Do You Want a Sequel to 'Dredd'? Sign the Official Petition Right Now!

July 25, 2013


Back in March we heard a potential sequel to Dredd was in trouble because of the unimpressive performance at the box office. However, star Karl Urban told fans in May that Dredd 2 was "not off the agenda." Urban followed by saying, "Clearly everyone has woken up to the fact that an audience has found this movie and loves it.  It’s entirely possible, and if people want to see another installment then they should be vocal about that, because, it can happen. The power of fandom can resurrect projects." Now there's a way for fans to demand a sequel as 2000AD, the publishers of the Judge Dredd comic book, are taking action.

The publishers have created an online petition for fans to sign in hopes of getting Lionsgate to pay attention. As of yesterday, the petition had over 10,000 signatures and the campaign page on Facebook had over 30,000 likes (why those numbers aren't more equal, we're not sure), so it's a good start. Dredd may not have performed well at the box office, but it found a pretty big audience on home video, becoming one of the highest-selling Blu-Ray titles of the year. As of now, a Dredd sequel still seems like a longshot, but maybe this petition could do the trick. If not, there's always Kickstarter, right? If you want to support the Dredd sequel, go sign the petition right here, and like the campaign page on Facebook.

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I already signed up yesterday.

DAVIDPD on Jul 25, 2013


Can I sign a petition in support of NOT making a sequel?

Switch Ares on Jul 25, 2013


You can sign a petition for being a doosh!

Crimson Avenger on Jul 25, 2013


I don't need signatures for that, but you get an A for effort.

Switch Ares on Jul 25, 2013



Brian Sleider on Jul 25, 2013


If Twilight can get four films, cmon Ares!

mooreworthy on Jul 25, 2013


You can go to hell

Bob on Jul 26, 2013


Signed it earlier!

Guy who comments on things on Jul 25, 2013


I'm one of the few souls in North America that saw this film opening night, in 3D, and loved it. I really hope a sequel can get made...I have a soft spot for these 'little franchises that could' that struggle, but get to continue further down the line(the Riddick films come to mind) thanks in part to fan support and positive home market response.

Chris Groves on Jul 25, 2013


same here. my opening night at the theater was pretty empty. luckily everyone who showed up were huge fans. it was an awesome experience.

Jacob Denton on Jul 25, 2013


Yeah, I was able to convince 3 of my friends to give it a try...and my pitch was pretty much "guys, you trust me when it comes to movies, you'll like this, believe me" I cashed in my entire "I know movies" reputation, accumulated over years and years, on that one...LUCKILY they enjoyed it.

Chris Groves on Jul 26, 2013


It was actually a fun movie to watch and Karl has been a favorite of mine since the days of Xena.

mooreworthy on Jul 25, 2013


Wait what? Urban was in Xena?

Brian Sleider on Jul 25, 2013


Yep, he played a badass Caesar and Cupid.

mooreworthy on Jul 25, 2013


Going to have to rewatch some Xena I guess.

Brian Sleider on Jul 25, 2013


Season two, episode twelve. First meeting.

mooreworthy on Jul 25, 2013


Also a couple of singular appearances in the show like one episode in season 1 and another much later in the series. Can't remember the name of either episode. The first was the Abraham/Isaac-like story where he was the evil brother, and the second was one of the weird episodes where Selma Blair goes from modern time way back in time to inadvertently start the Amazon nation. She falls in love with him and unites their clans or something.

Denise on Jul 27, 2013


Now I need to go back. Thanks.

mooreworthy on Jul 28, 2013


What I love most about following certain actors and actresses is seeing people in secondary roles in films go on to have leading roles down the line. The first films I saw Karl Urban and David Wenham in were the final two Lord of the Rings films...and seeing Urban go on to Chronicles of Riddick, Doom, Star Trek and Dredd has been awesome...and seeing Wenham do Van Helsing(I really enjoyed it) and land a signature role in 300 was really cool as well.

Chris Groves on Jul 26, 2013


I don't know why he hasn't made it into the consciousness of the mainstream.

mooreworthy on Jul 27, 2013


Yeah, almost any time he is part of an ensemble(LOTR, Star Trek, RED) the film seems to do really well, but whenever he is the outright lead(Doom, Pathfinder, Dredd)...not so much. But the JJ Abrams show "Almost Human" that he is starring in looks surprisingly solid...perhaps that will become a signature role?

Chris Groves on Jul 27, 2013


Oh Pathfinder. I can't...

Denise on Jul 27, 2013


Yeah...not a movie I'm interested in seeing again, but despite not being much like the games...Doom was a really fun action 'team' movie.

Chris Groves on Jul 27, 2013


Yeah Pathfinder was bad for him and Doom's "first person" climax was cool.

mooreworthy on Jul 28, 2013


Agreed. Visually Pathfinder was kind of interesting, but not much anywhere else...and Doom does get undeserved hate for not being more like the games...but that doesn't make it any less fun of an action movie. Feels like a bit of a throwback to Aliens and the original Predator to me...not as good as them, but in that kind of style.

Chris Groves on Jul 28, 2013


I would like the actors and director from the new Dredd with the costume and set design from the original Dredd.

dreddismahero on Jul 25, 2013



Fidel Reyes on Jul 25, 2013


Really!? That means we can sign a petition for Pixer's "The Incredibles 2"! Yay! (sarcasm!)

JediBilly on Jul 25, 2013


Cool! Looking forward to enjoying the over-sized penis helmets with pouty mouths again!

The Truth on Jul 25, 2013


Not a great movie, but a preatty good one! I am able to enjoy it every time. If this doesnt get a sequel nothing should. It can only go up from here.

AJ on Jul 25, 2013


Hopefully if it happens we get a sci-fi futuristic noir movie and not an action for actions sake vehicle.

Brian Sleider on Jul 25, 2013


Well done to all who have supported the petition! Let's make this sequel happen creeps! 🙂

Ashley Beeching on Jul 25, 2013


Signed it Ethan, where is my extra credit?

mooreworthy on Jul 25, 2013


No thanks. That film ripped off The Raid. Why should I reward hacks?

Meh of Steel on Jul 25, 2013


Really? It was set in apartment block...o it ripped off the raid, give me a break. Plus Im think they were in production around the same damn time.

Cody W on Jul 25, 2013


I thought the same when I heard the premise, but once the movie starts, the similarities end there.

mooreworthy on Jul 28, 2013


Yes please!

Bob on Jul 26, 2013


Everybody sign up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SkyNet300 on Jul 26, 2013


By now it's over 50.000 signatures.

Wolf on Jul 27, 2013

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