Lionsgate Distances Itself from Orson Scott Card with LGBT Support

July 13, 2013
Source: Deadline

Ender's Game Lionsgate

Lionsgate has released an official statement to distance itself from a growing issue related to the release of the Ender's Game adaptation this year. The sci-fi movie is being distributed by Summit, now owned by Lionsgate, who is responding to the recent rise of an online campaign and "Geeks Out" boycott of the movie because of the anti-gay personal views of author Orson Scott Card, who wrote the novel it's adapted from. It's a bold move to see Lionsgate responding in this way, but they're making the smartest decision possible and distancing themselves from Orson Scott Card's opinion, which really has no connection to this anyway. Their official statement pledges support of the LGBT community including announcing a benefit premiere.

Here's the full statement released from Lionsgate regarding Ender's Game, as found on Deadline:

"As proud longtime supporters of the LGBT community, champions of films ranging from Gods and Monsters to The Perks of Being a Wallflower and a company that is proud to have recognized same-sex unions and domestic partnerships within its employee benefits policies for many years, we obviously do not agree with the personal views of Orson Scott Card and those of the National Organization for Marriage. However, they are completely irrelevant to a discussion of Ender's Game. The simple fact is that neither the underlying book nor the film itself reflect these views in any way, shape or form. On the contrary, the film not only transports viewers to an entertaining and action-filled world, but it does so with positive and inspiring characters who ultimately deliver an ennobling and life-affirming message. Lionsgate will continue its longstanding commitment to the LGBT community by exploring new ways we can support LGBT causes and, as part of this ongoing process, will host a benefit premiere for Ender's Game."

I really hope this puts an end to the controversy once and for all. It's fine to complain about Orson Scott Card's personal opinion, but that shouldn't have any connection to the movie and shouldn't be a reason to boycott entertainment that isn't influenced by those views. Even Card himself spoke out on how the story has nothing to do with gay rights. This formal response is worth pointing out but hopefully it doesn't have to be addressed again. Catch the first trailer for Ender's Game, and check out their plans for Comic-Con 2013.

70 years after a horrific alien war, an unusually gifted child is sent to an advanced military school in space to prepare for a future invasion. Ender's Game, based on Orson Scott Card's beloved 1985 novel of the same name, is written & directed by Gavin Hood (Tsotsi, Rendition, X-Men Origins) produced by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci of K/O Paper Products. Asa Butterfield stars as Ender Wiggin, with Harrison Ford as Colonel Graff, plus Nonso Anozie, Moises Arias, Ben Kingsley, Hailee Steinfeld, Abigail Breslin and Viola Davis. Summit/Lionsgate will be releasing Ender's Game in theaters November 1st later this year.

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I have to agree, this whole boycott thing is beyond silly. Lionsgate shouldn't have to even justify themselves. I wish people weren't so concerned with being politically correct and would just try to be more tolerant.

DavideCoppola on Jul 13, 2013


Tolerant like Orson Scott Card? β€œLaws against homosexual behavior should remain on the books, not to be indiscriminately enforced against anyone who happens to be caught violating them, but to be used when necessary to send a clear message that those who flagrantly violate society's regulation of sexual behavior cannot be permitted to remain as acceptable, equal citizens within that society.” β€” Orson Scott Card Intolerance of intolerance is just self-respect, it's standing up to a bully who took the first swing.

earthlingdave on Jul 13, 2013


Bullies are allowed their opinions as well. He is not actually bulling anyone though. He is only stating his opinion. Or are you saying that we should force everyone to have the same opinion?

netizen24601 on Jul 14, 2013


Why do people not get this? He can have any opinion he wants. It's his right. BUT I can ALSO have my opinion and share it, just as he does. AND I can turn that opinion into action and suggest that people not support him.

earthlingdave on Jul 14, 2013


Which make you no better than him... just on the other side of the issue.

