Fans Take to Twitter: Fun Reactions to the Ben Affleck Batman News

August 23, 2013

Ben Affleck Batman

Ben Affleck as Batman?! Say it ain't so! It can't be true! This is the worst news in the history of the world! News that Ben Affleck has been officially cast to play Bruce Wayne aka Batman in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel sequel hit Twitter by storm last night, spreading instantly all over the world and evoking some of the most heated reactions and discussions we've seen in a while. The actor who gave us Daredevil and Gigli is going to be the next Batman? Thinking about that too much can make your head spin, which is why it's best to kick back (and relax until 2015 when the movie arrives) and enjoy the fun responses that have poured in.

Almost everyone had something to say about the Ben Affleck Batman news, good or bad. Many Hollywood celebrities chimed in as well, a few of them with some hilarious tweets. Here's some of the best ones around:

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Tim Carvell probably has the most reasonable reaction P.S. I dig these types of compilations, I request more Alex!

axalon on Aug 23, 2013


Twitter is just the best place to be when stuff like this hits the airwaves. What an entertaining evening.

Ali Miller on Aug 23, 2013


"Spend ten years working your way back into everyone's good graces. Win an Oscar. Then you get cast as Batman, and BAM! You're Gigli again." Exactly...

Chris Groves on Aug 23, 2013


"But Affleck was the bomb in Phantoms"

si1ver on Aug 23, 2013


word! Phantoms like a mo fuckaa!

croniccris on Aug 23, 2013


At least we have the Dark Knight Trilogy

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Aug 23, 2013


All of this negative ranting about the casting is completely premature. It's been 10 years since Gigli and Daredevil, let's give the guy a break and root for him to knock this out of the park instead of crucifying him already.

David Diaz on Aug 23, 2013


Miscast. Ben Affleck has proven to be good at directing and competent as an actor, but this is just off the mark. They should have dropped off a sweet deal to Bale to reprise his role for consistency. How the hell do they do it for the Harry Potter series? Anyhow, if convincing Bale through a sweet deal pitched to him by Nolan truly failed, the casting director should have pushed for Jon Hamm and or Powers Booth (Booth is great if this really is DKR). Anyhow, we're stuck with this like we were with miscasts such as Daredevil (Should've been Matt Damon), Green Lantern (Should've been Bradley Cooper), Ghost Rider (Maybe Johnny Depp?) and Electro (Where to start?).

Johnny Neat on Aug 23, 2013


DD - Damon's too short for Daredevil Wiki the Movie and you'll get some background on this . For ex " Matt Damon also revealed that he was offered the role. He claimed that he and Ben "loved that comic book but I just didn't quite believe in the script or the director at the time."[3] Colin Farrell was also considered until Affleck signed.[4] As a fan, Affleck made sure he had read every single issue of Daredevil, commenting that it was about taking what he knew as a fan and faithfully getting it on the screen. Joe Quesada considered it "serendipity in action" that Affleck is the lead role, as when he and Kevin Smith did the Guardian Devil series, they had modelled it on Affleck " ... Bats and DD are the same character ; but one's in a mansion , the other the ghetto .. GL - Cooper's a comedy /drama guy , not a CB movie one . A guest role fine not the lead hero GR - again Depp's too small . Better actor yes fit the role no Electro - this is when u have to ignore your inner racist , and realize not every role has a " this race only " component . maybe James Bond , but only because the RECENT movie Skyfall established more Scottish roots than a Black/ Latin/Asian guy prob wouldn't have . CB movies are all the rage now , and only white guys in certain roles ain't gonna work , for talent and publicity reasons

