'Man of Steel' Viral Static Message Incoming - 'You Are Not Alone'

April 13, 2013
Source: MovieViral

Man of Steel Static Viral

"You are not alone." That may be the message incoming from deep space transmissions received as static on the Man of Steel website recently. There's a mini-viral going on leading up to the release of the new trailer for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel on Monday morning, which started with a clip of pure static playing on the website over the weekend. It has slowly updated with a second version that became slowly clearer, showing what seems to be a symbol. Krypton? Zod? Superman? We'll find out soon. MovieViral has been covering this and just posted that a message is being decoded by the Deep Space Radio Wave Project.

At first no one knew what the static meant or why it was there, but speculation was that it was an incoming deep space transmission from General Zodfor Superman/Clark Kent. At least that's what the thought was. Now with this being deciphered as what appears to be "you are alone [not?]," it seems this is more of a message for us, for Earth over all. Ohh, shit. Before we continue, here's a look at the static as of Saturday afternoon, which will probably get clearer as everything progresses towards the trailer. Click to see the site:

Man of Steel Viral

Late last year, a small viral site called the Deep Space Radio Wave Project at was used to help launch the second trailer, now it's up and running again for another message. MovieViral reports on another email from the site with an update. "TODAY WE RECEIVED A NEW TRANSMISSION BELIEVED TO BE AN EXTENSION OF THE LANGUAGE DECODED LAST YEAR. THIS TIME, WE HAVE CONFIRMED THE MESSAGE HAS BEEN TRANSMITTED FROM SPACE." It's being decoded very quickly:

Deep Space Radio Wave Project

As of this moment, it seems like this will spell out something like "You are not alone" and potentially reveal a poster before the trailer. On the original site when it launched with static, MovieViral found a part of the source code that had a countdown timer ending at 6PM PDT on Monday, April 15th (which sounds about right for a trailer). However, this message is being decoded a lot quicker - which makes us think this might lead to an update before the weekend is over. If that's the case, we'll continue to add details as they happen.

From the looks of the static, it also seems like General Zod may be sending a message to Earth in the form of some Kryptonian logo or symbol or something. We expect that to be revealed by Monday as well, stay tuned.

Superman Static Symbol

Update #1: The full message has been decoded to say "You are not alone" exactly predicted, though it didn't reveal anything new elsewhere (as far as we know). The static on the Man of Steel website has started to clear further and it looks like the Superman "S" symbol, nothing from Krypton, but we'll keep watching.

Man of Steel, the new DC Comics Superman reboot, is being directed by Zack Snyder, of Dawn of the Dead, 300, Watchmen & Sucker Punch previously. Christopher Nolan is producing, and co-wrote the story with David S. Goyer (Batman Begins, The Unborn, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance), who wrote the script. Warner Bros is bringing Man of Steel to theaters everywhere on June 14th this summer. See the full trailer.

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Martian Manhunter towards the end of this movie while he is getting his ass kicked

Steven Morgan on Apr 13, 2013


In the static, for some reason I think I'm seeing....the batman symbol.

JBrotsis on Apr 13, 2013


Synesthsia? No but seriously that would make the most sense to do Batman and Superman then lead into the Justice League movie to unveal the other heroes. Then follow close to Justice League or Justice League Unlimited tone and they will succeed.

Steven Morgan on Apr 13, 2013


I see it too

dalacruise on Apr 14, 2013


it's General Zod's emblem

Daniel Koelsch on Apr 14, 2013


I really wish this was connected to Nolan's Batman films, but there's a part of me that's still holding hope that Bale returns as Batman along with Cavill as Superman for Justice League (if it's still happening, of course). There's no need for yet another Batman reboot just yet, they already have the grand origin of Batman down pat, so why not put him in a film that allows for him to have more action and maybe a little less melodrama? I like Nolan's trilogy, but, and let's be real here, the action wasn't all that great (especially in Begins). Let's hope that Justice League turns out to be on-par (at least) with The Avengers, they just need their Robert Downey Jr (and that should very well be Christian Bale).

thejon93rd on Apr 13, 2013


But they have said they aren't connected and Bale said he won't do it without Nolan. Nolan isn't apart of it so there you Batman on the way.

eddie on Apr 13, 2013


We don't know that until it goes into production, and the conflicting evidence is that Christopher Nolan worked on both The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel -- consulting Hans Zimmer to do the score for both. We're getting a lot of rumor reports that it will happen, then that it won't happen. Christopher Nolan won't confirm or deny anything, and not a single statement has been released by Christian Bale.

