Disney Announces 'Star Wars' Film Every Summer Starting in 2015

April 17, 2013

Star Wars

It sounds like not only is Disney making the projects summer 2015 release date for Star Wars: Episode VII a reality, but their presentation at CinemaCon revealed that they plan on releasing a Star Wars film every summer following that. The releases will alternate between the milestone episodes of the new trilogy and the standalone films that have been confirmed to be in the works. There were rumblings that the standalone films would be released between Episodes VII, VIII and IX, but this is the first we've heard from Disney about their plans to release a new Star Wars film every year following Episode VII in 2015.

Details have been scarce as of late on any new Star Wars projects, but we have heard rumblings of films focusing on the likes of Master Yoda, and also sworn enemies Han Solo and Boba Fett. Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are said to be working on two of the standalone films, and confirmation of that news came straight from Disney in February. Now we just have to play the waiting game and see what stories come out of this new venture for Disney. We're hoping Comic-Con has some surprises this summer, especially since J.J. Abrams will be focusing on Star Wars fiercely once Star Trek Into Darkness arrives next month, but Disney's D23 convention might be the place to get the real good stuff. Stay tuned.

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Love it.

OfficialJab on Apr 17, 2013


So many people are going to complain about this, but I think any true fan who loves the Star Wars universe should be happy about this. Sure they run the risk of watering the franchise down but I think Disney is very aware of the polarization the prequels created within the Star Wars fan community and are going to work extremely hard in order to keep the quality of each and every film to the level everyone is looking for. For the past 3 decades they've been releasing dozens of books, comics, video games, tv shows, and thousands of consumer products based on Star Wars and it hasn't gotten tired yet. More movies won't do it either. I love everything about Star Wars and can't wait to see what else comes out on the big screen.

David Diaz on Apr 17, 2013


David, it's great that you love Star Wars and are passionate about it. i think most people on this site are passionate about at least some of the existing films. i'd like to think that Disney are interested in the quality of each film, but i just don't see it from a company as franchise happy as Disney, the people who brought us Lion King 2... and Aladdin 2... and Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3. i'll be first in line for humble pie if i am proved wrong - i hope i am, as that means we'll have seen great new additions to the Star Wars universe. but...

son_et_lumiere on Apr 17, 2013


They have also made The Avengers and other films that they have allowed the parent studios to still create without much meddling. Those films you list are a different aspect of their business.

Kerry on Apr 17, 2013


a fair point, for sure, and cause for optimism, but the cynic in me about the whole Lucas takeover and the franchi$e approach says no. but as i said, id love it if i was wrong. who wouldn't want another 3 films like the original trilogy?

son_et_lumiere on Apr 17, 2013


I agree. And sure, they run the risk of screwing up again. But I have faith that they've learned from past mistakes and will give us so much more Star Wars to love.

David Diaz on Apr 18, 2013


I always love how people using Avengers as a reference for 'quality'? I mean it was a fluff, forgettable popcorn flick. I think i cringed during its first 20 mins more then through all of Phantom Menace.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Apr 17, 2013


Oh, do shut up you pretentious bore!

Danny on Apr 17, 2013


Why dont you go fuck yourself....yeah

Sascha Dikiciyan on Apr 18, 2013


Avengers was a junk food movie.

$126191 on Apr 17, 2013


Avengers had great dialogue and character interaction felt natural and genuine, as did the original trilogy. Episodes 1-3...

Akirakorn on Apr 18, 2013


I'm glad I come off as passionate but I'm just a fan of the universe. Having been born in '81, I actually came pretty late to the Star Wars franchise, not seeing the originals until I was a teenager back in the 90's when the special editions were released. But since then I've just really enjoyed all the films, flaws and all. Those releases are what led me to pursue my career in animation as well so I've got to thank Star Wars for that ... I think. LOL (it can be a tough business to be in)

David Diaz on Apr 18, 2013


there's something to be said for enjoying things even while recognising the flaws. thanks for the considered discussion, good luck with the animation!

son_et_lumiere on Apr 18, 2013


I'm optimistic. I have faith in JJ Abrams who's already said when he started Star Trek, he's really a Star Wars fan.

Kerry on Apr 17, 2013



hagman on Apr 17, 2013


Don't worry about quality, just keep crankin' out those movies - that's the important thing. Here's a novel idea: concentrate on making one decent movie and then go from there.

racquetman on Apr 17, 2013


So we are already assuming they won't be quality? If it's 5 crap films versus one great film, then I also would want the one great film. But most of all, I want 5 great films! You can have both quality and quantity together. Those two attributes are not always inversely related.

John on Apr 17, 2013


well, yes, but that's not the Disney way. that approach doesn't say 'franchise'! i know i said it before, but it bears repeating: "You stood on the shoulders of geniuses to accomplish something as fast as you could, and before you even knew what you had, you patented it, and packaged it, and slapped it on a plastic lunchbox, and now you're selling it."

son_et_lumiere on Apr 17, 2013


Yeah, cause those Marvel Movies they're making are such terrible quality that they rake in insane amounts of cash...

