Excl: How 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Teases 'Apocalypse' Sequel

December 6, 2013

X-Men: Apocalypse

Yesterday was a big day for comic book movies. Not only did the villain-packed trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 debut, but director Bryan Singer and 20th Century Fox announced an immediate sequel to X-Men: Days of Future Past with the title X-Men: Apocalypse. The film has a release date of May 27th, 2016, and considering the title, we know that the film will finally introduce the iconic comic book villain Apocalypse, believed to be the original mutant born thousands of years ago, who would become one of the most diabolical villains to ever challenge the X-Men. Now everyone is wondering just what happens in X-Men: Days of Future Past that will lead to this sequel, and we have the answer. SPOILER WARNING!

Again, if you do not want any SPOILERS for X-Men: Days of Future Past, read no further!

X-Men: Days of Future Past

All right, so here we go. After speaking with an insider following the announcement of X-Men: Apocalypse, it was made apparent that they knew who was going to play the titular villain. More specifically, it was explained to me who becomes Apocalypse. Yes, an existing X-Men character will become possessed by the villain who can project his consciousness and powers into host bodies.

A second source gave us info from one of the most recent drafts of the script with the evidence. Supposedly, the final version of the script only changed one set piece (which has a surprise for fans) in the middle of the film from this draft, but that does not affect any of the details we've learned. Let it be known that we're not going to spoil the absolute end of the film because, truth be told, it's a pretty spectacular ending that has some tidbits in the future that you'll have to see to believe.

However, the credits bumper jumps back to the past with a young Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) in a ramshackle house in the desert eating dinner, clearly on the run from all the authorities who want to bring him down. While using a well outside to get some water, the young Magneto sees something fall from the night sky and crash to Earth nearby. Upon inspecting the impact zone, he encounters what is described as an "alien form" who is "towering, terrifying, with a twisted metal face and dark pits for eyes." It's Apocalypse and he says, "I have crossed rivers of time to find you." Magneto asks, "Who are you?"

The alien responds, "I am your future." Suddenly Apocalypse merges with Magneto, who screams and blasts an insane amount of energy and shockwaves around him. This energy explosion levels everything around him, with a blast radius that goes for miles. As Magneto looks at what he's done, he has a realization of the power he now holds and a villainous grin begins to form before the film cuts to black.


This would seem to indicate that we'll be following just the cast of X-Men: First Class for the sequel that follows X-Men: Days of Future Past. However, what happens with the future timeline could still come back into play, especially since Bleeding Cool says some of the future and past casts will be returning. After all, now that Magneto has been possessed by Apocalypse, that would likely shake things up for the X-Men of the future again. Will we again jump back and forth in time with X-Men: Apocalypse? That seems a little too complex for non-comic book fans to follow but one cool aspect that could result from this though could allow for two different timelines: one with young Magneto possessed by Apocalypse, and the other future timeline. But again, that sounds pretty complicated.

Either way, this certainly shakes up any of the potential storylines that would come from the comic books as it doesn't align with any particular existing story arc, least of all Age of Apocalypse. However, this tease doesn't necessarily indicate that Apocalypse will only be used as a villain through Magneto. The two could always end up separating and being two individual villains who may end up at odds at some point. After all, only one of them can really be in charge of mutantkind and truly be satisfied. So there you have it. Clearly Fox has big plans for the X-Men universe, especially with X-Men: Days of Future Past writer Simon Kinberg landing a new first look deal at the studio to shepherd their own Marvel cinematic universe. Thoughts?

UPDATE: Some people are saying that a recent tweet from Bryan Singer debunks our scoop. Singer wrote

However, the screenplay in question literally describes Apocalypse as an "alien form." People should note note that the word "alien" can be used as an adjective to describe anything foreign, unfamiliar or unknown. Using the word "alien" in the screenplay does not mean that Apocalypse is actually an alien. He's just a strange, unrecognized form. Since Apocalypse comes from space in the credits scene, it stands to reason that he could be perceived as alien, but will likely still be one of the original mutants as he is written in the comic books. We're standing by our scoop (notice how Singer didn't debunk any other details and is merely arguing about semantics at this point), and audiences will see how this plays out next summer.

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Ummmm Interesting. But Holy Timeline Screwyness Batman! *Mind Blown*

QTN on Dec 6, 2013


Now to bring in sinister.........

Teamcool5 on Dec 6, 2013


That would be dope, Nathan Essex!

mooreworthy on Dec 6, 2013


Thought we went over this already.

