Marvel Plans 'Planet Hulk' Movie & 'World War Hulk' for 'Avengers 3'?

February 3, 2013
Source: Latino Review

Planet Hulk

After Mark Ruffalo landed with a smash as The Incredible Hulk in The Avengers last summer, fans have been wondering if we'd get another standalone Hulk film with Ruffalo in the lead. However, Marvel has been mum on any official plans. Enter Latino Review, who has been super reliable when it comes to Marvel scoops, and they have word on what will happen with Hulk next. As you might expect, since Phase Two of Marvel's cinematic universe is already planned right up until The Avengers 2, a new Hulk movie wouldn't come until Phase Three and apparently the plan is to use the 2006 story Planet Hulk for the project.

For those who aren't familiar with the storyline, you can watch the animated movie on Netflix Instant right here based on the 2006 comic arc written by Greg Pak, but otherwise, here's a short synopsis:

When Earth's superheroes exile the volatile Incredible Hulk to a distant planet called Sakaar, the muscle-bound green monster is sold into slavery. But he soon joins forces with his fellow slaves to fight for his freedom and a chance for revenge.

Sounds like a cool stand alone story that turns Hulk into Conan the Barbarian or even Maximus from Gladiator. But how does he get there? Well, if you want to stay clear of any spoilers, don't read any further. All gone? Okay, so according to Latino Review, Earth's mightiest heroes see Hulk as being too big of a threat and liability, so they send him to outer space at the end of The Avengers 2. And you can imagine what the bumper at the end of that sequel would be if it were to lead into the Planet Hulk storyline, one of the most popular recent arcs for the monstrous character. But that's not even the coolest part.

The scoop also says that Planet Hulk will be used as a set up for The Avengers 3, which would use the World War Hulk arc and have Hulk return to Earth with some of his new alien friends, hungry for revenge. What makes this all the more interesting is a group called Illuminati (composed of Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, Charles Xavier, Reed Richards, Namor and Iron Man, each representing a special part of the Marvel Universe) are the ones responsible for sending Hulk to space. Obviously, the rights to some of those characters don't belong to Marvel, so that line-up is likely to change, but Doctor Strange has also been confirmed for Phase Three, so this sounds about right.

If this turns out to be true, Marvel is doing some absolutely great, mind-blowing stuff for comic fans. Planet Hulk is much more friendly to comic book fans, but considering how great the response was to Hulk in The Avengers, general audiences should be psyched to see how this story plays out, especially following an entirely new phase in Marvel's universe, yet again concluding with some action for the superhero ensemble. If this is true, it's about as epic as The Avengers coming together for the first time, and will make for one hell of a big screen battle a few years from now. Stay tuned for additional updates. Excited for tihs?

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I didn't think Marvel could give me a bigger nerd boner than they already have. If this is true, I will have been proven wrong.

prantsdagger on Feb 3, 2013


World war hulk.....omg. Ive said this in comments for years hoping they would do it. I wonder how much they will follow the animated movie adaptation because in that, there was basically no Banner and The Hulk talked.

Cody W on Feb 4, 2013



Xerxexx on Feb 4, 2013


this is insane… i dont know how they could top this. i was wondering what could be bigger than thanos and we have already had him… THE HULK! planet/WWHULK is just insane, if at the end of the avengers 2 hulk does something crazy and unpredictable like going to an even crazier and uncontrollable place then this would be perfect. at the end of the avengers 2 sent him away. biggest problem though is hulk would be the bad guy and how can you translate that into a hulk movie? its would be hard. maybe get us to sympathise with the hulk? or have hulk return at the end of avengers 3 and save the day, this is just awesome. hope this turns out

corey coreymcguire10@hotmail.c on Feb 4, 2013


He would not be a bad guy in his solo movie (planet hulk). In that movie he is the hero of the story. It is not until the very end of planet hulk that events take place and force him to decide to return to earth and seek revenge on those who sent him away. This would be the avengers 3/world war hulk story line.

Wade Stout on Feb 4, 2013


Well, part of the reason they sent him into space is because he was uncontrolable, and if I remember right they wanted to kill him quickly so he didnt suffer, so they decided to shoot him into the sun. Something went wrong, he missed the sun and hit a planet. This leads into him being pissed off, taking over as ruler, and going back to earth for revenge. He sees the Avengers (illuminati)as the bad guys cause they tried to kill him.

cliffyskogs on Feb 4, 2013


They didn't want to kill him, that was never their intention. They saw him as a potential threat to Earth and decided to send him to a planet that wasn't populated by intelligent life so he could live in peace. When the Hulk became aware of their plan he smashed the ship and destroyed its navigation system and he ended up getting flung into space out of control and landed on a planet called Sakaar, a warrior/gladiator world. Get the graphic novel, it is amazing!

