Marvel's Kevin Feige Talks 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' and Villains

July 24, 2013
Source: Empire


Big news came from Marvel's Comic-Con panel over the weekend (watch the whole panel here) with director Joss Whedon revealed the title for the sequel to 2012's smash hit The Avengers. With a villain mentioned that made loyal comic book fans go wild, the title for the 2015 release is The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Following the reveal, theories swirled, especially around the character Dr. Hank Pym, the man who would go on to become Ant-Man (a Phase Three title) and inadvertent creator of the bad guy Ultron. However, Whedon has debunked any single comic book storyline as their inspiration, including the most recent series from which the film's title has been borrowed. Now Marvel's Kevin Feige is chiming in on the title as well.

As has already been indicated, Feige clears up any confusion about the title in an interview with Empire:

It’s not that [run's] story, but it’s that title. It’s been in the works for seven or eight months. There are some things in this movie, that you’ll see in 2015, that arise directly from casual conversations Joss and I had on the set of the first one. ‘Would it be cool if…?’ ‘That would be cool!’….We came up with a few titles, but every month a new comic book appeared, and that’s a great title. 'Age Of Ultron' is a great title. We had a few other ‘of Ultrons’, but that was the best one. So we’re borrowing that title, but taking storylines from decades of Avengers storylines.

So that means there isn't one single storyline from any previous comic book series informing the sequel. With that known, there's an interesting theory that has been circulating online. When Ultron first appeared in the late 60s, he used a brainwashed Edwin Jarvis, the butler of Tony Stark, in plans to take down The Avengers. Remember that Ultron is a living automaton who developed self-awareness and intelligence, turned on his creator and evolved into a supervillain. What's really interesting is that Feige has confirmed that the teaser video which revealed the title for The Avengers sequel indeed featured the helmet of Iron Man being slammed into the helmet of Ultron. Do you see what we're getting at? Perhaps Stark inadvertently creates Ultron by making some modifications to J.A.R.V.I.S. (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) and the assistant goes rogue.

Either way, Feige hints that Ultron might not be the only bad guy giving The Avengers trouble. Without giving anything away (and acknowledging Loki's strong presence in the trailer and footage shown for Thor: The Dark World), Feige says, "We think Loki could be the big bad for us, for a long time." So it doesn't sound like Tom Hiddleston will be permanently dispatched with anytime soon. But again, what about Thanos? Feige already said the villain teased in the credits of The Avengers would appear in Guardians of the Galaxy, but he also notes the bumper was mostly just to let fans know that he's out there. Perhaps that means we'll be waiting for Thanos to really get into action until Phase Three.

Either way, Marvel just keeps making their cinematic universe more exciting, and with so much comic book mythology to draw from, not even fans can predict what will happen next. Hopefully some Phase Three announcements will be revealed at Disney's D23 Expo next month. At the very least, we'll learn what Vin Diesel will be doing with Marvel at the end of the month, and maybe we'll hear more about films like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange soon as well. Thoughts?

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I think it's a mistake to not include Dr. Pym. // Ethan, 'Ultron' is misspelled in post's title.

DAVIDPD on Jul 24, 2013


I don't know, as compelling a character as Pym is, would you rather them have a rushed introduction in Avengers 2 where his character isn't really fleshed out? Also, given the context of JARVIS being an established AI already, it kind of makes sense within this Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Phillip Gockel on Jul 24, 2013


No but Edgar wright is making the Antman film, it doesnt make sense to me why they are doing Ultron BEFORE a planned antman flick. A perfect opportunity, Antman ends with Ultrons cliffhanger birth and then shows up as the avengers villain but instead there going way off becuase its not chronological I just dont get it.

Cody W on Jul 24, 2013


I get that, but given that I'm assuming certain aspects of this happening are already in motion, I believe they can make the best out of the situation. Will it be completely accurate to the comics? No, but then again, they've deviated in (somewhat) significant ways already as is.

Phillip Gockel on Jul 25, 2013


Well you say best out of the situation, this is Marvel here, its not like they dont have it in there power to have made the right decision in the first place.

Cody W on Jul 25, 2013


Thanks, it's been fixed.

Ethan Anderton on Jul 24, 2013


Your welcome. Oh, and 2nd paragraph from the bottom, "Feige" is spelled as "Feiger".

DAVIDPD on Jul 24, 2013


Jeez. Sounds like I just need to give up on today. Thanks!

Ethan Anderton on Jul 24, 2013


"What's a Feiger?"..."His Father, Dr. Evil."

ColtNoir on Jul 25, 2013



DAVIDPD on Jul 25, 2013


We get teased with Thanos and they're gonna throw us Ultron?! That's just lame!

Rob on Jul 24, 2013


Why blow their wad early. Be patient

Brandon V. Fletcher on Jul 24, 2013


Yep. They are playing the LOOOONG game.

DAVIDPD on Jul 25, 2013


I'm so iffy about this I was not a huge fan of the first Avengers and find myself bashing it more than most people. That's not saying I don't appreciate the universe that is taking place and constantly evolving on film, cause I do. It's just it all feels clunky and disjointed to me. Sure ill see this in the theater like all of us will I just long for something more and maybe that makes me selfish. In all honesty though I want it to be good but in the back of mind I know it's going to be more of the same. I hope I'm wrong...