Such heroic nonsense on Dec 6, 2013



William Fleth on Dec 6, 2013


Don't like the sound of this. Would make more sense for Wolverine to wake up in the future. Sentinels aren't around so mission accomplished, but OH CRAP alternate timeline with original cast (including Cyclops and Jean) taking on Apocalypse. Setting the film in the past limits the amount of cool characters they can use and would only be done because Fassbender and Lawrence are hot right now.

Liam on Dec 6, 2013


This could still lead to Wolverine waking up in the future and Cyclops, Jean, etc being alive. But honestly I would prefer if they just followed the Age of Apocalypse storyline from the comics.

Mike Bloemer on Dec 6, 2013


You can always bring Jennifer Lawrence back as she's a shapeshifter, but it will be hard to bring James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender back. Maybe you can have old Magneto die in the film, and young Magneto decides he won't live his life destined to die the way his old self did, so he time travels to the future and ends up meeting Apocalypse. As for McAvoy? You're gonna have to give him up. No one cares about him anyway. Just keep Stewart.

Newbourne on Dec 9, 2013


I'm not saying this can't be true, but I'm confused on this one point: -- If Apocalypse arrives in the past and posses Magneto... why didn't the present day X-Men experience this already?

GuyComment on Dec 6, 2013


The future becomes an alternate timeline after Days of Future Past

Fidel Reyes on Dec 6, 2013


I doubt a meteor crashing into earth from outer space did so by the plot of Days of Future Past. I don't know. I just don't understand how any event in this film would change Apocalypse coming or not...

GuyComment on Dec 6, 2013


Yeah, this seems like the kind of plot hole that they might just let slide and hope most people do not care, but it would bother me if they did not explain it.

Christopher Roberts on Dec 6, 2013


Unfortunately they probably won't.

Fidel Reyes on Dec 8, 2013


Apocalypse was looking through rivers of time to look for this Magneto. After DOFP Magneto is a different person than what would become in the original movies.

McFeary on Dec 6, 2013


Wolverine becomes"Death", a horseman of Apocalypse in one of the timelines. That would be badass.

mooreworthy on Dec 6, 2013


I think "Death" belongs to Marvel Studios.

Fidel Reyes on Dec 6, 2013


But not just belongs to Fox or Marvel Studios,It belongs to Marvel and Disney.

Max Steel on Dec 6, 2013


Marvel Studios is Disney Marvel.

Fidel Reyes on Dec 6, 2013



RΛJΞΣV on Dec 8, 2013


Not the comics, the film rights. 20th Century fox owns the film rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises, while Sony Pictures Entertainment own the Spider-Man film franchise. And I was talking about Marvel Studios the branch of Marvel that brings films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe such as Marvel's The Avengers, this studio runs under Walt Disney Pictures and they own most of the film and television distribution rights for the rest of the Marvel characters such as The Avengers, Doctor Strange, they are their own studio creating their own film universe with multiple film franchises that they own this is why they got a new and slightly altered Fanfare which says "MARVEL STUDIOS" in a 3D font with a score by Brian Tyler in the background which you have probably seen if you have watched their latest project Thor: The Dark World. And to correct you statement even further you should have written "Marvel Comics ARE(Not IS)....."

Fidel Reyes on Dec 8, 2013


Why can't they all come together and shake hands so that we can see a X-men and Avengers team up or something?

RΛJΞΣV on Dec 9, 2013


We all wonder, but it's probably because of greed.

Fidel Reyes on Dec 9, 2013


If Apocalypse is featured, Cyclops & Jean Grey MUST be brought back. They are the most essential along with Sinister in a story concerning the most ancient and dangerous mutant, for their bloods mixed produced a genetically superior mutant called Cable who proved to be Apocalypse's greatest threat. Don't screw up, Singer.

Zorianff9 . on Dec 6, 2013


Enough with the X-Men movies. Marvel has other characters. It's time to move on now.

Morris_b on Dec 6, 2013


Fox only Has F4 and Xmen.

derpa on Dec 6, 2013


This isn't a Marvel Studios movie it's a Fox movie... they only own the rights to X-Men and The Fantastic Four

Josh White on Dec 6, 2013


It doesn't matter what studio. No one here's a movie exec. lol Other heroes, more deserving heroes, need the attention.

Morris_b on Dec 8, 2013


There hasn't been an ACTUAL UNCANNY X-MEN movie yet.

SubSumeYou on Dec 6, 2013


Age of Apocalypse was an epic story arc, BUT it is not THE only Apocalypse story to draw inspiration from while making a X-Men: Apocalypse movie.

John Erlandsson on Dec 6, 2013


It doest surprise me that they would take such a wrong-footed approach to this epic character. pathetic way to minimize the requirement for effects and a big name actor not already on the payroll. we're going to be treated to a "doppleganger" storyline for most of the movie, and then a pathetic face off with lamentable interpretation of the characters powers. as usual for an x-men movie.