Michael on Apr 13, 2013


Warner Bros has confirmed it was a stand alone take. If it wasn't obvious to anyone already.

John Micheals on Apr 14, 2013


I think Nolan will play things very close to his chest. Man of Steel needs to be a success before JL is even given the green light.

Steven on Apr 14, 2013


Wow, I thought the exact same thing. Bale and Cavill would top the notch together and in my own opinion is all DC needs to have a successful DC Superhero Get Together. I know Green Lantern wasn't a success but at least they also have that origin story already done and I would like to see Reynolds back for the sake of continuity. Also he wasn't bad as Hal Jordan, it's that the movie had an awful script. Put together Bale, Cavill, Reynolds, and I still think Bradley Cooper would do an awesome dark version of Flash, and they would have their Justice League movie set. They should make something like a Kryptonian teams up with Sinestro (which became evil at the end of Green Lantern) and they plan to destroy earth as revenge for Parallax and General Zod (that's if he dies in Man of Steel. And if he doesn't he can team up with Sinestro and that Kryptonian that I mentioned). I honestly think it would be so awesome to have Bale, Cvill, Reynolds, and Cooper all together for an ensemble super hero cast.

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on Apr 13, 2013


Oh god I hope not. Nolan's Batman films were a stand alone realistic take on Batman. It would not make sense what so ever. Nolan ignored so much stuff of the source material that it made impossible to be in the DC universe. They are rebooting Batman hopefully finally perfect to be like the Arkham series. I want a comic book Batman to be with Cavill not a realistic one who could get beat up easily or isn't as smart as Batman supposed to be. Leave Nolan's trilogy behind already. Geez.

John Micheals on Apr 14, 2013


Realistic to a point. Though don't forget Man of Steel is being presented as realistic to the point is the earth ready for the truth?

Steven on Apr 14, 2013


So you're telling me you want to take inspiration from a video game for such a major DCU Project ??!! HA! HA!! HA!!! LOL!!@#! You've clearly mistook grit and artful film-making with an overdose of realism. Tell me, does falling 20 storeys, landing full splat on a car, and walking away unharmed look real to you??!!! Next you have two guys in the same movie who can talk effortlessly through gaping face wounds; one of them has a ripped lip and the other can seep whiskey through the burnt cheekbones on his left face. The third guy who's bald and gets his entire respiratory tract ravaged by hooligans, can masquerade around with an analgesic gas mask. Then there's the "memory cloth" cape which let's you flutter like a butterfly and glide for miles without a single descent. There's also this harness that can turn the limped leg of an ageing cripple stronger and faster than the average athlete. All of this are entirely elements of fiction, yet Nolan, through artful characterization, can make it "feel real". So far as mimicking the Arkham games is concerned, WB would never massacre their own insight by ripping off the reboot from video games.Next you know, you'll have the world scoffing it off as a video game wannabe. I know the Arkham Batman is built like a tank but a game is naturally programmed to make the first-person player triumph and thus fails to offer the likeness of a movie. I'm sure you'll feel the same about Nolan's Batman if you play the Batman Begins video game or the TDKR game for iOs devices. Don't expect Henry Cavill's Superman to possess augmented enhancements like the Arkham Batman. Man of Steel gets The Dark Knight treatment with Nolan's gritty tone written all over it. In fact, most of Superman's abilities in MOS can be explained by physics, so expect Superman's powers to be toned down by a minor extent from his comic avatar. This makes him even more ideal to team up with Bale's Batman, who's already received Nolan's practicality. I'm amused by your inference that Nolan's Batman doesn't have enough mettle. Since where has Bale's Batman failed to express his innovation with his gadgets or succumbed to villains' competence in Nolan's trilogy? Bats has used a plethora of his trademark gadgets (even more ingenious) starting from memory cloth cape, sake bombs, a gas-powered magnetic grapple gun (in the comics, its not gas-powered but on recoil method), batarangs, sonar transponder, sticky-bomb gun (its parallel to explosive gel Bats has used in the comics and Arkham games), sonar tracker (the giant one Bats build it on his own in TDK), sonar vision (like Batman's detective mode in the Arkham games) tranquilizer batarangs etc. Batman's crime-solving prowess was evident in TDK, similar to how he does it in the comics (for example, he retrieved the Joker's prints via some receiver that picks up police frequencies, then drilled the brick with the bullet out and ran it through a ballistic-fingerprint test). The Arkham games overdid some factors as some seemingly advanced tech have been used for tracking. Batman has never been outsmarted in the trilogy the manner of which you're speaking. The Joker only tested his soul apart, shuffled the locations of Rachel & Dent and caused wanton massacre. But Batman suffered even more heinous times with his allies in comics (The Killing Joke) when Joker captured Gordon, tortured him mercilessly and brutalized Barbara to a paraplegic in front of his eyes. A horde of goons from Crime Alley trashed Batman and crushed his skull before Huntress barged in and saved his ass in Hush: Part I. In TDKR, even after Bane broke Batman's back and dumped him in The Pit, Batman successfully retaliated while in the comics (Knightfall), he was admitted to a wheelchair and summoned Azrael to take on his mantle and bust Bane. I'm surprised why sceptics like you want to sacrifice Batman's first most successful on-screen adaptation. Nolan's trilogy is a masterpiece and has every reason to be part of Justice League.

