Interview: 'Man of Steel' Director Zack Snyder on Making Big Movies

June 12, 2013

Zack Snyder

I've been following Zack Snyder since the very early days of FirstShowing. It was an article I wrote about 300 back in late 2006 that put me on his radar, and I have been invited to visit the sets of all of his movies since - Watchmen, Sucker Punch and Man of Steel. During the release of Watchmen, I spoke with Zack in a 20-minute interview and have met him many times over the last seven years. With the release of Man of Steel on the horizon, I was given the opportunity to talk with Zack Snyder again in Los Angeles and flew in just to record the interview in person on Flipcam. I wanted to ask about his career and decisions regarding Superman, and present this unique interview and discussion with Zack that cannot be found anywhere else.

This interview was conducted on the Warner Bros lot inside a soundstage themed to Superman with Man of Steel costumes and props (see my Vine here). I had to sneak in a Star Wars question at the very end, too.

Watch my 2013 interview with Man of Steel director Zack Snyder, recorded in Los Angeles:

Thank you to Zack Snyder for his time, and to Warner Bros for arranging the interview and my travel to Los Angeles. I really love talking with Zack about making movies, and was only given 10 minutes with him this time. I had prepared a full 30 minutes of questions (at least) and was hoping I would get to talk with him for 15 minutes, but was cut short fairly quick. I had so much more to ask him about Man of Steel, but I got in the most important questions I was hoping to ask, since I wanted to conduct an interview with Zack that no one else would have. I wish I could've spoken to him further about Christopher Nolan's involvement, as well as his handheld shooting style and choosing Henry Cavill as Kal-El, but I'll be saving those for another time.

Henry Cavill & Zack Snyder on the Man of Steel Set

Warner Bros' Man of Steel, directed by Zack Snyder, arrives in theaters everywhere this week, starting June 14th. See the final trailer here and catch the superhero movie in IMAX 3D and regular theaters everywhere.

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Man of Steel. Saw it. Hated it. Zack and Goyer changed too much of the Superman mythos in a poorly hacked together way. A little bit of Thor, Star Trek, Halo, Green Lantern, war of the Worlds mixed in with hard to see, poorly choreographed action. Sigh. I really wanted it to be good too. Sadly I got sucker punched.

Alexander on Jun 12, 2013


Could you tell me your impression about iron man 3, if you saw it and it's not a big bother. It would really help me understand your viewpoint about mos. Thank you.

qwqwrq on Jun 12, 2013


Iron Man 3 was pretty far off the mark as well. Lethal Weapon moments wedged into Iron Man.

Alexander on Jun 12, 2013


Well, that's not good news, I didn't like im3 as well, I was hoping you loved it, because that would've meant we have different views about movies and I would end up enjoying man of steel. It seems I'll end up being disappointed and I really wanted this to be the best superhero movie. It's kinda sad really, superman has always been my favourite.

qwqwrq on Jun 13, 2013


... as opposed to the joke that was Trevor, right?

Yahzee on Jun 12, 2013


I wouldn't be surprised if AB gave this movie a 8/10 rating or higher. Seems like every director he interviews he praises them. Look at his interview with Jonathan Liebesman (sp check?). But Battle Los Angeles was pretty much a snooze fest and a flop. It would be interesting to see how much AB actually scores the movie, if he even does. But Im sure it will unlikely be below an 8. Thats my 2 cents.

Movie Maverick on Jun 12, 2013


If it's not obvious enough, I only do interviews with directors or filmmakers or talent that I admire and appreciate. I only take interviews if I like the film. So... yes, all my interviews are for films I like or filmmakers I appreciate. I run my own site, I can make the choices I want, do only the interviews I want to do, and none I don't have to or prefer to skip. If I don't like the film, I usually won't do an interview. Simple as that.

Alex Billington on Jun 12, 2013


Don't worry, Jeremy will give it a 10 out of 10, the rest of the world a 6.5

David Banner on Jun 12, 2013


*5.5/10. It has dropped down to a 5.5/10 last days.....ouch

David Banner on Jun 12, 2013


I don't think I've ever seen a positive comment from you regarding a movie yet...

AnotherDan on Jun 12, 2013


Man of Steel is a great movie. You really have to be dead inside to not enjoy it. RIP:

capitandelespacio on Jun 12, 2013


Agreed. Watchmen was brilliant. This movie was garbage.