Dominic on Aug 26, 2013


DD - I guess Matt was right on his call, but I still think he would have been and could be perfect for that role. He has proven to be both charming and badass in his work. Height isn't that off. We all accept Hugh Jackman. Affleck may have or does love DD, but he should have respected the source material he dedicated himself to reading for the role. Joe Quesada got caught up in the hollywood lime light of the time. Just being mentioned, being a part of or mingling with the hollywood scene at that time for comic book industry folks was too much. as for Kevin Smith, he's the Lindolf of comics. Starts strong and dies out before the end. Guardian Devil aside. GL- Cooper isn't just a walk on actor. He can hold is own and has a persona that compliments and could perfectly represent Hal Jordan. P.s. WTF is a comic book actor? A role is a role. GR - With a good director, Depp could work out. But I agree that with a bit more care and research a good direction can be attained there. Cage included isn't it. Electro - "Inner racist", really? First off, you don't even know my race, as if that really matters to this discussion. Regardless acting is acting, but when a source material involved, source wins over changes for the sake of changes to me and many others. Max Dillon is a caucasian character, period. Reminds me of the angst over DareDevil's horrible casting of Michael Clarke Duncan for Kingpin, god rest his soul. Maybe Fox should've been considered for DC's Static project, I kid. Shit, I'm still bothered he was offered and accept the movie adaptation of Kane & Lynch when his role should if anything have been offered to billy bob thornton. He probably wouldn't even consider it, but I'd cast him and Jeffrey Dean Morgan for it. Anyhow, back to the point. What can I say? I guess I should just be happy Spiderman got his web shooters back.

Johnny Neat on Aug 26, 2013


some people just don't work as a lead in a CB movie . As good as they are , every actor can't pull off EVERY role .... ahh u may not be a racist , but the only criticism of Jamie Foxx in the role is that he's black . Which is stupid and racist , even if you ARE Black ; sorry if you can't see that . Nobody's saying it;s bad cause Foxx can't act ..... Max Dillon ? I suggest you read the Wiki listing for him . NOTHING in that synopsis suggests Electro HAS to be Caucasian . It's just YOUR thinking . Check yourself ... Also if this new Hollywood fascination with the genre has shown anything , it's that NONE of any characters source material had been copied verbatim . Not that ur wrong , just that Hollywood don't care . Scroll up to where I write about unreasonable expectations .... same problems with book authors ; Charlaine Harris' fans hate the TV version of True Blood . HBO writers don't give a fuck .... BTW , since u seem like ur still reading comics , you should know that Spidey HIMSELF has been made "rebooted" as black .. I think this backlash is from whites thinking this is " Black revenge " It's really just about box office ,as Hollywood knows more people go to see films if people that look like them are in it . Tho I would also point out , that MILLIONS of blacks watch and are fans of shows that have very few blacks in them . Without complaining

Dominic on Aug 26, 2013


What every electrical technician MUST be Caucasian ??

Dominic on Aug 26, 2013


"These are fictional characters! FICTIONAL CHARACTERS!!"

comic393 on Aug 23, 2013


Affleck has charisma. He can be a very good everyman. But, like many Hollywood stars, he is not an actor in the truest sense. EVERYONE of his characters are just small tweaks of himself. There is no shame in that, Harrison Ford and Tom Cruise are examples of great careers from limited acting. But it does IMO make him unsuitable for the role.

HyperJ on Aug 23, 2013


No one wanted Christian Bale as Batman ... until they saw him. No one wanted Heath Ledger as the Joker .. until they saw him . Chris Nolan and Zack Snyder are not stupid and they obviously see something very strong in Affleck that makes him the perfect choice for their Batman. He's big, has the sophistication and looks for Bruce Wayne and he's proven throughout his career that he can do dark/edgy, charm and intellect in characters and isn't that what the Nolan's Batman is all about? If Nolan and Snyder feels that he's right for Batman, then their casting track record is good enough for me

Hattori Hanzo on Aug 23, 2013


Scott Adkins should be Batman IMO!

Kels on Aug 23, 2013


I wanna hear Ben's reactions to all these tweets

JBrotsis on Aug 23, 2013


Besides all the the outrage of Ben being a miscast. My reason for thinking this is a huge mistake is because in my eyes he's to high profile of an actor plus he's a great director now too. And yes he'll do Man of Steel 2 but what happens when it's time for the sequel and the Justice league movies? My prediction is he will have way too much on his plate with other roles and his other films he wants to direct and we're going to be back to the 90's when there was a new batman every movie. Once that happens this whole Justice League thing is as good as dead. I hated seeing Rhodey replaced with Don Cheadle in Iron Man and he's not even the star. We'll see but I don't have a good feeling about this pick as batman.

