Kevin Feige: 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' is a Political Thriller

February 22, 2013
Source: Variety

Captain America

Though a firm start date hasn't been set yet, Marvel has already started aligning key players for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Nick Fury, Black Widow, and Agent Maria Hill are returning for the sequel, Frank Grillo is playing the villain Crossbones, Anthony Mackie will be Cap's new ally Falcon, Emily Van Camp snagged the female lead, and we know the story will be based on Ed Brubaker's infamous comics run. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige told Variety this morning that the sequel will be a "political thriller," so now we have an idea of what sort of tone to expect from Joseph and Anthony Russo's sequel.

Set in modern day, Captain America: The Winter Soldier will resurrect Cap's old sidekick Bucky Barnes, presumed dead in the first movie, and turn him into an amnesia-stricken cryogenically frozen assassin named The Winter Soldier. With the help of Falcon and the Cosmic Cube, Cap must remind Bucky who he really is before it's too late.

As is their standard operating procedure, Marvel is being very tight-lipped about revealing details, so we're not exactly sure what liberties screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely will be taking when adapting Brubaker's idea, but we're looking forward to seeing how all of this comes together. The "political thriller" aspect makes this movie sound like more of a grounded adventure than its WWII predecessor, so we'll see if Marvel can have as much success branching out into new genres as they have in the past. Cool?

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Brubaker is an amazing writer. If Marvel pulls it off, this is going to be an awesome movie. I just hope they follow the story line exactly. It will be a great shocker!!

Logan on Feb 22, 2013


Agreed. I just read that run a couple weeks ago and it is incredible...

Bl00dwerK on Feb 24, 2013


A political thriller. Get over your self. It's a "stupid" comic book movie.Calling it anything else is at least pretentious if not delusional. I embrace your downvotes.

give me a break on Feb 22, 2013


Hmm so just because it's a comic book movie it's stupid or it can't be serious? Try tell that to Christopher Nolan... let's see how that goes. 😉

Fidel Reyes on Feb 22, 2013


Can't wait for a gritty and "adult " retelling of the story of Santa Claus.

"stupid" commenter on Feb 22, 2013


Oh yeah it would be about how he signed a contract with Satan and was cursed to deliver toys to redeem himself

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Feb 22, 2013


Starring Nicolas Cage. Saint Nicolas Cage.

another comment on Feb 22, 2013


^hehe too funny xD

Fidel Reyes on Feb 22, 2013


Christopher Nolan almost got it with his Batman..almost...but got lost in the "comic book super hero stuff" also...I guess it's hard to tackle such a ridiculous premise as super hero vigilante and make it realistic...Nolans attempt is the best so far...but it's still too "comicy"...but when we have a movie like Argo hailed as a realistic portrayal of historic events what can we expect from a movie telling a story from the funny papers?..not that Argo is bad,but I would hardly call it accurate in terms of actual real history...

another comment on Feb 22, 2013



Cody W on Feb 22, 2013


^I asked myself the same thing.... That did not make sense.

Fidel Reyes on Feb 22, 2013


Like rich guy that dresses up as a bat to beat up criminals makes sense ? Because that's what rich guys who had their parents killed do ? Or to take this Captain America "oh so not a WW II nationalist propaganda cartoon" with his "gets injected with super duper magical science juice" and then wears a gay outfit to fight nazis. Totally makes sense.

serioussbussinesss on Feb 23, 2013


I was talking about another commenter's comment, that didn't make sense, not the actually logic in the movies, of course I question the logic, specially in TDKR that movie had too many damn plot holes...

Fidel Reyes on Feb 24, 2013


Sin City got it... That first sentence kinda made sense, so that's the part I'm replying to...

Greg dinskisk on Feb 22, 2013


It's a movie news site. Get over your self. You're a "stupid" movie news site commenter. Calling you anything else is at least pretentious if not delusional. Please cease to exist.

Phillip Gockel on Feb 22, 2013


Oh the butthurt.So much butthurt.

"stupid" commenter on Feb 22, 2013


Umm...I believe he was being facetious in order to goad responses like yours out of people who don't understand sarcasm, like you. In other words, TROLLING. Maybe you shouldn't take the internet so seriously, Phillip. Oh and by the way, tell your friend Terrance hello for me.

Matthew South on Feb 25, 2013


You sir ,as the kids used to say when it was still hip, win an internet. Also comic book movies is seriousss bussinesss.

give me a break on Feb 25, 2013


Woohoo! Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner!

Matthew South on Feb 28, 2013


You have misused the word infamous. I am getting used to this site getting facts wrong, having poor grammar and having childishly fan boyish tastes but for God sakes don't use a word if you don't know what it means, especially when you mean the opposite. Ed Brubaker's comic book run is not notorious, or reviled or has a bad reputation. I think what you meant to say was "acclaimed", "celebrated" or "innovative." Those are all words that could be used to refer to Brubaker's run, but not infamous. Do you pay the contributors of this site? If so then most of them are overpaid. If you want somebody who can actually use a dictionary I am available and if you have enough in your budget for a good copy editor it would also be worth the money.

robephiles on Feb 22, 2013


You mad bro?

butt hurt on Feb 22, 2013


Expecting somebody to do their job is such an unreasonable request, I know.

robephiles on Feb 22, 2013


It's infamous simply due to the fact that "Nobody died in comics except Bucky" until 2005.