Detective Comics on Apr 14, 2013


Pretty sure there were two successful batman films before Nolan's universe that portrayed batman more like the general comic book fans would like to see for a justice league. That cannon might have had an awkward turn at the third movie but Tim Burton's films were still successful.

Schock on Apr 14, 2013


You've got it all wrong 1) Burton's Batman and his primitive version of Gotham is entirely gothic with no modern sense of technology. Those medieval 19th century skylines, vintage cars plying on the roads and Batman's utter lack of reliable gadgets (Batman had the most pathetic excuse of a grapple hook, a Batplane that could be blown down with a pistol and a Batmobile that could be hacked by Penguin's henchmen). Nolan's Batman, on the other hand, embodies all of the 21st century modernity, and possesses the most advanced tech (sonar, emp, sticky bomb gun, sonic transponder). As you may have noticed, whether its The Avengers or the future Justice League, they're all set in present times. Same goes for Man of Steel, and of course, The Dark Knight Trilogy. 2) Nolan has two Batman films which are over billion $-grossers and his first film in the trilogy grossed $72.9 m. None of Burton's two films can even inch close to Nolan, let alone shatter the billion $ barrier.

Detective Comics on Apr 14, 2013


What's so wrong about taking inspiration from the Arhkam games? Those games are masterpieces and captured way more Batman element and are way more faith full to the comics than Nolan's trilogy ever was. I obviously didn't meant it to be exactly like the game, but to be comic book faith full like it. Nolan's trilogy is not completely realsitc. but it still is.

Guest on Apr 29, 2013


What's so wrong about taking inspiration from the Arhkam games? Also How the hell can it be a rip off? DC and Warner Bros own the games. Besides those games are masterpieces and captured way more Batman element and are way more faith full to the comics than Nolan's trilogy ever was. I obviously didn't meant it to be exactly like the game, but to be comic book faith full like it. Nolan's trilogy is not completely realsitc. but it still is. How is making Joker wear make-up with scars (instead of being bleached with no scars), no joker laughing gas, making ra's al ghul not immortal, not including lazarus pit, Gotham not Gothic, and making Bane not use venom to grow huge, not realistic? Or are they just not faith full? Think about it. Nolan's Batman could be easliy be killed if he ever fights with the Justice League. In TDK he was easily getting beat up by the joker and by his henchmen at the party. Also at the end of the movie it took him a while to get Joker off him. In TDKR Bane wasn't even huge and he still got beat up. The only Batman detective work in the entire trilogy is get finger prints, find out who's joker next target was and research who Selina Kyle was. Most of the time he was just asking a bunch of guys questions while harming them. Joker was not testing his soul, Batman foolishly trusted Joker's word where Rachel will be. He fell for the simplest trick. That's pretty stupid. The reason why Batman climbed out of the pit is because, he fixed his back just by doing push ups and sit ups for a few months. Which is plain ridiculous. There is no way no one can fix their back by that. Even knightfall writer knew it wasn't possible. That's why in that comic, he had to recover by resting. But Batman climbing out of the pit doesn't make him smart, its just awful writing by Nolan. Also in Rises he foolishly again, trusted Catwoman into a obvious trap. Even if they try to connect TDK trilogy to the DCU it can't be done because of Rises. So do you want that John Blake character who isn't even in the comics, to be Batman? God no. WB said it was a stand alone take. No matter what you say to convince yourself it could be done, it will not be done and cannot be done. By the way, they are not making Superman dark and gritty. Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill specifically said its light and modern. Not realistic or dark and gritty like Nolan's Batman. Which means Superman will not be "toned down" at all. Even if they tried to connect TDK trilogn