VoiceOfReason on Jul 14, 2013


Let's see: Card wants us gays in jail and compares us with pedophiles, and actively works with NOM to change legislature to make lives harder for gays. We say that we are not going to give a rich bigot with means any more money that he would very likely use to further his and his church's anti-gay agenda. You really feel that it's just a matter of two opposite opinions at play here?

kodekn on Jul 15, 2013


I think you're mistaking the oppressor and the oppressed. I am stunned by your statement. Card is working to limit the rights and freedoms of an entire class of people and has literally said they don't deserve to be equal citizens, and I'm saying there should be consquences for such statements and that those who would oppress people should be stopped by peaceful means. So...I'm no better than him?! Please do some research on this man before you say things like that. Not everything is so easily distilled to SIDE A and SIDE B and both are equal. In this case that's farcical. Some times there is right and there is wrong. No one should not be equal or unable to enjoy the full freedoms of citizenship.

earthlingdave on Jul 15, 2013


The way you are handling it is no better than the way he is handling it. There are countless innocent people who put their lively hood into making a good sci-fi movie. When I read the credits of all the individual attached to the movie I will think how you wanted to punish them and make their lives harded simply because they associated with OSC. That makes you no better than OSC. This move has nothing to do with the LGBT. OSC probably already got paid and the only people you are going to effect are the innocent people with the studio. Your hatred for OSC has blinded you to the people you are really going to hurt.

VoiceOfReason on Jul 16, 2013


Your value judgements differ from mine then. This is a movie. I'm not going to see the movie. I'm keeping my money in my pocket. How is that analogous to working tirelessly to limit the rights of fellow human beings and demonizing them every chance I get? Please answer that. I am making a small decision in a capitalist society to not throw money behind something. Also: every crew member of that film has already been paid regardless of the film's performance. Most people associated with a film do not get a share of residuals.

earthlingdave on Jul 16, 2013


Tell me how this movie demonizes anyone other than maybe the aliens from outer space. Again, you and the troops you are looking to rally against this movie are basing your actions against the actors, production studio, and LG on you personal feelings of something unrelated to the movie. If you said I hate sci-fi or Harrison Ford's acting then your reasons would have some substance behind them. But that's not what your saying. Your saying I want to string LG, HF, and everyone else up because of OSC.

VoiceOfReason on Jul 17, 2013


Haha, ok, sir. I think we're far apart on this issue. I'm surprised you can't see the opposing view of voting with your dollar (have you never done this?) but now I'm exhausted by the debate. Cheers!

earthlingdave on Jul 17, 2013


Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's a little different though, when you're a bully with the power of a multi-million dollar organization that can and will sway legislation.

Tony on Jul 14, 2013


How many people of different races, orientations, religions, or origins have dealt with discrimination that, at first, sounded like it came from an individual or group trying to make what appears to be a simple, but unsympathetic statement? And suddenly, it turned into a deadly action of malice and hate. We'd all love to pretend this can be ignored, but it can't. ORC's statement can become something worse and shouldn't be tolerated at all. Additionally, Lionsgate should respond. If they supported OSC's statement in any way they'd galvanize themselves against the audience they want for their film, which is EVERYONE. Yes, they want everyone's money, but Lionsgate is also a company that prides itself in employing people of all kinds of diverse backgrounds, beliefs and lifestyles. Their rebuttal statement isn't just against the author's bigotry because they might lose money on the film, it's also to protect the people they employ from feeling like Lionsgate doesn't care about them, which I know they do. If you look at the list of films Lionsgate has produced, it's as diverse as the good people who work for that studio. Like I tell my daughter, who is gay, "Every time a bigot opens their mouth you should always have something to say. Every. Time." I'm glad to see Lionsgate opened their mouth and had something to say against that crank, fanatic, extremist, zealot.

Quanah on Jul 13, 2013


Tolerance should go both ways on this.

Eric Wilson on Jul 14, 2013


Should a battered wife be tolerant of her bully husband? Should the oppressed be tolerant of their oppressors? When you stand up to vicious intolerance, you are not then being intolerant, you are displaying self-respect and courage. By your measure, Rosa Parks should have been more "tolerant" of those around her and just moved to the back of the bus.

earthlingdave on Jul 15, 2013


Ya but is Card going to benefit from the films success? Im not saying crucify the guy but I dont want to support him either.

