvester Stallone ended up hiring Red Hill director Patrick Hughes to direct. However, a rumor surfaced in June that Stallone might be getting Gibson in front of the camera for the action bonanza as the film's villain. We haven't heard anything official since then, but a recent Twitter update seems to confirm that Gibson will be facing off against Sly, Mickey Rourke, Terry Crews, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and new cast members like Wesley Snipes, Nicolas Cage, Jackie Chan and Milla Jovovich.

Stallone simply tweeted, "Mad Max vs Barney Ross," but with too many ellipses. That would be quite the misleading hint if Gibson wasn't lined up to take on Stallone's lead character in the sequel, so we're pretty sure this is confirmation. It seems a bit redundant since Gibson is playing the bad guy in the outlandish grindhouse sequel Machete Kills, but the guy probably needs to have some fun to get back in the good graces of audiences after some bad appearances in tabloid headlines. Gibson has been a bad ass before in the Lethal Weapon films, Payback and more, so this is quite the tantalizing prospect. Thoughts?

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These movies are still being made?

Xerxexx on Jul 16, 2013


What the hell is everyone's gripe against the Expendables movies. They are fun entertaining action packed cheesy lines over the top 80s style action films and nothing more. Are seriously trying to search for a deeper meaning or some crap because if you are go ahead Michael Bay has you covered with The Transformers movies. I really enjoy how they are bringing all these great actors together at once that is just worth the price alone seeing them all share screen time and interacting with each other, it's nostalgic. It's like the great buddy team up film we have been missing in action all these years. I really do wish we get more cameos and a larger cast for Expendables 3.

Charlie Hard on Jul 16, 2013


its filled with 80's actors but it doesn't have any oomph.

Xerxexx on Jul 16, 2013


It feels like they think the actors alone make the movie. Every one liner in these movies has felt forced, the action is great but its not enough to carry the movie. At this point they are rentals.

Brian Sleider on Jul 16, 2013


You have to understand that some movies are geared to a certain demographic for the reason they have a rating system and above all no grown man in his 60s is going to pay to watch a muppet movie alone in a theatre. With that said some people enjoy mindless action and others want something with more depth to it so each audience member is going to gripe about something they wouldn't normally watch. What makes this interesting is everyone's point of view that would allow you to see something you wouldn't normally pick up for the reason why this website exists for movie enthusiasts to share their view letting constructive criticism clash. I'm not a fan of the movie either cause I just can't stomach a movie that defies logics in everyway but that can be said about every movie out there. It's all about what tickles your fancy and what you are willing to tolerate that you would consider genius. I'm a big fan of Cobra with Sylvester Stallone now that movie was bad ass but a lot of people consider it mediocre and cliché at best.

BinaryChaos on Jul 16, 2013


Great!!!!, Bring it Sly!

Daniel on Jul 16, 2013


Sly is an amazing actor, and an amazing director. He's brought us classic 80's films again and again. I don't know about you, but I don't particularly enjoy today's idea of an 'action film'. I'll take this stacked cast of amazing actors over the crap Hollywood spews any day. Also, I am pretty jacked about Milla Jovovich being in it. Whether she's a good guy or a bad guy, I am pretty sure my girl crush just took a drastic skyrocket knowing she will be starring alongside my hero, Sly.

Samantha Enders on Jul 16, 2013


These movies rock. Not to pull a no true scotsman, but anyone that was a fan of the cheese action from the 80s will love this movie. Dad and I loved the past 2. can't wait for this 1 ^^

dvt on Jul 16, 2013



Guy who comments on things on Jul 16, 2013


It is what it is. A fantastic series of action films, that just keep getting better. Sly is an accomplished writer/director/actor and he knows he has a loyal fan base who love watching mindless action films, not the complicated crap hollywood spews out these days. I cant wait for the next one !!

wayner on Jul 16, 2013


i am bummed, i was really hoping for JCVD to return as the villian, playing his last characters twin brother, he was the best part of E2

James on Jul 16, 2013



grimjob on Jul 16, 2013


All the hipsters have an opinion now, well look your weren't born in the 80's so no you wont 'get it'.

W.F on Jul 16, 2013


JVCD Does not fit a vilian He his a good action star

chike on Jul 22, 2013


Even Mel Gibson Does not fit a vilian He is a good action star

chike on Jul 22, 2013


Al Leong needs to star in these movies!

Spartakus_X on Jul 23, 2013

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