John Micheals on Apr 29, 2013


No matter how much you wail, WB will never let Batman on film to be dictated by a video game especially when there’s fresh talent like Nolan, Snyder and Bruce Timm on board. Hollywood has suffered a gruesome track record when it comes to making game-to-film adaptations with debacles like Mortal Kombat, Max Payne, Super Street Fighter, Max Payne, Tekken, Hitman, save for Prince of Persia. WB/DC will need to analyze every factor of competence than to listen to geeks like you who are reeling for a game that centers around incessant jailbreaks and running after cures, devoid of emotion, morale and the only thing WB can take cues from the Arkham games is the burly depiction of a tech-savvy Batman and accurate portrayal of only a handful of characters. But that’s nothing new to give the games credit about. Anything Rocksteady has managed to pull off is already evident in the comics. The only reason these games are masterpieces is because of good gameplay, graphics etc., which are not the general audiences’ cup of tea. You really think the Arkham games have that much of devotion towards the comics?! 1)Rocksteady turned Scarecrow into a joke, with a gunny hood, a gas mask and ridiculous finger hypodermics. Only Nolan maintained Scarecrow’s trademark burlap mask and the Arkham strap cloak (Batman Begins climax). Nolan’s scarecrow administered the fear toxin manually (as per the original comics) while the Arkham scarecrow delivered it via hypodermic needles. 2)Killer Croc was supposed to have to a skin disease; Rocksteady turned him into fuckin dinosaur in pajamas. 3)Joker’s actual acid-bleaching backstory hasn’t been given a shit in the games whether he’s Jack Napier or The Red Hood. 4)In Arkham City, unlike most comic incarnations of The Penguin, who choose to wear a monocle, the Arkham City version instead had the bottom of a broken beer bottle lodged in place around his eye. He does not wear his signature hat even once in the game and never expoits his trick umbrellas (gas pellets, machine guns, swords, chopper blades etc.) 5)Calendar Man was never such a fat joke in the comics as he’s been shown in Arkham City. He is a costumed criminal with spurious gadgets and calendar cards. 6)Ra’s Al Ghul never had Wonder City below the confines of Gotham. His actual bases were in Arabia and Wales. Talia is supposed to have a sister names Nyssa and Ra’s has an albino son named Dusan Al Ghul, to whom he transfers his soul to. The Lazarus Pit was a natural discovery and although Ra’s learnt of its ingredients to concoct, it was never sustained on electricity. The games have made a grave mockery out of Ra’s family heritage by sheer ignorance of the above necessities and the only thing Rocksteady has taken into account is his immortality and the League of Assassins (which also happens to be incomplete). 7) Bane’s first name is Dorrance and he was never this huge in the comics, even with a dozen venom tubes. 8)The games totally missed out on showcasing Batgirl’s horrific handicap which admitted her as Oracle. At least they could have done proper preludes regarding Oracle, Robin and Nightwing rather than posing the latter two as mere DLC packs. Where the fuck is Jason Todd if Robin is Tim Drake in Arkham City?!! Didn’t Joker kill Todd with a crowbar before all of this and Ra’s resurrected him using the Lazarus Pit??? Humiliating failure to establish proper continuity in the games. 9)Slade Wilson a.k.a. Deathstroke was supposed to be a super-soldier working under govt. contract or did freelancing missions for the League of Assassins but he was reduced to Hugo Strange’s stooge in Arkham City Lockdown. Deathstroke is supposed to be near-invincible but he was treated like piss by Rocksteady. The Arkham Games are the most hyperbolic of any Batman media adaptation and has rendered gross exaggerations to almost all every Batman villain, save for Two-Face, Strange, Freeze and Catwoman. There’s also the terrible mistake of missing out GCPD big shots like Harvey Bullock, Anna Ramirez, Renee Montoya, Arnold Flass and Loeb. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight showcased Loeb; Flass was in Batman Begins and Ramirez in The Dark Knight. Holly Robinson, Catwoman’s sidekick in the comics, was played by Juno Temple in TDKR. Even she was ignored in Arkham City. Now that I’ve proved how much “comic faith” these cheesy games infuse, let me bust your ass a little more regarding Nolanverse’s true testimony to the Batman mythos: 1)A) The Joker has no discernible origin story of his own. The acid-bleaching accounts to four alternate aliases, one as Jack Napier, the other as The Red Hood overseen by Edward Nygma in the “Push Back” storyline, then there’s one as an engineer/factory worker and the last one as a stand-up comedian. There are several other origins that writers over the ages have come up with, but these are the more popular ones. Nolan’s family torture version, coupled with the use of war paint (as a loose connection to acid bleach) is based on the new-age version. Nolan possesses utmost autonomy as to what origin he chooses, and I think Goyer suggested this new-age one because its more sensible than realistic. How the fuck can acid BLEACH/GIVE COLOUR