Chiquitobot on Dec 6, 2013


The comic to big screen adaptation is a disaster, imo, original characters are warped into new roles. I ABSOLUTELY despise this along with the horrendous miscasting and spotlighting of Wolvie and his 'soft' depiction.

SubSumeYou on Dec 6, 2013


I AM AS FAR BEYOND MUTANTS AS MUTANTS ARE BEYOND HUMANS!! ~Apocalypse (I wanna hear this so bad)

Josh White on Dec 6, 2013


Oh how happy I am that this is happening.

DAVIDPD on Dec 6, 2013


I figured that they were going to find a way to continue using the First Class for at least one more movie. Once I heard they were using Apocalypse for the DOFP follow up yesterday I knew they found a way to use them and the original cast again. McAvoy, Fassbender and Lawrence all have 3 picture deals and the latter two are two of the hottest actors in the business right now. Fox would be crazy to not use each option that they have on their contract. I think Singer's ultimate goal is going to use DOFP and Apocalypse to try and reboot all the stuff in the series that happened that he wasn't involved in and didn't like. I'm sure he also wants to continue on with his original cast in the future. I have NO DOUBT that he is bringing Cyclops and maybe even Jean back for these movies as well. I figure DOFP ends up with Wolverine coming back to the future and finding out that absolutely nothing as changed because Apocalypse has taken over now and kept things as bad or worse. Kind of like how on the animated series in the 90's when Bishop comes back to the future, nothing has changed and Apocalypse now controls the future.

matt on Dec 6, 2013


Honestly though, what does it matter if he brings Cyclops back? Cyclops was not a leader at all and just a crybaby the first two movies. He's my favorite character and they made him look very weak. I hate that all the non-Wolverine X-Men movies minus first class have all basically been centered around Wolverine. First movie, 2nd movie, Last Stand... DOFP is going to be centered around Wolverine too. The only character I've actually liked from the entire cinematic X-Men series was Nightcrawler in X2. Everyone else has been awful.(Rogue, Storm, Iceman, Wolverine, Cyclops). McKellan and Stewart have been as good of Magneto or Charles Xavier as we're going to get. Grammar was actually pretty good as Beast actually.

Joe on Dec 6, 2013


I liked Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde even though she was severely underdeveloped

Batt Damon on Dec 6, 2013


Meh. The only underdeveloped character I liked in the first 3 (have not watched either of the Wolverine stand alines) was probably William Striker and he wasn't a mutant.

Joe on Dec 6, 2013


Stop watching Joe just never see an XMen or CB movie again Because Wolverine Rules and you're just gonna have to deal I won't agree with "everyone is awful " I would agree with more Beast . Maybe Kelsey's too old now .... In order to enjoy the new Hollywood fascination with CBs , we are just going to have to deal with the "stars that get films financed " dynamic and how it realigns the stories . i.e. DOFP happening in the past not the future of an alternate uni , so that they can use JLaw and Fassbender as bankroll. .. Evaluate the movies on their own level , not the CB level . Cause they CAN'T match up to the CB level in the 1st place .... ...

Dominic on Dec 7, 2013


That can be easily be said if your favorite Super-Hero keeps getting his own movies.

mrkushman ha on Dec 7, 2013


Which is just mirroring how he was in EVERY mutant CB also ... I think all u "disgustedwith" 's are about 23 or younger . Cause God if you were reading comics in the 80's he WAS King . at points more popular that Spiderman who ONLY had 4 books lol . Logan showed up in an issue or two of Spidey's books ; PP was almost never in a mutant title ....It was the 90's when they started humanizing the character ,which is how Jackman plays him . Hugh is NOT doing the Wolverine of the 80's , or these movies would be NC-17 ...

Dominic on Dec 8, 2013


point being , he's not just MY fave ...

Dominic on Dec 8, 2013


Whether or not Wolverine is a good character or not isn't the question. If you think he rules, go ahead and think so. However, that does not mean he isn't overexposed in the films. Just because he may be the most popular X-Man doesn't mean that he has to be the lead character in all but one of the X-Men films. Due to the nature of the characters, Cyclops being the field leader of the team arguably deserved more screen-time than Logan. Logan is overexposed in film and in the comic books. Hence why his solo books continuously get rebooted and sent back to #1's. He appears so often that the quality of the character has diminished greatly over the years. I know that as a avid comic book fan myself, I'm sick to death of Wolverine being in everything. And lets be truthfully honest, aside from Frank Miller's limited series, Wolverine was not king. Any Marvel reader knows it was Spider-Man who was king from 1964-2012. Now Marvel plasters The Avengers and Iron Man everywhere. Which is almost as bad as seeing Wolverine everywhere.

