Hayley Atwell & Nathan Fillion Target 'Tomb Raider' and 'Spider-Man'

April 17, 2013

Hayley Atwell / Nathan Fillion

Now before anyone gets too excited, this is just about two actors making a push or claim about their desire to play certain well-known characters. This is not news of official casting. First off, by way of Twitter, Captain America: The First Avenger star Hayley Atwell seems to be making a bit of a push to land the role of video game vixen Lara Croft in the forthcoming film reboot of Tomb Raider. There's a chance she might even be hinting at something more solid, but in the meantime, she has been retweeting several replies from fans saying they want to see the busty brunette taking on the role, and that sounds fine to us. Read on!

Here are the retweets in question, called to our attention by Comic Book Movie:

Hayley Atwell Tweets

Again, it's hardly anything official, but Atwell has already proven she can handle action and adventure with the aforementioned Marvel film. The actress is indeed British, and while she doesn't have exactly the same seemingly fantastical proportions, she does have certain physical attributes that would make her look damn good in short khaki shots and a tanktop. As of now, I'd give Atwell my full support if she ended up heading into negotiations for the film written by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, the duo behind screenplays for films like Iron Man, Children of Men, and produced by Graham King of The Town and The Departed.

And what's this stuff about Nathan Fillion? Well, again from Twitter, the actor was asked a question by a fan what character he would like to play in any upcoming Marvel film. Fillion responded succinctly, and somewhat surprisingly, with "The Scorpion. Boom." That's right, folks. Fillion wouldn't take the hero route again. Instead, he would want to be one of the notorious villains from the Spider-Man universe. And while The Amazing Spider-Man 2 seems to have its hands full with villains played by Jamie Foxx, Paul Giamatti, Chris Cooper and eventually Dane DeHaan (if we follow the comic book lore), there's always a chance Fillion could show up in the third film. Who doesn't want to see him as a villain? Thoughts?

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She'll definitely fill out the role nicely.

DAVIDPD on Apr 17, 2013


"Fill out"...if you know what I mean...

Chris Groves on Apr 17, 2013


Yeah, I thought that was obvious. 😉

DAVIDPD on Apr 17, 2013


I can't really see Nathan as a villain. He's just too loveable.

Jon Odishaw on Apr 17, 2013


You need to watch the cancelled series "Drive" to catch some of his dark side. Good stuff.

Jim on Apr 17, 2013


Well,Denzel too was "loveable" before training day . Besides,you might like to realize that he is an actor aka he puts on personalities for a living. So You might want to review your vision

Actors act on Apr 17, 2013


Nathan worked great as a villain in Buffy!

Slogh on Apr 17, 2013


Hayley Atwell would be a proper Lara, no doubt. I'm still in favor of Emilia Clarke though.

Tim Gonzales on Apr 17, 2013


Nathan Fillion should be in a REAL Marvel film, as in, a Marvel Studios in, something with SOME level of Joss Whedon in, one of the Phase 3 characters/films.

Chris Groves on Apr 17, 2013


Me, I want him to be the next Bruce Wayne, etc.

professor barb on Apr 17, 2013


"...and while she doesn't have exactly the same seemingly fantastical proportions, she does have certain physical attributes that would make her look damn good in short khaki shots and a tanktop" Wow.... just wow Ethan....proud moment for you, you should frame that.

David Banner on Apr 17, 2013


I hate it when studios pull this crap, if this is actually true. We've had the role recently cast with a GREAT actress in the lead role: Camilla Luddington. She played the character in the recent Tomb Raider game which was very well received selling 3.7 million copies. Multiply that by 60$ per copy and the game made quite a bit of money. And not only that it was very well received, Camilla's performance was embraced by the fans. I'm wondering why recast this role and you already have a young, talented actress ready to take it on. I'm not really a Tomb Raider fan, nor do I have any special consideration for Camilla, but I've seen her on Grey's Anatomy, she does a fine job on there and her performance in the TR game was good, so why replace her?? And Nathan Fillion should be Ant-Man. A villain in a Sony made Spider-Man for teens is simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR Mr. Fillion. After Firefly and Serenity he deserved so much more and I'm happy he got Castle which is a good show, but I think he'd make a great Ant-Man.

V. on Apr 18, 2013


I'd like to see him in anything, I would go simply because he was in it!

cecil gail pequeno on Apr 18, 2013


I think you're pushing it with Fillion. He just answered a fan's tweet, hypothetically. Just shooting the breeze with nerds, without "claiming" anything. Atwell is a good call though, I'd be all for that.

munigant on Apr 18, 2013


I'll watch Nathan in anything. What do you guys think of Emma Watson as Lara Croft? I know she's pretty young but if you're rebooting the franchise why not? Maybe put her in college learning the business, maybe Clive Owen as her dad. She may not "fill out" the role like Atwell but she is beautiful and can act!

Crazy Legs on Apr 18, 2013

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