Kerry on Apr 17, 2013


You should look into the Twilight franchise if you think that the amount of money a film makes is directly related to the quality of the film.

racquetman on Apr 17, 2013


Accept that the avengers blew the doors off of all the twilight movies and is exceptionally better, in every way shape and form.

Jimmy Love on Apr 17, 2013


What really suck is all the projects Disney are cancelling, like 1313, Star Wars: Reclamation and both(?) animated series. They don't want any "past stuff", only want the next Star Wars stuff. Thing is, I kinda want both. But yeah, quality over quantity, at least on the movie side.

David Banner on Apr 17, 2013


All right then.

Nielsen700 on Apr 17, 2013



mooreworthy on Apr 17, 2013


Welcome to the Meat Grinder.

DAVIDPD on Apr 17, 2013


I do NOT have a bad feeling about this.

Chris Groves on Apr 17, 2013


That's a bit overkill, but will judge based on how they all look.

Mithun Divakaran on Apr 17, 2013


No, I'm sorry but this an obvious cash grab. I am still excited for the new movies, but now I am becoming more doubtful of Disney's intent. Having a set schedule like this means that there will be compromises due to time instead of giving the movie the time it needs to be created and honed to something of quality. Rushing things only leads to sub par. I'm fine with the idea of creating all these movies, but don't have a set schedule for them!

Dan Weinberger on Apr 17, 2013


Firstly, just because they've set a schedule doesn't necessarily mean that they'll stick to it like superglue. Movie release dates change often, so it wouldn't be unexpected that they might push things back if quality is an issue. B) The article only specifies "Summer" as a release date for each movie, and you might have noticed that "Summer" is a pretty big window. I'm pretty sure Iron Man 3 is considered a "Summer" movie...and, well, I'm pretty sure it's not technically Summer yet.... III. Obvious they'll have different production teams for each movie, and if they're starting now, that gives them two years to get Ep VII out, three years to get the next one out, and so on. I'd say that should give them plenty of time to develop decent movies. If a movie takes 5 years to produce, does that still make it a good movie? I'm not sure I'd agree that they're "rushing". Things to keep in mind: d] Clearly they aren't saying "we're going to release each movie with only x period of production time" (i.e. the shortest amount possible to get the movie out as quickly as possible). Making a movie with a 12 month production time, from blank script to cinematic release, well, that would probably be the definition of rushing. 5/ Disney paid ~ $4B for the rights to Lucasfilm, and they need to make that back before they even start making a profit on the Star Wars movies, otherwise it's a bad investment. How long do you think that will take if they release sub-par movies? But hey, that's just my two cents...

AnotherDan on Apr 17, 2013


It really seems like people are forgetting that Disney also owns Marvel Studios and has been putting out some really good films and letting the studio have a great deal of creative control over their own material. I'm expecting they will try to duplicate that success.

Kerry on Apr 17, 2013


I can't wait for the Avatar sequels to take a shit on all of these movies. Suck a dick JJ.

ben on Apr 17, 2013


Are you trolling? I cant think of a movie that sucked worse then Avatar. I really can't.

Sascha Dikiciyan on Apr 17, 2013


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you counter a stupid statement with a stupid statement of your own . . . . .

racquetman on Apr 17, 2013



$126191 on Apr 17, 2013


I'm down. Gimme some more Star Wars.

grimjob on Apr 17, 2013


Yikes. Half will be great and half will suck.

Xerxexx on Apr 17, 2013


Quantity over quality.

$126191 on Apr 17, 2013


Oh Lord let the milking commence...

Jim Dawkins on Apr 17, 2013


I for one am personally glad Lucas is not making the new star wars films, Star Wars and disney has had a long relationship so it seemed kinda natural to me that they got lucasfilm, and really disney is not as bad at putting out crap like all the snobs make it out to be. I swear for a movie web site there doesn't seem to be to many movie fans. Just bandwagoneers "oh gawd the avengers is popular! now I hate it"

Jimmy Love on Apr 17, 2013


I was down for Disney making the Star Wars films not a problem up until they confirmed stand alone movies. That's bullshit, if people don't realize how bad origin stories are just take a look at that last wolverine movie. Not the new one coming out , I'm talking about that god awful one where he gets shot in the head and can't remember who he is. The reason why Star Wars is so great is because a lot of these characters have no back story leaving you to wonder and make up in your mind which fuels the imagination of Star Wars. I don't need to find out about Yoda's fucking past at all because I don't want to know, his mystery is what makes him great and the same can be said about Fett. I'm glad J.J. is at the helm to direct Episode VII but the Star Wars universe doesn't need filler movies. As if Star Wars fan's haven't been through enough shit we have to put up with Disney now ruining what could be something great. Just hurry up and release the old trilogy untouched without all the added scenes from the 90's revised versions on Bluray already so I can have my childhood memories back.

Blkstar on Apr 18, 2013


OH MAMMA! ;D I am speechless. Wow!

Jordan Petersen on Apr 19, 2013

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