TheInfiniteToker on Dec 10, 2013


I DID say "at points " Toker not the whole run from the 80's .Logan was in 4-5 mutant books at times ,and Spidey didn't get his 4th title until the late 90's . It's easier to track Spidey's sales as he is the lead character in his books . Logan was just used when scripters wanted a badass , so it would be only certain issues of other mutant books that sold comparably to Spidey , because Wolverine was in them . I take issue with your depiction of Cyclops , as he was not the defacto Team Leader until some time after Jean died . prof X giving him the position as a way to focus his mind on something else , and to challenge him . Thus the "Responsible " Cyke of he 90's . Even tho the movies have fast-forwarded character development alot , Cyke is still in his hothead stage there. the last movie seeing him pulling a Logan and bailing on a bike . I haven't heard of him in DOFP tho ? maybe this is grist for the Apocalypse mill , that Scott will be back and a needed TL by then .. Obv. I don't feel he's overexposed YET . They've barely scratched his surface . there's a rich vein of great stories involving him . esp if they ever reboot his Origin to the Canadian slant . why is he in EVERYTHING ? Because He makes people $ . . More than they get otherwise .. For ex. Comcast has gone to you being able to "buy" a movie and replay it whenever on any device. Obv NOT for 4.99 / the extended version of The Wolverine is 20.99 !! and I'm about to pay it ( lol at myself ) because I can't wait until I get it for Xmas .Comcast knows they'll make their money . Will more people pay $21 for an Extended Spidey vs three villians ( Again ... ) ?? idts Maybe only for an Extended Avengers Two ..... In general with the emphasis on the same character I agree with you , but more slanted toward DC / WB only putting out Bats and Supes movies ; basically on their 5th reboots of those characters . Wolverine's not hardly there yet ...

Dominic on Dec 11, 2013


So, being the lead in six movies, two of them being his own solo films (may as well call it 3. X2 was basically Wolverine feat. The X-Men and Brotherhood) and he's not overexposed? They've covered his origin (too many times might I add) and his most famous story arc. There's not much left to do with Wolverine that won't be rehashing prior ideas. I'm sorry but he still should not have had more screen time than Cyclops. Scott was the field leader before Wolverine was ever even created. There's a reason why his books get rebooted constantly now. Not many people care for Wolverine because of all the exposure he's had. Wolverine hardly makes as much money as Spider-Man, The Avengers, hell, even the Thor/Captain America solo films have outperformed the X-Men films and not many people outside of the comic book world had any clue who Thor even was. WB is only putting out Batman/Superman movies because Green Lantern proved that Batman and Superman are the only two characters they have that can have a successful film. You think people care that Wonder Woman is even in Batman vs. Superman? Hardly. Not to mention they cast Gadot who doesn't even fit the role in the slightest. Hugh Jackman recently stated in an interview that Days Of Future Past may be his last film as Wolverine because of the fact he's in too many of the films. I definitely blame Wolverine for the horrible treatment Cyclops received in the films. Don't get me started on The Amazing Spider-Man 2, either. That is going to be nothing like the monstrosity that is Spider-Man 3. Marc Webb knows how to actually handle the villains. Regardless, Wolverine needs to take a rest and not appear in X-Men: Apocalypse. People are getting tired of seeing him, as The Wolverine itself didn't even make as much as X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which is one of the WORST comic book films there ever was if not the worst. Every character in that film is written incorrectly, including Logan.