Raymond Luxury Yacht on Jul 13, 2013


In most cases, we don't know unless we see his contract. Whether you go see it or not he already got paid. Now the movie will probably drive more people to buy his books which will benefit him as well. But the same can be said by just talking about him in the media.

netizen24601 on Jul 14, 2013


The food that Chick-fil-a cooks has nothing to do with gay rights, yet the bigots still lined up for their "buy-cot". No difference here.

Rick on Jul 13, 2013


Right, it has nothing to do with it. Thats why they had their buy cot. Because it was ridiculous that there was a boycott of food that has nothing to do with gay rights. Get it?

Al on Jul 14, 2013


I have to say, as a longtime fan of this blog, I'm really surprised at the dismissive attitude towards the boycott. I know the general feeling here is that its just a movie folks but by going to see this movie, I would be giving money to this man (even if its just a fraction of a penny), someone who currently sits on the board of NOM, arguably the largest anti-gay institution in the country. Even if I loved the book in my childhood, the feeling that this man would be taking my money to continue his fight to take away my rights is just repulsive.

Tony on Jul 13, 2013



Reznik on Jul 13, 2013


I fully support LGBT rights and disagree with Card and NOM, however that has absolutely nothing to do with the movie. It's not our job or position to analyze where money goes, especially when the company distributing the movie for profit supports the LGBT community and disagrees with Card. I'm sorry to hear you're upset, but the issues are completely separate - the movie is the movie and shouldn't be affected. There's nothing more to add - we don't support the boycott or Card or NOM, only the movie.

Alex Billington on Jul 13, 2013


I don't think there should be any call to support the boycott but neither is there a need to just turn your head and just hope it goes away. After all, does anyone really think this boycott will do anything to the millions that will go see it? Especially if Lionsgate can turn this controversy into some really good buzz this coming week at Comic-Con? I think what's really needed is just to take this controversy as an opportunity to have a open and frank discussion about OSC, his recent plea for "tolerance" (do the intolerant have any grounds to demand they be tolerated?), and the ethics of movie profits taken for possible political gain. In the end, this movie will do fine, OSC will reap the benefits especially in the wake of his EW statement, and he will go on to continue shunting the profits into his organization. SIGH

Tony on Jul 13, 2013


It most certainly does have to do with the movie. Specifically the performance at the box office. I work hard for my money and I do care where it goes. Especially when the path from my pocket to the pocket of a hate group like NOM is very easy to trace.

Tim on Jul 13, 2013


Sorry, but it was the movie's studio's money they went to card. Not yours.

netizen24601 on Jul 14, 2013


Not if Card is getting part of the back end, which I am assuming he does until I hear otherwise. And if the movie is successful, Lionsgate or others will purchase options giving him even more cash.

Tim on Jul 14, 2013


Think of all the people who worked on the film, Lionsgate specifically, who donate to LGBT groups and ask who is going to lose more funding from a boycott? Its going to be the LGBT groups.. Especially because Card doesn't stand to gain much movie from his deal with Lionsgate.

Al on Jul 14, 2013


How does that work? Card is a producer and likely is getting some of the back end (the fact that the PR move by Lionsgate ignores this makes it even more likely). The crew that worked on the film have already been paid. And if this flops, no one will be paying Card to option any more of his books. Therefore, he and NOM become the big losers if this movie underperforms.

Tim on Jul 14, 2013


It works because of other producers/ Lionsgate who stand to profit more then Card. That fact may make it hard for you to get bent of shape, but just because you don't like it doesn't mean its not true.

Al on Jul 14, 2013


Who cares if others get more, it is about Card getting any cash to use for his discriminatory activities.

