Gal Gadot Lands Role of Wonder Woman in 'Batman vs. Superman'

December 4, 2013
Source: Variety

Wonder Woman / Gal Gadot

Following the rumors that characters like Nightwing and Wonder Woman would appear in Batman vs. Superman, some casting possibilities emerged with Adam Driver circling the role of Bruce Wayne's former sidekick turned solo and names like Gal Gadot and Elodie Yung were potentially up for the Amazon heroine. Now Variety has confirmed that Fast & Furious franchise star Gal Gadot has officially landed the role of Wonder Woman in the gestating sequel to Man of Steel that will introduce Ben Affleck as The Dark Knight opposite Henry Cavill as Superman. And this isn't speculation as Zack Snyder has made a statement.

Snyder confirmed the casting, adding:

"Wonder Woman is arguably one of the most powerful female characters of all time and a fan favorite in the DC Universe. Not only is Gal an amazing actress, but she also has that magical quality that makes her perfect for the role. We look forward to audiences discovering Gal in the first feature film incarnation of this beloved character."

Gadot not only beat out Yung but also Oblivion and Quantum of Solace star Olga Kurylenko for the role that will likely become a much bigger part of Warner Bros. growing DC Universe that begins with this gestating sequel. Oh, and in a little tidbit at the end, Variety also notes that Warner Bros. has their eye on Zero Dark Thirty and 300: Rise of the Empire star Callan Mulvey to play the villain, though it has yet to be confirmed if that will be the long-rumored Lex Luthor or an entirely new villain we haven't seen on the big screen before. The villain role is now the next focus for the studio, so we'll see what happens.

Back on the hero side, it's not clear how integral Wonder Woman will be in Batman vs. Superman, so this could just serve as an introduction to the character before she gets her own movie. After all, rumors have pegged the character as only appearing as Diana Prince with maybe some sort of tease at Wonder Woman (the same has been said regarding an appearance of Barry Allen, aka The Flash). Gadot certainly has the action credits to play the hero, but we're not sure if she can carry her own movie yet. However, if The Hunger Games franchise's succcess has proven anything, it's that audiences are hungry for female heroes.

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Ok, that's it!! I'm out!! Screw this movie!!

Angry Larry on Dec 4, 2013


what an idiot

qweqwu on Dec 4, 2013


His name is Angry Larry..

Ry on Dec 4, 2013


easy to be a tough on the internet isn't it q

Andrew G on Dec 5, 2013


easy to be an idiot on the internet, isn't it andrew?

qweqwu on Dec 5, 2013


She's pretty but I have trouble seeing Wonder Woman in her with her slim build.

Neuromancer on Dec 4, 2013


I would prefer a slim athletic realistic build to a cartoon variation.

Steven on Dec 4, 2013


I'm not looking for a cartoon version either.

Neuromancer on Dec 4, 2013


I'm sure they'll put her through the man of steel workout and bulk her up a bit.

Danimal on Dec 4, 2013


I have no doubt that'll be the case

Neuromancer on Dec 4, 2013


is she going to get implants? Boobs and Hips......Wonder Woman has Boobs and Hips.

The Ben on Dec 4, 2013


Yes, because if there's one thing that's important to the integrity of the character, it's that she has boobs and hips. Grow up, man.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 4, 2013


If they are not going to worry at all about the historical physical appearance of the character(which lots of people that will decide if this is a flop or a success do) then why not just cast a man for the role?

The Ben on Dec 4, 2013


Is that now how she was drawn, Ethan? Or have you forgotten that these characters have their beginnings in purely visual media? I find it hilarious that you're taking the "high road" after posting that header image. Political correctness doesn't bring the pageviews, I guess.

txJM on Dec 4, 2013


Yes, because clearly every single comic book character brought to the big screen looks EXACTLY how they do in the comic books. If that were true, every single female comic book character would have enormous breasts to go along with their impossibly small waist. Also, the header image isn't politically incorrect or exploitative at all. It's a tasteful magazine photo that doesn't show any nudity.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 4, 2013


At least some directors TRY. I suppose you think that Benedict Cumberbatch would have made a great Oswald Cobblepot... Re: the header - it is sexualized. If you don't have a problem with suggestive photography, then why do you take issue with sexualized comic book characters on film?

