Very First Brief Glimpse at 'Ender's Game' Footage Revealed Online

May 2, 2013
Source: TheFilmStage

Ender's Game Footage

"So I'm not the first?" It's time! Our first look at footage from the Ender's Game movie, revealed online in a promo teasing the full trailer arriving next Tuesday. Normally we hate those "teaser for the teaser", but they've mixed it up this time, adding an opening featuring Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford, and none of the annoying "in 5 days" tags in the footage. For those who have been patiently waiting, this is now your chance to finally see a glimpse at action in the Battle Room and more of the characters and world of Ender's Game. It's must watch first tease, even for barely 30 seconds of footage, to see what this movie will be like.

Here's the first promo for Gavin Hood's Ender's Game movie, on YouTube found via The Film Stage:

"We are now well into post production and the famous zero gravity battle room scenes are looking fantastic," Gavin Hood said in a recent update. 70 years after an alien war, an unusually gifted child is sent to an advanced military school in space to prepare for a future invasion. Ender's Game, based on Orson Scott Card's beloved 1985 novel of the same name, is written & directed by Gavin Hood (Tsotsi, Rendition, X-Men Origins) produced by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Asa Butterfield stars as Ender Wiggin, with Harrison Ford, Nonso Anozie, Moises Arias, Ben Kingsley, Hailee Steinfeld, Abigail Breslin and Viola Davis. Summit/Lionsgate will be releasing Ender's Game in theaters starting November 1st later this year. So?

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Oh man, that was awkward.

Nielsen700 on May 2, 2013


Lol yeah, but damn that kids what like 9-10 years old? He sitting next to a legend...I was playing with my legos and diggin up worms at that age lol

Cody W on May 2, 2013


He's 15, but yeah, I look at what him and Hailee are doing at that age and feel like such a loser. lol

EnderWiggin.net on May 3, 2013


Not saying that the kid is not talented but It's called dumb luck. Be glad you are not born in Liberia or Congo or North Korea. Also fame is way overrated and it's not like he's curing cancer ,he's "just a dumb actor". The glimpse of the movie looks like the final product is going to be great.

growl on May 3, 2013


I dont give a crap whats hes doing for the world, the fact of the matter is hes probably making 4 times as much as both of us combined and the amount of ass hes going to get in his lifetime is the same.

Cody W on May 3, 2013


So ? I don't feel bothered by that.Good for him.

So ? on May 4, 2013


Harrison ford sounds like he is struggling just to speak

THEBATMAN on May 2, 2013


Clearly you're not familiar with Harrison's publicity interviews from the past 30-odd years 🙂

mistermysteryguest on May 3, 2013


There's that but the Solo is getting up there. Why must we grow old :/ ?

growl on May 3, 2013


Good question. When you really think about it, it's disturbing. Getting old is disturbing! No wonder I drink more now than I did at 25. I must be self medicating in preparation for the inevitable. Sigh. Moving on.

Quanah on May 4, 2013


Marketing, it's a hell of a pain.

Carpola on May 3, 2013


I wonder if those were the words used by the studio exec when asking Mr. Ford to do this.

avconsumer2 on May 6, 2013


Never has the word "Enjoy" sounded so unenthusiastic.

mistermysteryguest on May 3, 2013


Loved every second of it, but am really pissed on behalf of Summit because Film Stage stole their thunder. A studio should be allowed to unveil their own product.

EnderWiggin.net on May 3, 2013


It's ten seconds of footage. Settle down.

Jordan Raup on May 3, 2013


It's also the first look at a movie 25 years coming. Leaking that is just being dicks.

EnderWiggin.net on May 3, 2013


Gavin Hood from Masterpiece like TSOTSI to these blockbuster I'm not anti-blockbuster movie fan , but i think Gavin doesn't use his craftsmanship in movie-making in Wolverine , then i hope in these one he doesn't stick to JUST special effect. I want first a good storytelling and then the CGIs.

Ehsan Davodi on May 3, 2013


The chair sitting intro was never in the book.... ;0p

DJROBL on May 3, 2013


he he hee

Carpola on May 3, 2013


Bring on the full trailer on the 7th May. At least Asa Butterfield seems interested in the intro.

Luke Cavanagh on May 3, 2013


More than anything I'm lovin' the comments here 🙂

DavideCoppola on May 3, 2013


Harrison Ford. Nuff said.

Quanah on May 4, 2013

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