Discuss: Why Could Marvel Studios Want to Meet with Vin Diesel?

June 27, 2013
Source: Facebook

Vin Diesel / Marvel Studios

Normally, we're not all that interested in stories about actors taking meetings with studios, directors, producers, etc. because that happens all the time in Hollywood, and it doesn't necessarily mean anything. But when that studio is Marvel Studios and the actor is Fast & Furious franchise and Riddick star Vin Diesel, that's at least worth discussing. On the actor's Facebook page, which he keeps pretty active of his own volition, Diesel wrote, "Marvel has requested a meeting… no idea what for… haha, you probably know better than me…" So let's open up the flood gates to speculate as to what Marvel wants Diesel to discuss.

Marvel has plenty of projects coming up, but not all of them have been revealed. Disney just recently slated two Marvel films for early May slots in 2016 and 2017, but the titles are under wraps (but will likely be revealed at Comic-Con next month). The studio also just set another unknown film for release on July 8th, 2016. So out of the projects we know are in development, the titles we're aware of include The Avengers 2 and The Avengers 3, Edgar Wright's Ant-Man and  Doctor Strange, plus, maybe Black Panther. Marvel also has the rights to Daredevil as well. Do any of these sound promising?

Honestly, locking down Diesel to play the villain Thanos teased at the end of The Avengers would be really damn cool. But Benicio del Toro might have already snagged that role for Guardians of the Galaxy. Is there some other villain role in Ant-Man that Diesel might be up for? He doesn't seem like the right man to lead that film as the hero. Though Diesel might make for an interesting Doctor Strange, he might be an even better fit for a reboot of Daredevil sometime down the road. There are plenty of possibilities, and probably some that we don't even know about yet. Any ideas as to what Vin Diesel could do at Marvel?

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Brady on Jun 27, 2013


"The Vision possesses superhuman analytical capabilities, and has the ability to process information and make calculations with superhuman speed and accuracy." So he'd be the Avengers accountant? ;o)

MattPeloquin on Jun 27, 2013


someone has to do the payroll, might as well have it done correctly!

Coulson, how was Elvis? on Jun 28, 2013


Vin Vision?

TheRagingCajun on Jun 27, 2013


Voice/mo-cap for Groot in Guardians? As mentioned, Vision would be a likely (and awesome!) possibility!

@TheRealDiddles on Jun 27, 2013


Groot! YES! He has already good experience in minimum talking roles... The Iron Giant anyone? I'm all for the Vision too for the same reason.

robertmillion on Jul 10, 2013


Hopefully it's a character who doesn't require much range to play, cause Vin ain't no Brando. Vision Might be a good shout.

Guy who comments on things on Jun 27, 2013


And nobody is Brando. Vin's better performances are in his early dramas such as Strays and Find Me Guilty. With a well-written and complex character, Vin shows more of his range as an actor.

Marcus on Jun 27, 2013


Ha ha you are talking serious acting and comic characters in the same sentence. Grow up.

nobody on Jun 27, 2013


And what the fuck is your problem bitch

Marcus on Jun 27, 2013


He's playing Dr.Strange, then Paul Walker is playing his sidekick Wong. Dr.Strange is going to be this dude that drives fast race cars and gets challenged in a race to hell by Ghost Rider played by Nicolas Cage.

Charlie Hard on Jun 27, 2013


Oscar material right there

Tikey on Jun 27, 2013


It's not a race, they have to steal Satan's car, for various reasons. Fast and Furious and Gone To Hell in 60 Seconds!

Akirakorn on Jun 27, 2013



TheRagingCajun on Jun 27, 2013


The headline on the Marvel website is about Deadpool. Maybe thats a clue.

guest1234 on Jun 27, 2013


There's a new game in town called Deadpool. No, really, there's a new game called Deadpool.

