'Man of Steel 2' Wants Older Batman, Josh Brolin & More Up for Role

August 5, 2013
Source: THR

Josh Brolin

With the big news out of the Warner Bros. panel at Comic-Con revealing that the Man of Steel sequel would bring Batman into the mix with director Zack Snyder at the helm again, everyone is wondering who will play the Dark Knight. It has been confirmed that Christian Bale will not reprise his role from Christopher Nolan's trilogy, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt seems out of the question since Man of Steel does not directly tie in to that universe. Now THR has word that the studio and Snyder are looking for someone to play Bruce Wayne in his late 30s or early 40s, and not around the age of new Superman, Henry Cavill.

With no need to tell an origin story for Batman, this film will feature a Caped Crusader who is already an established superhero, and he's quite rugged. As was hinted at the Comic-Con panel, the tone of this film is hoping to be along the lines of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns (after all the comic creator is said to be meeting with Snyder soon), which features Batman taking on Superman head-to-head. So who is up to play this rugged new Batman?

Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling are supposedly in the mix. Both starred in Warner Bros. film Gangster Squad, and the former has a leg up since he also stars in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, another project which comes from Frank Miller. Snyder's Watchmen star Matthew Goode is in the running as well, and the director already knows he looks good in a superhero suit, so that helps. "True Blood" and Magic Mike star Joe Manganiello has a leg up since he was one of Snyder's possible choices for Superman, but his schedule for the aforementioned HBO show didn't give him time to commit.

Other names include The Hobbit trilogy star Richard Armitage who plays the tough dwarf Thorin and also Pacific Rim star Max Martini, who played a veteran Jaeger pilot father in del Toro's blockbuster (which has a likely sequel on the way) and also has a role as a Navy SEAL in Captain Phillips with Tom Hanks. However, it's important to note that a script is not yet completed, and nothing has been officially sent out to any of these actors for an offer or even an audition. My personal picks would be "Mad Men" star Jon Hamm or "Game of Thrones" regular Richard Madden. It's still early days, but with the 2014 production start nearing, we'll likely hear more development news soon. Thoughts?

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They want an older actor? So, why Ryan Gosling is in the list. This is getting worse.

Monica on Aug 5, 2013


More to the point, why on earth would Ethan suggest Richard Madden from GoT when he's barely 26?!

AnotherDan on Aug 6, 2013


Ryan Gosling is younger than Christian Bale

Guest on Aug 5, 2013


Colin Ferrell?

Jon Odishaw on Aug 5, 2013


Gerard Butler. He worked with Snyder before, so end the debatin'!

Big Boss on Aug 5, 2013


...I like butler, but the guy cant do an american accent without completely twisting his entire face to pull off certain words. Watch Olympus has fallen youll see what I mean.

Cody W on Aug 5, 2013


Karl Urban for Batman. Alana Delagarza for Wonder Woman if they add her in the sequel for Trinity.

Sharicka on Aug 5, 2013


theres alot of forums out there that want urban!!!!

Darksied on Aug 5, 2013


Why not Jeffrey Dean Morgan?

diggy381 on Aug 5, 2013


O snap nice

Cody W on Aug 5, 2013



cobrazombie on Aug 7, 2013


Jon Hamm doesn't have enough contrast of a different character then Henry Cavill. I would personally like to see Josh Brolin as Batman.

Iwak on Aug 5, 2013


I agree We now have a blond BOND and worked out pretty good

311 on Aug 5, 2013


How is Batman suppose to be established already, didn't they state that Superman is the first "super" hero the planet has seen some point in the movie. I know Batman is not a meta human but he is a super hero. I don't want an origin story again but sorta hard for him to be established plus if they pick someone in the 40's it's going to be hard to use the same actor for multiple movies if he is already 40's he will be almost 50 by the time Justice league comes around. And forget justice league 2

AJ on Aug 5, 2013


The rumored timeline is: 2015 - World's Finest, 2016: The Flash, 2017: Justice League. Unless they cast someone who is currently 46 or older...they have no worry about him being 50 when Justice League comes out. MOST likely they'll cast someone in the late 30s-early 40s range. Also...Nolan did the 'origin story and early years' Batman plenty of justice with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and he also did the 'retiring Batman' justice with Rises. What else is there to do? Experienced, grizzled Batman. Don't do a new origin story, just have it be a Batman that is established and has been around for a while. Simple.

