He's Back! New 'Godzilla' Teaser Poster + Concept Art Also Revealed

July 18, 2013
Source: Twitter

Godzilla Tail

He's back. He's bigger than ever. And he's ready to destroy some cities (with his tail alone). The King of Monsters is back, Godzilla is returning in 2014, and Legendary/Warner Bros are kicking open the doors at Comic-Con this year in a big way. Aside from the incredible Godzilla Encounter experience in San Diego, they have revealed the first official studio teaser poster and it looks great. A long tail and some helicopters is all that's needed to make us realize how big this giant lizard monster is. To go along with that, there's also a piece of concept art hinting at the scale of this creature, but still no full reveal yet. Check out the art below!

The brand new teaser poster for Gareth Edwards' Godzilla movie posted in high def via @GodzillaMovie:

Godzilla Teaser Poster

Here's the new bit of concept art that is also revealed in the Godzilla Encounter app showing his size/scale:

Godzilla Concept Art

We'll definitely keep you updated on any other reveals or big moments with Godzilla at Comic-Con this year.

Godzilla, being directed by Gareth Edwards (of Monsters), comes from a screenplay written by Drew Pearce, Max Borenstein and Frank Darabont. The cast is lead by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, with Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, David Strathairn and Juliette Binoche. An epic rebirth to Toho's iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure pits the world's most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity's scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence. Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures will send Godzilla stomping into theaters on May 16th, 2014 next summer. Fans getting excited?

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Wow! this already looks 10x's better than the last one.

nate on Jul 18, 2013


How can you possibly make that judgement call? All you've seen is the tail!

tweazer on Jul 18, 2013


If U saw the last one, the tail is enough to make that judgement call

Tester on Jul 18, 2013


I did, and it seemed better than a still-frame of a tail, but what do I know.

tweazer on Jul 18, 2013


sprinkle a little sarcasm on that and U basically get his comment

Tester on Jul 18, 2013


It shows that the design and 'posture' of Godzilla will be much closer to the Godzilla tradition, and not the T-rex posture of the last one...and it does NOT seem to have the 'iguana' look of the 98 film either. The one glaring, major flaw of the Godzilla 98 film was the fact that pretty much everything about the creature itself was got wrong. Wrong posture, wrong look, wrong attitude(running from missiles), no radioactive mouth blast, being able to be killed by missiles. So YES, just by looking at this poster, we can deduce that at least this iteration of Godzilla will be much more true to the tradition than the last one...which is quite important to people who are long-time fans of the character.

Chris Groves on Jul 18, 2013


U forgot varying sizes depending on the scene

Tester on Jul 19, 2013


That too.

Chris Groves on Jul 19, 2013


That's not saying much

Tester on Jul 18, 2013


Any word on when we can expect a trailer for this yet?

Danimal on Jul 18, 2013


Definition of w00t!

DAVIDPD on Jul 18, 2013


I'm getting tingles

Jon Odishaw on Jul 18, 2013



N. on Jul 18, 2013


Lets hope this is better than Pacific Rim...

Ben Moore on Jul 18, 2013


Stop whining.

rolyjimenez on Jul 18, 2013


that's one big lizard

truong18 on Jul 18, 2013


'still no big reveal yet.' Godzilla is surely sufficiently well known to get people in theatres without blowing your money shot early. wouldn't it be great if there was no big reveal until you *actually saw the film*? wouldn't *that* make a refreshing change.

son_et_lumiere on Jul 18, 2013


Thats pretty much what sold Cloverfield for me.

Cody W on Jul 18, 2013


I hope it's a guy in a suit smashing cardboard buildings.

Carpola on Jul 18, 2013


Is he really THAT big? Holy F#$%! I want one mommy for my terrarium.

Quanah on Jul 18, 2013



mooreworthy on Jul 18, 2013


I know the choppers arent much of a reference point, but does it seem like Godzilla is fuckin huge, and I know hes already big but this seems like godzilla times 10 level huge.

Cody W on Jul 18, 2013


哥斯拉 !! 运行 !!

JayC on Jul 19, 2013


Ditto - What he said 🙂

Steven on Jul 19, 2013


wow great

friv on Jul 19, 2013


When the fuck are we going to get a preview!

Joey Kurosaki on Oct 1, 2013


I got the teaser video, should I upload it guys?

Joey Kurosaki on Oct 19, 2013

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