Oblique on Aug 23, 2013


My initial reaction was disappointment much like everyone else, but the more I've thought about it one recent performance from Affleck stands out to me that leads me to believe he's at the right point in his career for this role. Not many caught this movie, but Affleck was actually dark, emotionally distant, distraught, and down right terrific in Terrence Malik's 'To the Wonder.' If he can pull a role like that off again, and mix it a bit with the tension he was able to hold in his character from Argo I think he may be a surprisingly great fit for the role of an aging Bruce Wayne. Not to mention, even though it hasn't been released yet, he appears to play a darker character in the upcoming Runner Runner, where he looks surprisingly effective in the preview (so far).

UrAllThumb on Aug 23, 2013


only thing that bothers me if that hes to much of a big name actor, my picks would of been wes bentely or matt bomer, but lets see what he can do!

Mark on Aug 23, 2013


I honestly think they wanted a big name. Loads of people would have been critical no matter what. You cast a big name, half of the people complain about them going with a 'star', you cast a relative unknown, and the other half of the people complain about how 'some guy' won't be good enough to replace Bale. I mean, people were going to hate no matter who they chose. I'm just glad that they cast someone who is without a doubt talented.

Chris Groves on Aug 24, 2013



hamed on Aug 23, 2013


Way too many people freak out about this.. Ledger as the Joker was a f* fest of rants every where, then came that first pic and all hell broke loose about how he had deformed the Joker's look.. And then the movie came out. No one spoke of Bale's performance, it was all about how Ledger had made that movie his own. How great he was and why he should get an Oscar... All twitter and social media were suddenly in favor of him and how that casting was the best thing ever.. Even smashing into oblivion the biggest crap fest that was in the movie, Nolan's freaking plot holes and ost stupid things to ever happened in any movie (i.e. the school bus coming out of a bank, and no other school bus driver thinking "Maybe I should call the police about this bus that came out of a bank!"). Stop pointing out Gigli for crying out loud.. It was a bad movie and even Ben mentioned that it wasn't something he'd do again. It was a damn Jlo movie people!! She was the girlfriend and she asked him to put his name on that poster for marketing purposes. As a good boyfriend who was head over heels, he accepted.. This wasn't an Affleck movie, it was a damn Jlo movie and as per ALL OTHER Jlo movies, it sucked balls. Now, get over it. Affleck as done some great work like Hollywoodland, Argo, State of Play, The Town, Sum of all Fears, Changing Lanes... He will not be the reason the Superman Batman flick fails (if it does) it will be the Director and Producer's fault for bad story defective pacing and bad CGI work. Actors can save a movie (Ledger), but bad Directors destroy movies by bad directing. Snyder barely made a Superman movie, it should've gone to the 1B$ it made 650M$ world wide. While not a failure, when a movie company expected to reach that billion dollar they need to rethink everything that was wrong with the movie. And Superman as many bad moments. Hopefully they will before they start shooting (like getting rid of Nolan's influence even if he his a producer since he his the master of putting insane plot holes in every movie he makes.) because if they don't people will be targeting Affleck for the failure instead of the story. I would not go to see the sequel to Man of Steel movie, but now that Affleck as been cast as Batman, I'm willing to give it a second chance since he has the best information about the character than any other actors who portrayed him had. His friend in Kevin Smith, the guy his a encyclopedia of information about Batman and will probably help Ben in the prep stage which is great news. Hate him or love him, give him the chance because you all hated Heath Ledger until you saw his stellar performance as the Joker..

DoigtDuPeuple on Aug 24, 2013


But I didn't hate Heath before TDK; I was familiar with and a fan of his films. I've seen Affleck films as well and I'm not a fan.

咒純討厭 on Aug 25, 2013


Your right.. Have you seen all of them or just the ones people were saying how bad it was like Gigli.. ? Have you seen Hollywoodland, State of Play, The Town, Sum of all Fears, Changing Lanes?? All good movies with very solid performances.. I left Argo out since so many people saw it..

