First Look: Denzel Washington from Antoine Fuqua's 'The Equalizer'

December 6, 2013
Source: RopeofSilicon

Denzel Washington

Don't mess with this guy. We're due for a trailer sometime by the end of the year, until then this will have to hold us over. Columbia Pictures has debuted the first look at Denzel Washington in Antoine Fuqua's The Equalizer, adapted from the 80's CBS show. The project has been in development for years and was finally filmed in and around Boston, MA earlier this year. Two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington plays Robert McCall, a veteran covert operative who, seeking redemption, quits the his agency and puts a classified ad in the newspaper that reads simply: "Got a problem? Odds against you? Call the Equalizer." Nice gun, McCall.

Here's the first look at Antoine Fuqua's The Equalizer, tipped by RopeofSilicon. Stay tuned to see the trailer.

Denzel Washington in The Equalizer

The Equalizer was originally a CBS show from the 80's that followed an operative with a mysterious past who once worked for a top-secret agency where he did some pretty horrible things. The gritty and violent series follows his exploits as he decides to right wrongs against the persecuted by settling scores with their antagonists and assorted miscreants. In addition to Washington, the cast includes Chloe Moretz, Melissa Leo, Haley Bennett, Robert Wahlberg and David Meunier, as well as Marton Csokas as the "ruthless fixer" Russian villain. Antoine Fuqua (of Training Day, King Arthur, Shooter, Olympus Has Fallen) directs from a script by Richard Wenk. Sony/Columbia will release The Equalizer on September 26th, 2014 next year.

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Oh he's totally guaranteeing someone in that room.

Nick Sears on Dec 6, 2013


New York must be too clean these days compared with those old episodes, used to love that show.

Carpola on Dec 6, 2013


Why did they have to blackify this movie?

Dingo on Dec 6, 2013


blackify? Probably one of the most ignorant statements I have since there is a lot of ignorance in the world as a whole. I suppose if they place a black actor in a role its "blackified".. Yeah Dingo u make a whole lot of sense. But then again your name is dingo

cg on Dec 6, 2013


So it's alright for people to mention when a white actor plays the part of a black character but not the other way around?

Bl00dwerK on Dec 6, 2013


Most black characters are meant to be black for a reason. Most white characters are white because that's what's generic in the United States. It's very rare that a main character in an American piece of fiction is black just for the hell of it, or Asian just for the hell of it, etc. Denzel playing this character is different from Bradley Cooper playing Kunta Kinte or Channing Tatum playing Black Panther.

Rick on Dec 7, 2013


Neither of those has happened. People on the web are constantly bitching about "whitewashing" but wouldn't say a word about this. On a personal level I don't care who plays who, white or black, I just get tired of the whole argument being one-sided against white america...

Bl00dwerK on Dec 7, 2013


The way I see it, if the race of the character isn't an integral part of him/her or the story, then it doesn't matter who he/she is played by.

Rick on Dec 7, 2013


It doesn't matter unless a white actor plays a black character. When that happens the soapboxes come out...

Bl00dwerK on Dec 7, 2013


Read the script and you're right, the character's race is a non-issue. As it should be. But I had other problems with the screenplay. Namely, there was a minimum of tension because the script followed the modern formula (introduced, I think, in the BOURNE series) of having the hero be essentially invincible. No one can stop him. No TEN people can stop him. And he seems to know exactly what that the bad guys will be doing before they do. Reduces the suspense. (And no, the character on the TV show wasn't quite so omnicient. He was smart, but he wasn't perfect. The new interation of the character is perfect). To which a lot of people on this thread are going to reply: "Sounds good! Can't wait!" Sigh...

filmklassik on Jan 5, 2014


Dingo's statement is pure ignorance. Of course there are certain films where the race of the character is defined by the race of said character. I.E. slavery films or period piece films. But Denzel playing this character? The character was not defined by the race but rather the personality etc. It's just tiring how people sit behind their computers and phones complaining about race... A bit of digression rather than progression in society today

cg on Dec 7, 2013


LMAO at all of the libtards crying over my've been completely brainwashed and it's comical....