TheInfiniteToker on Dec 11, 2013


all characters are rebooted now ..DC and Marvel have had two universal reboots each in last 20 - 30 years .. There's SO many more usable stories than just his Japan foray . Some can't be used because they refer directly to Alpha Flight and other mutants created there . Plus he's gone back to Japan , most notably the Kitty Pryde/Wolverine arc where she becomes a ninja , which others on the Net have requested this director do .. So all this is just cover for loving Cyke , huh ? FIELD Leader yes ; But I would contend that the Cyke you love is the post-Phoenix one , with plenty of Logan interaction by then . Not the character of early "Uncanny .. " issues Thor's an iconic superhero in his own right PLENTY knew of his story or Marvel wouldn't have booted it up to film . Also with his crossover into the Avengers , in mind . That and a Cap film SHOULD have done better No 'GL" just proved Ryan couldn't carry the lead . and movies die because of a poor script 1st . You show ur bias here , as the very thing u ask of Fox for XMen DOESN"T have to be done by DC/WB ? I agreed with you here in that they BOTH should be spotlighting more heroes . But they fear the bomb with an unknown AND the money isn't there for a unknown . Complain about Hollywood practices 1st , to get what u ask for lol NO actor says he wants to pull back from a role because it's TOO many movies for him . More accurately , he has to go on a weight-lifting and protein regimen to bulk him up and that has to start 3-6 months before shooting begins ; so scheduling conflicts with other potential "jobs" makes doing the Franchise problematic ...He's also said he wanted to do a film with him and Halle as a couple , like the real DOFP story has them he's nowhere near done with Logan ... Hmmm "Origins" made more than 'The.." . Maybe it's not as bad as you think then .. The thing to know there is that it was an adaptation of a graphic novel miniseries , written to re-imagine his Origin and those around him in his younger days . As a film version of those graphic novels it was Great ! If you've never read them then yes you'd be confused .... Personally I liked Origins but The W... is better ESP if those extra 8 mins are all in the ninja fight scene .. PS ur numbers are not quite accurate Origins made 40 million more domestically but TheW made almost a 100 million more internationally thus TheW made more $ than Origins worldwide . This Bluray/DVD has to make more than 78 mil to top Origins there . Summing: it doesn't really matter if u hate him . He IS more synonymous with XMen than Cyclops now . More than Beast or Iceman about as much as Jean or the Prof . Deal , even if it's by not watching the film ..

Dominic on Dec 13, 2013


And Colossus they totally made invisible. They ruined his character.

Myron on Dec 9, 2013


I'm not sure how Cyclops was a crybaby in the first 2 movies. He was the leader of the X-Men in the first two movies. His part was pretty good in the 1st movie. It was the 2nd one were there was so much going on they had to give him a small role. Even Singer admitted to feeling bad about it in the commentary. The 3rd one was where he was depressed and he was killed off about 10 minutes into the movie, a real travesty. James Marsden did the best he could do with what he was given. There is still more to that character. Had Singer directed the 3rd movie he would have given Cyclops a much bigger role. Coming from a fan perspective, they need to bring him back. He is one of the major characters in the X-Men series. He's always been the leading character of the X-Men and, other than Xavier, he's always been portrayed as the smartest and craftiest member of the team. Its ridiculous how much they've shortchanged the character in the series.

matt on Dec 9, 2013


He WAS a crybaby hothead , at times . they used Logan to bring that out in him . As i said above he was portrayed as the smartest and craftiest member AFTER Jean died and he came back from a 'sabbatical " He led the team in the early days , but he wasn't really in COMMAND of the team , until post-Phoenix dying . So the movies have stayed on his storyline pretty well ... Leading character ?? nooo 1st off it's Prof X hands down .( I assume you mean all XMen series not just the movies ) Then Jean became more popular . Beast and Iceman were more dominant personalities . Scott was robotic and being with Jean only warmed him up some . Logan was used as a big-brother aggressor always needling him because Cyke WAS such a stick-in-the-mud .. It was when he lost Jean and Logan left that Cyke " grew up and took the reins " and his personality began to dominate the team

Dominic on Dec 11, 2013


im hoping also that wolverine becomes death and gets his adamantium back (like in the comics)

Stylinred on Dec 7, 2013


BS. Sounds too much like Onslaught.

Dave on Dec 6, 2013


Oh god if they want to make Onslaught then make Onslaught don't merge the two characters... oh god what a horrid idea I can't wait until the day Marvel gets the franchise back from FOX, I hope I see that day soon 🙁

Stylinred on Dec 7, 2013


No if marvel getscit bac theycwill reboot it i will accept none other than jackman as wolverine

Adam Heatherly on Dec 7, 2013


i like Hugh, i wasnt sold on the idea of him as wolverine but meh he's done an alright job, but he doesnt want to continue with the role for much longer anyway...sounds like he's tired of the fitness routine required for the part. Besides Marvel may want to recast him anyhow (i wouldnt mind another actor though)

Stylinred on Dec 7, 2013


I love Hugh as Logan... But I wouldn't be too heartbroken at this point for another vision of Wolverine, closer to a short dude w/ attitude like in the comics. Hugh's Logan is getting a bit too emo for even this X-title collector.

VAharleywitch on Dec 9, 2013


Marvel will never ever get the franchise back, unless Fox goes bankrupt. Get used to it. As long as Fox makes X-Men movies the rights will never revert back

Sullstar on Dec 9, 2013


Don't like this notion!

Dion Steele on Dec 7, 2013


Well it's better than having a somewhat above average body guy with blue/grey face paint and calling him Apocalypse, kind of like they did Bane in the Batman flick. Although now that I think about it, I take that back it's not better. They should just let it go if they're going to completely rewrite a major character like this. Writers: "Oh I saw in a comic he jumped into a body... so that means he does it all the time!"