Chris Groves on Aug 5, 2013


Bale would fit the role....

Steven on Aug 5, 2013


Well of course I would be up for it. Have some fun and say 'this and The Dark Knight Rises are alternate continuations from The Dark Knight'...and just do it that way. But it seems pretty clear that Bale isn't an option for considering, so why suggest him?

Chris Groves on Aug 5, 2013


Because he's the right man for the role and the fans should let the studios know that this is going to be a major balls-up without linking the two. Talk of different universes is bollocks for the average person going to the watch the film

Steven on Aug 5, 2013


Not really, nobody seemed to have a problem understanding that Batman Begins, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Man of Steel had no connection to previous films. PLUS whether they cast Bale or not, they'll probably play the continuity a little loose anyway. If the new film never addresses Batman's origins explicitly...any fan could simply think of this Batman as the same one from 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight' Akin to how Superman Returns used Superman 1+2 as a 'loose history', and how The Incredible Hulk, officially a 'reboot' still has general setting/character threads that carry over from Hulk 03.

Chris Groves on Aug 5, 2013


Both BB and MoS are reboots after a good length of time, both did really well at the box-office. While I believe TASM is the lowest taking Spiderman so far.

Steven on Aug 6, 2013


Yep, it's true. But as I said, people will still understand that it's a new Batman...or, despite the recasting, they'll probably still play continuity a little loose. Like "sure, you can think of this Batman as being the same one from the first two Nolan films" without anything really contradicting said thought process. It'd be better than picking up AFTER Rises, and explaining why Wayne un-retired, and where the heck Selena and Blake are.

Chris Groves on Aug 6, 2013


my top 3: 3) Karl Urban 2) Jon Hamm 1) older batman?.... then fuck it.... LIAM NEESON BITCHES!!!!

Leo on Aug 5, 2013


I can't imagine Jon Hamm putting on muscles...

dawko on Aug 5, 2013


he did a pretty great job as a FBI detective in the movie "The Town"

Leo on Aug 5, 2013


No doubt about it, he was great in it. But, man, after watching Mad Men, I would probably laugh my ass off once he would show his body 😀

dawko on Aug 6, 2013


Josh Brolin, Ben Affleck, Gerard Butler, Karl Urban, Joel Edgerton, Michael Fassbender and Patrick Wilson would all work for me.

Chris Groves on Aug 5, 2013


Karl Urban and Michael Fassbender would be great contenders!

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on Aug 5, 2013


Josh Brolin, Gerard Butler, and Karl Urban for sure! And I can't help but want to see Josh Holloway in the mix as well. I think he could definitely shine given the opportunity.

JBrotsis on Aug 6, 2013


Karl Urban all the way!

weezy1 on Aug 5, 2013



mooreworthy on Aug 5, 2013


Matthew Goode or thorin.

qweqwu on Aug 5, 2013


For an older Batman?

Brian Sleider on Aug 5, 2013


The more I think about this movie the less I think it will work.

Chiroptera Exsanguination on Aug 5, 2013


Matthew Goode

truong18 on Aug 5, 2013


An older Wayne that is rugged and forced to come back........BALE!!!!!! Come on get this sorted, he only needs to be in one and then pass the mantle on properly to any of the boys now in residence in Wayne manor.

Steven on Aug 5, 2013


That Batman DOES NOT exist in the Snyderverse where this movie takes place.

Brian Sleider on Aug 5, 2013


Its that sort vision that will make any new Batman fall. The events of TDKR wasthat of a terrorist and a single city, not on the scale of MoS. The focus should be on Superman as its his sequel, so Bale's Batman should only be in on a small role and that should include passing the flame on for the fans.

