Guillermo del Toro Says Warner Bros. Planning for Entire DC Universe

November 12, 2013

DC Universe

Since news over the summer brought word that Warner Bros. was planning The Flash and Justice League, in addition to their huge Comic-Con announcement for Batman vs. Superman in 2015, there's been no doubt that the studio wants to do something with the DC Universe. More recently, those plans have seemed more urgent with rumors swirling around the inclusion of characters like Nightwing (Adam Driver is the top contender) and maybe Wonder Woman getting involved. Now director Guillermo del Toro, who is working on a Justice League Dark film, says Warner Bros. has plans for the whole DC Universe. Read on!

As Man of Steel set up a universe for Justice League, del Toro told (via ComingSoon):

"We're still on [Justice League Dark], writing, and hopefully it will happen but there are no developments that are new. We're still at Warner Bros., they are making plans for the entire DC universe. All the superheroes, all the mythologies, and part of that is Justice League Dark. They're planning on TV, movies, and all the media, so we have to fit into that plan."

None of this is really surprising after the news that surfaced out of Comic-Con planned for a future of more DC Comics heroes to hit the big screen. Plus, with Marvel expanding their successful cinematic universe created by the build-up to The Avengers, Warner Bros. has to do something to compete with Disney's behemoth. It's cool to hear that this is a plan for the entire DC Universe, which is something that Marvel will have difficulty doing as long as Fox holds on to X-Men and Fantastic Four and Sony keeps Spider-Man. It's still early days, but Batman vs. Superman should set the stage in 2015. Thoughts?

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It really doesn't feel like they are though...They're doing all these separate TV shows that don't fit the movies. There's already rumors that Nightwing will be on 'Arrow', but he'll be a different actor than the one in 'Batman vs. Superman'. I want to see WB really sink their teeth into a growing DC universe, but honestly, I'm not seeing them do it right now. They need someone like Kevin Feige to oversee everything and make the big calls. Without that, they'll continue to falter in trying to expand the universe. 'BvS' is the real test to see if they can pull it off without it feeling forced.

Patrick Campbell on Nov 12, 2013


That is AWESOME!!!

Daniel Loe on Nov 12, 2013


There's a huge difference between "having plans to do something with all our characters" and "having plans for a *unified universe* for them to play in". As Patrick said in his comment, they have a bunch of disparate plans, nothing cohesive. What Marvel is doing is unprecedented. Fox can't even keep continuity between X-Men movies, and I doubt WB will keep the DC universe a shared experience. It is interesting to note how the tables have turned. Stan Lee has admitted in interviews that The Avengers were originally invented as a response to copy DC's highly successful Justice League comic. Now, 50+ years later, DC is copying Marvel's highly successful Avengers plans.

CoosCoos on Nov 12, 2013


I totally agree with you. Marvel took a gamble that is paying off for them and us the fans. Nobody ever thought that they would cross over franchises on the big screen due to production costs. Now that they are successful, DC will cash in on this success because the average fan will want to see superhero movies. We could only wait and see if DC brings something as entertaining.

Logan on Nov 12, 2013


But still, I'd rather have a high quality movie rather than mediocre shared universe movies...

dawko on Nov 13, 2013


That's what we all want. Marvel does their best try and do both. Not everyone is going to be pleased. I wasn't happy with Iron Man 3, thought it was garbage. But the average fan loved it and that is what the studios aim for. Majority rules.

Logan on Nov 13, 2013


I wonder how dark del Toro's will be? Maybe they'll push the levels so dark that only the highlights will be visible. Why can't they make happy superhero films in the sunshine?

Carpola on Nov 12, 2013


Cause no one wants to see that. These movies need to be thrown into the real world to be believable and in the real world, you get blood, agressive language, and violence. If people want to see happy movies, then go to the Disney section. The dark and gritty "realistic aestheic" to these movies is the way to go as thats what I think everyone want to see.

