Don't Watch: Dylan McDermott Trapped in a Freezer in 'Freezer' Trailer

December 12, 2013
Source: Yahoo


It doesn't get much more lazy than this. Sure, we've dealt with isolated, small area films like Buried, but this is getting ridiculous. The first trailer for a film called Freezer just debuted starring Derbal McDillet Dylan McDermott. And unless you're in a coma, you probably already guessed that the film is about a guy, who is stuck in a freezer. But this isn't just any freezer. It's a restaurant walk-in freezer. Of course, he has know idea why he's there at first, but then learns some stuff about the Russian mob, and blah, blah, blah. This seems like the perfect time to announce my own new film Desk, which features me stuck at work for eight hours. I'm writing it as we speak. Should be done any day now. Watch the trailer below for a good laugh.

Here's the first trailer for Mikael Salomon's Freezer, originally from Yahoo:

Mikael Salomon ("Band of Brothers" & "Coma") directs Freezer from a script by newcomers Tom Doganoglu & Shane Weisfeld. A New York City mechanic (Dylan McDermott) is knocked unconscious at his birthday dinner and wakes up to find himself locked inside the restaurant's walk-in freezer. But why he's there - and how he'll survive - will reveal a chilling nightmare of mistaken identity, the Russian mob, a missing $8 million, and a wounded cop (Peter Facinelli) who may hold the key it all. Andrey Ivchenko, Milan Malisic and Pascal Petardi star in the film which Anchor Bay Films releases in limited theaters on January 17th.

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Hey Ethan, you're at your desk, a blurred picture of some lunatic pops up on your monitor threatens that if you leave your desk, your co-workers will be in danger!lol!! But yes, this is getting ridiculous! Dylan deserves better, he's a good actor.

rage72 on Dec 12, 2013


Ironically this film doesn't look COOL at all.

Nielsen700 on Dec 12, 2013


"It's 37 degrees in here." Ah, T-shirt weather 🙂

Chris Giebler on Dec 12, 2013


I don't know what you watched but this looks so awesome and intriguing. Hell I can probably write an essay about this entire movie when it comes out. The plot is just so unique, a man trapped in a freezer forced to face problems within life itself but not any ordinary situation the character had come across. This movie is far from buried, it looks better than buried. Then the mystery of all it settling in on why is he there. The whole premise and plot is just so chilling. The acting looks magnificent. I can't wait for this movie. Hopefully we will get a sequel with him fighting Mr.Freeze and Sub-Zero.

Charlie Hard on Dec 12, 2013


I was so convinced by how genuine this comment sounded, and then the last line caught me. Nicely done.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 12, 2013


It's kind of sad you don't realize that a skilled director can make a movie about paint drying interesting. Just because Ethan Anderton is devoid of any creativity or filmmaking skill doesn't mean you have to blindly follow his cynical and dimwitted opinion. Meanwhile he'll gush about some other crappy trailer and label it a "MUST SEE!!"

Dingo on Dec 12, 2013


What's really sad is you're using what could end up being a reasonable defense on a film like Freezer, the film about a guy stuck in a freezer. If you think this looks like it contains "filmmaking skill" then I weep for your mind. Have a great day!

Ethan Anderton on Dec 13, 2013


been a chef for 15 years. there's not a walk-in on Earth without an off switch inside it.

Astroboy3000 on Dec 12, 2013


been a mobster for 15 years. locking someone inside a freezer is a ridiculously ineffective way of finding out where the money is. Pulling the finger nails usually does the trick in a few minutes.

Nash on Dec 12, 2013


I'd just have a mad chuggathon and pass out from exhaustion in there. This film looks mince.

Carpola on Dec 12, 2013


God forbid, but let's assume this will make money. Then sequels could be on their way. Such as: Freezer 2: Sauna. Freezer 3: Bathroom. The options are endless...

Nash on Dec 12, 2013


Doesn't look bad to be honest.

Dingo on Dec 12, 2013


Don't watch?! I live for this kind of crap.

Michael Field on Dec 12, 2013


Damn, Ethan. Desk sounds intense!

grimjob on Dec 12, 2013


How about "Bus", where a group of strangers on a greyhound bus to/from Vegas/California/Grand Canyon/etc suddenly wake up in the middle of the desert and the driver has vanished and the bus won't start. Loads of possibilities, twists and turns. It's the exact opposite of being trapped in a box. Plus it allows for a bigger cast and a body count.

Akirakorn on Dec 13, 2013


Don't put ideas like that out there Akira, Hollywood studios routinely check online for script ideas, that film has probably already been green lit now.

Carpola on Dec 15, 2013


Spiderman is a must watch but this isn't? Let me file Ethan Anderton under "ignore"

Dingo on Dec 13, 2013

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