Menacing New 'Transformers 4' Vehicle Might Hint at Potential Villain

June 28, 2013

Transformers - Motor Master

Another day, another vehicle has been revealed for Transformers 4, courtesy of director Michael Bay. While this one doesn't have a particular identity revealed, when you see the picture of the new vehicle below, we think you'll agree with the theories around the web that this is likely a new Decepticon villain, and it might even be one of the more iconic Transformers from the history of the toys and cartoons. Bay introduces the vehicle as if he's selling it, "The adventure continues to transform with a very different offering from Daimler Trucks North America…the imposing 2014 Argosy cab-over truck by Freightliner."

Here's the new Freightliner which will appear in Transformers 4, via

Transformers 4

Now the question is just what will this vehicle be doing in Transformers 4? Well, there are two popular trains of thought. One pegs this vehicle as being Ultra Magnus, the Autobot who has been depicted as the brother of Optimus Prime (though that isn't always the case). The character is usually depicted as a Freightliner truck, but it would seem like overkill to have two semi-truck heroes. Therefore, we're pretty keen on the prediction that this truck is the vehicle form of the Decepticon leader Motor Master. That might hint at the inclusion of the Stunticons, but the idea of using a team of Transformers who turn into a larger villain has already been used in Revenge of the Fallen with the Constructicons.

At the end of the day, this could easily be a new Transformer we haven't seen that merely takes cues from the mythology of the toys. After all, keeping even the most loyal fans guessing is part of the fun when playing with an established franchise like this (though some fans may not have liked how Iron Man 3 treated The Mandarin). At the very least, we're pretty sure this new vehicle will turn out to be a bad guy, but we'll have to wait for story details to surface before we really know what's going on in this half-sequel, half-reboot that will mark Michael Bay's last Transformers film What do you think?

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Hmmmm...... Explosions!:O

Fidel Reyes on Jun 28, 2013


The Anti-Optimus.

DAVIDPD on Jun 28, 2013


what would be the opposite of Optimum? Worstimus-Prime?

Dan Hibiki on Jun 28, 2013


It would be Pessimus-Prime. lol

Terry Hannon on Jun 28, 2013


could be several vehicles. Armorhide, Motormaster, Ultra Magnus, Nemesis Prime or even a new charachter all together....

JL on Jun 28, 2013


NEMESIS PRIME was my guess from early on, since Megatron is "dead". unless they resurrect him again as Galvatron. I think NEMESIS PRIME is the best bet, especially with the colour scheme.

OGKhyamB on Jun 29, 2013


Color scheme aside, *this* is what Optimus should've looked like from the get-go..screw you Bay!

AnotherDan on Jun 28, 2013


this is what Optimus should of looked like!? I know you have your own opinion and i respect that... buts it stupid

Sky on Jun 28, 2013


Hmm, if this is Motormaster, I guess Lamborghini will be Breakdown and Pagani could be Deadend (or Wildrider) that would leave us with 2 stunticons missing (Dragstrip and Wildrider/Deadend). Would like to see Lambo on Bot team Sunstreaker anyone? 🙂

Novak Kosanović on Jun 28, 2013


Drop that Stunticon knowledge!

mooreworthy on Jun 28, 2013


Michael Bay should buy a car dealership seein as he likes to advertise all the newest vehicles.

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Jun 29, 2013


I can't wait. No matter who it is. All the movies have rocked. I saw 2 and 3 in Imax. Ill go see 4 opening weekend too. Bring on the Dinobots and whoever this transformer is gonna be.

Justin on Jun 29, 2013


Awesome Pussycat!

Fox on Jul 2, 2013


well the villain could be a version of the robot

David Nguyen on Jul 17, 2013


This absolutely SCREAMS Nemesis Prime.

Brandon Wilkins on Aug 28, 2013


Oh yeah that's definitely Nemesis Prime and he's definitely the bad guy, and he's definitely the main villain, and he's definitely, definitely the new Decepticon leader.

Jeffery Kelse on Sep 16, 2013

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