Tim on Jul 14, 2013


Of course they're not separate. In a recent interview, Quenten Tarantino talked about how he wouldn't go see any movie where animals were actually harmed--no matter how well-made. A movie is not separate from the politics and morals of those who have created it. This movie is the product of the same mind that wanted gays to be forever criminals before largely unenforced laws in order to keep them in their place, that advocated the overthrow of the government should it sanction same-sex marriage, that gave of his time and money and fame to limit the human rights of other citizens.

chiMaxx on Jul 22, 2013


I agree. My rights are being played with by the NOM and I won't have it.

Jordan Petersen on Jul 13, 2013


Actually in most cases you wont. Most writers do not get residuals from movies. The movie studio buys the rights to the material and then makes a movie. Now perhaps he secured residual rights or something on the backend for the material, but we wont know that until someone tells us what his contract says. And I definitely wont rob the hundreds of other people that are getting paid to make this movie and don't agree with Card just because one guy believes something. Seriously? You would hurt those that just want to make a movie because one guy has an opinion you don't agree with?

netizen24601 on Jul 14, 2013


Ok realistically me not going to see this movie is not going to hurt anyone. And this boycott isn't going to do much, since yesterday they had only like 2000 pledges, a minor dent in the millions that will pay to see this movie. The way I see it is its all about bringing awareness to the public and creating an open dialogue, which has already actually happened in some respects. And this is really about the ethical and moral issue of giving my own money to someone who is actively fighting to take away my rights, and in many states have already done so quite successfully. Is it really that hard to understand why I just can't pay for a movie ticket that is (in the most minuscule way possible) an act of support? And the worst thing is I want to see this movie SO SO BAD! And to the 667 people in the credits of the movie, I imagine they have already been paid for their work so would they really suffer if I didn't go? And make no mistake, OSC is benefiting immensely from this movie. You're right we don't know the contracts but all the new merchandise and reprints of all his books and the newly issued movie edition of the graphic novel, not to mention any sequels that could happen, is just money lining his pockets. His horrible, bigoted pockets.

Tony on Jul 14, 2013



disqus_esEaZ2gvYy on Jul 15, 2013


boo, Lionsgate sold out.

don bueno on Jul 13, 2013


Like with any sort of situation like this it's basically just people trying to get attention and free stuff. There always has to be a movement whether it's religion, sexual orientation, political, racial views, etc... People like this always find some sort of thing to judge a work in entertainment and in the end get some sort of compensation, like you said Alex they should have only gone against OSC not the film itself as it is based on a wonderfully made sci-fi adventure with great characters.

Fidel Reyes on Jul 13, 2013


I know the guys behind Geeks OUT and I can sincerely say you are quite wrong about this. Their intentions are nothing but positive. They are simply asking you not to give money to an extreme right-wing bigot. They are saying anyone who works hard for their money and supports LGBT equality should think twice about indirectly funding hate groups like the National Organization for Marriage (Card is a board member). Vote with your dollar.

earthlingdave on Jul 13, 2013


Any money that he gets from a ticket, he'll just be wasting if he in fact puts it into his organization. The trend in the US is changing too fast for these groups to do more than flail now. A lot of people worked hard on this film, and if it's good, then it deserves a good audience. It won't be the first or last time some rich idiot gets richer from people buying movie tickets.

OfficialJab on Jul 13, 2013


What a shame when an author, most of whose books are very creative, engaging, and you admire.......turns out to be a total IDIOT, and a 'holier-than-thou' person. Kind of like Ben Carson, the protagonist of GIFTED HANDS.....who turns out to be, perhaps a great surgeon, but a wanna-be politician and a fundamentalist IDIOT!!!!!

needlewoman101 on Jul 13, 2013


Lgbt community should focus their attention on boycotting the muslim world and their products cause they will actually kill you if your found to be gay, o but that would be to hard, so lets bash a childrens film. Prioritys.

Happy camper on Jul 13, 2013


The film is not a children's story.

RMerriam on Jul 13, 2013


Depends on your definition of a children's story. It is about Children so in a way it is a children's story. It is written for a "young adult" audience which many people still consider children so in that case it is a children's story.

netizen24601 on Jul 14, 2013


I cannot imagine many children who could understand the reference to Locke and Demosthenes. The original short story appeared in Analog which is an adult SF magazine.