txJM on Dec 4, 2013


I don't take issue with sexualized comic book characters in the least. I take issue with the fact that real people think that a woman has to have exaggerated hips and breasts to play those comic book characters in a feature film or TV series.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 4, 2013


This is funny, coming from the guy that said that the Iron Man 3 Mark 42 armor "doesn't have enough red".

txJM on Dec 4, 2013


That was a personal artistic preference and not in direct correlation to a specific comic book design, as opposed to your demands which seem ignorant, sexist and chauvinistic.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 4, 2013


How trite that you are so intent on defending the honor of an imaginary woman that you would assume anyone opposing your narrow view is sexist, or even male.

txJM on Dec 5, 2013


Gal Gadot isn't imaginary. You're the one defending the dimensions of an imaginary woman. And that's what's really a narrow view. Have a great day!

Ethan Anderton on Dec 5, 2013


Oh, okay, Mr Film Blogger, pretend to take the high road in the "imaginary woman" debate. I'll remember that next time you critique Iron Man's suit.

txJM on Dec 5, 2013


Don't people think that the guy playing the male superhero has to have big biceps and shoulders to his ears ? Big thighs and a tight butt ? excepting peter parker and tony stark that is ...btw , did you spark as much outrage over the dancing butt cheeks video of Chris Evans ?? No of course not .... the standard male costumed superhero is JUST as much of a sexist icon as the over-endowed female . Do you see females complaining about them ?

Dominic on Dec 5, 2013


Well, you got to keep in mind, every new generation artist AFTER THE ORIGINAL ARTISTS WHO DEPICTED THESE CHARACTERS have put in their fetishes, if you go back in history and look at how these characters were depicted, I imagine you will take note the differences.

SubSumeYou on Dec 5, 2013


If WW had boobs like she's "supposed to" she'd knock herself out, have back & shoulder pain, and the FCC would be all over her for popping out of her costume on a regular basis. The hourglass figure of WW is an idealized form - very few women have a true hourglass figure - and most would not be considered athletic.

VAharleywitch on Dec 4, 2013


I think they are going ahead for somewhat of a Justice League movie, they are introducing wonder woman, flash (according to variety), an older batman, it'll be pretty interesting to see, but this definitely is no mos 2...

qweqwu on Dec 4, 2013


Wow, that is a terrible choice.

Buttass on Dec 4, 2013


It never ceases to surprise me how much hate the DC film universe is getting from everyone, mostly Marvel fans I suspect. Can't we have both? Is it that hard to accept another series of superhero movies? I for one am thankful they're shaping this up in what will hopefully (because I'm a film fan and I actually want things to turn out good) be an amazing franchise. Best of luck to Snyder and WB!

Isildur_of_Numenor on Dec 4, 2013


I think everyone wants this. I do. It just seems DC is going about it the wrong way

Brandon V. Fletcher on Dec 4, 2013


It's not the wrong way, it's the best way.

qweqwu on Dec 4, 2013


I'm positive not everyone wants this to succeed. A lot of comments here and over the internetz have ridiculed every step made by WB. As for going about it the wrong way, I don't think that's really true. Man of Steel has been successful and things look highly optimistic from where I stand. But it's one thing to have doubts about what they're doing and an entirely different thing when people bash the brains out of this giant project.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Dec 4, 2013


Man of Steel burned me bad. I was way more excited for that film to come out than any of the Marvel movies so far. And... it dropped the ball, big time. So no, it's not just Marvel fans who are jaded about the DC film universe... it's DC fans who desperately want it to be a lot more well conceived and executed than it currently is. I have high standards, I guess. Ironically, you can blame the DCAU for that.

Ali Miller on Dec 4, 2013


How were you burned so bad?

SubSumeYou on Dec 5, 2013


There's no doubt this franchise gets more hate than deserved, and I really have to emphasize the word hate. This is still in early stages of development, with only one movie that even if it divided opinions, was a box office success. Every post I read on the subject (be it casting, announcements) is filled with hateful comments. I guess that's just the way internetz works. I'm used to seeing people bash movies for no apparent reason, before those movies even come out, but here it seems too much.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Dec 5, 2013


Not my first choice, but who knows she might be good. I don't get the complaints about her body type I think she looks great!