Steven on Aug 5, 2013


Plus the average person that might be going to watch this film are not interested in different a universe, the films NEED to be linked.

Steven on Aug 5, 2013


Heck yeah! But let him do a few JL movies. You know like RDJ did 3 Iron man movies and he's also doing a few Avengers. Hey, why not?

GeO on Aug 6, 2013


Better have a good reason to bring in Wayne in this... I wanted an awesome sequel to Man of Steel because they can do so much with the characters in the sequel... But now that they're bringing in Batman in the mix... They better not just throw him in there...

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on Aug 5, 2013


None of the above... I think Joe Manganiello has the best batman look, but his acting is questionable. As long as we don't get Christian Bale lame Batman voice I think we'll be ok. I like Tyler Hoechlin for the part.

David Dilley on Aug 5, 2013


I agree man, Joe may have the look, but we need someone with compelling acting chops here. We need a proven bad ass, not a pretty boy scrub! Batman's voice is pivotal!!

Chewy Gomez on Aug 5, 2013


Henry Cavill wasn't really proven before MOS and he did a fantastic job. The choice could come from anywhere as long as he fits the part and pulls it off.

Tim on Aug 6, 2013


Though Man of Steel was quite the spectacle, the acting fell flat. Henry Cavill barely had to act. He may be a much more talented actor then I'm giving him credit for, but I didn't see it in Superman. Ya he looks the part, but I got no sense of depth in his performance. I hope he changes my mind in the next film.

Chewy Gomez on Aug 8, 2013


Joel Edgerton or Josh Brolin.

Raphael on Aug 5, 2013


Anson Mount.

Astroboy3000 on Aug 5, 2013


Michael Shannon? Just throwing that out there!

Victor Ward on Aug 5, 2013


He has the intensity, but not the face for it....if that makes sense. Brolin ALL the way. He has the face, the intensity and the voice.

Brian Sleider on Aug 5, 2013


I like Shannon, but seriously, he can't be Zod AND Batman!

rtm on Aug 5, 2013


Oh shit nuts - I totally mind spazzed out on that - I'll get my coat, jump in a taxi and hop onto a plane!

Victor Ward on Aug 5, 2013


It's gonna take a lot to sell me on this one.

avconsumer2 on Aug 5, 2013


Karl Urban has paid his dues.

mooreworthy on Aug 5, 2013


Ryan gosling will top them all......

abhi123nav1 on Aug 5, 2013



Such heroic nonsense on Aug 7, 2013


I've always wanted to see Michael Keaton come back in a TDKR story line...would be pretty sweet. Dude has the intensity for a cranky old Batman/Bruce Wayne. Although he is probably older than what they would want for the run up and to Justice League...

Gohikeone on Aug 5, 2013


No disrespect to Bale, but I still think Michael Keaton was the best Batman to. I just know that having Keaton back would not be realistic in this day and age, but I love him as an actor none the less.

Chewy Gomez on Aug 5, 2013


Keaton was great because you (at least I) really believed he could be a wealthy industrialist/business man. Played the Wayne role perfectly. But he also was great as a brooding, dark detective and could bring the fight when he needed to.

Gohikeone on Aug 5, 2013


Richard Armitage is 42 this year and has done a great amount of work in the UK (Spooks, Robin Hood, Strikes Back) so he's quite well-known there, even if he's not a household name here yet. He's got that dark, brooding intensity and wise-beyond-his-years look to him, so I think he ticks all the boxes required for the role. So yeah, he's got my vote.

rtm on Aug 5, 2013


A lot of good choices. I think Armitage or Brolin would add the necessary grit.

Quanah on Aug 5, 2013


I like Richard Madden but he seriously needs to lose the accent to pull of Bruce Wayne

Ege Sönmez on Aug 5, 2013


Ryan Gosling does not have a voice that would fit with Batman, it's to high. He might be a good actor, but I think that really is a big factor for the role. I would see Gosling more as a Robin or Nightwing kind of role. All the other actors might be better concerning the voice. My personal pick for the role would be Richard Armitage.

