First Look: Jamie Foxx as Electro Revealed in 'Amazing Spider-Man 2'

July 10, 2013
Source: EW

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The excitement for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been building, especially since Sony has dated two more sequels quite far in advance to keep the franchise going. And with tons of new characters introduced in the sequel coming in May of 2014, there's plenty of paths the series could take as far as villains go. Now we have a better look at two of those new characters. Though we've seen a photo of Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon before he becomes the villain Electro, the first official image of Foxx fully electrified has surfaced, and he looks bad ass. Plus, Dane DeHaan pops up as Harry Osborn in a photo with Andrew Garfield. Look!

Here are the two new photos from Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 from EW:

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is directed by Marc Webb and written by Jeff Pinker, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) finds, life is busy between taking out the bad guys as Spider-Man and spending time with the person he loves, Gwen (Emma Stone), high school graduation can't come quickly enough. Peter hasn't forgotten the promise he made to Gwen's father to protect her by staying away, but that's a promise he just can't keep. Things will change for Peter when a new villain, Electro (Jamie Foxx), emerges, an old friend, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), returns, and Peter uncovers new clues about his past. Sony will release Amazing Spider-Man 2 in theaters next summer on May 2nd, 2014. Excited?

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Lookin' Good !

Django9000 on Jul 10, 2013


Amazing costume, i loved it since prometheus.

toonfed on Jul 10, 2013



bfg666 on Jul 10, 2013



dvt on Jul 10, 2013


HAHAH beautiful!

wired on Jul 10, 2013


I love how he looks like he is filled with electricity, as if he has become a vessel for lightning. that's awesome.

Linkfx on Jul 10, 2013


I dont get the 'excitement'. Did people really thought the last one was good? I mean have we sunken so low to make average, mediocre movie making ok? Extremely frustrating that more of these are being made.

toksin on Jul 10, 2013


I won't lie, I did not really care for the first was a re-tread in too many ways, and just not imaginative in too many other felt very 'by the numbers', and I didn't really like the 'Peter Parker is a cool nerd' kind of approach. But there were plenty of problems that film that. That being said, I'm not going to write off this film entirely....I'm not eagerly anticipating it by any means...but I think the more they move and let this be it's own thing, and distance it from the Raimi films/style...then it could only be a good thing for them. At worst, it'll be okay and nothing special, like the first one....and that isn't such a terrible thing...nothing wrong with being 'okay'

Chris Groves on Jul 10, 2013


Can you at least admit The Lizard was pretty cool bout that Spidey installment? I mean, you can say what you will about the movie all together as a whole, but Conner's Lizard...not seen yet in live action film and was finally featured! (especially after being teased and set up in Raimi's Spidey 2 and 3 but NEVER put on screen)

JBrotsis on Jul 10, 2013


The Lizard was actually kind of a failure. His design was ugly, his personality was much less complex than in the comics and his story simply not compelling one bit. The one and only good thing about TASM was Spider-Man himself. His witty banter, his moves and his way of using his web were spot-on, much better than in Raimi's trilogy. Everything else was better handled by Raimi, most prominently Peter Parker. Oh, and it's Connors by the way, not Conner.

bfg666 on Jul 10, 2013


The movie was okay, enjoyed the cast but the best parts were with Denis Leary. oh my god I thought he was hilarious!

Comic393 on Jul 11, 2013


His design was ugly? his design was from the original lizard. And i understand the different looks of the lizards are due to the different artists, but i consider this lizard original. And it depends on what comics of Spider-Man you read that make the lizard more or less complex, originally the lizard wasnt even from new york. so before you comment you should research. oh and heres an image of the ugly design. nuff said.

straightup on Jul 11, 2013


Thanks for brilliantly proving my point with that hideous picture, pal! His later, more saurian design was much better, as well as the stories involving his schizophrenia and all the tragic family stuff. Oh, and don't tell me to do some research: in the past 30 years, I've been reading every single Spider-Man issue there is.

bfg666 on Jul 11, 2013


Lizard was a big failure.

cobrazombie on Jul 10, 2013


The CGI in general, I thought, was kind of sub-par in The Amazing Spider-Man...Lizard included.

