James Mangold & Hugh Jackman Preparing Another 'Wolverine' Movie

November 5, 2013

James Mangold and Hugh Jackman

Over the weekend, highlighted a commercial for the video game Call of Duty: Ghosts (in stores today) that was directed by James Mangold, fresh of his turn behind the camera with the X-Men spin-off The Wolverine. Now Deadline reports the director is already getting back together with Hugh Jackman to get another film following the adamantium-clad mutant on his own, but it's still early in development. Apparently, Mangold is making a deal to write a treatment at the moment (the story is under lock and key, obviously), and the X-Men franchise shepherd Lauren Shuler Donner is already on board to produce.

This summer, The Wolverine turned out to be a solid blockbuster, pulling in over $413 million worldwide, and improved vastly on the disaster that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine. While the continuation of Wolverine's story wasn't perfect and had some fairly flat story moments, it certainly wasn't terrible. Plus, the credits tease for X-Men: Days of Future Past was incredible. The question is whether this story will take place immediately after The Wolverine or if the events of next year's X-Men franchise mash-up will affect where the character journeys next. Thoughts?

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Why? I just do not get this fascination with Wolvie, not to mention that both his movies sucked.

Brian Sleider on Nov 5, 2013


X-Men Origins: Wolverine wasn't great, but it was still quite good(especially when you educate yourself on the hell the production/script went through over the course of the making of the film) and I would say that it had more good than bad and ultimately served it's purpose of telling Wolverine's origin. The Wolverine was a legitimate step-up from it, in my opinion. To be frank, I would prefer watching either of those films over X-Men: First Class. That was a film that didn't know if it wanted to be a prequel or a reboot, and in general it felt rather cheap at moments and the humor felt forced. Not to say it was terrible, just not very good.

Chris Groves on Nov 5, 2013


I could not care less what development hell a movie was stuck in, I care about the final product. The newest outing was better, but better than REALLY bad is still bad.

Brian Sleider on Nov 5, 2013


I'd exchange all three movies for a great one...and I'd even wait a couple of years for it.

dawko on Nov 5, 2013


wow! i was thinking the exact same thing. good call.

Such heroic nonsense on Nov 5, 2013


I also enjoyed THE WOLVERINE, for what it was. The end was a bit of let down, but the film as a whole was good.

DAVIDPD on Nov 5, 2013


Agreed, the end kind of fell short.

Chris Groves on Nov 5, 2013


HOW ELSE was it going to end ?? I think u mean that u wanted it like the comics ( and the animated version ) and have Shingen be the main villian . However they didn't go that way .For the movie they CREATED it made sense ; the revenge has been plotted for 70 years ...And the end point was , it's not the 'Mantium that make him , it's his animal nature . And the super healing , which was shown as never before in the Shingen battle I'm trying to remember now , did he pop bones in the airport before he saw Charles , or were they adamantium ?

Dominic on Nov 6, 2013


No, I'm not very familiar with any previous versions of the story, I just felt that the final battle/act in general were not as good as they could have been.

Chris Groves on Nov 6, 2013


well then I think you people who are new to the Wolverine 'hysteria" have to depend on us ORIGINAL , 40+-year fans for focus. As Armitall points out below , the beginning and the end are Mangold's changes to the story . If ur ok with it ( like me ) then the movie isn't THAT ruined .Moving Shingen down to 2nd-tier villian angers some , altho the one-on-one with them was used to show people the Wolverine WE know and love - just shrugging off a sword to the heart ! And the Ninja scene was bad because not enough time in the Theatre version was devoted to it Here's the 3 main scenes of the movie ( not accounting for Yukio and Mariko ) : Wolverine shrugs off the fire from an atomic bomb ( at least twice in the comics he was burned to almost ashes but regenerated ) ; the battle with Shingen , cause that unconcerned-about-pain Logan IS what makes him loved ; and the showdown with YASHIDA in the Silver Samurai armor . Which Mangold used to strip the 'Mantium claws away , to show us it's the MAN and his animal nature not his " toys " that matter ....And u might throw the funeral scene in there ; tho if he wasn't weakened already those Yakuza have NO CHANCE of stopping him . Those ARE the scenes somebody like me is cherishing ; thus I can't complain like others about the movie as a whole , or about just the end Tao ( Perfecton ! as Mariko ) and Rila are the 5th thing making the movie great

Dominic on Nov 6, 2013


I wasn't speaking regarding changes to "the story", speaking purely from my taste in cinema...the last act simply didn't reach it's potential. I'm not speaking about the characters, ability, or things like that. The way the last portion of the film played out, the final battle that involved Logan, the Silver Samurai, Viper, and just wasn't as well executed as other parts of the film in MY opinion.