to a person’s skin?? Does a human’s skin look like a damn pH paper to you?! You’d rather be concerned about how Burton did a gross violation of the comic mythos by portraying Joker as the murderer of Batman’s parents…. B) Laughing/Knockout Gas: Heath’s Joker DID use the signature knockout gas on that Bank Manager in TDK’s opening scene. The TDK official novelization, which is canon to Nolanverse, elucidates the use of Joker venom (which leaves victims laughing, then dead with a smile) on a spy sent by Sal Maroni, who demonstrated the same side-effects. This was speculated to be a deleted scene from the movie. C) Playing Cards: Nolan has touched upon Joker’s most famous attribute with his Joker cards, right from Batman Begins to TDK, which Joker regularly uses as a weapon or crime scene evidence, something which wasn’t done justice to by Burton nor the Arkham Games. 2) A) Bane: Hardy’s Bane may not have used exactly “venom” for bulking up, but Nolan has used an equally daunting analgesic which according to costume designer Lindy Hemming makes Bane completely INVULNERABLE to pain,hence the difficulty faced by Bale’s Batman to hurt him. Being invulnerable poses a greater threat than to have big musculature. You should’ve worked that out yourself, you idiot, instead of mongering about the TDKR sewer face-off. B) Nolan has accurately portrayed Bane as a prisoner who is administered with analgesic. The only difference is that the Pit in TDKR is Middle-Eastern whereas the prison in the comics is in Santa Prisca (Latin American). Bane (comics) trained inside the prison using venom and Bane (TDKR) used the drug via mask, trained within Ra’s Al Ghul’s League of Shadows. A dolt like you may not know, but Bane and Ra’s Al Ghul (comics) already have a similar collaborative relationship in “Batman: The Nail”. That’s enough evidence to nail the fact that Nolan is more faithful towards the comics in every sense. C) Other instances of Nolan’s comic-devotion are: i) Scarecrow (BB) being an expelled University psycho-pharmacologist who shifts his experimentations to Arkham. ii) Victor Zsasz (BB) as the mob butcher for the mafia iii) Harvey Dent’s Two-Face transformation (TDK) has been adapted from “The Long Halloween” iv) Batman: Gotham Knight, (from the producers of BB and TDK) which is canon to Nolanverse and set in between the events of BB and TDK, portrays Killer Croc and Deadshot in their best possible comic avatars. Your ignorance of the above proofs that cement Nolan’s loyalty to the comics, make you not just a troll, but also a jackass being stupid to only fancy the stereotyped. So you think, “The only Batman detective work in the entire trilogy is get finger prints, find out who's joker next target was and research who Selina Kyle was. Most of the time he was just asking a bunch of guys questions while harming them.” Whoa! You’re blinder than a 3-month old puppy. i.Batman has averted two large scale terrorist attacks, the first being Ra’s Al Ghul’s water supply siege and the other is Bane’s macabre revolution, which brought Gotham down on its knees and totally shut it off from outside support. Conroy’s Batman had to wage a month long struggle to resolve Arkham City, which is only a small piece of land squared off from Gotham. Conroy’s Batman would’ve been fucked if he had 15 mins. to save an entire city from a 60 MW nuclear bomb, that too with a stabbed abdomen. All Conroy’s Batman did was fiddle around with his Cryptographic Sequencer, take leads from Oracle or Alfred (Nolan’s Batman did every iota of crime-fighting ALONE), kept mongering against the same TYGER guards, henchmen and romanced off-duty cops and security guards like Cash and Boles. This is way too pathetic. ii.Batman took down two SWAT teams before the Joker (that’s why the climax scene was delayed, stupid. And don’t you DARE raise a finger against the final fight scene in TDK because I’ve seen Batman in the comics being pathetically splattered with pies in the face by Joker), battled excruciating rounds of Ra’s assassins in Begins and countless of Bane’s trained henchmen in Rises before the final act. Conroy’s Batman, especially in Arkham Asylum, wiles away his time bickering with ordinary inmates, thugs, guards and henchmen. iii. Lol! You can’t even comprehend a movie. Batman took less than two minutes to knock out Joker’s goons before Joker holds Rachel hostage. Batman flinched a bit during the fight because he was stabbed by Joker’s shoe knife. And keep in mind, Bale’s Batman (although voiced by Conroy in Batman: Gotham Knight) brought down someone as big as Killer Croc while being infected with Scarecrow’s toxin in the sewers. Plus, Batman has an easy experience of snubbing at least a hundred cop cars and a few choppers any time of the day. Those chase scenes in BB and TDKR were really awesome. I really doubt whether you’ve played Arkham City because Batman really acted idiotic on several occasions: i.If you think Batman falling for Joker in TDK is foolish, then you’ve met a bigger nincompoop when Conroy’s Batman was robbed right under his nose by a loony bitch like Harley Quinn. ii.Batman set a world record for idiocy when he willingly consumed Mad Hatter’s doctored cure willingly from his lair. It was