Lucasfilm 'Postponing' Remaining 3D 'Star Wars' Prequel Re-Releases

January 28, 2013
Source: Deadline

Star Wars Prequels 3D

Hooray! Wait, I shouldn't be cheering? A few years back, before we had any idea there would be more Star Wars movies on the way, the biggest news was that Lucasfilm and George Lucas would be converting the entire saga (all six movies) into 3D. The original re-release pattern was supposed to be one every year for six years, starting with Episode I: The Phantom Menace in February of 2012. While that first film got a modest 3D re-release and did fairly well at the box office ($102M worldwide), Lucasfilm has cancelled the other 3D re-releases to focus solely on "rebooting the franchise" with Bad Robot's J.J. Abrams at the helm.

The news was reported by Deadline, where they say that "Lucasfilm's promotional partners" are telling them that the studio is cancelling the prequel 3D re-releases to "focus only on 'rebooting the franchise' with three new Star Wars films." Sounds good to me, I have nothing to complain about here. Heck, I didn't even see The Phantom Menace in 3D because I didn't really care about it, Star Wars movies have always been in plain ole 2D for me. That's how I first saw them and that's how I remember them. Episodes II & III, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, had been scheduled for release this September/October, but are being pulled from the release calendar as we wait for J.J. and Lucasfilm to begin pre-production on Episode VII.

Personally, I'm happy to hear this news. Converting old(er) movies to 3D doesn't really appeal to me, I think it's a fad that may continue for now but not forever, and it's better that they leave these prequels untouched and forgotten. We have three new Star Wars movies coming up, which is much more exciting than any 3D conversion! Though they do not say if the original trilogy will still be getting its 3D re-release in a few years.

Update: While the original report from Deadline claims these prequel 3D re-releases are being cancelled, the report on states they're "postponed" instead. So just delayed? I'm guessing that's their safe word to use so they can bring these back in 2020 many years down the line, and not cancel all of the 3D re-release plans forever (they've probably spent millions doing the conversion on Episodes II & III already). The news states: "Lucasfilm has decided to postpone this fall's scheduled release of Star Wars Episodes II and III in 3D… [To] focus 100 percent of our efforts on Star Wars: Episode VII in order to ensure the best possible experience for our fans." With "further information about our 3D release plans at a later date."

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It may not appeal to you, but it's pretty juvenile and spiteful to want others to be deprived of something they might enjoy...just because your panties get in a wad over 3D.

Jim on Jan 28, 2013


Wait - just because my panties do (or don't?) get in a wad over 3D, it means what? Have you really enjoyed these 3D experiences? Please, explain why it's such a revelation and so important for the Star Wars prequels to get converted to 3D. I'm allowed to have an opinion just as you are.

Alex Billington on Jan 28, 2013


... I despise 3D in general, but I was looking forward to see all six Star Wars films in a theater again. I don't really care for a Disneyfied version of Star Wars, so I was excited for the six original films... oh well, I guess I'll have to wait...

Yahzee on Jan 28, 2013


Same here. To hell with 3D, but seeing these films in the theater is a damn fine experience.

grimjob on Jan 28, 2013


As a fan of the series who has ONLY seen Revenge of the Sith in theateres, I concur. I can only imagine how the midnight showings for the prequels and the releases for the original trilogy were like... God I missed out...

LosZombies on Jan 28, 2013


What's up Zombies? Haven't heard from you in awhile. I've seen the prequels in the theater, but not the originals. I missed out when they were re-released, so I'd LOVE to see those on the big screen!

grimjob on Jan 29, 2013


Grim! Whats up bruh! 😀 Ya, been busy with the dayjob, you know how it is. Anyways, ya, 3D or not, I just wanted to experience Star Wars in theaters. Weeellp, looks like I gotta wait till the new ones come out :l

LosZombies on Jan 30, 2013


3D won't go away. BoxOffice says it's alive and doing very well. As expected, they pulled the other 5 conversions, otherwise it would have been crowded with Star Wars movies next 10 years....but it will be crowded anyhow, as they will release 1 new Star Wars movie every two years(or every year, depending on if you listen to Kathleen or Bob). I still see room for the conversions, as you mention Episode II and III were planned for a release this fall? I don't really care if they will be in 3D or not, but I might have gone and seen Episode III, as I have a feeling this one would "convert best", due to the heavy use of CGI. Strange this is, I have heard that Episode I looked better now, in 3D. Hmmm, dunno about that one. Anyhow, when did you add the 3D versions' release dates for this September/October to your list? I thought Episode II came out this spring or next spring; that that was the (original)plan?

