J.J. Abrams Talks Making New 'Star Wars' Sequel 'Real' and 'Authentic'

September 20, 2013
Source: EW, Latino Review

J.J. Abrams

There's still no official news coming from Disney or Bad Robot regarding Star Wars: Episode VII, but thankfully, EW recently sat down with director J.J. Abrams to discuss his company's forthcoming Fox sci-fi series "Almost Human" starring Star Trek franchise star Karl Urban. He didn't divulge any plot details or any secrets of the first part of a new trilogy, but he did talk about his approach to the films as far as style goes. When asked what film from the saga best exemplifies his sequel, Abrams says, "Impossible for me to say because it’s going to be an evolving thing. I would say we are working really hard to make a movie that feels as emotional and authentic and exciting as possible." That sounds like a good start to me. Read on!

The best thing Abrams says is that he has a desire to make it feel real. And we're not talking about a gritty, Christopher Nolan approach to Star Wars necessarily. We'll let Abrams explain:

"I remember reading a thing somewhere, someone wrote about just wanting [the new film] to feel real; to feel authentic. I remember I felt that way when I was 11 years old when I saw the first one. As much of a fairy tale as it was, it felt real. And to me, that is exactly right.”

That's one of the best ways to describe how many people feel about Star Wars. Abrams notes, "It’s been nice to see how important it is and to be reminded how important it is to so many people. We all know that [creator George Lucas'] dream has become almost a religion to some people." On some levels that's sad, and it's almost unfair of everyone to expect Abrams to deliver exactly what they think Star Wars: Episode VII should be. However, his note about people wanting it to feel real makes perfect sense. The original saga had so many practical effects and a grounded approach to sci-fi that it felt like this story really did unfold a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. That's something that was missing from the prequels, along with quality writing, acting, and some semblance of a story worthy of the original trilogy. But that's not all.

It wouldn't be a new day without more names taking meetings for roles in in the sequel. But today the news comes with a bit of diversity. Latino Review has word that David Oyelowo (Jack Reacher, Red Tails) and Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle, Fruitvale Station) have taken meetings for the film. In fact, Jordan is said to have personally met with J.J. Abrams. And we've heard that this isn't the first time Jordan has met with Bad Robot for a role. However, it's not clear what character he might play. But considering the obvious, it's pretty much a guarantee he won't be the offspring of any of the main characters from the original trilogy. Could he be part of Mace Windu's family line? Probably not. Anyway, everyone in town is taking meetings for Star Wars, so there's no telling who will end up with parts until Disney announces their cast.

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I love that man

Danimal on Sep 20, 2013


JJ has groupies?

cobrazombie on Sep 24, 2013


It ain't the prettiest sight

Danimal on Sep 24, 2013


No plot twists? :O

DavideCoppola on Sep 20, 2013


Mace Windu's kid? What about Lando's?

MovieAficionado on Sep 20, 2013


In a lot of giant money-heavy blockbusters now that are buried in VFX, the directors like to come out in interviews and featurettes and say "we decided to do anything we could practically, right in camera" but it's a lie. Into Darkness had incredible sets and makeup effects, but there's always a line they don't feel like crossing, or a point where it's just too inconvenient or time-consuming, and ILM ends up making half the film for them. I feel like if any movie has enough fans begging for physical effects it's this one, but I doubt we'll get it.

OfficialJab on Sep 20, 2013


Why are all black people automatically related to Lando or Mace Windu?

TheOct8pus on Sep 20, 2013


Because it's likely.

OfficialJab on Sep 20, 2013


Unlikely to be related to Mace. Old Order frowned heavily on having ties outside the Jedi Order (per the whole tragedy of Anakin & Amidala). Anything beyond a friendship was a no-no. And inter-Jedi love affairs were taboo as well. Lando, given his obvious flirting ways & the timespan, possible.

VAharleywitch on Sep 20, 2013


I assumed he would be related to this galaxy alumni. Truly a most determined individual for the Empire.

mooreworthy on Sep 20, 2013


I hope Abrahms avoids the overuse of digital effects like Lucas did.

Jason on Sep 20, 2013


aren`t they the only 2 African Americans in the movies?

JayC on Sep 20, 2013



OHMEGA on Sep 20, 2013


He missed.

OfficialJab on Sep 20, 2013


I am really liking the approach that JJ Abram's has adopted. With so much pressure on him; he is really taking his time to build the right foundation. Spending the time on refining the story, and extensive casting. I would not mind if they didn't rush for 2015 release and take the time to really get things right. I just hope the Disney execs let Kathleen Kennedy and JJ have free reign to raise the bar! I also know (after a recent visit to the Lars Homestead) that G.Lucas' team requested that the owners of Hotel Sidi Dris (in Matmata, Tunisia) do not remove the set dressing. So there is every chance they will use that 'real' location again. Let hope they do. I am really excited about seeing what JJ makes! Ollie Thompson (Director of Fan Film Star Wars Smuggler's Run)

Oliver Thompson on Sep 20, 2013


I have a man-crush on Abrams. I wish it would blossom into a bromance, but I'm sure his busy schedule doesn't permit 40 year old men following him around admiring his thought processes from 2 feet away. Stalker? Yeah, maybe. The difference being I won't try to brush his hair while he sleeps.

Quanah on Sep 20, 2013


Get lost. Drop dead. Go cross two way traffic. Go hang yourself. Have a nice day.

SubSumeYou on Sep 20, 2013


What a sweet person you are.

Quanah on Sep 22, 2013


Not that there's anything wrong with that.

cobrazombie on Sep 24, 2013


Casting David Oyelowo could be a very good move - he was excellent in BBC's Spooks (MI5). Going for "relatively" unknown actors might work for this film in the same way it did in the original trilogy. It could add to the "realism" Abrams is going for. I'm happy he's taking his time with the project and really considering what the fans want. Hopefully Lucas and Disney execs will stay as far in the background as possible on this one.

aclasschris on Sep 20, 2013


Love this. The biggest complaint I had about the prequels were the over use of CGI. If it looks anything like his Star Trek movies, I think it'll be great. Well maybe go easy on the lens flare this time.

nate on Sep 20, 2013


He's Lando and Leia's love child.

Tim Cleary on Sep 20, 2013


They will suck

YoMomma on Sep 21, 2013

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