Chris Groves on Nov 7, 2013


;o)) In NFL parlance it was 'hat-on-a-hat " time . Yukio had to distract Viper , to allow Logan to go after Yashida( and to regain her self-esteem after almost getting a sword in her gut from Shingen ) . Hararda was supposed to contain Mariko , but him dying allows her to save Logan .... See when I see people bitch about something like that , I want to say "well what would YOU have done ? How would you have scripted that ending , WITH THE CAVEAT that you can't change anything leading up to it . ..starting from him in wrist shackles .... Once Mangold adds the 'Got the flesh burned off him " scene( classic Wolverine schtick ) , THAT sets up the whole ending . if u don't have the opening scene then yes the whole movie would have been building to Wolverine vs Lord Shingen . Mangold avoided/ enhanced that ( but then u need another reason to get him to Japan , like meeting Mariko in America somehow .).

Dominic on Nov 8, 2013


I must not be making my point well, my apologies. My problems with the climax are not what you are addressing.

Chris Groves on Nov 9, 2013


ok well if you point out EXACTLY what they are , I/we could understand ur critique . Criticism isn't valid , if you can't specify it . Then , people are just ranting without cause . as armitall said ( and I concurred ) the Beginning FORCES this Ending . Thus , because I like this (surviving a fireball that disintegrates his flesh ) standard Wolverine schtick , I have no problem with showing the ENVY this could cause , in a 'normal ' human old man . And the lengths that old man would go to , so to take it for himself

Dominic on Nov 11, 2013


you have to go back and read 30 years of CBs , to get it . If you're approaching it simply from X1 , NO u ain't gonna get it . There was NEVER a character like him scripted ANYWHERE much less CBs . Fascination of the Original ; not the subsequent copies which dilute the pool

Dominic on Nov 6, 2013


I'm very interested in where this takes place in the time-line. Would it be post 'Days of Future Past'? Because that could get very interesting, especially when you consider how that film is apparently going to be messing around with time-travel and changing the future and such. And even more interesting because Singer has stated that Days of Future Past itself could very much function as a fresh start for the franchise. So we could be getting full blown X-Men sequels AND Wolverine sequels inter-changing, and beyond that word has it that Fox wants 'The Fantastic Four' to take place within their X-Men universe....

Chris Groves on Nov 5, 2013


exactly it MUST be after DOFP . Won't make sense any other way

Dominic on Nov 6, 2013


ohhhh jesus f'n christ. At this point, i would just love to have a short film fanboy create a new wolverine at this point. I have a feeling they'd finally do wolverine justice.

Such heroic nonsense on Nov 5, 2013


Nail your dissatisfaction down for us : Jackman ? The Directors ? The adapted scripts ? ( from the 6-issue graphic novel ' Origins" - and THE WOLVERINE 1-5 ) Just the Yashida story or ALL the characters ? It's hard to paint this with the same brush people use for "Origins" Really tho if they do Wolverine 'justice' this franchise would have X-ratings . so it ain't happenin . story before violence btw this is the same conundrum the CB scripters had when the character blew up . He's perfect for the blood'n'guts fans , but we have to humanize him to appeal to EVERYBODY . and make more money .. thus Yukio Mariko then HIS "Robin" , Jubilee . They also stopped scripting scenes in a bar " cigar-chompin' and hard drinkin' , ready to scrap " every other issue

Dominic on Nov 6, 2013


I would like to see a darker Wolverine. Isn't there a comic book set in the future with Wolverine facing personal demons with blood on his claws?

Steven on Nov 5, 2013


lol well I'm sure there is a story or just a cover with that scene . But no the REAL DOFP story IN the future features the Logan u ask for . Specifically , squatter hairier and more vicious . But they couldn't have THAT guy( if they could match an actor 6 in. shorter to it ) compete with Jackman . Or the more violent Storm compete with Halle either . The movie being dark will have to do ..

Dominic on Nov 6, 2013


come to think of it that was why , in the comics , he went to Japan , to get away from personal demons . So maybe one of those story arc's issues has a cover with that scene

Dominic on Nov 6, 2013


Will they just keep making them until there's one that isn't ruined by a million additional characters, easter eggs and cameos?

Carpola on Nov 5, 2013


hmm u want ONLY him in a 1:54 hour MOVIE ?? Again like Armitall below , buy the THE WOLVERINE comic issues 1-5 . Then you'll understand why those characters and why Japan

Dominic on Nov 6, 2013


Yeah Dominic Hugh Jackman is hawt, I just want to watch his big muscles for hours, maybe a 4 hour movie of him smoking cigars. There could be a good Wolverine movie in 1 hour 30 mins, minus a big part of the extra characters, but I think I've had my Wolverine fix now, maybe some different comic books need to be looked at.

