First Teaser Artwork for Spike Lee's 'Oldboy' Remake from CinemaCon

April 14, 2013
Source: Collider


Another Spike Lee joint. Taking place this week in Las Vegas is the annual movie industry convention CinemaCon, where most of this year's marketing material makes its first appearance. One of the movies featured by way of the very first teaser art is Spike Lee's Oldboy, the remake of the Chan-wook Park's 2003 film, starring Josh Brolin in the Dae-su Oh role. Alas, Brolin is not seen on this art yet, because it's purely teaser art found at the show; I'm sure we'll see more later. The red scratch counting references the 20 years that Brolin's character, Joe Doucett, is imprisoned without explanation. When will we see footage from this?

Update: Here's the full HQ version of Spike Lee's Oldboy remake teaser artwork, sent to us by FilmDistrict:

Oldboy Teaser Art

Spike Lee's Oldboy, written by Mark Protosevich (The Cell, I Am Legend) based on the original manga, tells the story of an advertising executive (Brolin) who is inexplicably kidnapped and held captive for 20 years. When he's unceremoniously released, he goes on an obsessive quest to find out who did this to him and why, enlisting the help of a young social worker (Elizabeth Olsen) before he eventually tracks down an enigmatic man (Sharlto Copley) who may have all the answers. Also co-stars Samuel L. Jackson, Richard Portnow and Lance Reddick. "Spike Lee is the right filmmaker to reimagine and put his touch onto arguably one of the most talked about thrillers in recent memory." FilmDistrict will release Oldboy on October 11th this year.

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Fuck Spike Lee. #Django

Fuck_Spike_Lee24 on Apr 14, 2013


One of my favorite movies. Some great actors in this remake, I hope Spike does it justice. Hopefully this to the original will be like The Departed to Infernal Affairs.

bat0u on Apr 14, 2013


If it is one of your favorite movies, then why do you feel someone else should bring it justice?

Curious on Apr 14, 2013


I know I will see this remake regardless, so honestly, I'm just hoping to see a good film. As much as most people disliking remakes of great movies(me being one of them), it's still a good thing if they turn out to be similarly great, and potentially bring something new to the table. It would bring more attention to the lesser known original as well. That's also a positive. IMO

bat0u on Apr 14, 2013


I wonder why they changed it from 15 years to 20?

SamLP on Apr 14, 2013


Probably so Spike can claim it as original

Curious on Apr 16, 2013


They should be remaking terrible movies based on good ideas, not excellent movies based on unconventional (and excellent) ideas.

JL on Apr 14, 2013


Totally agree with this, so many great stories get lost in bad film making.

curious on Apr 16, 2013


Can't wait to see it !! In Spike Lee I trust.

Tamy on Apr 14, 2013


I think it's funny with every adaption of the orignal manga they keep adding 5 years to how long he's been in captivity

Vectorsfire on Apr 15, 2013


so this is a remake of Chan-Wook's movie? not another adaptation of the manga? I was planning on reading the comics and seeing how both compare.

Jacob Denton on Apr 15, 2013


some early critics had been leaked on the web, it's seem like a solid movie!

granit on Apr 15, 2013


watch the original. it's on Netflix.. why does this need to be remade? the original sticks with you so much that it cannot be forgotten...

baronvonbarren on Apr 15, 2013


the original has Asians all over it. Can't expect Americans to watch that.

Dan Hibiki on Apr 15, 2013


So what if it has Asians? Are you so ignorant that you wouldn't watch it because it has Asians? Asians make some of the finest film. Btw a lot of the people in the comments watched it too, I'm pretty sure some of them are American.

Akwasi Asabere on Apr 15, 2013


that's not the way Hollywood sees it.

Dan Hibiki on Apr 15, 2013


Hollywood knows a good movie when they see one. They are not expecting this one to be better than the original. The only reason why an American version is being made is because of money.

Akwasi Asabere on Apr 15, 2013


Hollywood definitely doesnt know a good movie when they see one thats why so much bullshit gets promoted and good movies get ignored. I'm Asian and what Dan Hibiki said is correct. Hollywood doesn't show Asians unless we conform to an extremely narrow range of stereotypes. Thats why they remake so many Asian movies with no Asians in the cast. And they even turn characters that were written as Asian into white characters because most Americans of other races don't want to watch Asians unless its martial arts or slutty women. Why you think there are so many Asians on youtube? Thats the only outlet where we can actually put out content that represents us correctly.

Shamooo on Jun 17, 2013


I'll guess that a REMAKE of a movie allows them to change the race of the characters, a remake does not have to be exactly what the original was. So what if an American remake of an asian movie has American actors? It makes perfect sense. If an American movie was remade in Asia do you not think they would use Asian actors? Get over yourself.

Akwasi Asabere on Jun 17, 2013


Asians are a much higher percentage of the US population than white people are in Asia. It's not about this remake specifically, its about a general atmosphere of stereotyping/exclusion of Asians that's pervasive in American media.

Shamooo on Jun 17, 2013


Sick poster. But FUCK Spike Lee lol seriously though, his remake will not even begin to compare to the masterpiece of the original film.

mmmmmmmm on Apr 15, 2013


You said butt fuck. lol.

Alex lee on Apr 15, 2013


So He changed her from a sushi chef to a social worker? So no live octopus eating scene then? And he changed it from 15 years to 20. Cringing at what other details he may have changed.

robert kipling on Apr 25, 2013

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