Mike on Dec 7, 2013


I wish Fox would just give up their rights to XMen movies and let MARVEL have control so a REAL XMEN film could be finally made. I'd like to see my fave mutant characters team up with the Avengers in a feature film someday. All Fox has done is made the XMen movies nearly unbearable.

Anthony R Isbill Jr on Dec 7, 2013


This is worse than a teenager's fan fiction. Make the movie ok but HOW DARE they call it X-Men.

TheTaskmaster on Dec 8, 2013


I don't know how I would feel if this was true and Apocalypse was in the 1980s. Young Charles, Mystique, Beast, Havok and Banshee are going to fight him?! LOL I think not. I'd rather be in the future timeline with a resurrected Jean Grey and Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue, Storm, Colossus and everyone else. THAT WOULD BE AN EPIC FIGHT. The third installment of First Class should involve the beginning of the Brotherhood of Mutants and the beginning of the first TRUE team of X-Men. Not no En Sabah Nur and Magneto merger. What a great way to water down the most powerful villain in X-Men history. Thank you Bryan Singer. You're a real douchebag

ItsAnt on Dec 8, 2013


well yes they will have to "invent and introduce" more hero characters , and more villian characters for this to work . Now , What would be REALLY cool , is if they have 1st Class meet and fight him but just when they somehow get the better of him he disappears . and the second half or next movie is him against our Present XMen .....both teams would use similar philosophies thus 'Pocalyse has a tactical ad ...

Dominic on Dec 11, 2013


Disappointed. I was hoping that Singer, et al were finally convinced CGI is now advanced enough to properly portray Apocalypse in his armor. Possession? Really? Oh well. Better than when Galactus was portrayed as a twister in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer I guess.

JT_CHITOWN on Dec 8, 2013


Apocalypse merging with Magneto doesn't sound right to me. I want to see Apocalypse - not Magneto acting like Apocalypse! The writers should stick more closely to the comic books for the storyline. I hope they get it right.

poloman77 on Dec 8, 2013


Exactly! Which they'll never do however.

Such heroic nonsense on Dec 9, 2013


This is an opportunity to provide long time X-Men fans the movie they have been waiting for since we haven't really seen it yet. Please don't screw this up. Possession isn't the way to go. X-Factor, original five on screen finally, original Horsemen, Thor crossover. If you need someone to write the script, I will.

Jason Todd on Dec 8, 2013


dumb. duMB. DUMB!!!! Apocalypse never merges with Magneto in the comics. Jesus! I'm so tired of Marvel movies not portraying their comics. What the hell is it going to take to just have characters play their characters and have their designated origins?!?! Matthew Vaughn should of never left X-men!!

Such heroic nonsense on Dec 9, 2013


And how do you reconcile all the different directions the comics take? Would you have had a hissy when Days of Future Past was first published? Or did you when Grant Morrison wrote the New X-Men? See…the thing about these serial stories that take a slew of writers across time is that they all get to riff on them in different ways. Why would a screenwriter…with Marvel's oversight, I might add…not want to take the franchise in directions they conceive?

TheOgler on Dec 9, 2013


Because! They are deviating from the original aesthetic that makes these comics so great. It's always general audience first, and comic fans second because they are worried about their pockets. Taking these franchises in "directions" they conceive is totally dumb when they already have a perfect blue print of the story. Theres not any excuse you can provide that can justify the huge deviation when it comes to "these franchises"

Such heroic nonsense on Dec 9, 2013


you already typed the excuse "their pockets " plus a certain amount of things that movies CAN'T reproduce from the CBs . thus they adapt . have they gone too far on some characters yes . should you complain ? not really as the more dominant theme of this is that Hollywood NEEDS us CB fans and our stories in order to not be in the red . and that the producers/directors/ scriptwriters of today are from that CB-reading 70s80s-90s generation i'll grant you that Hollywood with their egos believe that the story can be written better / they will write it better . . Just the fact that they MUST make movies from this genre is Victory ! , as I remember the icy shoulder for Star Wars and StarTrek in terms of respect for its genre and its fans

Dominic on Dec 11, 2013


I've always thought that X-men would work better as a TV series than movies. The world is so huge and the story lines (at least those from the comics) are long and would take time to do right. Unfortunately television production just doesn't have the money to make a show like that.

Mike on Dec 9, 2013


CABLE does ... ( they'd better as Comcast just jacked its premium channel price to $20 a month ) HBO's gotta replace TrueBlood with SOMETHING .. matter of fact there is a post on which details the 1st 6 hypothetical episodes of such a series , focusing more on a break from the Weapon X Program as his "start" .