HarrysFiddlesticks on Aug 5, 2013


I believe Brolin would do Batman justice as an older version of him even though I'd love to see Michael Keaton reprise that role so much. I'm not sure why Ryan Gosling is in the mix as contenders for the role of an older Batman but my bet is they'll go with him if Brolin isn't available. If people don't believe Ryan Gosling can't pull off the role then you need to see the movie Drive and you'll see why he is on the list as possibly taking the role.

BinaryChaos on Aug 5, 2013


Joe Manganiello

Lucy on Aug 5, 2013


They're looking for late thirties, early forties. Someone charming and also intimidating. Helloooooo, that sounds like the current Batman. If Marvel did it with RDJ in Iron man and the Avengers. Then why can't DC/Warner do it with Christian Bale. I mean, who else can utter these words, "i want you to remember the man who beat you", to our favorite Kryptonian hero? And can you imagine the box office revenue that would draw?! Just look at all the polls. It brings me to that old saying "If it ain't broke...

GeO on Aug 5, 2013


Except Christian Bale doesn't want to do another Bat. I can't blame him, he got everything out of that role and quit just in time for him to be forever know as the Batman Actor.

Hans on Aug 5, 2013


@Hans- Hold on a sec. I've heard/read a lot of interviews. and he has said he would consider it if the right script came along. Now we all know that's hollywood code for right amount of money. Which, now I, don't blame him for that. But we all know the studios will find the cheapest way out and just hire a fresh(low priced) actor and that's that. Btw, he rec'd an Oscar for "the Fighter". But I'll always know him as the American Psycho!

GeO on Aug 5, 2013


He also said if Nolan was involved he would, if Nolan produces MOS 2, and there is enough fan uproar for him I think Nolan could ask Bale and his hands would be tied

Cody W on Aug 5, 2013


I can literally hear christian bale speaking those words and it gives me goose bumps (not in bat voice of course)

Ege Sönmez on Aug 5, 2013


@Ege- That is exactly my problem! I can ONLY hear Bale say those words. It wouldn't sound right from anyone else and that's because of the history we already have with him.

GeO on Aug 5, 2013


The Nolan universe Batman is DONE! That universe and story is TOTALLY INDEPENDENT of the new DC cinematic universe that was launched with MOS. All you Christian Bale lovers need to let go and move on!

Bale is not Batman on Aug 7, 2013



GeO on Aug 8, 2013


My dream pic would be Mickey Rourke to play and old, beaten and brutal Batman. We have all seen Sin City, and know that Mickey Rourke easily falls into Frank Miller's vision. Some may complain about how old he is or how beat his face may be, but the man oozes that gritty warrior edge that I would love to see in a Batman performance. Plus he's a great actor, and that's what should really matter. I also believe Leiv Shreiber could be a potentially excellent Batman as well, and deserves some consideration. I get Josh Brolin as a pic, but am not yet sold. I don't see Ryan Gosing taking the role of Bruce Wayne, but perhaps Damian Wayne? Just some food for thought, from one bat fan to another.

Chewy Gomez on Aug 5, 2013


Josh Brolin please. Ryan Gossling is too young to be what they want him to be and has a squeaky voice, Matthew Goode just doesn't have the face, I haven't seen enough of Joe Manganiello to know if he can even act, the same for Armitage even though he has a good look but Max Martini is strangely interesting. Brolin has the face, the skill, the age and the voice. I say Brolin.