Chris Groves on Jul 11, 2013


I'm writing it off completely because of two things: Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.

cobrazombie on Jul 10, 2013


For once I disagree with you Chris Groves, I thought The Amazing Spiderman was awesome and had a great cast. It was sorely needed in order to erase the mistakes of the first 3 movies. However, I am not sure I am on with this Electro yet.

Angry Lester on Jul 11, 2013


And what will be needed to erase the mistakes of THIS reboot, which are far more numerous than in Raimi's version?

bfg666 on Jul 12, 2013


"Did people really thought the last one was good? I mean have we sunken so low to make average, mediocre movie making ok? "Same question I ask with "The Dark Knight Rises" and the "Man Of Steel," obviously, people have different opinions when it comes to movies, go figure.

Kool Moe Joe on Jul 10, 2013


Awe no green and yellow! 🙁 Ha just kidding he does look pretty cool I just never imagined Jamie Foxx as Electro nor Paul as Rhino but they are both excellent actors so maybe they'll pull it off! I am one of the few that did deeply enjoy Amazing SpiderMan 1 despite its flaws and comparisons to Sam's this new franchise does show more potential than the other films ever did I just hope this Series knows how to swing properly!

N. on Jul 10, 2013


Never imagined Ledger as Joker. Paul, I feel, is gonna make a good Rhino. He's got the cynical, lunatic attitude down is some of his other films which will come in handy.

JBrotsis on Jul 10, 2013


Good point and personally I think he does seem like the rhino type in a way it's just not entirely how and who I envisioned playing him but I am sure Paul will give a superb performance in a way I'm more excited to see his costume and performance than I ever was for Jamie as Electro fingers crossed for both of them and the film cause heaven knows you need more than good villains to make a good super hero film!

N. on Jul 10, 2013


You know, there's a useful thing called punctuation. You might wanna think about using some.

bfg666 on Jul 10, 2013


Exactly!! When I heard Ledger as the Joker I was pissed... but holy shit!!! He was awesome! Should have been called the Joker Movie.

Angry Lester on Jul 11, 2013


Digging the spidey eyes.

Xerxexx on Jul 10, 2013


The Spidey suit is perfection

Daniel on Jul 10, 2013


...and appears like it was forged on Krypton. Still awesome though.

daletv on Jul 11, 2013


Uhh... in case you haven't noticed, the sorta honeycomb pattern was first introduced in Raimi's trilogy, so it's actually MoS that copied Spider-Man, not the other way around.

bfg666 on Jul 12, 2013


I actually scrolled right past this on my way down the page....and didn't even care to click until my way back up....I wonder if that says something.

Chris Groves on Jul 10, 2013


For our sake you should have kept going ...

97point6 on Jul 10, 2013


Effing lame.

DAVIDPD on Jul 10, 2013


I'm really glad they went with Dane DeHaan...I'm really looking forward to seeing him in a more upiddy, active role than the sad/angry type in Chronicle. Can't wait to see the first CGI photo of RHINO!!

JBrotsis on Jul 10, 2013


He looks like a member of the Blue man group.

Brian Norwood on Jul 10, 2013


Really Loving the Spidey suit. Best looking Spidey yet! "Man, you come right out of a comic book." - Jim kelly.

nate on Jul 10, 2013


Like just for the Jim Kelly reference.

WoWed on Jul 10, 2013


I was so disappointed with the first film, its going to have to take a different director to get me excited about this.

Adam Lubicz on Jul 10, 2013


Electro looks pretty dumb.

Nielsen700 on Jul 10, 2013


...Oh, and the original green and yellow zig zag costume didn't? He looks mean and supercharged, which is all that is needed for a character who masters electricity.

bfg666 on Jul 10, 2013


Oh my! Our opinions differ. I never said the original costume didn't look stupid by the way...

Nielsen700 on Jul 11, 2013


And what exactly do you find dumb in his new look?

bfg666 on Jul 11, 2013



Nielsen700 on Jul 12, 2013


Could you be more laconic than that? Please clarify.

bfg666 on Jul 12, 2013


Nah, I'm good with my answer.