laughable when Batman was helplessly mind-controlled by a Hatter’s bunny hat iii.To top the embarrassing joke line, Batman used the Batmobile as a finishing move for Bane rather than doing it himself in Arkham Asylum. iv.I laughed my innards out when Batman kept whimpering and cowering behind cryo-machinery during the confrontation with Mr. Freeze. I think Batman has demonstrated some extraordinary physical feats in TDKR even at such a ripe age. For a guy somewhere in his forties, its more than satisfactory that he could fight his way through military level mercenaries. You are free to undermine a Wayne’s recovery period as Nolan’s “bad writing”. Oh! And by the way imbecile, the scripts for the trilogy are co-written by David S. Goyer, who’s the greatest comic geek in the industry and has every comic-book on his tongue. “Even knightfall writer knows it’s possible” is your bullshit cook-up. Got proof of this statement?? Even if he said it, he made Batman shamefully fall for Bane’s trick in Knightfall, and got broken by Bane just coz’ he was “tired” after rounding up small timers like Firefly, Mad Hatter, Block Buster etc. save for Joker. Batman in The Dark Knight Returns got owned by Joker’s knife assaults but Bale’s Batman in TDKR, badly injured from Talia’s knife wound, went on to save an entire city. Batman’s most disgraceful sufferings in the comics: Apart from the aforementioned mistakes of being soft on Joker even after his heinous torture on Barbara or getting beat up a horde of gansters in Crime Alley in Hush (I), Batman has shameful record of mismanaging frequent prison breaks by the Joker. It took Conroy’s Batman two whole games to defeat Joker, and even so, Joker died of his own disease in Arkham City. Bale’s Batman in TDK apprehended Joker and locked him away for good, and since then, there’s been no record of his escape. Some more embarrassments in the comics: i.Batman was stunned for 16 hrs. by Penguin’s knockout gas in “I’ve got Batman in my Basement”. Two kids had to save his ass and hold him against the Penguin. ii.Some officials at Gotham Aquarium poisoned Batman into a coma using an Australian Blue-Ringed Octopus in “Six Hours to Live”. Robin had Poison Ivy milk out an antidote for Batman and save him within six hours. iii.Batman once foolishly released Clayface from Arkham Asylim hoping that he’d save a child afflicted with his disorder. Batman’s foolishness almost led to Clayface’s escape, had not his compassion to save the child surfaced. iv.Batman looked dumber than Jacques Clousseau when two masked robbers tricked Batman into a wild goose chase around half of Gotham in “Second Chances”. v.Nathan Finch a.k.a. Gearhead short-circuited the Batmobile using EMP from a toy RC car right before Batman’s eyes that led to a bloody accident in “Savage Metal”. vi.There are times when Robin or Nightwing cracks Riddler’s riddles while Batman fails to do so. Nightwing once decoded a sound file of a guitarist from a band whom Riddler holds hostage, much to Batman’s surprise. I can give you a hundred more instances to prove Batman’s occasional incompetence in the comics which are grossly unacceptable compared to Nolan’s but it’s futile with disillusioned shmucks like you. On second thought, John Blake in TDKR and his backstory is an amalgamation of all the four Robins in the comics viz.- Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Damian Wayne. For a hopeless like you who couldn’t figure this out till today, I suggest you through the Empire report about Nolan quoting Blake’s mixed origin. Blake would make a good Terry Mc Ginnis a.k.a. Batman Beyond to oversee Gotham’s affairs while Batman can manage watchtower operations in Justice League. It’s unwise to take Robinov’s word seriously about the exclusion of Nolanverse since WB/DC works in utmost discretion. Even Marion Cotillard vehemently denied playing Talia Al Ghul despite rumors but it turned out otherwise. Even in your wildest deplorable dreams you’ll never get any “Gothic”ness of the Earth-One format. The last time Bane got venom tubes or Joker got bleached, the franchise ended up destroying Batman’s on-screen reputation. To move with the current comics timeline, all ensuing DCU films will be pitched with the modernity of Earth-52, as evident already from Nolan’s Batman films and Man of Steel. “Light” is the most stupid description of a genre. Do movies look like beer to you??!! David S. Goyer, Man of Steel’s co-writer has said it himself that Man of Steel will be realistic in a practical sense. For instance, the Fortress of Solitude in Man of Steel will be a Kryptonian spaceship as opposed to being fictious crystal structures. Besides, Nolan himself is the producer and primary scriptwriter of MOS, and he is bound to lend his feel to the movie. Snyder himself admitted that he’s portrayed Superman’s powers to be practically feasible. Except for super speed and strength, the only other powers confirmed yet are heat vision. There’s been no confirmation of freeze breath or X-ray vision. Whew! IF YOU’VE GONE THROUGH THE ENTIRE POST YOU’LL NOT HAVE EVEN AN OUNCE OF ARGUMENT TO REPLY BACK. After all, ignorance is your cardinal sin. Stop pretending like you have a brain for comics when you actually don’t.

