It's Over: Blockbuster Closing Remaining 300 Stores, Ending DVD Mail

November 6, 2013


Many would say that video stores have been dead for years, every since Netflix started taking off by mail and then dominated by way of their streaming service, but some regional video store chains are still holding on, and one national chain has been on life support. We're talking about Blockbuster. The appropriately named corporate video store chain (that actually ruined the much cooler, niche video stores that once populated our towns) has been dying, despite starting their own DVD mailing service. Now Blockbuster is taking their last breath as DISH Network has just announced the remaining 300 stores will close in 2014.

In a press release, DISH says Blockbuster will end their retail operations and close all remaining stores by early January 2014, meanwhile the DVD mail service will end in mid-December before the New Year. Services will still be provided until then, and DISH will still keep their Blockbuster On Demand up and running along with their Blockbuster @Home service which offers 15 movie channels like Starz and Epix, along with 20,000 movies and TV shows streamed to TVs, computers or iPads. That's mostly because the app is also part of DISH Network's set-top box applications.

Though Blockbuster was the corporate giant that destroyed Mom & Pop video stores, everyone still has memories of getting the latest home video releases (on VHS) and video games to take home and watch and/or play all weekend. Going to the video store every weekend was a family event, where Mom & Dad got a movie, and us kids got one to occupy us for a few hours of silence for our tired parents. The end of Blockbuster isn't entirely tragic, but it's also not without remorse. This truly is the end of an era, and it will take this video's glimpse back into history, to explain what video stores were to the next generation.

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wait... they are still open ?

Tester on Nov 6, 2013


life is tough on everyone.

truong18 on Nov 6, 2013


There is one literally 5 minutes away from where I'm currently staying, I need to get there and rent something ASAP.

Chris Groves on Nov 6, 2013


Or keep in eye out for those massive sales they'll start having. Can't beat buying 10 DVDs for $5

JBrotsis on Nov 6, 2013


The internet is killing everything...

Bl00dwerK on Nov 6, 2013


We can all just go live in the Cloud.

Carpola on Nov 6, 2013


Game over man. Game over. // So many fond memories as a kid running around the aisles and looking at R-rated video covers. Good bye old friend.

DAVIDPD on Nov 6, 2013


Did the same thing. Loved the horror section.

grimjob on Nov 6, 2013


As great as Netflix is to have movies and tv shows at the push of a button ready for you at any moment, one of the up sides to Blockbuster was their massive collection of DVDs. With Netflix, there's a limited number of movies in each genre/category. Whereas at Blockbuster, there were WAY more movies to choose from in each genre that ranged from being made in the 30's up to current new releases.

JBrotsis on Nov 6, 2013


Former employee, years back. I'll miss it, but they just refused to get on that digital gravy train, and took too long to correct their anti-consumer late policies.

OfficialJab on Nov 6, 2013


Man, I miss just wandering aimlessly through the aisles, nothing in particular in mind, finding gems I didn't know existed or some that I completely forgot about. Never again.

grimjob on Nov 6, 2013


Such is the way of technology...

Neuromancer on Nov 7, 2013


i still drive by the one in my hometown and have so many memories. it closed almost 10n yrs ago and still i have that excited kid feeling when i am going that way. its now been split into different stores---a quiznos and a dry cleaner. but its still has that blue roof. man to go back in time just to walk the aisles one more time would be the greatest feeling. and to have my parents saying "only one movie i said"

Brian Ugli Clemmons on Nov 7, 2013


Sad day. RIP Blockbuster. I always returned my movies on time & rewound.

avconsumer2 on Nov 7, 2013


I live in Qu├ębec, Canada and we still have a chain of video stores and i'm glad that we do !!!

me on Nov 7, 2013


Was never a Blockbuster fan, the chain that made me cry when they went out of business was Holleywood Video. Superior in every way to Blockbuster. Oh well, yet another bunch of "going out of business" sales I'll be able to bolster up my blu-ray and dvd collection with!!

MovieLuvr on Nov 7, 2013


The last Blockbuster in my smallish town closed down about 2 years ago. It was pretty awful until about a year ago a Family Video who saw potential opened it's doors here. The place is usually pretty busy and I hope they can keep going for a few more years. I'd much rather rent a blu-ray than look at compressed crap from the internet. Hang in there Family!

Chuckee Knowlton on Nov 7, 2013


That's why I can't agree that the collapse of the giant means the end of an era. There is still demand for this kind of service, and smaller stores that value their customers more. They finally get a chance, it's only fair. This shouldn't be a monopoly.

AnnJoyViewster on Nov 18, 2013

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