David Banner on Jun 27, 2013


Vin Diesel = Thanos

Nick on Jun 27, 2013


I'd love to see him play a villain

Jon Odishaw on Jun 27, 2013



DAVIDPD on Jun 27, 2013


Man, the mere THOUGHT of Diesel as Thanos nearly blow my mind.

Guest on Jun 27, 2013


A younger Professor X? lol

nate on Jun 27, 2013


Rocket Raccoon? That'd be bizarrely awesome. Groot and Thanos are possibilities that have already been mentioned.

V on Jun 27, 2013


Me thinks it's a voice gig, and me thinks MARVEL has some animated full length features in the planning. I was about to guess an X-Man villain, but FOX owns the rights to all "X"/Mutants. But then I remembered that does not count for animated features, so my guess is....

David Banner on Jun 27, 2013



TheRagingCajun on Jun 27, 2013


Juggernaut is a character that still owned by Fox Studios.

BinaryChaos on Jun 27, 2013


so's your mom.......JUST KIDDING!

TheRagingCajun on Jun 27, 2013


I think The Absorbing man (the one who touches objects and becomes its material), face it, the dialogue for this character will be more convincing than Vision. I cant see how his "drawl" will convince anyone he has superior intellect ...just sayin

Keith on Jun 27, 2013


hmmm! couldn't Vin Diesel be an awesome take on a remake of Daredevil?? has allready done the "weird eye-acting" with Riddick!

Fredrik on Jun 27, 2013


Darth Diesel

honan on Jun 27, 2013


Vision seems to be the big rumor most people are pulling for....I'd be more than up for that. In general, I think the idea of Diesel joining the MCU is just a great one no matter what. With the Fast and Furious films, Diesel and Dwayne Johnson have really elevated their 'action star' status, and it would only be a smart business decision to bring either(or both) into the Marvel fold.

Chris Groves on Jun 27, 2013


The next Kingpin for an upcoming Daredevil reboot with a Blob(Kevin Durant)-type fat suit, only not as fat because Wilson Fisk is actually a mountain of muscle as well as a former sumo wrestler. I could see Diesel with a role like that, but he should seriously step his game up as far as his actual acting skills are concerned. He just plain sucks ass in that department....

TheRagingCajun on Jun 27, 2013


What about Luke Cage?

Daniel Sanchez on Jun 27, 2013


luke cage is black not

MARZ76 on Jun 30, 2013


Vin Diesel should play a character named Cable. At least that is what I think. I've always felt, growing up on these comics in the 80s and 90s, that a movie about Cable was inevitable because of how important he was when he first debuted. He's an amazing character, my brother's favorite when we were kids. However, to do a movie about Cable, a movie about X-Force would be necessary and a lot of other movies need to be made prior to the debut of this character. Cable is, though, a time traveller. They can simply introduce the character in another movie's plot due to his time-traveling ability. I personally feel it would be better if someone LIKE the guy that played Thor would be Cable, because that is how Cable looks like in the comics due to Rob Liefeld's drawings of him. BUT, VIn Diesel plays anti-heros and Cable is a perfect anti-hero. Vin seems like a great fit, outside of the facial look necessary to be Cable. And that Vin has no hair, let alone white/silver hair. But that is my personal opinion. If Marvel is looking to give him another role, I hope some money-hungry whore at Marvel and Disney (gotta love Hollywood and the people that are attracted to it, rather than working a factory job or manual labor job) reads this post and doesn't plan another role for him but Cable. But patience is not a virtue of the people that run Hollywood.

Vik M on Jun 29, 2013


DOFP WOULD have been the way to introduce Cable . But with the Sony/Fox/Marvel drama , they aren't blending their universes . Vin with grayish-white wavy hair ? hard sell. but unlike his detractors here , I think he could pull it off . Gotta play him like a Marine Sergeant using terrorist tactics , with little help ..

Dominic on Jul 8, 2013


may be the thing in the reboot F4,cable,new marvel character cant wait to see who. vin may have to start hitting them weights alil more

MARZ76 on Jun 30, 2013

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