Liam Neeson Returning for 'Taken 3' After Closing $20 Million Deal

June 24, 2013
Source: Deadline

Liam Neeson - Taken

It's always, always about the money - isn't it? News just broke that Liam Neeson has signed on to return for another sequel, Taken 3, to continue the series first started by Pierre Morel, Luc Besson & Robert Mark Kamen back in 2008. That movie was followed-up with the sequel Taken 2, which received considerably lower ratings but also earned $50 million opening in October of last year. Now he's back for more. What was it that sealed the deal? Deadline reports it was a paycheck "in the vicinity of $20 million" that got Neeson to return for another round as Bryan Mills, loving father with a "special set of skills." Do we really need this?

Now that it's happening we have to ask: what the heck are they going to do? Is his family going to get taken again? We'll find out soon enough how they'll continue to rehash this story again. EuropaCorp already has another script in the works written by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen, behind the first two, and are planning to start production in February. A director hasn't been set, but Deadline says "donโ€™t be surprised if Olivier Megaton [from Taken 2] comes back." Right before the second movie opened, Neeson was quoted as saying: "I don't see it. I don't think [Taken 3 is] going to happen. I really don't. I can't see a possible scenario where audiences wouldn't go, 'Oh, come on…! She's taken again?'" They must have convinced him.

Liam Neeson is currently 61 years old and has been nominated for an Oscar, but hasn't won (yet). He has a number of other roles coming up, including Jaume Collet-Serra's Non-Stop, Scott Frank's A Walk Among the Tombstones, Paul Haggis' Third Person, The Lego Movie and Seth MacFarlane's A Million Ways to Die in the West. But it's still the Taken role that has put him in the most international spotlight recently, with the second movie taking in $376 million in total. But still - is there really a need for a third movie? Anyone?

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Not too surprising. Hope they at least try to do something interesting with it.

Nielsen700 on Jun 24, 2013


"You've reached the voicemail of Bryan Mills. To hear about my particular set of skills, press 1. To report a family member your have taken, press 2. To speak to one of my support staff, press pound or stay on the line."

OfficialJab on Jun 24, 2013


Well fine if there going to do it, No family, No BS, he goes to Frapoya and kills every gangster in the entire city for 2 hours. I dont need hollow emotion filled crap with his daughter and blah blah....we all know the only reason we saw the first 2 was to see Neeson merc some fools.

Cody W on Jun 24, 2013


Could not put it better my self. A thin "some old enemy's made a threat, so Ima go kill them and their dogs" plot is all I need. Then follow that with 100 min of chases and Liam putting fools in chairs with wires strapped to them and leaving the power on and we will have a winner.

Brian Sleider on Jun 24, 2013


They could kidnap that singer he was body guarding in the first movie while she's on an international tour or something... But there was no need for any sequels at all.

Fidel Reyes on Jun 24, 2013


This is considerably disappointing to see. The second movie was garbage and really just a cash cow. The only hope they have for a movie worth seeing would be for him to be a consultant who gets drawn further into a kidnapping situation (outside of his own family). Outside of that, which is already a stretch for me, I hope they all die a miserable death if his family get's taken again... Pun not intended.... ๐Ÿ˜‰

John Waters on Jun 24, 2013


They are only making this one so they can make another sequel where Liam tries to go back to work and they believe he is too old to be an agent again and they call it Taken 4: Granted.

SkylerB619 on Jun 24, 2013


Bwahahahahaha good one!

Me Again on Jun 25, 2013


it is hard to say no to 20 million

truong18 on Jun 24, 2013


Nice movies But neccesary no!

Avi on Jun 24, 2013


it is definitely wanted. they are entertaining films like the Arnold films in the 90s. They had bad scripts, bad acting, but we love them. The Taken series has great acting, mediocre screenplays, and, yet, i find myself rewatching. neeson is that likeable

josh on Jun 24, 2013


The 2nd one was the the worst kind of cash in sequel. This reeks of the same. No thank you.

Brian Sleider on Jun 24, 2013


All of his 'skills' and his character still doesn't see a pattern yet. sheesh.

Nick Sears on Jun 24, 2013


Don't downgrade his abilities. It's not just 'skills' but a "particular set of skills" to be exact. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yoonmi on Jun 25, 2013


I won't hold my breath, but I think it could be redemption.