Biglake on Feb 6, 2013


Ran across the action figure at wal mart i have to have the complete comic series

Brad Lindsey on Jul 6, 2013


Hulk is not the bad guy in Planet Hulk or World War Hulk

Jake on Feb 12, 2013


Revenge of the death of his wife,child and world.I could relate to that.I'll be pulling for the big guy,

Brad Lindsey on Jul 6, 2013


? Didn't you guys say last week we were entering Phase 3 with Iron Man 3(May 3rd, 2013) ?

David Banner on Feb 4, 2013


That's phase 2.

Guy who comments on things on Feb 4, 2013


PHASE 1: Captain America: The First Avenger Iron Man The Incredible Hulk Iron Man 2 Thor The Avengers PHASE 2: Iron Man 3 Thor: The Dark World Captain America: The Winter Soldier Guardians of the Galaxy The Avengers sequel PHASE 3(some speculation): Ant-Man Planet Hulk Doctor Strange Captain America 3 Thor 3 The Avengers 3

Chris Groves on Feb 4, 2013


Ah, thx man

David Banner on Feb 4, 2013


There have been no Cap 3 or Thor 3 announced. Highly likely sure, but i wouldn't say they are a certainty just yet.

Jack on Feb 12, 2013


They're certainly planning ahead which is nice to see. Still hope Banner shows up in one or two of the phase 2 films. Hate to think that The Hulk was off sunning himself while his teammates were fighting terrorists, dark elves and... winter soldiers or whatever. I'm sure they know what they're doing by now

Richie G on Feb 4, 2013


Even without a Hulk-out, it would be VERY cool for Banner to have some kind of supporting role or name-mention or SOMETHING in the phase 2 films.

Chris Groves on Feb 4, 2013


Holy sh!t....yes, yes, 1000 times yes. I'm MOST excited to finally get an actor who is going to play the part more than once. I heard a rumor that they almost cast Ruffalo in 'The Incredible Hulk' great would THAT have been?

Chris Groves on Feb 4, 2013


I certainly hope that they feed off of the positive reaction to Hulk/Banner in 'The Avengers' and give us more in the new film. Especially since Hulk isn't getting his own phase 2 film, it would be nice to have more of a focus on him. I mean, as great as he was in The Avengers, Banner literally became the Hulk twice, and I would say both times were in the latter half of the film. I want more.

Chris Groves on Feb 4, 2013


Less is more. Oversaturation of the Hulk kills his impact.

Weaponized Spanish Llama on Feb 4, 2013


Oversaturation? He's had TWO MCU films. One solo and then The Avengers. Iron Man will have 3 solo films plus The Avengers, Cap and Thor will each have 2 solo films plus The Avengers. Are they oversaturated? We're overdue for another solo Hulk film and as long as interesting things are done with the character it'll work. Planet Hulk is an extremely interesting concept.

Chris Groves on Feb 4, 2013


I think the Llama man meant over-saturated as in one single movie. Had he been in every second of the Avengers it wouldn't have been nearly as awesome when we got to see him in all his big green glory

prantsdagger on Feb 4, 2013


Well of course. But characters like Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor saw a lot more action than Hulk. They each had noteworthy battles before Hulk ever showed up, and in the final battle, Hulk was the last one to show up. It's been proven that people love him, so they don't need to worry about keeping so much focus on Iron Man and Tony Stark.

Chris Groves on Feb 5, 2013


Mark Ruffalo eh? I won't be fooled again. Who's it gonna be? Tom Hardy? That plot sounds totally crazy and awesome, but also sounds like it'll be super CG-heavy.

OfficialJab on Feb 4, 2013


No kidding...I HOPE that we might finally get an actor as Banner who plays the role more than once.

Chris Groves on Feb 4, 2013


I Love the idea! 🙂 I just don't see Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner being a revenge fueled kind of guy, and I mean he can sort of control the hulk, so they're probably just gonna make him be transformed all of the time and have the Hulk control his own self but still be somewhat conflicted with Banner's humanity, who knows how this could play out, I'm psyched! (even though I think they might be going too far in some way..) but hey awesome! I know they can deliver it and make it real, but it's gonna be interesting to see how he will be exiled, that's the part that has to be executed the best, the rest is a somewhat smoother ride. Well Awesome scoop! Let's see how this turns out! 🙂 I believe in you Marvel Studios give us a damn good film with good character development and a whole lotta' smashing!

Fidel Reyes on Feb 4, 2013


Ruffalo's Banner is still Bruce Banner, the character with the worst case of anger issues.Banner is not as nice as people think he is.