Detective Comics on May 3, 2013


*sigh* Another Arrogant Nolan fanboy. I knew were one. Just because I have have a very different view on Nolan's work on Batman, I'm a troll to you. Pathetic. Obviously the Arkham games had a lot different views on the characters and comics. When I say "be like the Arhkam games" you to take on a exaggerated view, and you think I mean to be exactly like it. The same goes when I say "to be comic book faith full like it". No sh*t the villains were different from the comics in the games, but at least they were not bland like Nolan set the out to be in his trilogy. The villains were so much better in the games then in any live action Batman movie. That's a fact. Boy please, I played Akham city and Asylum countless times. Robin John Blake is one of the stupidest moves I have ever seen. His name is actually Robin really? What's next? Gordon's daughter will be named "Batgirl B. Gordon" in the next Batman movie? Lmao! Yet you think he'll be great in a Batman Beyond movie after only Bruce has been Batman for about a year and a half in the entire trilogy. And You think he'll be a great addition to the Justice League movie. Seriously Batman Beyond with Justice League after it just formed?! My god you're so fatuous. Its funny how you try to offend me by offending Kevin Conroy's Batman over silly small reasons, after I said some negative things about Bale's Batman. The rest of your response is just praising Nolan's work. How bigot can you be? You say "light" is a stupid way to describe a genre. Good luck with that. Nolan was never ever the primary screen writer of Man of Steel you imbecile, Goyer was. Goyer wrote the screenplay, Nolan read it and called called WB, then co-wrote the story with Goyer. After that Nolan hired Snyder. It just shows how much of a Nolanite you are. If you're gonna do research before you reply, at least do it right. Its quite obvious you already do. I don't have to worry about anything, because they are going to reboot Nolan's overrated trilogy. Then you Nolanites will be mad, say the reboot sucks without ever watching it, and vote it down on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. There's no point in arguing with Nolanites. They're all the same.