N. on Jul 24, 2013


Well put man, I couldn't agree with you more. It's really exciting to see these epic heroes portrayed on screen, but there is something lacking in the plot's of some of these Marvel movies. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy some aspects of these films very much, but I can't help but notice some of the goofy cornball crap that happens in them to. I'll admit that being a huge Batman fan makes me a bit biased, and after seeing films like Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, I can't help but have high expectations. I just hope that Marvel changes my mind to, and am looking forward to seeing what Josh Trank has in store for The Fantastic 4.

Chewy Gomez on Jul 24, 2013


Fully agree! Thor, Captain America and the last two Iron Man films have just shown a level of film that is fun and enjoyable but only enough to get by nothing more than that. Nolan's Batman films and Even Raimi's first Spidey flick set a standard for Superhero films as did the first two SuperMan films. And none of the "Marvel" projects have come close to those standards I will even say Iron Man hasn't touched those standards but was the closest. Sure X-Men 1 and 2 were good maybe even great but those stand on their own without even the need to compare to other films because of the way it was handled. It just seems Marvel is beginning to think to far ahead when they should focus on the projects they have now. Like I've said before I'm anxious for the rest of Phase 2 but nervous I think is a stronger emotion I am feeling. Ultimately I'm more anxious for "Days of Future Past", Amazing SpiderMan 2, and Superman vs Batman than I am for "Age of Ultron" or any of the official Marvel projects. Thanks for agreeing with me!

N. on Jul 24, 2013


FUCK MY LIFE...bad idea after bad idea. Can't wait to see this plane crash. The thing is this movie will generate millions if not billions of dollars and Marvel will be praised for making something that could have been made the correct way for fans and none fans to enjoy. Kevin Feige you are the new George Lucas.

blkstar on Jul 24, 2013


Who are you? Anyone...anyone...anyone...

RANDOM on Jul 25, 2013


Don't you worry about it. I'm the guy telling it like it is. Sorry if I don't let Marvel take a shit in my mouth and say thank you like most of you who hail this idea as something that is so incredibly awesome.

blkstar on Jul 25, 2013


I was gonna say the same thing! Marvel was bold long ago and launched a rated r comic franchise while they were in bankruptcy which saved their asses and hasn't looked back since at any ethnic heroes getting their shot. Its Flippin 2013!

mooreworthy on Jul 24, 2013


Hopefully that S.H.I.E.L.D TV show will be a big hit and then they can start introducing good characters for the films through that, rather than rushing out films for the sake of it.

Guy who comments on things on Jul 24, 2013


If they do Dr. Strange before Black Panther...I will be sad.

DAVIDPD on Jul 24, 2013


I'm perfectly fine with the changing who Ultron's "creator" is. If you guys REALLY want someone to blame, blame Edgar Wright. The 'Ant-Man' movie was delayed because of him. If he had made it when he originally would have came in Phase 2(probably instead of Guardians) and would have perfectly set the stage for Pym's role in Avengers 2. But no, Marvel was filmmaker friendly, told Wright to go complete his 3 flavors trilogy, and waited. Unfortunately their schedule can't wait...and they don't want to introduce Hank Pym as a side/minor character before he gets his solo film "just because" Ultimately, this will make for a better, albeit SLIGHTLY less faithful film adaptation of Ultron's origin. The character itself does not EXACTLY hinge on who makes him. PS - I hope it's a result of both Stark and Banner fooling about that yields Ultron. In the first Avengers, Loki was Thor's brother, and the Cube was the MacGuffin from Cap's maybe the sequel can have a villain more tied to Stark and Banner....arguably the 'favorites' after The Avengers.

Chris Groves on Jul 24, 2013


I found The Avengers to be far more entertaining and interesting than The Dark Knight Rises. I honestly found the latter a goddamn chore to watch. That being said, nothing Marvel has made has come close to The Dark Knight or Batman Begins in my opinion.

Sahil on Jul 25, 2013


Tony Stark as Ultrons creator already exists in the Marvel Multiverse. Watch the animated "Next Avengers". what Marvel isn't saying is "we appreciate your years of worship Fanboys but it is far more important that we cater to kids. you see Fanboys, kids parents spend way more money on our products. so you can suck it!." but seriously if you've watched any of the recent animated films or shows like the "Ultimate Avengers" you can see the source materials. the latest "Ultimate Spider Man has Guardians of the Galaxy in it. Earths Mightiest Heroes was rebooted to Avengers Assemble and is show casing Falcon. even the Marvel Universe toyline is being re-branded to the Avengers. all of you crying about story lines and characters must have forgotten how many times things change in the comic books. get over it. why would I want to see something I have already seen before a hundred times? I'm excited about the possibility of being entertained with something familiar but fresh. just think what if the "Trevor Mandarin" in Iron Man 3 is not the real Mandarin.............

karl on Jul 25, 2013


The only way they could pull that off is if the real mandarin kills pepper in IM4...

Cody W on Jul 25, 2013


I wish they had killed Pepper in IM3. I knew when she was falling to her death that she wouldn't die.

karl on Jul 26, 2013


Tom Cruise for white version of Nick Fury in the sequel! they both could be brothers!!

Comic393 on Jul 25, 2013

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