Dominic on Dec 11, 2013


WTH! Apocalips never merge with magneto in the comics, he sleep in a chamber and was awaken from time to time by his followers because he was the first mutant and before there wasnt any mutants so he decided to sleep until mutants were more common, also he had so much power he will not need magnetos for anything. also he need his four horse men and x factor as well as dark archangel were always by his side.

Jedi Mind Fart on Dec 9, 2013


Also they need to give wolverine his adamantium claws back, hes nothing without his metal claws.

Jedi Mind Fart on Dec 9, 2013


I do think once Wolverine returns back from the past he will have his adamantium claws back. I think the future will be altered to where certain things from previous movies would nevet have happened.

Nicole Willis on Dec 10, 2013


HMMM was not the point of the end of The Wolv. , that he IS more than just his claws ? more that the character is a man with a SUPER healing factor and a "Art thou human or is thee Beast " dynamic . that he doesn't lose the claws even when he loses the 'Mantium ? .. also I forget and haven't dropped the $21 yet for another view ; does Logan pop bone or 'Mantium for claws when Prof X and Mags confront him in the airport , during the credits ? that'll tell you if he gets it back during DOFP or some middle movie detailing the three years inbetween .

Dominic on Dec 11, 2013


he pops the bone claws in the airport, it sux i really like him with the mantuim claws better.

Jedi Mind Fart on Dec 11, 2013


just a mirror of a CB storyline . He'll get it back ...

Dominic on Dec 13, 2013


They really need to get this franchise back on track. The Avengers always played second fiddle to the X-Men in the comics but on film, it's been just the opposite. It's almost like Fox is just making movies without any thought of consistency between movies. Is Xavier dead or alive. He dies in the last X-Men, but returns in this one. They kill Cyclops, and Colossus and Night Stalker get cameos at best. And now this change with Apocalypse. The only studio doing it right so far is Disney. Fox (X-Men) and Universal (Fantastic Four) haven't gotten it together yet. Galactus a space cloud???? Come on!

Myron on Dec 9, 2013


Post credit screens in xmen 3 show you Xavier is still alive, he transfered his mind into his twin dead brother....

glenn on Dec 29, 2013


Professor x never died. His conciseness lived on, we all know that. Who's to say he couldn't project himself in the minds of fellow mutants to make it seem like he's really there. An illusion

Red_bearon on May 24, 2014


Isn't Mr. Sinister supposed to play a role in helping Apocalypse? It would be awesome to see how they could portray that character...

DJRickyV on Dec 9, 2013


Sinister was created by Apocalypse. He used Sinister to create a virus that would...through the process of evolution and adaptation...produce a genetic strain of Mutant that was VERY strong. This very strong mutant body would be capable of sustaining the form of Apocalypse 1000s of years into the future when his power has gotten to the point that no body can contain him. The mutant this virus produced was Cable (Nathan Summers). Son of Scott Summers and a clone of Jean Grey named Madeline Pryor. Check graphic novels: adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix to learn the story.

Darnell Morgan on Dec 11, 2013


The way I'd want to see it is: Get rid of McAvoy, keep Sir Patrick Stewart. Somehow get it to where Old Magneto becomes young again and keep Fassbender. Wolverine wakes up in the future, having been captured and in a cell next to Cable. A couple guards walk past, the Apocalypse, followed by James Marsden in a return as Cyclops, looking like the AOA version and Ben Foster returning as Angel, but this time as Archangel, aka Death.

Jin Hush on Dec 9, 2013


Patrick Stewart is moments from death, he's pushing 110 yrs old.. You need someone like mcavoy to carry on sequels.. Plus he's a great younger professor

Red_bearon on May 24, 2014


Great. First the fuck up Phoenix and now Apocalypse.

Madcap2112 on Dec 9, 2013


Geeks panicking...he he he. Can anyone just answer what happens when Apocalypse creates one of his Horsemen? Anyone? There's your answer regarding Magneto. Apocalypse would never dare to tarninsh his perfect form by "becoming" or merging with another mutant. Mags is a horseman (War), and it would not surprise me that Cyclops comes back as one too. Archangel is too good an opportunity to pass up. I think Wolverine is out.

John Meredith on Dec 9, 2013


we can only hope. i never understood why they don't stick more closely to the source materials. if so, we might be lucky enough to get something like that...

