M. Night Shyamalan Says 'Unbreakable' Sequel Still 'Getting Closer'

May 30, 2013
Source: Huffington Post


Back in September of 2010, it sounded like chances of seeing a sequel to M. Night Shyamalan's sophomore effort Unbreakable went out the window. At the time, the director said, "I cannibalized the idea for the sequel to Unbreakable for one of the Night Chronicles." The series of films kicked off with Devil, but there hasn't been talk of any follow-ups. Anyway, the idea was a villain originally written to appear in Unbreakable, but ended up being saved for the second film, and then supposedly repurposed for a future standalone project. But now Shyamalan says an Unbreakable sequel is "getting closer" to becoming a reality.

In an interview at Huffington Post, Shyamalan talks about the difficulty of the sequel before giving some hope, "It's a harder one for me because -- it's getting closer, by the way." But that sounds like something we've been hearing for years. But Shyamalan explains why it's been held up. The director explained that each of his movies provides some sort of therapy for himself, and the issue with an Unbreakable sequel seems to be that it would merely be fun. Shyamalan says, "'It's such a fun thing' is squashing my ability to find the thing that's connecting me with it. Does that make sense? So, I don't feel like I did it for agenda reasons. So, slowly I'm getting a story in my head that I feel like is able to tell what I'm feeling right now."

Basically, it sounds like Shyamalan isn't making the film because he has an agenda to please fans or duplicate the success of the previous film, but he's trying to find some sort of personal connection to the story. Shyamalan says, "The story of a guy who kind of wakes up with a little gray feeling in the morning, I love that character. It's something that I feel and I want to talk more about that character." Fans of that first film have certainly been waiting to see what the follow-up would bring for Bruce Willis, so here's hoping we actually find out in the next few years. Do you still want an Unbreakable sequel?

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Shyamalan is a good story guy, so maybe he should be a writer and get a 'directing guy' to handle his films for him.

OfficialJab on May 30, 2013


I agree fully I feel like he over achieves and if he just stuck to writing his ideas and stories they could blossom fuller.

N. on May 30, 2013


I would say he is a great director but a flawed egomaniac writer,

Spirre on May 31, 2013


I would definitely not consider him a great director. He just has no capability to coax serviceable performances out of great actors. It's like there's a clause in their contracts for his films that they have to be terrible. His films have pretty creative stories, at least in my experience. Shame that everybody pretty much spends the whole moves trying to guess twists because that's his shtick now.

OfficialJab on May 31, 2013


M. Night's career has been going down the drain after Signs. I've lost hope in him, even now After Earth (which looks and sounds good) is getting very negative reviews. Not surprised.

nate on May 30, 2013


I want a sequel to The Happening. Or Seventh Sense.

-_- on May 30, 2013


Good one.

DAVIDPD on May 30, 2013


No way this happens.

DAVIDPD on May 30, 2013


Yeah I doubt it as well

N. on May 30, 2013


the dude says this every time he releases a new turd.. will never happen

Tester on May 30, 2013


he is only saying this so that fans will swallow another pile of crap movie he directed hoping a good one is just around the corner.

joecartoon22 on May 30, 2013


I see dead careers.

lerryjee on May 30, 2013


I actually enjoy his films very much the concepts and stories he comes up with are awesome however I've always felt that he doesn't properly use dialogue in his films and sometimes the actors and the overall film suffers because of it. "The Happening" "Last Airbender" and "Lady in the water" are all good examples even though personally all his films seem to have that issue even the great ones. I'm still holding out for his career to boost back but it appears it may never happen and his films will just steadily continue to go downhill. I hope I'm wrong though but it doesn't look like there will be an Unbreakable 2 anytime soon and his talent will continue to suffer as well as his films.

N. on May 30, 2013


How about we give the reins to some one who is M.Night.

Brian Sleider on May 30, 2013


Who cares? People are too focused on Avengers sequel and Superman that will give greenlight to Justice League to even care about a villain no one knows about.

BinaryChaos on May 30, 2013


I care. Unbreakable was a great film and a different approach to your typical superhero movie. I thought it was very unique and very well filmed. It's too bad to see what has become of M. Night. Alex himself tweeted that After Earth is indeed horrible.

Sascha Dikiciyan on May 30, 2013


Shyamalan is a one hit wonder. He uses the same story structure over and over again. When he has to deviate then it becomes painfully apparent he is terrible at directing. Last Air Bender is a prime example.

Breakable on May 30, 2013


A sequel to unbreakable would be great, but not if its done by m knight shamalamadingdong.

Jimmy Love on May 30, 2013


YES! Unbreakable is my favorite of his films, but I'm on his side with this one. Look at The Last Airbender it wasn't very good and you could tell it was because Shyamalan wasn't personally connected. If he's going to make an Unbreakable sequel, I say let him do it when he feels the time is right, because then it would be just as good as the first one.

RobotProphet on May 31, 2013


I can't understand where the difficulty is coming from. Unbreakable is a great start, but the story is far from complete. He doesn't even need to add a new arch enemy - Mr. Glass was perfrct, he just needs to add some muscle ... i.e. hemchmen

Stevek on Dec 28, 2013

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