Dingo on Dec 7, 2013


Fact of the matter is progression is happening whether Dingo likes it or not. Slow progression but it is. So here is what I say...Stay at home don't watch Equalizer and I sure hope you didn't watch the Manchurian Candidate, I Am Legend, Kojak, The Nutty Professor or Thor for its diversity in Asgard or Man of Steel since Perry white is now black or any Marvel film with Samuel L Jackson, well because they are all black. Oh and just a little rumor... Lex Luthor may also be black in BVS....So yes to use your terminology films are being "Blackfied" 🙂

cg on Dec 7, 2013


The people who complain the most are the ones who complain about "whitewashing". You rarely see anyone complain in a case like this one. Talk about ignorant statements...

Bl00dwerK on Dec 7, 2013


You sound as dumb as saying "global warming? that's so ignorant". People like you cry all the time when they remake a British TV series in the states or when Spike Lee makes a movie like Old Boy....but when something being remade is American and features White people it's IGNORANT to complain. You're just another libtard moron. Your White guilt has paralyzed your brain from being able to critically think or to spot hypocrisy.

Dingo on Dec 7, 2013


Okay hold on Dingo..why does everything has to be a race? White,black. we are all human beings. Not forgetting 90% of movies in a America are dominated by "white people" so why should this be a problem. Denzel is a great actor, he should not be judged or downgraded over the color of his skin. Do not get me wrong, I love movies and i have no preference in white or black movies. A good movie is a good movie. Unless its a biopic of a real person, anybody can play any character regardless of their race or background.

Aaron on Dec 7, 2013


LMAO at all of the libtards crying over my've been completely brainwashed and it's comical

Dingo on Dec 7, 2013


Sucks for you then, because there are a whole, whole lot more young liberals than conservatives.

Rick on Dec 7, 2013


I said Libtard...not all liberals are libtards...funny you think otherwise

Guest on Dec 8, 2013


If you're not a liberal when you're 25, you have no heart. If you're not a conservative by the time you're 35, you have no brain

Dingo on Dec 8, 2013


Denzel looks crazy as a bald man.

DAVIDPD on Dec 6, 2013


Cinematic Figure , Attractive Posture , Serious & Bitter Plan To All Who Love To Be An Actor : "Purchase All of Washington Works And See Them Over & Over & Believe Me I'm Right" I love Denzel : Not Just Because He Fire The Scenes , Not Just Because Sometimes Screen is Smaller Than His Size or Can't Burden His Presence , Not Just Because of His Unique Power to bring on Sympathy & Empathy from Deep of Our Hearts , Not Just Because of his undeniable skills in drowning in his roles and Not Just Because of his sincere sensational LOOK & VOICE BUT just because he is simply******"BELIEVABLE"********* He can be in list of Greatest Actors of Our Time. Honourable Human Being Rare Actor

Ehsan Davodi on Dec 7, 2013


I can't wait till they make a new movie about Lincoln and he's black

Guest on Dec 7, 2013


It's a strange property to make into a movie so many years later. I really liked the TV show back in the day, and I guess this could be OK with Denzel. Richard Wenk doesn't have a lot of good scripts on his résumé, which is a worry.

cobrazombie on Dec 7, 2013


This looks very interesting, I'm curious too see how much of the old show is in here if any at all.

Jimmy Love on Dec 7, 2013


I have no clue about that original series. Sounds like it is about a man who is a judge, a jury and the executor, and I love those guys on movies...

ProjectionistHP on Dec 8, 2013


have gun will travel. modified

jonnyb61 on Dec 8, 2013


Denzel is the man!! What a perfect fit.

Nobody likes The Truth on Dec 10, 2013


Batman Begins

VVS on Dec 10, 2013

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