IronJohnDM on Jan 7, 2014


If you look closely, the four horsemen are in the ending credits of days of future past. Right before the scene cuts to black:)

Red_bearon on May 24, 2014


Singer could also just be playing coy: if Magneto "merges" with Apocalypse, then saying Apocalypse is not alien could be the truth from a certain point of view (to quote a wise old hermit who lives out beyond the Dune sea)

perc2100 on Dec 9, 2013


I would prefer Singer to stay with the original story-line because if too confusing to the fans, the fans will "dis" the direction of Singer's X-men. If anything, a follow-up of X-men:United would be more beneficial because several questions were left in question. For instance, did Storm continue as "Head-Mistress" of the Mutant School; Did Xavier REALLY transition into the body of a coma-patient and survive?; and Did Magneto regain his powers from the "cure"? Too many loose ends that need to be clarified.

Orson Shelton on Dec 10, 2013


I do believe they will bring Jean and Cyclops back for the next one. With Wolverine going back to the past, the future will be altered making Xmen last stand non existent. Which means Cyclops never died, which also means the fallout of magneto losing his powers nevet happened. But with the new change of introducing Apocalypse this way.... Who knows what changes have taken place in the future.

Nicole Willis on Dec 10, 2013


Or perhaps, in reference to Bryan Singer arguing over semantics, he tweeted that to clarify any future issues due to Michael Bay's, 'TMNT not being mutants, but instead aliens', thing. Ya know...since Apocalypse is known to be a the Ninja Turtles. Maybe he wasn't even serious and was joking around in his tweet...since both directors, Singer and Bay, have been credited for ruining EVERY franchise they touch? Iunno, maybe it's just me, lol. ^_^

Batman on Dec 11, 2013


Yall have to be the whiniest buncha titty-babies I have ever seen. Just be glad they're making these movies at all! Who cares if the origin is a little screwed or the characters don't look just like they did in the books? Hollywood is the most egotistical place on Earth and the producers of these movies have far "better ideas" than the meager artists who wrote the stories originally. I for one am super psyched every time a marvel or dc movie comes out because it gives me a chance to relive a part of my childhood in a re-imagined story and more advanced media. Even if the movie disappoints the fact that they continue to make them means that they are catering to us. There's no way to squeeze multiple character origins into one movie.Those of us who know the stories comprise a much smaller portion of the audience than the general public and they would be totally lost if no introduction was made. DEAL WITH IT!! we know singer and others monitor these sites and if you guys dont quit bitching and act somewhat grateful theyre gonna go back to making terminator movies and no one wants that!!!!!!!1

getoverit on Dec 11, 2013


Actually Tolkien purists are much more whinier though.

November Rain on Dec 12, 2013


Interesting. I was thinking that Simon Trask would actually be embodied by Apocalypse but using Magneto is far from anything that has been done really. It would be interesting to see this in film. I would RATHER see the story line of the Age of Apocalypse. Meaning Xavier dies officially during the whole Days of Future past timeline and Magneto must lead the X-Men against a future that Apocalypse has taken over. This is something that still has time to resonate. Especially if Xavier dies in either movie, since he is signed on for only one sequel. I have been waiting for the Age of Apocalypse to be in a film for a long time.

raides on Dec 12, 2013


Man, as much as I wanna see Apocalypse and even Onslaught, since they are the most powerful mutants ever. I still wanna see one of the most powerful, perhaps top 15 of all marvel universe, back; the real Dark Phoenix. They need to erase xmen 3 completely and give us the awesome Dark Phoenix we deserve!!!

resulnaki on Jan 6, 2014


If you guys don't like it then get in the directors chair, that simple. My opinion, Days of Future Past is the greatest x-men to date. I mean cinema wise that is. It is the best I think someone can do with a budget they are given and still have money to pay everyone. If anyone knows it's not cheap to make movies and they didn't spare a cent of their budget making this film. The fact is, these x-men films we are seeing will never be what we are used to from the comics. DOFP is the closest resemblance to what we all remembered back in the day. It's not like were flipping through comics for hours/days at a time, or watching continuous episodes from the greatest x-men cartoon of all time. They have 2-3 hours to give us the best the have. X1=okay, X2=Come oonnn, X3=shoot me cause you just destroyed everything I love. First class=thank you for making me forget, DOFP=You are now on the right track. As for Apocalypse? Can't wait. My all time favorite villain of aallll times, well him and juggernaut, ( which is another character ruined in X3). I'm sure they have something up they're sleeves on how to make apocalypse look like, well, apocalypse. A hint at his powers in the ending credits looks like a fantastic display on whats about to come. And for you guys who pay attention to detail, in the ending credits scene, you'll notice the four horsemen in the back ground. I'm excited! Great job singer, keep a hold of the handle bars and keep riding.

Red_bearon on May 25, 2014


This doesn't happen in the after credits. I saw the movie yesterday... Look it up on the internet or see the film for what really happens. Its nothing so spectacular as this theory.

JorEl96 on May 27, 2014

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