DAVIDPD on Jun 24, 2013


I dont mind as long as Oliver megatron isnt directing. He an awful director with no skill at all.

wayner on Jun 25, 2013


Maybe he wants to retire.

Carpola on Jun 25, 2013


This time they take his pension. I'm intrigued but not exactly excited!

Luke Hill on Jun 25, 2013


Sounds like Liam is the one who has Taken the producers to the bank this go around.

Michael Garza-Allen on Jun 25, 2013


Second one was beyond terrible. I don't know why they didn't just make him a human trafficking crusader or something. That could of opened up the story a bit more.

Jeff Metzger on Jun 25, 2013


The dog gets taken

Steven on Jun 25, 2013


Evaluating cinema based on whether or not a given movie is 'needed' is opening a messy can of worms. Of course this movie isn't 'needed', whatever connotation of 'necessary' you meant. Everyone is going to get what they want, though: Liam will get a nice fat check, the studio will undoubtedly make a profit even after writing said check, and anyone still interested enough in the franchise after #2 will get a hollow, though moderately entertaining, third installment. This isn't getting any Oscars. This isn't going to start some grand cultural discussion on human trafficking, or gun control, or dolphin hunting. Does that mean it shouldn't get made? If there's a market for a movie, it's warranted, and that's all anyone needs to know. If we're against 'unnecessary' movies then a solid 50% of Hollywood needs to be shut down, and I'd argue Michael Bay and the guys behind Human Centipede are far higher up on the 'unnecessary' totem pole.

Wafffles on Jun 25, 2013


Not the DOG!!!

DJROBL on Jun 25, 2013


Liam's newly purchased dog, woofie, is kidnapped by the local punk kids who keep pestering everyone at the old folks home.

jimmy joo joo shidabadoo on Jun 25, 2013


Why are you guys instantly hating this, there is many opportunities to go with this and to fix the abysmal Taken 2 which was a carbon copy of the first film. Why not for Taken 3 the film revolves around his job with secret intelligence. The President could get taken hostage or an important politician. As long as they leave his family life out of the film I think it would be better. We never have gotten to really exploring his own line of work, with Taken 3 there is the opportunity to do so with that. I am really interested in seeing where they take the franchise next.

Charlie Hard on Jun 25, 2013


damn hope liam does not turn out to be another tugg speedman. remember scorcher 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7. dem someone left the fridge open.

tetzumaru on Jun 25, 2013


Yep, money talks...

jet2.0 on Jun 25, 2013


No.. see .. this time, Bryan Mills will be the one doing the kidnapping! lol!

NeelJani on Jun 25, 2013


There was no reason for a first or second movie. Why are there so many Bond films? Why are there so many Bourne movies? The Bourne films are a poor man's Bond franchise. What's Taken? A poor man's Bourne franchise. A man with a special set of skills? How many movies have 'some guy who is ex-military' who's living with his family when someone comes out of the wood work to recruit them back or take their family hostage. There's a billion ways Taken 3 will go but I guarantee it won't be anything we haven't seen somewhere else.These types of movies are getting so boring and repetitive.

OriginalBryGuy on Jun 28, 2013


I'm looking forward to it. It's Liam Neeson being a bad-donkey!

marcarzt on Jun 29, 2013


i love the movies. whatever, they are good movies as long as they dont get taken AGAIN in the 3rd one, im good.

ash on Jul 11, 2013


I think this is a bit biased. If you watched the second one you could tell there was a need for one more. The movie itself set up for a sequel. How dumb can you get? instead of journalism maybe you guys should join drama club? after all your over dramatic responses is proof that you are nothing more than lousy jealous retards with nothing better to complain about. I hope this movie was a similar scenario and annoys you because I cannot wait to see you guys when the oscar for being the most dramatic journalists of all time. Get a real job like become a News Reporter you bunch of oafs.

oragami on Aug 3, 2013


I bet it is going to be a prequel when he was on Job

Daniel T Allen on Aug 5, 2013


this time we are going to kill liam neeson, he killed many albanians many family want the revenge, he is in deep shit ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜›

Enxh Destani on Nov 14, 2013

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