DavideCoppola on Dec 4, 2013


It's tough to find someone who's got the right look for someone as unusual and ideal as Wonder Woman. She's a mile tall, totally jacked, but at the same time all kinds of curvaceous (sometimes beyond reason). So of course we as fans need to compromise and bring our expectations to a more realistic level. But holy God what a terrible choice. I mean surely they can do better than this. Sure, she's pretty, and sure, she can workout for months to pack on the muscle. But there are a ton of women out there who are already powerfully built. Dancers and fighters and yes, actresses who are at least healthy looking. Gal Gadot looks like she's ready to keel over. She's anorexic-skinny. It's like they googled action movies and picked the first brunette they saw on imdb. I mean it's not like they picked her for her incredible performance as "The chick who wasn't Michelle Rodriguez." Of course we need to reign in our expectations, but meet us halfway there, Hollywood. If you looked around you might've even found a girl who not only worked out at the gym, but was above a b-cup.

Buttass on Dec 4, 2013


I think best woman i know for play in superhero adoption was Michelle Pfeiffer and (Chloe in First Kick-Ass) I'm not fan of dark knight rises and it's Anne Hathaway too. I think Pfeiffer stock in my mind not only because of her acting but because of excellent character development in that movie. I mean if this movie is usually 2013 blockbuster like every year their need just one hot actress and that's it but if they wana do a bravoray work for the decades and deliver us something worthy and respectable they must choose more precisely. This kind of roles need both acting skills and excellent character development.

Ehsan Davodi on Dec 4, 2013


Looks the part, but just worried about her physical ability. She's too slim and doesn't look like the athletic type. I guess she can always build some muscle.

nate on Dec 4, 2013


Maybe they will have her bulk up....if not then I suppose slender worked for Lynda Carter, maybe the execs are just the right age that that's the WW they remember Mind you with all thats at stake they could have picked up a comic and made a compromise between the laughably endowed and what we are getting

Coulson, how was Elvis? on Dec 4, 2013


The execs didn't know what they were doing at that time, especially for a television adaptation.

SubSumeYou on Dec 5, 2013


We don't need a wonder woman movie. Pls no.

speedracer on Dec 4, 2013


Give her some proper thickness physically wise and... fucking hell I think I`ll be sold honestly! Fuck me, wonder woman/batman/superman in the same movie? **head explodes**

Jorrell Mcdaniel on Dec 4, 2013


more like balls explode...

qweqwu on Dec 4, 2013


Is this even a Batman vs Superman movie anymore? I feel they have rushed through Man of Steel too much and now they are just suddenly adding in Batman and all these heroes in the mix (There is also talks of The Flash). Not taking a chance of this being great yet considering Zack Snyder and David Goyer.

Charlie Hard on Dec 4, 2013


This looks like it might be a stealth test pilot for a Justice League movie. If other hero cameo roles are announced then you can be sure that's what this is.

Cal J. on Dec 4, 2013


Why not? I mean, who am I to judge critically? I certainly don't work in the industry, so I say go for it.

Quanah on Dec 4, 2013


Terrible awful horrible choice. This girl is a toothpick. Wonder woman is supposed to be diesel! It should've been Jessica Biel.

jonnyb61 on Dec 4, 2013


Gal Godat is far more capable of playing WW than Jessica beil. as an israeli citizen she was required to serve atleast 2 years in the IDF(israeli defense force) and all members of the IDF are trained in Krav Maga(one of the deadliest and most practical martial arts on earth)

randell on Dec 4, 2013


Bloody awful job of cheerleading.

SubSumeYou on Dec 5, 2013


Somebody other than Biel.

SubSumeYou on Dec 5, 2013


Gina Carano! She has the physical presence, she's strong and beautiful, she has the fighting ability and she's a female role model - the first major female mixed martial arts star. I read a story and saw pictures that she was dating Henry Cavill (Superman) for a while, and she's an action star, she's starred in Haywire and was in a Fast and Furious movie. She even looks like Wonder Woman. What more can you do lol

Nathan D on Dec 4, 2013


But all of that does not an actress make.