RMerriam on Jul 14, 2013


I cannot imagine many children who could understand the reference to Gay and Straight. They originaly came from a heterosexual encounter which is an adult activity.

DontGiveMeThat on Jul 14, 2013


LOL. I like that they are doing this, but hate that they have to do it. Card is an ass.

DAVIDPD on Jul 13, 2013


Good. Orson Scott Card is actually quite effectively a douche. Forgive my language, but I can't really find any other term for him.

Jordan Petersen on Jul 13, 2013


Alex, I couldn't disagree more. You may not connect the dots on this, but, as a gay man, I will not line the pockets of Card or his supporters. We vote with our dollars and his opinions are beyond foul. This is not just a polite disagreement, this is a man who thinks gay sex should be illegal and that gays have no right to equal footing in our society. Lionsgate has already given this man millions and I refuse to play a part in sequels, merchandising, and any other avenue that will funnel my money into his pockets or the National Organization for Marriage.

earthlingdave on Jul 13, 2013


Not everyone is going to be on your side. I love the remake of "The Producers" but not everyone agrees...hell some even claim I'm an idiot for liking it. I just accept it and move on...I even re-watch the movie. Card's opinion is very unpopular but he has a right to express himself as do you.

Xerxexx on Jul 14, 2013


Nobody is saying he shouldn't have the right to express himself. This issue is that he's getting money from every dollar spent on his intellectual property that will go to funding his insane, archaic, hate groups. This guy isn't even border line, he's full-on batshit crazy about his agenda (which he fully has the right to express). Sadly, in our society one of the only ways an individual can make a difference and impact an issue is with you dollar.

Matt on Jul 14, 2013


He's always been getting money. Every copy sold of Enders Game is gold for him.

Xerxexx on Jul 14, 2013


And that is your right. Just hope you never get lumped in and deprived of money because someone you do not know but happens to work at your company decides that since a small portion of your company's money goes to that person you yourself do not deserve any either.

netizen24601 on Jul 14, 2013


I would take responsibility for my choices if I ever decided to collaborate with an extreme and hateful bigot who has been making outrageous statements for 30 years and has a long history of actively trying to destroy the lives of LGBT people.

earthlingdave on Jul 14, 2013


What a society we live in, so busy fighting each other over trivial bullshit.

Cody W on Jul 13, 2013


Xerxexx on Jul 14, 2013


Boring. I'm sure not many gays were offended...mostly straight people getting offended for them. People only care about Card now that one of the best sci-fi novels is being adapted into which looks like a lackluster film, judging by the trailers. Card has been a staunch opponent of homosexuals for a very long time...and that is his opinion doesn't mean people have to like it, or accept it. Lionsgate is overreaching with this move, its unnecessary and...boring.

Xerxexx on Jul 13, 2013


I don't suppose any of you have heard about something called separating art and the artist?

Bruno S. on Jul 14, 2013


As a conservative I do it every time I listen to Dave Matthews or watch Matt Damon. As an actor I love Matt Damon, but I disagree with his politics. It doesn't mean I need to boycott his films...

hawk99 on Jul 15, 2013


You don't need to boycott his films, but I wouldn't get mad at you if you chose to exercise this option. If you, and many others, boycotted the next Bourne film, I wouldn't get upset at you. It's your choice and how you choose to express your opinion. Likewise, there is no need for anyone to be upset at those who choose to express their opinions by not purchasing a ticket to see this movie.

giumri on Jul 18, 2013


I'm not mad about it, I just think it's silly. Especially when you consider that what OSC makes from the film is a small part of what everyone else involved gets, and the book/movie itself has nothing to do with LGBT rights. And we don't even know what OSC makes, maybe they already paid him for it and he doesn't benefit from sales.

hawk99 on Jul 18, 2013


I love how the LGBT communities respond to people whose opinions differ from theirs. "Oh you don't agree? Well then, we're going to destroy your life, business, and standing till you do."

