First Look: Ben Foster as Lance Armstrong in Stephen Frears' Biopic

October 22, 2013
Source: Empire

Ben Foster as Lance

The fastest man on two wheels. The biggest liar of our time. The greatest downfall in sports history. He is many things, and his story will be scrutinized and discussed for many years to come. In addition to the documentary about cyclist Lance Armstrong being released this year, titled The Armstrong Lie from Alex Gibney, a couple of different competing feature films telling his story are in the works. One of them, directed by Stephen Frears, just started shooting a few days ago with Ben Foster starring and our first look has already arrived. I can hardly tell that is Foster beneath the jersey and cap, but apparently it is. Take a look.

Here's the first look photo from Stephen Frears' still untitled Lance Armstrong biopic, originally via Empire:

Ben Foster as Lance Armstrong

This big screen take on the Lance Armstrong story is being directed by Stephen Frears (The Queen, Tamara Drewe, Philomena) from a script written by John Hodge (Trainspotting, The Beach, Trance). The other Armstrong movies are in development at J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot, and another at Warner Bros with Bradley Cooper circling. In this one, Ben Foster is Armstrong in the story of the disgraced Tour de France winner's battle with cancer. Chris O'Dowd co-stars as Irish sports journalist David Walsh, who was one of the first to question Armstrong's performance. The cast incldues Jesse Plemons and Guillaume Canet, but the film still doesn't have a title. We expect to see this at festivals next year, until then we'll be on the lookout for more.

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Lance Armstrong, he he, what a guy.

Carpola on Oct 22, 2013


happy for Foster.

Xerxexx on Oct 22, 2013


A little too buff, I know, but Armstrong looked anemic most of the time. I dig that Foster bagged a major starring role though.

DAVIDPD on Oct 22, 2013


Ah let me inform you that if you were in the middle of a 21-day 18-stage race , You'd look anemic too . Professional cycling ain't for even for people in GOOD shape ; u gotta be an uber-athlete ... and then you realize , even that isn't enough .... unlike most who have/will comment on this movie I HAVE ridden over 100 miles in a day 112 to be exact . Lemme tell you i was WASTED on a couch for three hours . until my friend kicked me out cause his GF was complaining . then I rode 5 more miles home ... yeah you LOOK anemic ; once you can stand up again u FEEL great . And exhausted .. And I damn sure couldn't have done it again the next day ....

Dominic on Oct 23, 2013


I am not sure what provoked this comment, but thanks? A couple of my friends do competitive cycling so I know what it takes. I was not trying to disparage cyclists or Armstrong, but rather comment of the physique of Lance Armstrong. I understand anemic may often carry a negative connotation, but there was no negativity meant by me.

DAVIDPD on Oct 23, 2013


k i gotcha I'm just tired of people bashing him NOW . We ( competitive or regular road ) cyclists knew he was doping . But so are most of the top echelon of riders . I can't get upset at him , when 14 of the last 16 TDF winners were caught doping sometime after their win . And if you doped in smaller races what's stopping you from doping in the bigger ones ? Probably the only honest thing he's said lately is that he HAD to dope to keep up with others The other issue that comes up is that maybe this is the one sport that NEEDS some kind of assistance for its riders to survive . Specifically just blood doping , as the other methods of assistance involve drugs with bad side effects . And even that doping can't be done 18 times in 21 days ....I'd add competitive Ironman triathlons to that list of sports but only if they had it tournament style , with 6 days of the 3 events each , 2 days compete one day rest or a day off inbetween all.

Dominic on Oct 23, 2013


I wonder if this film will note his jealousy at being kept down as a domestique for the cycling superstar Miguel Indurain , as a motivator for doing "whatever it takes" .... Or the fact that this would prob have been swept under rugs and ignored except the French felt so insulted at Lance not learning French and pretty much boasting about it ( read: Ugly American , and by the fourth win he had learned some ) that they hate him as a champion and WANTED to destroy him ... Yes he lied his ass off but there's more involved to the story

Dominic on Oct 23, 2013


? Armstrong never was a teammate of Indurain's.

ikkf on Oct 23, 2013


he was a domestique and expected to sprint for Indurain and drag him along , until Armstrong tired . that's what 'Rookies" do in pro cycling . Until they get a rep in smaller races . And some are always known for dragging the star , like George Hincappe .( I believe he crashed out of last year's TDF . otherwise this was HIS time to contend) ... Lance hated that . and wanted to sprint WITH Indurain instead . So I note , that this desire to " be in front " brought out the best and the worst and him ....A Spanish team obviously ; the Lance moved to a French team and the hate began from his Ugly American act after wining TDF the 1st time now yeah the GENERAL American public didn't hear of him till after his 3rd or 4th title but people thought well of his talent from high school days . At the time Indurain's Spanish team WAS the team to be on . It's HARD to be at the front of the race for 80% of it and then drop back into hundreds place cause you bonk out dragging tm8s up the road . once this guy's ego forced him to the front he WAS a great racer to watch . this is what he had to do for it tho ...

Dominic on Oct 24, 2013


you wanna say I'm wrong ixxf LOOK IT UP first . I HAVE been watching the TDF for 35 years ; I know my sport's history

Dominic on Oct 24, 2013


It's revisionist history to think of him as ONLY an American star . You MUST remember that there were NO American teams back then in the race . at least none that placed higher than bottom 5 ( of 20-23 teams ) . That's why Greg Lemond is so revered and why Lance wanted to follow him , and not wait another 10 years for Indurain to step down . You made your American bicycling name back then , by joining a french spanish or english team

Dominic on Oct 24, 2013


If it makes you feel more elite to tell everyone you've been a cycling fan for 35 years, then more power to you. But Lance Armstrong never rode on the same team as Miguel Indurain. So he would not be "expected to sprint for Indurain and drag him along."

ikkf on Oct 24, 2013


Yeah guess not altho I can see a commentator saying Lance would not win until he was the leader of team like Indurain or Hinault . Something like that may have been said during the broadcast . ... then once you are the leader you do what u gotta to stay there ...

Dominic on Oct 25, 2013


I know Lance started off as a non-GC guy but I don't think he ever rode on Banesto. He started off on Motorola before moving to Cofidis.

ikkf on Oct 24, 2013


Hmm ok I'm wrong I can't find anything to confirm they ever rode together . He moved to cofidis to try and be the #1 on that team , I guess .. I just remember Leggett and Sherman ? talking about him chafing under somebody else's lead , wanting to get out . prob because it's hard to win the TDF unless you have the full team behind YOU for the title . The cancer hurt that bid . so maybe that's the prime motivation for doping

Dominic on Oct 25, 2013


Actually Armstrong is a naturally stocky guy and never really had the super skinny arms of a Froome, Evans, or other GC contenders.

ikkf on Oct 23, 2013


what the actor has captured correctly of Armstrong in this photo is the body lean , the unswerving look ahead , and the mouth open half-wide - lips over teeth , chin jutting out . With the head tilt forward tho , insects don't fly straight into his mouth ...

Dominic on Oct 23, 2013

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