Jack on Feb 12, 2013


Haven't even read your article yet, but had to say, "hell to the yes!"

mooreworthy on Feb 4, 2013


Nobody mentioned the possibility of Namor appearing being one of the finest things ever....

Namorrrr on Feb 4, 2013



redskulllives on Feb 5, 2013


My Wish-list for Hulk 1. Give us a mini-series fleshing out the backstory of the Marvel Cinematic Universe incarnation of the character. Get Guillermo Del Toro on board and give us the 'official MCU origins' of how Banner became the Hulk and wound up as a fugitive on the run. A prequel to TIH, basically...turning it's opening credits into a mini-series. A long running show isn't the best idea, but a mini-series with a clear story to tell could be great. Make it fully engrained in the MCU lore, referencing various events and characters from the 'universe' whenever applicable. 2. Hulk/Banner with a larger/more important role in The Avengers 2 - It doesn't ALL need to be about him or anything, but everyone loved him in The Avengers, having a little bit more focus on him couldn't hurt one bit. Having it set-up a Planet Hulk film would be great. 3. Planet Hulk - An adaptation of that one could be a real visual feast. Obviously Banner would need to be worked in somehow, a whole film of him as Hulk might get tedious, too goofy, and too expensive to pull off. 4. The Avengers 3 featuring an iteration of the World War Hulk story-ling - That could be an epic conclusion to the 'Avengers trilogy'

Chris Groves on Feb 5, 2013


A whole film with Hulk wouldn't be too tedious or too Goofy. The story wasn't goofy and that wouldn't change for the film. Banner couldn't survive one Sakaar, that's why Hulk kept control. But i'm sure Banner will show up in some form like in the story.

Jack on Feb 12, 2013


Tiny bit of Phase 4 speculation but is it possible they're setting up a divided avengers civil war arc?

Blargh on Feb 5, 2013


I highly doubt there will be another stand alone Hulk movie. Hulk was great in the Avengers, and when he is, indeed, the Hulk. The problem is, that in the last stand-alone Hulk movie, he turned in to the Hulk like three times. When Bruce Banner is not the Hulk, all we, the viewers, are left with are some incredibly boring ass scenes that leave us yawning. But then again, if he's the Hulk the entire move, it gets kind of tiresome.

Presten Tok on Mar 6, 2013


why would marvel not have the rights to some of the characters in the illuminati? they are all marvel characters

Jonathan on Mar 22, 2013


Only own spiderman therefore couldn't be on avenger, fox own the fantastic 4 etc

EXPOSING CATFISH on Dec 23, 2013


ok coreymcguire10 if you did read planet hulk and world war hulk, than you should understand what hulk is doing and why he is doing it. they send him off across the galaxy to a differend planet, but CHARLES XAVIER had NO and i repeat NO part in The Hulk's Exile. Then later when hulk finds peace on the planet sakaar, got married and had a son... what happenes next..... the whole planet blows up killing millions and millions of his people even his wife which she died in space cause she can't breathe in space but was indistructable. so he came back to earth for some answers first. He asked professer x did he partake the distruction of his planet and before professer x could say anything the x-men attacked him, he nearley put wolvorine out of life for good, broke colossus arms, smacked beast around like he was some fag, and trashed juggernaut and rest so bad that professer x beg then to stop fighting hulk, then The Avengers and Fantastic 4 came to attack hulk, and Hulk took out she hulk with tooo much ease, and litterly DESTROY The Avengers that X-men storm joined the fantastic four to try and slow hulk down which he smashed them too, and who comes to break it up just like in the future movie who is going to get into the fight..... THUNDER BOLT RUSS. And the trial is going to start all over with betty calming him down and change back to bruce and hiding from Magnum PI aka Thunder Bolt Russ.

Hulk1389 on May 15, 2013


World war Hulk kill his wife child and world paybacks are a MF this will be great,like the song in the music video 'I'M GOING TO BRING YOU HELL"

Brad Lindsey on Jul 6, 2013


Just stating how much better the Hulk was in "Incredible Hulk" than in "Avengers" ...

Nj on Jul 28, 2013


There not going to do a full movie with Banner being the Hulk, just watch the animation. Although I would like to see World War Hulk in some way.

Tricksterrr on Aug 10, 2013


Dont watch the animated movie its so bad, the comic is so much better and it show more detail. Its worth buying "Planet Hulk" & "World War Hulk"

Rolando McFarlane on Oct 29, 2013


Planet Hulk and World War Hulk should have a movie or animated series done in a serious way, i feal like the tv series and movies dint present the Hulk like in the comics at all and only in some animated movies and in the Avangers we got something out of it, they should do the character justice and do it and do it right,

Sand Zeroo on Nov 2, 2014

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