Hans on Aug 5, 2013


Out of those mentioned in the article my pick would be Josh Brolin. That voice, that demeanor... he has it all for an older Batman. Oh, I quite like the idea of an older Batman. I think it would fit perfectly in the Man of Steel universe.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Aug 5, 2013


I dont understand why ,they want to make Batman older or if its a younger guy 25 - 30 yrs he would need an orgin story, the cartoon version in the Timmverse continuity introduced them going up againist Joker and Lex and was done origin story for either character yet the elements of who each was and a great story was all that was needed

jasonsantanna on Aug 5, 2013


Gabriel Macht - aka Harvey Specter from Suits!

josef20 on Aug 5, 2013


They need to plan the casting like they do with child actors. Not just look at this movie, but ten years down the line.

germss on Aug 5, 2013


You're absolutely right! I like Josh Brolin but Ten years from now he'll be a senior citizen.

GeO on Aug 5, 2013


Agree, 100%. I get wanting to cast a nitty/gritty Batman that is experienced, but come on, honestly, there were 7 years in between the three recent batman movies. If you cast a 45 year old, you'll have the Robert Downey Jr. problem (trying to figure out how to recast a great character), but after this time after one sequel. As a side note, the character of Batman is especially delicate considering audiences are sick of getting the continuous "new" Batman characters. People want consistency. I think this project has massive potential, and I'm pumped as heck for it, please don't let me down WB.

Guesty on Aug 5, 2013


Damn there are a couple good ones but Josh Brolin would be the man for the job, hands down. Nobody embodies the role better than that guy! Theres no need to look further.

Such heroic nonsense on Aug 5, 2013


Brolin. Hands down.

Xerxexx on Aug 5, 2013


Armitage would be so damn good.

DAVIDPD on Aug 5, 2013


Ryan Gosling as Batman, really? with that voice? Brolin will be a kick ass Batman

toonfed on Aug 5, 2013


I hate Brolin...

dawko on Aug 5, 2013


Richard Armigate has the right voice and look 🙂

dawko on Aug 5, 2013


Liev Schrieber!! maybe Luke Evans, Josh Brolin isn't a bad choice but he's not the best choice, he's kind of a short guy.

batsupe on Aug 5, 2013


Finally, someone else besides me thinks Liev might have what it takes!

Chewy Gomez on Aug 8, 2013


i'm not so sure..

v0idwalker on Aug 15, 2013


Gerard Butler would make the ideal Batman !!!

SDP on Aug 5, 2013


Give me a break that guy is old news...

BinaryChaos on Aug 5, 2013


Never thought about this one. Not a bad idea. But i think he would of fit the role best around the 300 timeframe.

Such heroic nonsense on Aug 6, 2013


Brolin would be fine, but if Richard Armitage is seriously up for the role, that would be a huge get for WB. I know he doesn't have the name recognition in the US yet, but there's plenty of stuff on Netflix for you to queue up and see for yourselves that he's got the chops (the BBC Robin Hood, North and South, MI5.) He's got the looks to pull of Bruce Wayne and the intensity to be Batman. I love him as a choice.

spencersweeting on Aug 5, 2013


Richard Armitage played a badass role to Thorin. I think he also should be greatly considered. He has the charisma!

Such heroic nonsense on Aug 6, 2013


Brolin would seriously make an awesome rugged Batman. He is perfect if they are going for the rugged older Batman.

Akwasi Asabere on Aug 5, 2013


Josh Brolin for the role as Batman would be epic....

Jesse Nitschke on Aug 5, 2013


Ryan Gosling would not fit the role as Batman.....

Jesse Nitschke on Aug 5, 2013


Going the older Batman makes perfect sense, they then (as someone on this discussion has already mentioned) tie loosely into Dark Knight, with MOS happening AFTER Dark Knight in continuity. If they use the same flashback technique of MOS they can have Clark relating to Lois about going to Gotham to check out stories he heard of the Batman, perhaps even having somehow encountered him already. Could be interesting to have Lois trying to find out who Batman is. Brolin seems a good choice but I dont think he'll be able to pull off the suit and mask, maybe Jonah Hex has made me nervous, but I cant see him getting it right. Karl Urban would be great, I think Ryan Gosling could be interesting, but isnt he quite a small guy, might look a bit silly next to Henry Cavill. Just saw The Raven and reckon Luke Evans would be fantastic! Someone also mentioned Jeffrey Dean Morgan, think he would be great, but too old. I know it wont be popular, and he's too entrenched as another superhero...but Hugh Jackman could be GREAT, also a bit old maybe. Also like Michael Fassbender Jeremy Renner...pity about Avengers Another one everyone will hate, but what about Jake Gylennhall? The Donnie Darko Jake G whos a little unbalanced, good counterpoint to farm boy CK.