CComry on Dec 4, 2013


I wholeheartedly agree. Diana is an Amazon woman for chrissakes! She's got to know how to fight! And I HATE the fact they cast some skinny supermodel/actress, and not someone with the physical prowess of WW. And I know Carano's acting chops aren't THAT up to par, but are Gal Godats???? Cause I've heard of Gina Carano. I haven't heard of Gal until now.

RAW_D on Dec 4, 2013


Gal Godat is Israeli you know what that means? She has gone through some of the toughest military training in the world. all israeili citizens are required by law to serve atleast 2 years in the IDF and all members of the IDF are heavily trained in Krav Maga. ie Gal Godat is more then capable of playing WW

randell on Dec 4, 2013


Oh she is?! Well I THINK she still needs to eat some sandwiches and being Israeli doesn't necessarily mean you have acting chops either...

RAW_D on Dec 4, 2013


Thank you. : )

SubSumeYou on Dec 5, 2013


+1 for Gina Carano

txJM on Dec 4, 2013


uhhhhhh , she cant act? Wonder woman has to be a good actress too people, aint just about the size! Same thing was said about Tom Hardy as Bane.

Sherlon on Dec 4, 2013


Carano was great in Haywire. True, she's new to acting, but she was very stoic and came across as a legitimate threat in that movie. I personally think that's the edge Wonder Woman needs. Saying that, I'm not sure what's needed as far as acting range is concerned when it comes to superhero movies, so I can't really be the judge of that. Ledger in Dark Knight is the only real memorable performance I can think of. I'm coming from a more action-oriented mind set. I'm just saying Carano could be legit action heroine who could probably beat the shit out of Cavill and Affleck, that to me, is something special about her and holds a lot of favour from my perspective. But of course, I may be overlooking her acting ability. I never complained once about Tom Hardy playing Bane, or anyone else who has been cast in superhero movies for that matter. I never said Gal was a bad choice, she could be great - I never even mentioned her. I'm just making a case to justify Carano as a more fitting one for my impression of the character.

Nathan D on Dec 4, 2013


THREE for Gina Carano . cause she fits the bill in a fighting way and the sexy way . AND an Amazonian way ... And yes Ethan we all sound sexist for wanting someone with more curves , I'll own it . This IS what we complain about here with these movies , that they don't represent theses characters as Us CB fans know them . Sexist as it may be her curvaceous body IS part of her iconic persona . What if Hemsworth was 6,7( or 5'4" like Tom Cruise ) and 120lbs soaking wet ; would HE have gotten the role of Thor ? and don''t you think the LADIES watching like that ??

Dominic on Dec 5, 2013


Damn thats hot! Just got to get her in real good shape for the role. I hope her acting skills are up to par as well.

Such heroic nonsense on Dec 4, 2013


Definitely have to bulk up, c'mon folks if Bale (and countless other male actors) can do what he does, so can she.

Tyrell Antonio on Dec 4, 2013


Slam in a couple of hollywoods personal trainers, diet-program and some special ingredients and boom, we have a bit more muscular actress in a short while.

ProjectionistHP on Dec 5, 2013


Gee I wonder why so many women have a negative view of their body!

Jimmy Love on Dec 5, 2013


It's funny to read all this fanboy hand-wringing and NERD RAGE over the body shape of an actress chosen for a superhero role. I don't recall the same analysis of weight and muscles when Bale was cast as Batman, Bana as Hulk, or most other heroes. Perhaps because in other cases, people are prepared to wait and see how the actor carries the role, and have faith that the actor will "bulk up" where appropriate - a normal part of life as an actor. Well, actresses can do that too. So I don't see why the same can't happen here with Gal.

crystaltowers on Dec 4, 2013


Honestly, i don't think, Gal is one of those people. know the kind of people who eat

toonfed on Dec 4, 2013


So you think she's gonna get implants?

