'Fantastic Four' Shortlist Includes Miles Teller, Saoirse Ronan & More

October 10, 2013
Source: Variety

Fantastic Four

Though we've heard rumblings of names like Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan being in the mix for the gestating reboot of Fantastic Four at 20th Century Fox, there hasn't really been any confirmation one way or the other. Simon Kinberg was just recently brought on to rewrite the script, so we thought casting might still be a little ways off, but Variety has gotten their hands on the shortlist of names Fox has been lining up for screen tests. Jordan has been confirmed to be the only actor mentioned to play Johnny Storm, aka Human Torch, which is interesting, because the actresses who would play his sister Sue Storm, The Invisible Woman, wouldn't seem to match up with the actor genetically if they're supposed to be siblings.

The actresses on a list for Sue Storm include Kate Mara ("House of Cards"), Margot Robbie (from The Wolf of Wall Street, who may not be testing after all) and Saoirse Ronan. This makes us wonder if the reboot from director Josh Trank will make Sue and Johnny Storm adopted siblings instead of brother and sister by blood. It wouldn't really taint the story, and it would make for an interesting dynamic, especially since Jordan would be perfect for the role, but we're just speculating. Of course, it wouldn't make sense to have Jordan on the list if this wasn't the case, so we're betting it's an accurate assumption.

Anyway, the inclusion of Ronan is interesting, because it shows pretty much every blockbuster film in the world wants her in some capacity. Joss Whedon said the character of Scarlet Witch in The Avengers: Age of Ultron was crafted with the actress in mind, but she turned down the role, and it went to Elizabeth Olsen. Ronan also reportedly auditioned for a role in Star Wars: Episode VII, and while the actress recently confirmed that rumor, she did make it a point to say that "everyone" has been auditioning for the sci-fi saga sequel. She did have to pretend to use a lightsaber in her audition though, so there you go.

Meanwhile, the role of Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, could still be filled by Miles Teller as he is on the shortlist to test for the role along with Kit Harrington from "Game of Thrones" and Jack O'Connell (300: Rise of an Empire, "Skins"). Teller still seems to be the best choice for the role, and pairing him with Kate Mara seems like the smart choice, but these names likely won't be the only ones testing. No names have been lined up for Ben Grimm, aka The Thing, and it's a shame that Nick Frost is a little too old to get paired up with the rest of the young actors wanted for parts. Who do you want in Fantastic Four?

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Teller should be Mr. F. I say this because he looks the part, not a hunk someone whom we can believe knows his shit. Jack O Connell looks like a dumb ass in my opinion. The Thing would be for him. Mara will be fine for Invisible Woman, she's smart and sexy. The Thing should be played by George Clooney, it would be a great test or just get Jason Statham.

Big Chap on Oct 10, 2013


I'd actually love for Clooney to be Reed.

VAharleywitch on Oct 12, 2013


I reeeeally want to see them do this right. Fantastic Four was one of my fav's as a kid, and to see them butcher it with the first 2 films was horrible. I'm liking the direction it's heading so far though. Here's to hope!

Danimal on Oct 10, 2013


I've said it once I'm saying it again Pierce Brosnan as Mr. fantastic!

Nathan Williams on Oct 10, 2013


Dumb. Pierce is like a 100 yrs old already.

Such heroic nonsense on Oct 10, 2013


why are they picking such young actors for sue and reed, it doesn't make sense

Matthew Sam Russell on Oct 10, 2013


Have you read the Ultimate Fantastic Four series? Issues 1-18 are really good. Reed and Sue were child geniuses who were part of a gov't think tank--like Ender's Game--years before the main story takes place. In their origin, all the members are 20-22 years old. Clearly Fox is doing that interpretation, since the comic writer, Mark Millar, is helping with the movie.

Hudson Faber on Nov 27, 2013


i own (the good part) of ultimate FF, and i stick by my statement, having a more mature leading actors is a better representation of the characters.

Matthew Sam Russell on Nov 28, 2013


Agree to disagree when we are talking a franchise that could last 20 years. Jackman has been Wolverine for around 15 years now. Tat wouldn't be the case if he got the role at 40. And I prefer a younger take on the characters. All 3 of the previous 4 movies have used older characters and sucked. Time for something new.

Hudson Faber on Nov 28, 2013


Hahahahaha...just by judging from the casting ideas this movie is going to be teh suck.

bugger_butt on Oct 10, 2013


The casting reminds me of a CW show. Fantastic Four: The Early Years.

germss on Oct 10, 2013


CGI Thing, please. I dream eventually of the Thing vs Hulk on the big screen. Doesn't quite live up to the epic battles of the comics if the Thing is another Michael Chiklis in a rubber suit.

Cal J. on Oct 10, 2013


It would make sense to make The Thing CGI. The Michael Chiklis version was so damn stupid. Thing is supposed to be huge. If they cant find a decent actor to portray his body size, then just CGI him. Like you said, it worked for The Hulk.

Such heroic nonsense on Oct 11, 2013


*uck you!..Ronan is such an annoying actor...

dawko on Oct 11, 2013


You will learn techno-speak, Jon Snow

VAharleywitch on Oct 12, 2013


The Fantastic Four!...In Diapers!

Jimmy Love on Oct 14, 2013


why do the "brains" in H'wood think that taking a flop and reshooting it with new faces wil result in a hit??? an old saying comes to mind here..."you cant make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t"... get a clue people...jmo

nomad82 on Oct 14, 2013


Fox will not give this any serious treatment. In their eyes, the only value in making a movie at all is to retain the rights and deny Marvel another successful franchise. They have no actual plans to make a good movie but they think if they hold onto it long enough, maybe one day someone at Fox will care enough to make one and they want to still have the rights.

wobbles9094 on Oct 14, 2013


Great news! Now just get Kit Harrington or Richard Madden as Mister Fantastic, Margot Robbie or Saoirse Ronan as Invisible Woman, Michael B. Jordan as Torch, and Alan Ritchson as the Thing. And base it off of the first and third story arcs of Ultimate Fantastic Four, which had all the characters in their early 20s. Heck Reed and Sue were part of gov't think tank for child geniuses.

Hudson Faber on Nov 27, 2013

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