'Girls' Star Adam Driver Up to Play Nightwing in 'Batman vs. Superman'

November 8, 2013
Source: The Wrap

Nightwing / Adam Driver

It turns out some of these rumors about Batman vs. Superman are true. While we're still waiting to hear whether the actresses testing for the female lead in the DC Comics film are up for Wonder Woman or some other female role, we have confirmation of a certain Batman character showing up on the big screen for the first time ever (kind of). The Wrap reports that "Girls" star Adam Driver is the frontrunner to play Dick Grayson in Zack Snyder's superhero sequel mash-up, but rather than playing Robin, as the rumor purported recently, Grayson will appear as Nightwing. But two unknown actors up for the role as well. More below!

As we heard earlier this week, Snyder was looking forĀ  a young John Hawkes type to play the former sidekick to Batman. In this iteration, Ben Affleck is playing a grizzled, veteran Batman, tired of wearing the cape and cowl. Batman vs. Superman would take place at a time after Batman and Robin have already worked together and had a falling out. Bruce Wayne hasn't spoken to Dick Grayson on years, and he's now taken up his own symbol as a hero of the night. As for the news on Wonder Woman's appearance, the female lead might merely be relegated to Diana Prince, her alter ego. Some insiders say that The Flash is also supposed to appear briefly to expand the DC Universe, but only time will tell. Thoughts?

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I think the rumors are being taken WAY out of proportion! It seems very unlikely they will have all these A-list DC characters in only the first Batman-Superman movie.

Ron on Nov 8, 2013


i come to firstshowing for some reliable movie news. ill trust you on this. hope you guys arent planning on becoming one of those rumor-mill websites anytime soon.

Anon on Nov 8, 2013


This comes from The Wrap. They are a legitimate entertainment insider outlet, and they are rarely wrong.

Ethan Anderton on Nov 8, 2013


Well to be fair, they don't get a lot of things wrong because they get their info elsewhere and write about it on this blog. My rough guess is about 75%+ of their info is sourced from some other website like Collider, Latino Review, THR etc.

Rick on Nov 8, 2013


You know that almost all of Collider (where I wrote for awhile) and Latino Review's stories all come from The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and Deadline right? They are show business news outlets with insider connections, and that's where a majority of entertainment news breaks.

Ethan Anderton on Nov 10, 2013


He's gonna need to definitely bulk up if he gets the role.

Ray Hartley on Nov 8, 2013


He seems like a pretty big guy already. None-the-less, he'll need to get cut...

Quanah on Nov 9, 2013


Whatever the casting, I am super intrigued by them just starting this new Batman from later in his career and alluding to a past between him and Robin (please don't let it be an extended flashback).

OfficialJab on Nov 8, 2013


This is becoming less of a Superman sequel, which isn't a problem per say, but...

Quanah on Nov 9, 2013


per se'. Agree though.

Dresden on Nov 9, 2013



Quanah on Nov 10, 2013


Well. That escalated quickly...

Edomaniac on Nov 9, 2013


who the ef is doing the casting on this!?!?! ben affleck as batman??? this freak from the show girls as nightwing?!?!? this is gonna be horrible....

Christian Good on Nov 9, 2013


And Heath Ledger was awful as the Joker and Mr. Mom was the worst Batman ever and Henry Cavill could never play the Man of St-- oh wait.

Dresden on Nov 9, 2013


heath ledger was a strange choice, but not HORRIBLE. michael keaton was gonna be batman back when comic book movies were dolph lundgren as THE PUNISHER....ben affleck is legitimately a bad actor...this guy from the show girls??? really??? NO this is NOT heath ledger as the joker....this is hayden christenson as anakin skywalker and samuel jackson as a jedi!!

Christian Good on Nov 9, 2013


Hayden was great as Anakin and Samuel L. is a badass Jedi. Affleck is not a bad actor. Has he made bad movies? Undoubtedly. Has he been great in others? Absolutely.

Dresden on Nov 10, 2013


I'm not a Girls fan myself, but Driver is pretty decent in it. He is also pretty good in Frances Ha.

childerolandusa on Nov 10, 2013


What about JGL? I thought he was gonna be Nightwing. Unless their only using afflack 1 time to be in just Bats vs Super and JGL is the Batman after that.. weird must meditate on this

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 9, 2013


The Nolanverse is done, and they won't be linking to it in any way, even cosmetic. Affleck is Batman for the foreseeable future.

childerolandusa on Nov 9, 2013

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