David Banner on Jan 28, 2013


Haha, found it out second after I posted above: 'Star Wars' Episodes II & III Coming in 3D Back-to-Back in Late 2013 by Alex Billington August 26, 2012 Just click the link, see the list, then click the movie in the list(if highlighted) 😉

David Banner on Jan 28, 2013


Just because you don't like it and it doesn't make you squee doesn't mean someone else won't. You really don't understand that concept? I haven't seen the 3D conversion. I bet my kids would love it. But Alex says it's a travesty, so NO ONE can have them. Is that it? I fail to see how a 3D re-release of the Star Wars prequels affects your life in any way. But then, I'm not hopelessly lost in fantasy world, either.

Jim on Jan 29, 2013


Personally, I thought the 3D conversion of EP.1 was the best 3D film I had seen at the time. Before it, I HATED watching 3D movies, and even now don't watch very many. Outside of The Hobbit which was shot at a higher frame rate and filmed for 3D, most just don't catch my eye. I was so excited to hear that I could see a Star Wars movie in theaters every year until the 7th movie came out (which I predicted as soon as the 3D was announced). I'm absolutely crushed to know it's not happening. As a minority SW fan, I love all 6 movies, pretty much equally. Nostalgia blinds people to the flaws of the original and highlights the flaws of the prequel. Sad too, I love Star Wars but have no one to talk about it with. xD

Juston Spradling on Jan 31, 2013


Thank you lord.

Ben on Jan 28, 2013


... does it affect you? You don't like don't watch, it's not as if someone is forcing you to spend money on movies you don't care for...

Yahzee on Jan 28, 2013


I'm on board with this as long as they actually take the time to make Star Wars what it was and what it can still be. I know that in this day and age CGI is a huge deal in Hollywood but I hope JJ Abrams finds different ways to incorporate the essence of the old movies without ruining the new story with CGI. That was a huge concern for me with the new Trilogy, it was nothing but CGI and bad story telling. Oh God and I hope we don't see a JarJar like character in the new movies. That's my two sense and I wish JJ all the best. I have faith in his rebooting skills but this will change his career one way or another.

blkstar on Jan 28, 2013


3D needs to take a back seat and let the true spirit of cinema reign in 2D.

Marcus on Jan 28, 2013


Well said.

grimjob on Jan 28, 2013


Episode 1 was converted beautifully. They took their time with it and the podrace was a stand out moment in the medium of 3D conversion. I was really looking forward to episode III in 3D.

Kento on Jan 28, 2013


It's an easy choice. Would you rather have Lucasfilm spend their resources on converting existing movies we've seen a dozen times to an already tired and gimmick version (3d), or work on a brand new fucking Star Wars movie? Exactly.

solarshock on Jan 28, 2013


even if I am not a big fan of 3D movies i was really hoping to see the original trilogy play in 3D before the new movies, because seeing Luke in his X-Wing trying to destroy the death star in 3D is a pretty awesome thing for me.

luis on Jan 28, 2013


JUST BECAUSE Disney hasn't had a lot of success with their 3D re-releases beyond The Lion King. Newsflash: People won't just go see ANY hit film again in theaters. So stuff like Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo, and Monster's Inc. aren't smart moves. Established CLASSICS like The Lion King, Titanic, Jurassic Park, and Star Wars ARE slam dunks. They should have committed to this.

Chris Groves on Jan 28, 2013


No thank you. 3-D is already annoying and if all six are in then no way would I subject myself to the altered versions.

Xerxexx on Jan 28, 2013


There's nothing glorious about 3D.

capitandelespacio on Jan 29, 2013


Am I the only one who read the words *rebooting the franchise* and totally freak out?

capitandelespacio on Jan 29, 2013


"rebooting the franchise"....fuck those were poorly chosen words...

David Banner on Jan 29, 2013


Addendum: It's Bob Iger's words.

David Banner on Feb 2, 2013


As much as I dislike JJ, I'd rather watch a Disney Episode VII than see any of those terrible prequels again.

castingcouch on Jan 29, 2013


Man, from most of the comments you'd think people were FORCED to see the films in 3D! It was released as a treat for those who really wanted to catch these films in a new and inventive way. 3D has come quite a ways in the past year especially. I loved the release of Ep.1, and was so excited for the remaining 5. Bummer.

Juston Spradling on Jan 31, 2013

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