Eric Wilson on Jul 14, 2013


So you blame the victim, huh? No one is being violent towards OSC, we're simply using free speech to say don't give this foul bigot your money. And while we're talking about destroying lives, let's talk about the LGBT institutionalized bigotry that has limited our rights, made gay sex illegal in some states, denied us federal benefits or security, fueled hate crimes and young teen suicides (the most at risk demographic), not to mention used religion as a weapon to bludgeon gays and destroy otherwise decent families who cast out gay children.

earthlingdave on Jul 14, 2013


Blame the victim? Being gay should not make one a victim. Don't see the movie and you win, let others see it if they wish. The movie looks like a dud anyways. If you are gay then more power to you, just don't expect everyone to agree with you. Some religious people are very accepting of gays...not everyone will be though...but do you need everyone to be on your side? Fight for your rights, by all means its the American way...just get ready for some opposition.

Xerxexx on Jul 14, 2013


Believe me, I'm well aware that not everyone "agrees" with me, but when their disagreement, as is the case with Card, is that I do not deserve to be an equal member of human society, I tend to get a little touchy. I'm used to opposition, shouldn't they get used to it to? If you just flip your argument it seems like we agree

earthlingdave on Jul 14, 2013


Everyone has an opinion. Card shares his, you share yours, I share mine. Best thing about opinions is that you, card and myself can ignore one another.

Xerxexx on Jul 14, 2013


A lot of people involved in the industry aren't "good" people. Roman Polanski is a rapist but people separate that from his movies. Alec Baldwin, need I go down the list of the things he's done? People still enjoy his acting. Even Mel Gibson has been given a 2nd or 3rd (hard to keep track) chance. The difference is Orson Scott Card is so unapologetic about his beliefs that it's hard to overlook them. So people go nuts and boycott a movie to make themselves feel like they are actually doing something. To hurt one man (who only wrote the book it's based off) they will try to burn an entire movie? Seems sort of silly.

germss on Jul 14, 2013


You do understand that very likely the money Card gets from this, and from the possible sequels, will partly go to fund anti-gay work of NOM and possibly other anti-gay organizations Card is supporting. Pretty sure quite a lot of the money will go to mormon church. You can call people boycotting Card and this film silly, but for many people it is a question of human rights, and even in some cases even a question of staying alive since Card likes to make gays look disgusting and in that way promotes violence against gays. Apparently straight white males, who have never felt that they are a minority in danger, seem to have real trouble understanding what Card's actions are doing to gay rights. But not liking the boycott is of course everyone's choice, just as boycotting Card is my choice. I've seen enough bullies in my life to give a cent to an asshole like Card.

kodekn on Jul 15, 2013


Fair enough on the money part. I was under the impression that he got his lump sum, probably a long time ago, when he sold the rights to the series. I can't blame you for not wanting to support the movie. But a organized boycott has a Streisand effect. It might bring more people into the theater 1) to see what the fuss is about, and 2) to counter act the boycott so they can see the sequels to their favorite book series. Because of this boycott I've heard more from Card than I had in the previous five years. His message is getting out there.

germss on Jul 15, 2013


I think the important thing is to let everyone know what Card has said and where the money he gets from the film is going to, at least partly. Not all people will care, but many people will. Let's not forget that DC Comics put Card's Superman on hold because of the backlash. It's hard to say what the effect on Ender's Game will finally be because it's very expensive movie and Lionsgate will do anything to make the movie open big. And of course lot of people seem to really like Ender-books, and many of them, who don't necessarily share Card's anti-gay views, just try to separate the writer from his works. Of course whether the film will be a success depends probably mostly on the quality of the film, and I doubt the audiences around the world will even know about Card. But at least now many people are exposed to what he is like, and what Lionsgate is like when dealing with people like him when trying to make money.

kodekn on Jul 15, 2013


Good points. It's just a shame that Card has to be involved at all because none of his viewpoints are present in the book. Too bad Lionsgate didn't cut him out from the start, and not just when they feared losing some money.

germss on Jul 15, 2013


If you only see movies where you agree with all the views of the writer, producer, and director you will never be seeing any movies.

frank on Jul 14, 2013


When I watch a film, read a book, buy a comic, whatever, I just want to be entertained. I could not care less about the politics of the creators. I can't remember a single instance when I picked up a book in the bookstore or stood before a poster in the lobby of a theatre and thought to myself "do the thoughts/ideals/politics of the creative person behind this coincide with mine?" My thoughts are always about the entertainment value. Get over yourselves.

