Jonah Hill & Emma Stone to Shoot 'Ghostbusters 3' in Spring of 2014?

November 8, 2013
Source: WKYC, Schmoes Know

Ghostbusters 3

Here's your daily dose of a big grain of salt as two new rumors regarding Ghostbusters 3 have popped up on two different days. The first rumor seemed so sketchy that we decided to throw it to the side, but when the second details surfaced, we thought there might be something here. First of all, Schmoes Know, has been all about casting rumors lately from Batman vs. Superman, but they also correctly reported the return of Tim Burton and Michael Keaton to Beetlejuice 2. Now they're saying that offers are out to Jonah Hill and Emma Stone for characters named Jeremy and Anna, but no details on their roles were known at the time.

Now we've known for a long time that a new team of Ghostbusters will be taking over for the old guard played by Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson. In fact, Aykroyd recently explained the plot of the film that Etan Cohen was hired to write last July:

"It's based on new research that's being done in particle physics by the young men and women at Columbia University. Basically, there's research being done that I can say that the world or the dimension that we live in, our four planes of existence, length, height, width and time, become threatened by some of the research that's being done. Ghostbusters -- new Ghostbusters -- have to come and solve the problem."

But the casting seemed bogus, especially since those two names have been rumored for years on and off and have mostly just been part of fan wishlists for a new cast of Ghostbusters. But Ohio news affiliate WKYC (via ComingSoon) reports that Sony has penciled in a spring 2014 start date to begin production Ghostbusters 3 in Cleveland, likely taking advantage of a big film tax break that was also available to Captain America: The Winter Soldier recently. The studio has said there is nothing to report at this time, but that could just be a way of shutting the story down. Is Ghosbusters 3 shooting next year? You already know our stance as far as the excitement behind the gestating sequel is concerned. Do you even care?

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I really wish they would just adapt " The Real Ghostbusters " (Animated) into a live action TV show for a network like AMC/FX

Al Apone on Nov 8, 2013


That would be cool!

Jimmy Love on Nov 10, 2013


I think they should just stop production all together those cast members are getting older by the minute and nobody really cares anymore just reboot it and make it more dark and gritty.

BinaryChaos on Nov 8, 2013


"Dark and gritty"? Now that would be original...

cobrazombie on Nov 9, 2013


LOL, yeah I know I just don't care for the franchise anymore cause they just coming up with news that they are going ahead with it then there is something else stalling them. It just gets annoying to the point where you get tired of them holding you by the string and you really could care less which direction the franchise goes cause where is it actually going at this point in time?

BinaryChaos on Nov 11, 2013


I agree it is annoying! But I would still go see it.

Jimmy Love on Nov 11, 2013


Christ now the comedy's have to be dark & gritty!

Jimmy Love on Nov 10, 2013



BinaryChaos on Nov 11, 2013


wow shutthefuckup

The Infamous Derpa on Nov 11, 2013


I can't wait to be the only one in the cinema when this comes out. If what I read is to be believed nobody would go and see it. . . Ghostbuster III opening day. I am so fucking glad that people are fickle now I can't get a ticket. . .

Jon Chamberlain on Nov 8, 2013


The gags are everything, I just hope its well written. I don't know about Hill or Stone for this.

OfficialJab on Nov 8, 2013


Both of these two would be a disaster of biblical per potions

Luke on Nov 9, 2013


I would of liked a more SNL approach, some of the new cast or recent older ones rom snl

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 9, 2013


I like Ghostbusters so I cant wait! Yes I even liked 2!

Jimmy Love on Nov 9, 2013


does any one dislike 2?

The Infamous Derpa on Nov 11, 2013


Yeah tons of people hate it! I don't know why, but it is widely panned.

Jimmy Love on Nov 11, 2013


with all the news we get, with all the on's & off's we get, and all the older fans saying no bill murray no go, all we need is something like a trailer to get things started but longer then 3 minuets like ether go the way of the new mortal kombat web series (which is to start a new movie later on) or give us a 45 minuet pilot to get peoples interest on the movie, give us something to go on because if sony dont give the fans something before they start shooting next year theres only gonna be a handful of people (like myself) will be getting a ticket, its a ghostbuster movie for Christ sake just put a good supernatural plot together grab some younger cast that can put on a decent performance make the movie more M/R rated so the movie is more graphic then what the 80's could bring make it more action/horror screw the comedy side this time then BAM! you got your selves a great GB3 to re-start the ghostbuster franchise.

sirmichaelvalentine on Nov 9, 2013


Continued from last comment....with all that said sure i to would like a more comedy 80's feel to GB3 but come on be honest who these days can bring back the raw comedy of the 80's, everything these days is more mature or its a slap stick crap and no adding a SNL cast will ruin the franchise its called GhostBusters not Saturday Night Live people. the comedy that comes out of SNL is slap stick worse then a classic jim carrey movie. what ghostbusters had is more raw comedy the best lines were most of bill murray's (well gotta hand it to him) dan aykroyd's marshmallow man line and ernie hudson's Twinkie lines both movies were not slap stick in anyway. we need actors that can make the movie believable not watch some SNL actors that look high as hell to be believable. we need a lovable cast like the original gave us. with everyone putting this down its doomed to fail from start because NO ONE is giving it a chance.

sirmichaelvalentine on Nov 9, 2013


I could easily see Keenan and Hader in Ghostbusters!

William Cookston Igou on Nov 12, 2013


Continued from last comment....well ether way the movie is gonna be more like a reboot with a few originals and you know what im glad its about time GhostBusters got the spot light again with a FRESH spin on it. i am so tired of all the haters all the older long time nerds hatting on this. not to be mean but im a laugh in their faces when this movie hits it big because it WILL be a big hit. i think its gonna bring in all new fans different then the whiny old ones that want nothing but bill freaking murray (grow up already) what ever their planing its gonna bring in a new era with a FRESH look on the old one for the GhostBusters.

sirmichaelvalentine on Nov 9, 2013


We'll still be hearing about Ghostbusters 3 rumors in 20 years' time.

cobrazombie on Nov 9, 2013


ghostbusters set in Cleveland I love to know whats so picturesque about Cleveland ohio possibly nothing it does not have an huge monumental statue overlooking the city and no significant landmarks this is REALY STUPID in the words of Winston in ghostbusters 2 this is shroedingers movie is it on or off or maybe both there was fantasy rumours of jim parsons to play a ghostbuster but I doubt it they approached anna faris this and she declined and so did eliza dushku who was spotted a couple of years ago sporting a fanboys proton pack at an convention and she denied all stories about it and rick moranis had no idea about this and all stories of his retirement was bogus so he exclaimed yet another set back and false starts just like an race. Frankie (cool rider) smales Frankie smales tv and movie review uk

frankie09 on Nov 12, 2013


They're filming in Cleveland you moron just like they filmed here for spiderman 3 and capt. america because there is no tax for shooting movies here. Besides, it's not like every shot is gonna be Cleveland either, they're gonna do a lot of shots in NYC, i can guarantee. Also, screw you. Cleveland is beautiful and much more picturesque than any run of the mill cockie cutter tgi mcfunsters type of city out there.

Bushy Beard on Nov 23, 2013


are you calling me an Mongolian city and as for the other I really love screwing myself night after night and it is great and screw you is a name of a song by brit artist Cheryl cole after all it is one mans opinion and back to screwing myself at least I can get it on and I feel so so good oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes omg beat that SUBCREATURE . Frankie (cool rider) smales Frankie smales tv and movie review

frankie09 on Nov 24, 2013

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