Such heroic nonsense on Nov 12, 2013


Disney are making a lot of these super hero movies. Maybe if the violence from that scene in Pan's Labyrinth could be translated into a super hero film then it might work. But that wouldn't make a PG13 happy meal hero movie. I always make a joke about the darkness in super hero movies, comic nerds always want it 'darker'.

Carpola on Nov 12, 2013


"Disney are making a lot of these super hero movies." - My point exactly. Because they're disney, mostly all marvel movies produced are shit. Its not about comic book nerds wanting it darker. Once again, its having a "real aesthetic" feel to them, and also about having your comic book stories and characters portrayed exactly as they are from the original source. Same principal with novels or stories or biographies written, the adaptation from book to movie must be made in a sense that it brings justice to the creator.

Such heroic nonsense on Nov 12, 2013


Check your facts before opening your mouth. "Justice League Dark" is the name of a superhero team featuring DC's supernatural characters e.g Swamp Thing, Deadman, Hellblazer(Constantine). Your jokes are terrible.

Facebook User on Nov 13, 2013


That must be super dark then. Hellblazer is pretty good though.

Carpola on Nov 14, 2013



Facebook User on Nov 19, 2013


Continuity and cohesiveness are apparently more important to fanboys than making great movies. Not that they are mutually exclusive, but I can definitely start to see the disparity in Marvel's phase 2 efforts.

TJW on Nov 12, 2013


Both of Marvel's Phase 2 films have been 9/10 efforts, like the first Iron Man. The Avengers remains the only 10/10 for Marvel Studios, but so what. Out of the recent DC movies, only The Dark Knight is a 10/10, while everything else falls short to some degree or another.

Chris Groves on Nov 12, 2013


They actually are when something big is behind the continuity they are creating. Brush up on key facts introduced in the films and you'll start to see the light at the end on the tunnel.

Logan on Nov 12, 2013


You imply disparity where none exists. -- The Borg Queen Continuity is important, but not at the expense of good movies. Fortunately, Marvel is doing both with ease.

CoosCoos on Nov 12, 2013



Ehsan Davodi on Nov 12, 2013


Too bad DCs film Department is <<<<<<<<<<<<<< Marvels Film Department

Brian Sleider on Nov 12, 2013


Really?? How did that shitty Green Lantern Movie do? As far as it looks, DC can't carry Marvel's nuts in the movie industry. The only characters they rely on are Batman and Superman. Stop feeding us the same bullshit and mix it up a little. Wonder Woman and Flash should have made the big screen a long time ago.

Logan on Nov 12, 2013


I like the hype better than the movies (most of them)

TheOct8pus on Nov 12, 2013


They should make a movie of the "Super Best Friends" (South Park reference)

TheOct8pus on Nov 12, 2013


I personally think the shows and films should stay separate. Managing and coordinating all of it would just be a nightmare. I mean, on Arrow alone, how many DC characters are they featuring in some sort of 're-imagined' state? And that is going to spin out into a Flash show. Those shows will be at CW While the Gotham show is being set up at Fox, while WB focus on making the films. There is just too much to manage and worry about. Timelines, continuity, characters. It would become a mess VERY quickly. Just focus on making great movies that connect to one another, whoring out the properties for TV and SAYING they are all connected, with no real effort make anything of it, is just ridiculous.

Chris Groves on Nov 12, 2013


Have we reached peak superhero saturation at this point? (I hope not, as a comics fan). If so, this could spell financial disaster for DC.

Edomaniac on Nov 12, 2013


Throw enough superheroes at the screen and something will stick. I guess that's the strategy.

cobrazombie on Nov 13, 2013


I thought del Toro hit rock bottom with his last film. I see he can still go lower. What happened to this once good director?

Chuckee Knowlton on Nov 13, 2013


As much as I'm looking forward to Batman Vs. Superman (and I really,really am excited about Affleck donning the cape and cowl) I just don't see things moving forward as much as they may think. Too many rumors about characters on their own TV shows. And don't tell me the Green Arrow from Arrow will be the Green Arrow in the WB Films because.. that show just isn't working.

Dresden on Nov 16, 2013

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