Carpola on Nov 6, 2013


let me try and seriously respond to ur sarcasm :o) well it's Hollywood they don't don't bankroll relatively unknown characters. So what any mutant/comic book movie has to do is bring the ancillary heroes in , in order to build support for them . the suggestion was made in another place that Deadpool should be( brought BACK ) in this new Wolverine movie , as a way to springboard him ( not that I'm a Ryan Reynolds fan ,) .another suggestion i have heard , is that they should revisit Japan , thru the Kitty Pryde/Wolverine arc that saw her become a ninja . And reunite him with Tao ! and Rila ( Mariko Yukio) too . OR you can start the X-Factor team thru this , thus beginning the arc with Logan's " Robin " , Jubilee .... yes there are SO MANY hero's stories to tell . The established heroes NOW have to " Mentor " them in a way , to make Hollywood believe in them

Dominic on Nov 6, 2013


Which Marvel characters will they fuck up this time?

Bl00dwerK on Nov 5, 2013


Mangold did FANTASTIC job. Wolverine was STYLIZE and very SPECTACULAR. I want say thank you to him and his crew (especially mr. Jackman) He understand world of Comic Books & Also craftsmanship of directing motion capture. But i think biggest positive aspects of his movie was : First Wolverine occurs outside of America Second Wolverine happens in world out of repetitive predecessor movies. Third , chemistry between jackman and Asian women was very PASSIONATE. And at last , action was low but CREATIVE , ESSENTIAL & THRILLING. I like "THE WOLVERINE". Film was enjoyable , entertaining and very fluid. Thank you again mr.Mangold.

Ehsan Davodi on Nov 5, 2013


You mean both right ? Tao Okamoto yes she was perfect casting . Rila was also very good as Yukio . The movie is def ruined if Yukio isn't playfully violent and Mariko physically compelling AND with backbone ..

Dominic on Nov 6, 2013


Also yes the STORY had to be told 1st before most of the action( the funeral scene was supposed to tide the " Want Blood " types over) And that 's EXACTLY how most CBs in their " world " are Now the only REAL plothole needs to be solved by the DVD . that Ninja fight scene HAS to be better than theatre version . I can't say it was perfect to me because of that . The high point was the Shingen fight . He took a sword to the HEART and SHRUGS it off : That's Our Wolvie The One we ALL want

Dominic on Nov 6, 2013


Hugh jackman is really good at wolverine and all but at this point i'd like to see some1 new take the role and some different directors, just to see what can happen

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 5, 2013


lol that's AIN'T happenin' . 1st for movie bankroll 2nd because Jackman WANTS this . Watch the Comic-Con panel again and see how his face and the look in his eyes when he says THIS is the role that made his career

Dominic on Nov 6, 2013


Really!? Don't get me wrong, I thought Mangold and Jackman did a great job, but the script was just poorly made. The old guy faking his death didn't make any sense. The ending was CGI nonsense. They had such a great opportunity but have missed it big time. Apart form the begining and the end it was a decent movie, but whithout that you have a story that doesn't make much sense. Not to mention some characters just for the sake of being more comic book like, othervise bringing nothing to the table. But with a good script I could see this happening. Maybe old man logan inspired story...

Armitall on Nov 6, 2013


hmm well he can't REALLY be the head of Yashida Corp AND a giant adamantium robot at the same time now , can he ? you get focused on the REAL picture at the end of your life ; who needs billions( and its headaches ) when he has super-healing and strength and will LIVE FOREVER ? which is the motivation u critics miss . Something he's lusted for since Hiroshima . ....if u don't have the beginning u have no reason for the end , so they do fit together . Check out Ehsan's post ; THOSE characters are necessary to the story and to US the real Logan fans from the 1980's . Mariko Yukio Shingen ARE the middle story . there is NO movie without them . Viper and Harada are thrown in yes , but u need Mariko's brother for backstory and Viper to do what blunt force WON'T to Wolverine .. And ( I HATE unspecified rants ) Which part exactly was CGI nonsense ? robot Silver Samurai ? his bone claws ? the fight ? or the whole lab ? . I don't think any of those qualified as nonsense ( if the claws can't be destroyed , why NOT make a whole body of it ? for the 1st . ) LOL how can you look at Tao's face and say she brings nothing to the table ?? I think u are the the type that needs to go buy the relevant issues of his 1st solo book that this was adapted from , to understand what the hysteria is about . still may not like additions by Mangold( young - old Yashida) but you'll get the STORY easier . Then buy the DVD ( Dec 3rd !! ) I like the old man logan reference . So ur up on the 90's version of him and the REAL DOFP story .....

Dominic on Nov 6, 2013


ahh I went to another site with the story ; now I know where u got the OML reference ; 20 posts about it mentioned there

Dominic on Nov 6, 2013


I wonder if they would ever touch bases on with wolverines brother. I like the relationship they had in origins. Am I the only on who wants to see more Sabretooth?!

timnimbus on Nov 6, 2013

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