Sparticus on Jul 14, 2013


Considering Card's track record of decades of rabid gay hate I'm fairly certain that he's going to use his newfound Hollywood fame to further his causes of trying to worsen the lives of gay people. Now, before the film opens, he's trying to represent himself as moderate person, but I can bet that after the film has opened, and especially if it's successful, he's going to try to affect much more bigger masses that he ever had earlier the chance to be in contact with. And of course on the money front he's going to get millions and millions if there are sequels. Because he's a producer in Ender's Game he'll possibly get percentage of the profits, too. So the boycott does really matter. I'm also fully aware that many people don't care about gay rights, and some people don't understand, or pretend they don't understand, how boycotting this film affects Card and NOM. But for people who are gay or understand what equality of human beings mean it's important that a virulent homophobe, who has e.g. through NOM tried to change laws to make life more difficult for gays, should not get more funds to further his hate spreading. Because part of his money from the film(s) will go to that.

kodekn on Jul 14, 2013


boycotting a film because of the authors opinion is foolish! Orson Scott Card already got paid. Boycotting the film just ensures that the hard people who actually worked to bring a FANTASTIC story to life get screwed! WHO CARES what the authors personal beliefs are! If you dig into the personal beliefs of every author who writes your favorite books, shows and movies I GUARANTEE you can find something you don't like! It is just a terrible concept in general! Everyone is entitled to personal opinion. RESPECT that. You don't have to agree, but we can RESPECT our differences!

Ammon Anderson on Jul 15, 2013


I don't really understand why people keep saying that boycotting the movie will somehow screw the other people who were making the film. Didn't they get paid for their work during the film making? Yes they did. It's also nice that many people demand respect to Card's views now but don't seem to give a damn about the hurt people who Card has offended feel. This boycott is a reaction to his spreading of hate, and a reaction to NOM's attempts to make gay people's life harder in real life through trying to change the laws.

kodekn on Jul 15, 2013


The reason people want to boycott is not because the story's message is bad - it's a lovely story - but because this puts money in his pocket. I want Orson Scott Card, and people like him, to be anathema. I want the entertainment and comic industry to think loooong and hard before they even think to approach him. This isn't a matter of "political correctness". This is survival.

disqus_esEaZ2gvYy on Jul 15, 2013


Authors receive only a one-time payment for licensing their rights. Card has made all the money he will ever make from this film. By boycotting it, you are now only hurting the income of the actors, crew, and producers who created it.

Bryan Beus on Nov 1, 2013


The boycott is not over "his personal opinion." If someone was dishing dirt about a few random comments he had made at a few dinner parties, I'd be right there with you. His was open and continuous public political activism. He wrote and published articles arguing that gay sexuality should forever be kept as criminal before the law in order to keep gays in their place. In an interview in Slate he said that considering gay rights to be human rights was delusional. He published articles calling his opponents on the same-sex marriage issue his "mortal enemies" and advocated the overthrow of the US government should the rights of gays to marry be upheld. He gave the weight of his money, his time, and his name--all things earned through the sales of his books--to this cause by joining the board of the National Organization for Marriage. So of course his active, public, political views are relevant to his work, and vice versa. Let him go cry on the shoulders of The Dixie Chicks.

chiMaxx on Jul 22, 2013


I am going to boycott it for now. When Card dies, provided any further backend benefits no longer go to NOM, I'll get out a copy and watch it so that the non-homophobic people involved can get some money out of it. πŸ™‚

JJFDJ on Jul 28, 2013

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