J.J. Abrams Mysteries: 'Star Wars' Release Shift & New Project Teaser

August 19, 2013
Source: EW, Badass Digest

J.J. Abrams / Mystery Box

Now before anyone gets bent out of shape, let's remember that Star Wars: Episode VII hasn't been given a solid release date yet. Since the film was announced, it has been pegged for 2015, and everyone has assumed that it would arrive in the summer, just like the rest of the Star Wars films. However, Badass Digest has learned that Disney and Lucasfilm might be more keen on changing things up and delivering the film in the winter. Right now December 15th seems to be the favorite date, but nothing is official yet, maybe because executives think there's a chance director J.J. Abrams might not even be done in time.

It wouldn't be surprising if Abrams held up the film. After all, the release of Star Trek Into Darkness was pushed back because Abrams didn't feel he could deliver the film he wanted within that time frame. Some would contend that the extra time didn't necessarily benefit the film since it was recently named the worst Star Trek film by a gaggle of Trekkies at a recent convention, but this writer enjoyed the sequel. Plus, it would explain why announcements have been few and far between with Disney's D23Eexpo being the most recent disappointment for big news on the Star Wars front. Hopefully we'll hear something soon.

Meanwhile, the folks at Bad Robot are busy teasing another project shrouded in secrecy. A mysterious teaser trailer released by EW has surfaced for a project that is merely titled Stranger. Here's the teaser video:

A single shot of space, and then a sequence featuring a disheveled castaway in the ocean culminates with a shot of his face and a shoddily stitched up mouth and the words "Soon he will know." Apparently no one has any idea if this is for a film, TV show, web series or something else, but since the production value doesn't really line up with anything like the secret teasers for Cloverfield or Super 8, or ive with any of the TV or film titles in development, we're betting it's something more low key like a novel or even a comic book.

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I truly have no faith in jj Abrahams! Into darkness wasn't that bad but the final fight with Kahn was for me a big lett down! I expected a bigger and greater climax!

Avi on Aug 19, 2013


"I expected a bigger and greater climax!" This is exactly what Damon Lindelof was talking about in that Variety article about the current state of Hollywood screenwriting. There is such a thing as too much.

axalon on Aug 19, 2013


That goes for just about every action movie out there recently. Movies that could be really good are being ruined by stupidly ridiculous scenes that lose any impact or meaning because they throw in the kitchen sink, the kitchen, the entire house, etc.

cobrazombie on Aug 19, 2013


Not only that, but they bloat up the budget. Then on Monday morning after the movie doesn't meet box-office expectations they look at each other and try to find someone to blame.

axalon on Aug 20, 2013


I agree with axalon that any more would have been pushing it. Fighting on top of a flying vehicle hundreds of feet in the air immediately following [gigantic spoiler moment] needed to be bigger and greater? I may be thankful you weren't involved in the writing. Look what happened to the Pirates 3 climax, and Revenge of the Sith (the volcano planet - okay, swinging around the falling pillars / riding on hover platforms on a lava river - too much)

OfficialJab on Aug 19, 2013


Sure has the element of The Crow, but I donno. I hope it's a fresh idea!

Nick Sears on Aug 19, 2013


Or he's just teasing the hell out of us (especially using the first three bars of "Yoda's Theme" from the Empire soundtrack at the beginning of this trailer 🙂 )

Pendy16 on Aug 19, 2013


The order in which the words fade away at the end also bares a certain resemblance to Yoda's speech syntax 🙂

Will on Aug 19, 2013



Pendy16 on Aug 19, 2013



KWAPT on Aug 19, 2013


Samurai Jack!

Christopher Dean on Aug 19, 2013


Would be cool.

Chris Groves on Aug 19, 2013


Intriguing. But the worst Trek?! That's the silliest thing I've ever heard. Those so-called "Trekkies" should have their Starfleet insignia / com badges confiscated. They must've been young & somehow missed 4 & 5. (Though, I secretly liked 4.)

avconsumer2 on Aug 19, 2013


I've been saying 'December' for months now. But December 15th? I believe that is like a Tuesday or something...why open it on a Tuesday? December 18th is the clear choice.

Chris Groves on Aug 19, 2013


I think it has something to do with that upcoming mystery novel Abrams co-wrote called 'S'.

Ron on Aug 19, 2013


Probably some crappy TV show.

Nielsen700 on Aug 19, 2013


Oh, man, another lame attempt at creating "mystery" instead of just creating a great project? "Khan is not Khan." "J.J. is not directing 'Star Wars.'" "The island is not purgatory." "They are not dead." I've given up on believing anything Bad Robot says -- and I don't mean that in a complimentary way.

Trent88 on Aug 20, 2013

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