Max on Jun 16, 2013


Bravo. You found a photo of Nolan, his one day on set to help sell the film so the studio will keep making his other films.

Johnny Bravo on Jun 12, 2013


I thought it was a good photo to use for this. I may eventually switch it out to another one with Zack on set. Why so much hate for Nolan being involved?

Alex Billington on Jun 12, 2013


No hate at all. He's not that involved in the film. I know for a fact. It's a Snyder Goyer show.

Johnny Bravo on Jun 12, 2013


Very true! Most big names as an "executive producer" only have their names in there to sell the movie. Below are to name a few... District 9 - Peter Jackson Argo - George Clooney (look at the oscar speech for best picture.. clooney felt like he didnt belong. Only his name in the credits) Super 8 - Stephen Spielberg Im sure there is a lot more. Nolan's name was in there to help sell the movie in case it bombed, which it is likely doing do to the early reviewes. So far the reviews are sucking balls to the walls. It flat out sucks.... If you watch "S: Man of Steel" you will get Sucker Punched for at least $10, the price of admission.

Sucker Punched on Jun 12, 2013


So true. If you pay to see this film, you will get "Sucker Punched." I'm just glad I got to see it at an early screening for free. It's not put together well at all.

Halon on Jun 12, 2013


Explain "I know for a fact."

AnotherDan on Jun 12, 2013


Have you seen Nolan give any interviews for the film? I've only seen Goyer, Snyder and his wife along with another producer.

Helmdale on Jun 12, 2013


Charles Roven is "another producer" that you're talking about, I believe, and I do recall him mentioning that Nolan spent as much time on the set and talking to Snyder as possible given that he was in the process of first directing, then producing Dark Knight Rises at the time that Snyder started pre- and actual production of MoS. Also, I really don't see what how much time someone spends in front of the camera giving interviews has to do with their level of commitment to the production of a movie. There are many different types of producers.

AnotherDan on Jun 13, 2013


The most realistic movie he ever made...? BAHAHAHAHHAHA Hardly realistic.

Insider on Jun 12, 2013


Yes, which is why he was talking about irony. 😉

Ali Miller on Jun 12, 2013


He's so cool! Thanks for this.

Davide Coppola on Jun 12, 2013


Thanks AB. You da Man!!! // I always expect Snyder to have a much deeper voice.

DAVIDPD on Jun 12, 2013


Why did you prepare for 30 mins when you know you'd only get 10?

David Banner on Jun 12, 2013


I always over-prepare so that I have enough questions in case it runs long (they were all questions I would love to ask, so I wrote them down anyway). And because my last interview with Zack was 20+ minutes, I was hoping for the same amount of time with him. I had no idea I was only being given 10 minutes until I was about to start and they told me. Edit: On the other hand, my Hans Zimmer interview a few hours after Zack went 25 minutes long. Watch here:

Alex Billington on Jun 13, 2013


I just saw Man of Steel and it's great. Zack Snyder diid it. Epic and powerfull.

capitandelespacio on Jun 12, 2013


Did you like Iron Man 3?

qwqwrq on Jun 13, 2013


I don't want to be rude, but, you will find my comment in the IM3 post. Here, hopefully, we can discuss about Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel. I'm not a Snyder or Superman's fan, but this movie has a script solid as steel, great visuals, acting. Henry Cavill IS Superman. Despite some details (pointed out by only pre-teenagers or stupid hipsters) this movie kicks some serious ass.

capitandelespacio on Jun 13, 2013


But, no, I didn't like IM3.

capitandelespacio on Jun 13, 2013


I didn't like it either, I guess that's sort of good news for me, because it seems you enjoyed mos, so I might end up enjoying it as well

qwqwrq on Jun 13, 2013


Don't be overhyped. Go and enjoy the fipping movie.

capitandelespacio on Jun 13, 2013


I've watched Zack's Man of Steel, the best movie I ever watched, it's awesome.

royalopez06 on Jun 13, 2013


You're an idiot.

Max on Jun 16, 2013


I've never understood all the Snyder hate. I'm seeing the movie tonight, and I did enjoy all his other movies.

Jeffrey Robertson on Jun 13, 2013

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