John Micheals on May 10, 2013


I've got no problem with skeptics like you predicting our "Nolanites" plan of attack. Definitely public perception matters, and WB will have to pay the price if it reboots a franchise that houses the greatest incarnation of Ledger's Joker which toppled Hamill's monopoly over the character, the best New-52 Gotham and the strikingly brilliant portrayals of characters Jim Gordon, Alfred or Lucius Fox than in any other media. Your response to rebutt my elucidations on Nolan's villains' being comic accurate except the immortality factor of Ra's Al Ghul is highly unsatisfactory. But it will take you solid guts if you want to argue my comparisions. Whoa! Now you can't even estimate the trillogy timeline. LOL!! TDK takes place a year or more after Begins (that's when the events of Batman: Gotham Knight took place) TDKR takes place a handsome 8 yrs. after TDK. So that's atleast 9 yrs. for the trilogy, a ripe time for a sidekick to spawn. And I didn't say Blake/Batman Beyond to be part of JLA. He would be overseeing Gotham while Bale's Batman handles Watchtower operations. You're a real loony. And you'll not gain anything by pointing out the "Robin" concept in TDKR by luminaries like Goyer/Nolan as a "stupid move". It shows how callous you are. Nolan is PRODUCING Man of Steel. Period. And your argument that Goyer's screenplay overshadows Nolan being MOS's co-writer is plain childish. Rather be worried about your "light and modern" or "not 'toned down' at all" belligerence. Other than consistent accolades from fan-favourites like AFI, Saturn, Scream, SGFI and global public appraisal as the 21st century's greatest trilogy, comic book or not, the trilogy's hallmark installment TDK has bagged 2 Oscars out of a whopping 8 noms., 3 Golden Globes out of 4, 9 BAFTA noms., and a jaw-dropping 11 Saturn and 20 Scream noms. Ask yourself, is it your stupidity or has the Academy /Globes/B.A.F.T.A. have suddenly lost all their credibility and started awarding "Overrated" films?!?!?

Detective Comics on May 11, 2013


BRAVO!! EXCELLENT!!! SPOT ON!!! You've meticulously expressed what I've been trying to say all over the web. Here's my views to amplify yours: It's truly best for WB to integrate Nolan's Batverse into Justice League. A core member like Batman deserves a substantial but successful foundation before delving into a major team-up like JLA, and Nolan's trilogy has cemented quite a flawless foundation, and leagues better than the Iron Man duology which preceeded The Avengers. I strongly feel that Batman shouldn't be abruptly popped off the JLA film or through a hasty reboot, which will never be able to replicate Nolan's best-perfect and gritty Gotham and I certainly don't want rookies like Hammer, Urban or even Affleck to take up the Batman mantle. As for Nolan's involvement in JLA , only a gullible simpleton would take Jeff Robinov's word for it. Nolan has always been WB/DC's lucky charm and they dare not isolate him from a future DCU Project, at least as a creative consultant, now that Green Lantern's failure (sans Nolan's supervision) has definitely thrown a wrench into WB's plans, let alone Batman.

Detective Comics on Apr 14, 2013


except that the JL doesn't have to compete with the Avengers on the same level of entertainment, as the Avengers were more "funny", there are plenty of ways TJL can go and even surpass the Avengers on multiple levels...

dawko on Apr 14, 2013


there is no story for a JL movie. the Green Lantern Corps alone can take anything from outside the Earth. Superman alone can take anything that comes from inside the Earth. Batman is more a detective and if he is involve in a collective action he has to fly on superman's back to get to from Gotham to Metropolis vice versa. I don't see Bale doing that.

paranam on Apr 13, 2013


this tekst looks like some sort of middle earth writing.....stupid superman reboot

michael on Apr 14, 2013


That symbol kind of looks like Zod's symbol, or the Omega symbol. in my opinion.

TAG on Apr 14, 2013


It is now live!!!! It is a video of zod telling earth to hand over superman, or the earth will be destroyed!!!

Huls22 on Apr 14, 2013

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