Al on Aug 5, 2013


Karl Urban - Great actor but not superhero material Ryan Gosling - Just plain dumb! Stick to the notebook Luke Evans - Perhaps...... Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Also dumb! Hugh Jackman - IMO, hugh never embodied wolverine to reflect the comics, so HELL NO to batman Michael Fassbender - Already Magneto, and too skinny. Great actor tho. Jeremy Renner - Great actor, but not batman material. Jake Gyllenhall?!?! - The most idiotic opinion yet.

Such heroic nonsense on Aug 6, 2013


Great summation.

Chewy Gomez on Aug 8, 2013


ultimate would obviously be to have Bale back though

Al on Aug 5, 2013


Haha. RDJ for Batman!

AnotherDan on Aug 6, 2013



Such heroic nonsense on Aug 6, 2013


Josh Holloway?

Guest on Aug 6, 2013


super gay!

Such heroic nonsense on Aug 7, 2013


1. Ethan Suplee 2. Josh Gad 3. John Goodman OR 4. DJ Qualls

JBrotsis on Aug 6, 2013


Josh Brolin is a damn good choice.

cobrazombie on Aug 7, 2013


I vote James Brolin

JamesBrolin4Batman on Aug 7, 2013


you mean Josh Brolin

Such heroic nonsense on Aug 7, 2013


Josh Brolin's great but that Richard Madden from GOT would be great as well

deadwood on Aug 7, 2013


I think Brolin would be a great choice - a real get-shit-done Batman rather than going to easy pretty-boy Batman they tend to look at with casting choices.

Chris on Aug 7, 2013


JOSH BROLIN...anything else would be uncivilized! Check out The Brasco on Facebook!

The Brasco on Aug 7, 2013


To add fuel to the flame, I have a list of other actors not yet mentioned. Some are good actors, some have the build or athletic ability in their old age to handle a tussle with Krypton's Last Son, and others I just think have the voice and looks to pull it off: - Jason Statham (very athletic and could be an interesting take to have Wayne be a British imported playboy) - Tom Hardy (same case as above, but an amazing actor that did some great vocalization with Bane; downside, already played Bane, but in a different "universe") - Tom Jane (voice on this one; already played Punisher, don't care) - Sam Worthington (not the greatest actor, but definitely think he can pull it off; I just picture his speech in Avatar rallying his troops - something that could be needed in a fight against Big Blue) Lastly and most controversially, - Vin Diesel (rumors that he will be joining the Marvel team soon, but voice, build, a new look for Bruce Wayne, and brutal fighting style) Bring on the hate.

Rob Z on Aug 7, 2013


Your casting SUCKS. Vin is biracial and sam worthington can't even shake off his damn accent. He shouldn't even be near a superhero franchise and Statham has the attitude but he isn't superhero material

dan on Aug 8, 2013


no. just no.

v0idwalker on Aug 15, 2013


Anson Mount from Hell on Wheels. He's great in fight scenes and has a perfect wild-eyed look. Compare Jonah Hex and Hell on Wheels.

JFarrar on Aug 9, 2013


Josh brolin would be the better batman in my eyes, he fits the look, has thr rich boy type hair. Sign this guy up.

steven marcks on Aug 10, 2013


Thomas Jane

Jeffrey Robertson on Aug 10, 2013


Kevin Conroy!

Moore0925 on Aug 10, 2013


Jim Caviezel would make an awesome Bruce Wayne!

Melanie on Aug 13, 2013

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