'Kick-Ass 2' Director Attached to Write & Helm 'X-Force' Movie at Fox?

July 12, 2013
Source: THR


Just hours ago, towards the tail end of our story about Hugh Jackman's desire for Wolverine to team-up with The Avengers and Spider-Man, we pointed out that an expanded X-Men universe might be in the cards for Fox. The studio recently registered a domain name that pointed to the possibility of seeing the X-Men spin-off ensemble X-Force turned into a film. Comic reator Rob Leifeld confirmed that a film went into development back in March, but it had yet to be given a greenlight. Now THR has word that Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow will write the adaptation, and he might also be getting lined up to direct. Read on!

This was likely meant to be a surprise at Fox's Comic-Con panel next week, but hopefully there's more details to come. After all, the character line-up will be what fans really want to hear about. The original team included included Boom Boom, Cable, Cannonball, Domino, Feral, Shatterstar and Warpath. However, more recent incarnations have also brought along Deadpool, Wolverine and Colossus, all characters who are in Fox's wheelhouse right now, not to mention Archangel, Psylocke and more. X-Men franchise producer Lauren Schuler Donner is producing this more militant and aggressive superhero ensemble, and it sounds like this could be the beginning of a big X-Men universe at Fox. Stay tuned.

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Oh yeah. That sounds great.

DAVIDPD on Jul 12, 2013


Awesome news. And probably a new proyect announced next week too!

WarrenWII on Jul 12, 2013


Olivia Munn as Psylocke please!

Crazy Legs on Jul 12, 2013


As long as her character dies right after the lap dance scene.

DAVIDPD on Jul 12, 2013



David Banner on Jul 12, 2013


I have no faith in Fox Studios making a decent comic book film.

Meh of Steel on Jul 12, 2013


It's about time, the X-Men film rights went to 20th Century Fox in 1994, Singer signed in 1996, shooting started at the end of September 1999 and the movie was completed a few month before it's release in July 2000. That was the slow start of the first X-Men movie, there's been 7 X-Men movies in all last 20 years FOX has had the rights. FOX has been kinda slow, but last 4 have been every other two years, guess that's heading in the right direction. The X-Men movie franchise has grossed $ Billions, based on that, I was kinda hoping for some lowish-budget 'one-shots' or 'solo' X-Men movies, hope they still intend to do just that. Bigger $ bucks in bigger movies. If X-Force is to be a 'R' rated X-Men series...that would be sweet 😉

David Banner on Jul 12, 2013


I had no idea it has been 20 years since Fox bought the rights. I remember reading about the rushed filming, dreading a horrible flick, I think the movie was done in May of 2000, am I right? If you don't get it: there was not going to be any time for reshoots, if needed. The first X-Men turned out OK, not what I remembered from the comic books or what I envisioned when I was a kid, but cool enough. Looking up what Fox has made on the X-Men, it looks like "a new Star Wars" for them, the franchise has grossed over $ 3 Billion since 2000, why the hell hasnt Fox pushed this more? If Fox is going to make X-Force, it should be R rated, or really, really stretch that PG-13 to the limit. It's a rather violent comic book(one of the few I have read last years). Olivia Munn is fluent in Japanese (as well as English), she sort of looks like Psylocke, Munn fits the part. I hope Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman join this version/team of the X-Men. If not, give Glenn Danzig a call. Coincidently, Tarantino has only made 7 movies last 20 years.

Dagger on Jul 13, 2013


but what about the physics ?!?!?

Astroboy3000 on Jul 12, 2013


who cares

Dominic on Jul 17, 2013


Wolverine, Psylocke, Deadpool, Archangel and Fantomex equals team Stabby! That seems too good to be true and David Banner is right; rated R is the only way to use that wetwork group. You know Hollywood would have to dumb it down for the masses, so Archangel and Fantomex would be a no-go. I hope I am wrong but Fox and X-Men.......

mooreworthy on Jul 12, 2013


The entire Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy was PG-13 and they managed to keep those dark, gritty, violent & good. I just can't ever imagine us getting an R rated film based on the X-Men universe. A stand alone Deadpool flick is probably the best chance, especially with the recent release of the Deadpool video game. You take kids out of a comic book movie's audience and you lose millions in merchandising.

Astroboy3000 on Jul 14, 2013


Yeah, you're right, just wishful thinking.

mooreworthy on Jul 15, 2013



Fidel Reyes on Jul 12, 2013


Wow possibly another PG-13 Wolverine focused movie set in the X-Men universe!? How Exciting! They are even calling it X-Force too! Oh Fox your always creative to get us excited aren't you. So muh potential and hope and so little faith.

Charlie Hard on Jul 13, 2013


The comic is titled X-Force. what would you prefer they call it?

Astroboy3000 on Jul 14, 2013


X-FACTOR should be next . Then the teenagers of the New Mutants

Dominic on Jul 17, 2013


Avengers, Gaurdians of the Galaxy, Justice League, Sinister Six, and now X-Force...these comic team adaptions just keep getting better and better!

JBrotsis on Jul 17, 2013

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