DoigtDuPeuple on Aug 26, 2013


"I'm not a fan" doesn't indicate he can't act; it indicates I don't like him.

咒純討厭 on Aug 27, 2013


So you base his ability to work as the Batman/Bruce Wayne on how you 'feel' about him.. ? Ok.. next..

DoigtDuPeuple on Aug 27, 2013


Because the issues in Gigli and Daredevil had nothing to do with the script or director or both...Just goes to show that it's hard to shake perceptions no matter how much recent success you've had. It'll be interesting to see what Ben can bring to the film as a director as well. I'm sure he'll have some great suggestions to add greater depth.

Quanah on Aug 24, 2013


Really he made bad movies some years ago, but in later years he have mature much as an actor (He's still a better Director than Actor), this hole situation kind of remember me the Daniel Craig 007 rant, in the end every single one of those people eat the crow...

Nuno Lopes on Aug 24, 2013


Pre-Argo I would laugh at that casting choice, after that film, I'll give him a chance.

Andrew Arnold on Aug 24, 2013


micheal keaton should play batman 🙂

MARZ76 on Aug 24, 2013


I have faith Ben Affleck will do his best. Just as I have faith in Zack Synder will deliver. All they need to do is come up with a good story and a strong screenplay. Man of Steel had some elements of decent story but the screenplay was not good enough. The next one HAS to be better.

Ron on Aug 24, 2013


Exactly.. I don't hate the casting choices of Man of Steel, I hated the way he was presented, how the Clark/Superman character was completely lost and without depth. How they forced that stupid kiss between Superman and Lois when they only had met 3 times.. and so many other ridiculous things that happened... How the story had so many plot holes that in the end it ruined the movie for me personally. But the actors had nothing to do with that and I think that Snyder as a Director was able to pull off very solid performances from the cast. If they can pull off a good screenplay on the next one and realize their mistakes from the first movie, then Affleck and the rest have a chance of crossing that 900M$ to 1B$ mark instead of maxing out at 640M$ which for me was a disappointment for the numbers this one should have been able to get. If they can do this people will come to the Ben Affleck wagon and ask for him to return. I know he can pull it off, I can't wait to see what he does with it.

DoigtDuPeuple on Aug 27, 2013


I believe that Affleck will do an amazing job. Just because his one superhero film wasn't that good, doesn't mean he cant play any superhero. He is a great actor, he has the look (in my opinion obviously), he has the body (anyone really can with the amount of training they put on them), plus he understands the superhero physiology. The one thing that will make or break this movie is whether Zack Snyder will give us a story that will make Ben a very believable Batman. If he tries to make Affleck a copy of Christian Bale, then yes it will fail, but if Affleck is allowed to make himself Batman, with some guidance, I have total faith in this movie, and most importantly Ben.

Kyle Wisniewski on Aug 26, 2013


Yeah people bitch and yell about Daredevil and how he destroyed the character. They forget that the rest of this great cast also looked ridiculous. That portrayal of Bullseye was the tip of the most ridiculous performances in Hollywood history for a bad guy. Clarke was a great choice to play Fisk, he delivered a good performance but would've been better if they all had better direction. A Director needs to be able to push the actors. Daredevil failed because of the script, but also the direction the actors had.

DoigtDuPeuple on Aug 27, 2013


The Director can make or break any film. If you look at Avengers with Joss Whedon, he made one great movie, plus he is backing up Ben. I like Affleck as an actor and a director, he had the body of batman in Argo, he has the knowledge, all he needs is the raspy batman voice haha.

Kyle Wisniewski on Aug 27, 2013


LOL!! NO RASPY VOICE!! LOL! Exactly. Whedon got the best out of the actors. Snyder needs a script with less plot holes and that just doesn't suddenly make things up as the movie goes like the first one and he'll have a good film. The only casting I didn't like in Man of Steel was Perry White.. But as I say Snyder got the best out of most of Fishburne's performance and he still passed the test.. So if he can make Fishburne look good, then he can make a great follow up movie and get the crazies out there accept Affleck as Batman.

DoigtDuPeuple on Aug 28, 2013

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