Nielsen700 on Jul 12, 2013


More like I'm the only one who cares about your opinion. I honestly don't know how you can find a body overflowing with electricity look dumb for this character.

bfg666 on Jul 12, 2013


Men, Jaimie Foxx is an excelent actor, Ray, Collateral and Django consolidated my fascination for his work, I disliked the lizard characterization in the previous film not Rhys ifans perfomance, only the characterization made by the director and the screenwriters; But Elektro is promising in the body of Fox, I cant wait to see his take of the character.

Javier on Jul 10, 2013


Foxx's best work was as Wanda on "In Living Color" lol Loved that show

MutinyofSense on Jul 10, 2013


Really? "I have a feeling we will get along famously, Ahhh yes Spider-man I feel a...spark." :/

Social Crime Radio on Jul 10, 2013


At least we'll be able to understand what he's saying...unlike BANE in The Dark Knight Rises. :/

Kool Moe Joe on Jul 10, 2013


MHhhmhm masahsnad am mhmhmh....manah manah do do dah do do.

Social Crime Radio on Jul 12, 2013


The one thing that the original franchise did that won't be able to be matched, was the casting of J.K Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson. He was absolutely perfect. Honourable mention to Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborn, and Alfred Molina as Doc Ock

MutinyofSense on Jul 10, 2013


J.k Simmons was everything JJJ needed to be and more. They practically pulled him right out of the comics.

WoWed on Jul 10, 2013


You're forgetting Raimi's portrayal of Peter Parker. Maguire IS the early Peter made flesh. Garfield only plays a random douchey st-st-stuttering nerd. I don't know who this guy is but he certainly is not Peter.

bfg666 on Jul 13, 2013


Foxx long did he have to "act white" to get that part? What a race baiting duche bag...

Gopher on Jul 10, 2013


Love the way his face looks. Pure energy. Hopefully he won't be two dimensional and have great character development the way they treated Sandman.

mooreworthy on Jul 11, 2013


i liked the first film, but with jamie fox in the sequel it's bound not to be as good.. cause of course jamie fox can't act... and electro is a white guy in the comics. it only worked with making nick furry black, cause Samuel L. Jackson can actually act, unlike jamie fox

gamerguy on Jul 12, 2013


He cant act? He won an academy award. And was nominated at least once or twice before that. I dont like his acting style but wont go so far as to say he's unconvincing in the characters he plays, just not what I personally like in an actor.

Neil Quan on Jul 12, 2013


He looks like an angry Powder. If any of you remember that movie.

Neil Quan on Jul 12, 2013



Vergil Kent on Jul 12, 2013


That's Elctro? Another reason to not go see the new Spidey movie.

John Taylor on Jul 12, 2013


So you would have preferred his ridiculous original look? Many things are wrong in that rebooted franchise but this fierce new look is just awesome, it seems like he's brimming with energy.

bfg666 on Jul 12, 2013


Yes. Exactly why I would prefer to see the superhero franchise be all animated. The costumes are not ridiculous, it isthe way the character is portrayed. Wouldn't that be the fault of the writers and directors? Starship Troopers is a great example. A fine movie if you haven't read Heinlein's book. A totally screwed up movie if you have.

John Taylor on Jul 13, 2013


The costume isn't the character, it's just the packaging and yes, Electro's original costume was ridiculous. Even as a kid, I never could take this character seriously because of his damned zig zag starfish mask. Here he looks totally badass. I rarely have something good to say about this rebooted franchise but Electro's look is definitely on the plus side. And don't even get me started on Starship Troopers! Verhoeven had the intelligence to reverse its purpose, turning one big nauseating commercial for professional murderers into a satire. He didn't screw it up, he improved it. Brilliant!

