Magneto & Xavier on First Two 'Days of Future Past' Teaser Posters

July 22, 2013

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Time to make history. The X-Men are going to unite to defeat evil and fight a war before it even begins. With the very big reveal of Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past at Comic-Con this past weekend, fans have been abuzz about all things X-Men, both the old and new generation. To top off all that we've seen so far, including a sentinel head and propaganda posters for Trask Industries, the very first two official posters have been unveiled, and they're awesome. They show both actors as one character, Magneto and Professor X, intertwined within a big colored X. I love the look of these. And it's only just the start of their marketing.

Here are the two teaser posters, first debuted on Now available in high def via

Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy as Charles Xavier / Professor X:
X-Men Days of Future Past Teaser Poster - Professor X

Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender as Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto:
X-Men Days of Future Past Teaser Poster - Magneto

X-Men: Days of Future Past is directed by Bryan Singer and written by Matthew Vaughn and Simon Kinberg. The sequel features cast members from the original X-Men franchise like Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore and Daniel Cudmore along with X-Men: First Class cast members like James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, and Michael Fassbender. New cast members include Omar Sy, Peter Dinklage, Fan Bingbing and Boo Boo Stewart. It's a crowded cast, so stay tuned for any further updates, especially from Bryan Singer on Twitter. 20th Century Fox has Days of Future Past set for release May 23rd next summer. Watch the full Comic-Con panel here.

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Not a fan.

Brian Sleider on Jul 22, 2013


You're right, those are posters not fans.

axalon on Jul 22, 2013


Very true. That doesn't change my opinion of them though.

Brian Sleider on Jul 22, 2013


Why so critical my friend? It's just a poster.

Hisonni Johnson on Jul 22, 2013


What, because it is just a poster I cannot dislike it? I do not like looking at them. I think its an ok idea but I just do not think they look good.

Brian Sleider on Jul 22, 2013


To go out of your way to dislike something seems to embody the opposite sentiment one should approach anything with... Or at least I thought positivity was a something people aspired toward.

Hisonni Johnson on Jul 22, 2013


What the shit are you talking about, its a movie poster that I think looks shitty. Nothing more nothing less.

Brian Sleider on Jul 22, 2013


Nevermind sir. I'd be wasting my time lol.

Hisonni Johnson on Jul 22, 2013


You already wasted your time by implying that I am not allowed to dislike something. Now you have no way to back up your assertion so you bow out? Maybe I got trolled. If so good troll sir /hat tip.

Brian Sleider on Jul 22, 2013


In Hisonnis defense this dude usually doesnt approve of anything.

Cody W on Jul 22, 2013


I approve of many things, But yes I am one of the more hard to please people that comes around these part.

Brian Sleider on Jul 22, 2013


People should strive towards NEUTRAL, UNBIASED approach to anything .Why ? The best way to get a true sense of anything,imho. Positivity tends to ignore sometimes fatal flaws and possible deadly traps.It's not a very good strategy and not a sensible way to go through life.To exaggerate,it's like being on drugs all the time. Is that fun ? Sure.Sensible ? Few would think that. It is a very good marketing tool though. Just look at all the junk media that gets sold by the millions like "The Secret " and other feel-good bullshit which deludes the reader and fills the pockets of "snake oil salesman". And that's just a very obvious example. Positivity may be a good motivational technique when you are trying to get yourself to do something but it's not a very good way to approach anything else.Clouds the judgement.Just like negativity.

lemme butt in on Jul 22, 2013


What??? Being positive or negative can cloud your judgment? What religion are you in? Being delusional clouds your judgment if anything.

BinaryChaos on Jul 23, 2013


O.k.So tell me what constitutes being delusional? Don't you agree that being positive makes you dismissive towards negative aspects of reality ,as in "thinking positive thoughts and focusing only on the positive makes the bad things disappear " mentality ? How is that not delusional ? Negativity is mostly rooted in an emotional response ,"things I don't like are happening to me therefore everything sucks". Not really "unclouded "judgement ,right ? Both outlooks make you filter out "undesired" information which can lead to impaired judgement,right? I am not saying people are supposed to be emotionless robots,but trying to be positive all the time no matter what is a bit simplistic approach to life and actually pretty narrow minded if you really think about it. But please, enlighten me,maybe I am a completely wrong.

lemme butt in on Jul 23, 2013


Jeeeez......ppl on here need to relaxx....!! Im sure we all have our freedom to think and say our opinions.......or mayb we are still living in the past..?!? And btw....these posters is somthing new......which is why i kinda like it.

Morph on Jul 23, 2013


I love them!

N. on Jul 22, 2013


oooh these are pretty sweet!

fem!anon on Jul 22, 2013


Must.Not.Be.Excited. Reminds self, this is a Fox production.

Simon on Jul 22, 2013


Better than Marvel production

dawko on Jul 22, 2013


Ave you seen either of the Fantastic Four movies? Or for that matter, Daredevil, Elektra, or X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Even X3 is on shaky ground in comparison to Marvel's movies.

Phillip Gockel on Jul 22, 2013


Have you seen Iron Man 2/3? Captain America?...all mediocre movies...where First Class and X2 are one of the best comic book movies...

dawko on Jul 22, 2013


You can't just ignore the rest of the great Marvel productions.....

Chazzy on Jul 22, 2013


Captain America was fucking great.

Sky on Jul 23, 2013


ur opinion

dawko on Jul 24, 2013


Thats exactly what that is, very good. Now can you count to 100?

Sky on Jul 24, 2013


Pretty sweet

Tyrell Antonio on Jul 22, 2013


Magneto FTW

dawko on Jul 22, 2013


ERMAGED!!! That is amazing! So hyped for this film!

DAVIDPD on Jul 22, 2013


Honestly I think this may actually be great, Ill admit I am getting my hopes up.

Cody W on Jul 22, 2013


Cool, cool, cool.

mooreworthy on Jul 22, 2013


Those are amazing posters. Just get rid of all the text and they stand on their own.

McWetty on Jul 22, 2013


If they make one of Wolverine like this it would just be a highlighted x over his face hahaha

Fidel Reyes on Jul 22, 2013


Amazing posters. Props to marketing team, this is the right route!

WarrenWII on Jul 22, 2013


They should have made this a two-parter.

Lars on Jul 23, 2013


Wow. Not-FUCK-ugly posters from Fox? Ooh, I see a flying pig outside my window.

Krishna Shenoi on Jul 23, 2013


This X-men Movie is not based on X-men 141-142

Ivan Arcaya Sr. on Jul 23, 2013


That's one long list of cast!

Deepak T on Jul 23, 2013


I love them

rolyjimenez on Jul 23, 2013


Oh man, Gandalf Vs. Picard. Or a sex addict vs. a dude with bullet time.

Crutis on Jul 23, 2013


bromance. 😉

Jordan Petersen on Jul 23, 2013


They are just teaser posters, right? They look like in-magazine graphics that EMPIRE would make to accompany an article about the movie. The cover of The Uncanny X-Men #141 is the ultimate choice, some heavy iconic imagery there.

David Banner on Jul 24, 2013

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