John Moore's 'A Good Day to Die Hard' Lands R-Rating from MPAA

January 12, 2013

A Good Day to Die Hard

Briefly: Its been confirmed through our own sources that 20th Century Fox's fifth new Die Hard movie, A Good Day to Die Hard directed by John Moore, will be receiving an R-rating from the MPAA. After a number of impressively kick ass trailers, everyone has been waiting patiently for a rating. I was honestly expecting a PG-13 like 2007's Live Free or Die Hard. But as of last night, confirmations of an "R" started arriving. I tweeted it out myself off a tip, Collider also posted a story, and I trust where this is coming from. We're still waiting for the exact wording from the MPAA on why, but the studio is expected to release it as "R" starting February 14th. Bruce Willis stars with Jai Courtney in this latest Moscow-set action thriller.

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Good. Live Free or Die Hard had a terrible PG-13 theatrical release, but thankfully the Unrated version was just as awesome as I had originally expected it to be, so it's good to see that they aren't making the same (stupid) mistake again.

thejon93rd on Jan 12, 2013


Good news, though I didn't feel cheated in any way by 4's PG-13 rating. I don't think a handful of curse words is that important to my enjoyment of the movie. Then again, in Die Hard it's somewhat of a time-honoured tradition. I'm wondering if this one will have a 'setting'. First was a building, second an airport, the third was all over the place (and is most people's least favourite), fourth was also all over, but in a unique blackout situation at least. I feel like Die Hard films need a shtick-y location. Will "Russia" cut it for me, I wonder?

OfficialJab on Jan 12, 2013


The 3rds location was NYC, which is a setting and a character by itself. Every film gets a little bigger, 1st was a building, then an airport, then a city, then a domestic country, and now an international country. I'm guessing the fifth will be the ocean, and the 6th will be in space.

Matt Peloquin on Jan 12, 2013


I don't personally remember 3 too well, as I only saw it once. Almost everybody that I've discussed the series with likes it the least, is all. I can remember snippets of New York-isms, though. "In Space, No One Can Hear You Die Hard"?

OfficialJab on Jan 12, 2013


Dude you gotta see it , the pacing is awesome , its like the empire stikes back of Die Hard if there is such a thing

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Jan 12, 2013


I'll watch it again sometime soon.

OfficialJab on Jan 12, 2013


3 is the second best. Great buddy movie with Sam Jackson. So far Die Hards are the opposite of Star Trek movies - great odd numbers, and terrible evens. I'm hoping 5 lives up to the formula.

Matt on Jan 12, 2013


Every Christmas when my family is together we watch 2. Sometimes 1 as well. 4 is my personal favourite for a number of reasons, but in overall quality I think they're all vaguely equal. I expect this will be similar, though it's interesting that they're out of their element so much.

OfficialJab on Jan 12, 2013


That's weird. Everyone I've ever talked to feels the second is the weakest. Of the first three I feel the same, even though I think its pretty good. The fourth is the only one I would call "bad".

grimjob on Jan 12, 2013


The second is watchable but nothing like the first and 3rd.

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Jan 12, 2013


Hmm, I hear that a lot about 4, but I don't really know why it's disliked. My initial hunch is that its a long-delayed sequel and expectations were necessarily high, but it subscribed to all of the most endearing conventions of the series, and had great (and hysterical) stunts and humour.

OfficialJab on Jan 13, 2013


Maybe I should give it another chance.

grimjob on Jan 13, 2013


I just read this morning that the Top Gear guys scripted, shot, and did the stunt coordination for one of the chase scenes. That's pretty damn exciting to me.

Matt Peloquin on Jan 12, 2013


Really? I was kind of excited until I read your comment, besides, Die Hard isn't about car chases, it's about getting out of sticky situations, once they stated driving around, jet fighters etc, it became to generic for me, 1&2 are the best IMHO

Simon124 on Jan 13, 2013


Bu-bu-but... Sam Jackson?

Blargh on Jan 13, 2013


Well, yes SLJ is always fun to watch, but my point is that for me, Die Hard isn't about that, the first DH was so cool because of the situation, DH3 broke that for me, as they say in the 3 amigos; 'we strayed from the formula and paid the price', I think that's why they got so carried away with DH4

Simon124 on Jan 13, 2013


Great news!

Nielsen700 on Jan 12, 2013


R says more about the quality of this Die Hard than anything, in my opinion. I am now officially on board if this rating stays true

syntaxterror on Jan 12, 2013


Yeah too bad Moore is still the director.

Cody W on Jan 12, 2013


Everyone loves to hate on Live Free's PG-13 theatrical release, but the unrated DVD really delivered. Good Day looks friggin' awesome.

Jim on Jan 12, 2013


NO i diss on the pg-13 version. I LOVE LFODHUR but i hate LFODHpg-13

Michael Baldwin on Jan 13, 2013


Is that 'R' for rubbish?

Carpola on Jan 12, 2013


I hope it doesn't have CG blood like Dredd did. These movies need Django-style violence.

castingcouch on Jan 13, 2013


yippie Ki ya mother fucker

Michael Baldwin on Jan 13, 2013


The best ''Die Hard'' is the first one. I like how the hero is put into a situation where he's completely outnumbered by terrorist & trapped in a 40 story building. Getting no help from the police outside. Having to use his own initiative & creative skills. Trying to stay sane in intense, scary & claustrophobic situations, by adding humor to the unfortunate events taking place. Completely trapped all alone. And the only way out is on the roof 40 stories up. Plus: This movie has the best bad guys EVER! Hans Grubber is my all time favorite bad guy...Played by the legendary Alan Rickman. But if I had to choose out of the sequels I would pick ''Die Hard 2: Die Harder'' as a favorite. Just because it was the first sequel & there was so much anticipation & build up for it. I can remember before it opened seeing the very first teaser trailer. I flipped! lol! I mean, I couldn't stop talking about it. And if you see the trailer now it's nothing spectacular but at the time it was the most amazing thing I saw. lol! & then came the next trailer and to this day (I think) is one of the best trailers ever. The classic DH font in blue shooting the letters D I E H.A.R.D. right at the big screen. Every letter that came at me would get me more & more pumped up. Spelling the words out loud. The trailer music was classic too. Going to see DH2 in the theater was a revelation, no messing about. Just title, than boom! straight into the movie. I'm sorry but on an action stand point this was the only sequel with the most realistic action; and on a much larger scale, I might add. it was so great to see my hero in a totally new environment for the first time. The film still had a sense of isolation (like the first one did) because he was mostly on his own again. But he knew what to do this time. Which in turn brings an edgier, confident and ''Harder'' Mcclane to tend with. If you see the first two films back to back you can see the difference in the character. It's amazing how the second film complements the first. (In terms of character development) This can only be done once; after that it gets old...So I thought. Along comes Die Hard With A Vengeance. Now the best thing about DH3 is character development. It brings back those good-ole days with a vengeance. I loved the fact that the first two sequels tie in with the original (more so DH3 with brother Grubber). But I'm talking about the main characters development. It worked again only because of the story DH3 had. (Hans' brother) Live free Or Die Hard ''4.0'' feasted off the idea that Mcclane was too old & had nothing left. Wasn't up to date with modern tech. Which I found to be insulting to this well developed character. In The movie they should of got into a time machine; travel back in time to 1988 get mcclane and bring him back to 2007. They totally undeveloped a well developed character. And that's why 4 is my least favorite. It just didn't have that DIE HARD feel. But if all goes well we shall see what A Good Day feels like.

Aaron Wood on Jan 13, 2013

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