bfg666 on Jul 13, 2013


Professional murderers? Don't think much of the military at all, do you? You apparently did not read Starship Troopers. Carl was not some uber-Nazi with mind powers. He was simply an ordinary researcher killed off early in a bug attack. Women pilots? Short hair because the ships did not have artificial gravity. There were no shuttles. Troopers were housed in individual launch tubes. The main character? Juan "Johnny" Rico was not white, he was Philippino. Where were the exoskeleton armored suits? And on and on about why the movie failed to live up to Heinlein's book. Of courser, that has happened with every film that was based on a Heinlein book. I shudder to think what they'd do if they every tried to make Glory Road a film. As for Electro, he was a lame villain anyway, so I won't gripe too much about that. Just using the change as a way of pointing out how moviemakers screw with comic books when they come to the big screen. Just like Man of Steel. A latex costume that looks almost black in some scenes. Of course, the whole movie was a cheat anyway. Check out the pilot movie for the last animated Superman series. Whole scenes worth of dialog taken word for word from the animated show.

John Taylor on Jul 13, 2013


Of course I don't! Who in their right mind would think much of people who kill for a living? I did make the mistake of reading the book after seeing the movie. Granted it's well written but I find its morals quite sickening to say the least. The major shift in purpose aside, Verhoeven made some changes... so what? The first Total Recall (also a Verhoeven movie coincidentally) was set on Mars yet was much better than the Farrell-led turd despite Schwarzenegger. Furthermore, most of your complaints can be easily explained by budgetary constraints. Carl's survival allowed us to discover Neil Patrick Harris for more than 30 seconds, which can't be a bad thing. Also, mind powers are cool. Last point, Rico's ethnicity. This is an american movie. It's sad to say but considering the target audience, a white male lead is guaranteed to attract a larger crowd than a Philippino. Case closed. Adaptations are just that, adaptations, and they're not bound to keep to the letter of the source material. Sometimes changes are for the best (Starship Troopers), sometimes they're for the worst (TASM). There's no rule and finding out what was made differently is part of the excitement. Whether you like it or not, ST was a little gem of sci-fi like they should make more often instead of all those brainless actioners. Oh, and regarding MoS, I think it's about time we were spared the usual electric blue spandex with the bright red undies on top.

bfg666 on Jul 14, 2013


Well, I suppose not many in your twisted version of reality. First, there's a huge difference between murder and killing. I suppose you believe Washington was too. Secondly, 90 percent of the military used to be support personnel to the 10 percent who actually fought. Made some changes. Verhoeven did more than make some changes. The only thing he kept the same was the title and some of the names. What is sickening about believing in yourself, your family, your friends and the law?

John Taylor on Jul 15, 2013


As for Carl's survival, that is something that should not have happened. Verhoeven totally perverted the character. So? Cool powers were never part of the character. Part of Verhoeven really screwing with an excellent story. I grant that some changes could have been made, but this was a wholesale change of the story. This movie was never an adaptation of the bgook. Verhoeven just borrowed the title and some of the names. You are correct in the change is ethnicity, unfortunately. However, the case will never be closed as long as Hollywood continues to screw things up. A little gem? If it had stood alone, possibly, but certainly not when it took a great sci-fi novel and totally screwed it up. As for Man of Steel, the suit is a minor point. The major point being that the whole movie was a cheat. If you've seen it and have gone back to the animated series, you would recognize whole scenes worth of dialog just being transposed from the animated series pilot to the live action film. I can live with the changes in the suit, but geez, not with the cheating. Sorry about the two part reply. No idea why that happened.