Morvidus on Feb 22, 2013


"Ed Brubaker's comic book run is not notorious, or reviled or has a bad reputation." Maybe you should have a look at that sentence structure once again before claiming to be a "copyeditor"...and certainly before offering your services as same.

NRA Advocate on Feb 22, 2013


Dear Robephiles, I don't blame you for growing disgruntled with poor grammar but, after looking over your post, I don't believe you've displayed adequate proofreading skills to qualify as a copy editor. Tell you what: I'll edit your copy so you can see where you need work. Here we go! "I am growing accustomed to this site's inaccurate facts, poor grammar and childishly fan-boyish tastes. However, don't use a word if you aren't aware of its meaning especially when its antonym would be more appropriate. "You have misused the word 'infamous'. I think what you meant to say was 'acclaimed', 'celebrated' or 'innovative.' These are words that could be used to describe Ed Brubaker's run – not 'infamous'. Brubaker's run is not notorious, reviled nor disreputable. "To the management of this site – do you pay your contributors? If so, most of them are overpaid. If you are seeking someone with an above-average vocabulary who doesn't need to reference a dictionary for the most menial of tasks, has a firm grasp on punctuation and grammar, and carefully proofreads his articles, I am available provided you can afford me. I believe you would find my services a worthy investment." While I tried to preserve your wording, you'll notice I took a few liberties where your sentence structure and poor use of punctuation proved too egregious to stomach. Nonetheless, you should agree the spirit of your comment remains true. In addition, you should apply yourself to further study in proper grammar before attempting to secure employment as a copy editor. Finally, why don't you start your own website? Perhaps then you'll be too busy to comment on the few occasional flaws you're capable of noticing on this one. Thank you for your attention. If you will now excuse me, I must go put a bullet in my head out of shame. Sincerely, Your Grammar School Teacher.

Rob"2big4myBritches"ephiles on Feb 23, 2013


Chill out everyone. I love this website and you all obviously take this all a bit seriously. Cp america should be a great movie and I have all the confidence that its in safe hands. Marvel need to keep things intriguing and fresh, and im sure they will as they need to captivate audiences if they want to continue the whole marvel universe movie making machine.

wayne on Feb 22, 2013


HaHa that pic totally looks like hes goin out to trick or treat lol looks ike the kid across the streets goin out to fight crime haha

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Feb 22, 2013


Then does this mean there will be a cameo appearance by Thor being the cosmic cube (I'm guessing is still the Tesseract) was taken back to Asgard at the end of The Avengers by Thor himself? I mean, how else is Capt or SHIELD gonna get a hold of it, unless that gets explained/set up in the Thor sequel.

JBrotsis on Feb 22, 2013


you REALLY need to get out of your moms basement and live in the real world.

oman on Feb 22, 2013


wtf? I'm asking an honest question, douchebag. Just because I happen to enjoy the Marvel cinematic universe and follow my favorite movies' production doesn't make me a low life. Grow up and find some hobbies.

JBrotsis on Feb 22, 2013


he has hobbies. insulting people on comment sections. his hobbies are much more respectable obv. lol. xddddd

Daniel Vu Tran on Feb 23, 2013


So you are saying his moms basement is not part of the real world? Where is this magical land and how do I become a citizen?

old stereotypes die hard on Feb 23, 2013


Heh, I'm just imagining Cap in a court room, shouting at the judge, "I'M OUT OF ORDER?!? YOU'RE OUT OF ORDER!!! THIS WHOLE COURTROOM IS OUT OF ORDER!!! WE'RE SHOUTING OVER A FUCKING COSMIC CUBE FOR FUCK'S SAKE!!" Somewhere, Joss Whedon is reading this eyes wide, and thinking, 'Jackpot.'

Greg dinskisk on Feb 22, 2013


Political thriller doesn't thrill me all that much about this anymore. Hope they do it the right way.

$45974493 on Feb 23, 2013


Nothing more "thrilling" than endless courtroom scenes in movies. I'm guessing it won't be quite that dull though. I enjoyed the first Cap more than the Avengers.

castingcouch on Feb 23, 2013


Cannot wait for this!

Ben Sharkey on Feb 24, 2013


Sounds good to me 🙂

JudgeMethos on Feb 24, 2013


Captain America is pure propaganda at it's best. He started out as a political puppet, why wouldn't the Winter Soldier be a political thriller? Sure, when we look back some of the story lines are cheesy, but for their time, they had very serious undertones.

Matthew South on Feb 28, 2013

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