Dingo on Dec 4, 2013


Concerning the double standard - Bale was ripped and menacing in American Psycho, and was experienced in dramatically fluctuating his weight. Plus, he's wearing full body armour so it's easier to mask. Hulk was CG, and banner isn't a superhero, he's just an average guy, so his physical appearance doesn't matter as much. Plus, whatever criticism there was of Bana was nixed, the movie was hated by fans and it was rebooted and Norton more accepted probably in part because he was meeker and thinner. Affleck was heavily criticized for his physical appearance when he was cast. Hell, Daniel Craig was criticized for being blonde! lol Plus, Zack Snyder made Sucker Punch which had a group of thin action-heroines who were there more for eye candy than anything else, and I don't want that to happen with Wonder Woman. Hopefully it won't. I had envisioned some one built for fighting like Gina Carano, but keeping my hopes up. I'm sure Gal will turn out fine. Hopefully she can do what Jessica Biel did for Blade III, she was jacked!

Nathan D on Dec 4, 2013


But let me repeat the point I made above : If they DIDN"T bulk up to look like the iconic image of the muscle-bound superhero , they wouldn't have the role . Or if they didn't closely resemble their character in the 1ST place ... It'll be MUCH harder to "bulk" her up to fit this curvaceous Amazonian role , in comparison . Boob job and glut implants ? would she do that for just a role ?) i have heard of an actress doing that ...) Whereas some actress with a closer body type would just need a Wonder bra .... ( lol I could see the Vicky's Secret ad if they made it '"The REAL Wonder Woman's Bra " ... ) Built into the red spangled top can't put some skinny short guy into Thor , can you ? there's sexism the other way too

Dominic on Dec 5, 2013


just a little lesson in Israeli women. all Israeli citizens are required by law, unless they get a waiver to serve atleast 2 years in the IDF(Israeli defense force) and all members of the IDF are heavily trained in Krav Maga(one of the most practical and deadly martial arts on earth)

randell on Dec 4, 2013


Awww, great... the cast of this movie it's getting better and better... please, don't cast anyone else.

capitandelespacio on Dec 4, 2013


People stop bashing the choice! Snyder did a great job with Man of Steel and she can act! She has been in the Fast and Furious franchise since 4. Have faith, she is I think perfect for the role.

Tyler Cobaugh on Dec 4, 2013



DAVIDPD on Dec 4, 2013


I kind of think this is going to be awesome. She'll grow some muscles, and Snyder can give her the Xerxes treatment so she looks 6'5". That'll be a whole lot of hotness.

Jaleel White on Dec 4, 2013


Lynda Carter cameo is a must DC/ Warner Brothers!

mooreworthy on Dec 4, 2013


Zack Snyder is certainly the right director for a warrior beauty (I'm talking Sucker Punch! ^_^ ). He'll bring out the best in her for Wonder Woman.

Douglas Kolacki on Dec 4, 2013


Disappointed in the choice... Still think Gina Carano was the best pick.

Chris McDermid on Dec 4, 2013


In Whay Universe does she look like a man?? Sorry Dude she is beautiful!

Chris McDermid on Jan 19, 2014


Perfect choice!!! I can already tell she is going to be breathtaking in the suit with that seductress smirk. As for those people complaining about her breasts...come on let it go already Zack will probably have her in some kind of armor that will exaggerate her breast size just a bit in the same way he did with Faora in her armor.

BinaryChaos on Dec 4, 2013


I have no problem in Gadot's casting, but overall this is shaping up to be sort of a sucker punch equivalent eye candy Justice league, ahm I mean Batman v. Superman flick, not provideing any counter pole to the Avengers style, but being the exact same. I thought DC could go a bit out of their way and try capturing the "realizem" and gritines of the Nolan trilogy. But I guess that is out of the window now.

Armitall on Dec 5, 2013


She is HOT!

Jimmy Love on Dec 5, 2013


But it still has ben aflac so not so great of casting! But..b.b.b.bbbbbut he did that one movie and was good in that! Yeah good for him! Numbers are still against him, might as well cast c tates.

Jimmy Love on Dec 5, 2013


That isn't Gadot in the cover pic is it? Forget Batman Vs Superman, tell me who she is!

Joe_poo on Dec 5, 2013


how about Tanit Phoenix ? i think she is perfect for wonder woman role

Myrtyx on Dec 6, 2013


So we could've gotten this... And instead we got this... Damn you, Zach Snyder. Damn you straight to hell.

Temmere on Dec 7, 2013

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