John Taylor on Jul 15, 2013


When you join the military, you embrace the idea that you might have to kill someone someday. It doesn't matter whether you actually do end up killing or not, you're OK with the fact that you would if need be. As a full-fledged pacifist, I simply cannot condone that. Another grudge I have with the concept of army is that I don't accept those who send others to their death. If you want to fight someone, you do it yourself, mano a mano. You don't cowardly sit in your office ordering your people to massively go fight in your stead, especially when said fight is to the death. An army is basically a flock of lambs waiting to be sent to the slaughter and I can't side either with the lamb who willingly accepts it without objecting or the shepherd who gives the order. The day we'll see two Heads of State resolve their conflict in a ring like in Frankie Goes To Hollywood's "Two Tribes" video will be the start of a new era of bliss for mankind. Also, I don't see any difference between murder and killing: both are ending another being's life. I know the dictionary says murder is unlawful killing but firstly, according to my own law, no killing is ever justified (except euthanasia and abortion in some very specific instances), hence all killings are murders. Secondly, a law that makes some killings legal is no good in my book and is pretty self-contradictory if it condemns other kinds of killings. There is this great drawing the late belgian artist Franquin made for Amnesty International that sums up my ideas perfectly: we see a man on the guillotine, the executioner unconvincingly recites "Thou shalt not kill" as he releases the blade, then we see a hand tap the executioner's shoulder. Next panel we see the hand belongs to another executioner who puts the first one on a second guillotine. Last panel pans out to an infinite string of guillotines with each executioner killing the previous one. Says it all. But enough with that. This is not the place for a philosophical debate on killing. Back to Starship Troopers. I wouldn't call a book that glorifies a militaristic society a "great novel" in any way. But it doesn't stop there. Unlike books like 1984 or The Man in the High Castle, which describe a fascist regime only to warn us of its dangers, Starship Troopers actually glorifies fascism. This book is disgusting and I'm very glad that Verhoeven "perverted" it. If you find it a shame, it's your own right, but I think he turned a sickening novel into something actually enjoyable and morally healthy. As for Man of Steel, I'm yet to see it. I never saw the animated series (not so much of a Supes fan) but the transposed dialog is not a first. It has happened with other adaptations before and if the result is good then it's no big deal. Granted it's a bit lazy writing but the medium is different and most people who go see the movie probably haven't seen the series. But are you sure about that? I've read plenty of stuff about MoS and you're the first to mention it. Maybe you can pinpoint specific episodes so as I can draw my own comparisons?

bfg666 on Jul 15, 2013


I will not see this if they go through with the casting of that raciest bigot Jamie Foxx. He'll probably comment on how he couldn't kill "white" spiderman....

Bcobb on Jul 13, 2013


Raciest? As in the most racy?

bfg666 on Jul 14, 2013


Jamie Foxx hates white people.

Bcobb on Jul 13, 2013


No he doesn't. People have just become so dumb they can't understand humor anymore. You're talking about a SNL bit, for crying out loud!

bfg666 on Jul 14, 2013


That looks terrible, like an old left over from the Star Trek tv show of the 60's that wasn't good enough.What is this,Batman and Robin all over again ?

Gary on Jul 13, 2013


I honestly don't give a f*ck about all the hate for the movie, but i really liked the first Amazing Spiderman, and look forward to this one. BTW, love Electro's design, much better than the original space suit looking outfit.

ChaosCore on Jul 14, 2013


Emo Osborne...wth? Does Electro really need the lightning bolt symbol on his sleeve to let people know his power is electricity? Since they aren't using a variation of the original green and yellow costume, they should have stayed basic, like the Ultimate version of Electro.

Shadowking on Jul 14, 2013


Just another example of why superhero movies should be animated features. Too many changes made to accomodate the switch to live action.

John Taylor on Jul 17, 2013


ears look like melted plastic.

okef on Jul 17, 2013


Finally electo but Jamie Foxx? Nooooo and his costume isn't that good, I mean I know it wouldn't look good if it were the ones from the 60's comics but still this isn't that good looking. Just my opinion plus i wanted to see some green and yellow for electo and his voice and character on the Spider-Man ride in universal was a good voice I just can't see foxx doing this and I know about the Heath ledger as joker but I wouldn't be so sure it will be the same

SlimShady129 on Jul 18, 2013


but hes black omg

Adam Davies on Jul 20, 2013


I don't want to bullet point the last one's failures and misdirections, but aside from the casting of Peter, Aunt May and Uncle Ben and the return of the web shooters, it was a disappointment. I didn't even dislike Spidey's suit or Emma. I just thought script blew hard. There were some great updates for the Spidey story, more shitty misplaced ones to save it though. Out of suit action is unacceptable and not plausible in today's world to go unnoticed. My only hope is Sony get's with it and allows Marvel/Disney to put Garfield as Spidey in a cool cameo scene for Avengers 2/3. Maybe a cool after credit scene.? P.s. I'll stick to Raimi's flawed but better Spidey world despite what I do like in this one.

Johnny Neat on Jul 20, 2013

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