Michael B. Jordan Back with 'Chronicle' Director for 'Fantastic Four'?

May 2, 2013
Source: The Wrap

Human Torch / Michael B. Jordan

After making a splash with the surprise, found footage, superhero, hit Chronicle, director Josh Trank took his success to the big time and is now attached to direct 20th Century Fox's reboot of Fantastic Four which is slated to hit theaters in 2015. Now it sounds like he might be bringing one of his Chronicle stars with him as The Wrap has learned Michael B. Jordan is in contention to play Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch, in the hopeful new comic book franchise. As of right now Jordan has had several meetings at Fox for the role, but the ultimate decision comes down to his chemistry with the other actors. More below!

However, that raises some questions. First of all, just recently we learned that Allison Williams was up for the only female team member role in Fantastic Four, that of Sue Storm, who becomes The Invisible Woman. Considering the fact that Sue and Johnny are brothers, casting Jordan in the role doesn't exactly make sense unless one of them is adopted or from another mother/father. Perhaps Jordan's casting is also contingent on who they decide fits for Sue Storm or vice versa. Either way, cue all the comic book purists who will get mad that The Human Torch may not be white.

Honestly, I like the idea of mixing things up and casting Jordan as The Human Torch, especially since color-blind casting for most superheroes wouldn't really ruin the foundation of any of these comic book movies at all. Plus, Jordan is a great talent. Not only did he shine in Chronicle, but he received plenty of praise (especially from this writer) for his lead performance in the Sundance Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award winning film Fruitvale (which is now titled Fruitvale Station and gets a rave review from me here). But it's still early in the casting process and anything can happen, so stay tuned.

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me on May 2, 2013


Sue and Jonny are brothers? (o_o;) She has quite the secret identity.

OfficialJab on May 2, 2013


I loved Chronicle. High hopes for this.

Nielsen700 on May 2, 2013


Flame on!

N. on May 2, 2013


I don't really mind either way if Johnny is white but I always feel this sort of thing is kind of unnecessary when the Marvel universe has so many brilliant and originally black characters. Making one of them adopted would be a silly thing to do though. Regardless, Chris Evans was the best part of the old FF. Hard act to follow which you can't often say about that c**pfest.

blargh on May 2, 2013


Agree, for example can't wait and see what they do with Black Panther, but I do mind. This is ridiculous. I guess Sue is black also and I guess now we need a Latino and Asian guy to filled the other two roles, might as well.

Baron the Curse on May 2, 2013


I am very syked for the possibility of a Black Panther movie. Much more than I am for this tbh. It wouldn't matter as much if the storm family wasn't a decent sized chunk of FF mythology. For example I'm totally up for an Idris Elba James Bond but that wouldn't have the knock on effects this does. I'd agree it's just unnecessary tbh.

blargh on May 4, 2013


Michael B . Jordan is very talented , great choice !

thomas on May 2, 2013


So basically reverse Frozone. There are also a ton of talented actors who are more true to the comic book character re: general appearance. Seems like they're grasping at indie straws and creating unnecessary problems with Williams/Jordan; looking for an affordable cast so they can tango more with VFX budget and all that.

faaaaack on May 2, 2013


How about not making Fantastic Four and focus on the other rich titles. FF was a flop. Moon Knight? Heroes for Hire? The Inhumans? Marvel Zombies?

mooreworthy on May 2, 2013


You forget, Fox are desperate to keep the rights. Which by my vague maths run out next year. So personally I'm hoping this crashes and burns.

blargh on May 4, 2013


Not diminishing the actor's acting skills and talents or anything, but seriously? I don't mean to be racist but this is just not right. This is like when Idris Elba said he'd be up to playing James Bond. It's just not right.

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on May 2, 2013


It's really only a Marvel "What If" story... 'What if 20th Century Fox reboots Fantastic Four?' If it doesn't happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then it's a one off. It is impossible to truly tell a Fantastic Four Story fully because the Universe they exist in within the comics does not exist for them on the big screen. They can throw $400 million at this problem and it won't go away. They can have the best script writers and it won't be able to write away this problem. They can have the best production effects and equipment and it can't cover up the Fantanstic Four live in a 'box'. Their executives are morons, and that's not going to help their cause. While Marvel is making movies with their characters, 20th Century Fox is really only playing with glorified Fantastic Four Action Figures, the real Fantastic Four is MIA in the Marvel Universe, while 20th Century Fox has no access to the Marvel Universe. Time will tell...

marvelous_marvin_haggus on May 2, 2013


I will never understand why the studios who persist in churning out these mediocre marvel movies without the proper universe don't just go "Hey, Marvel, you seem to be doing a pretty good job of all this. Have these characters back, give us 50% and tack a 20th Century Fox logo somewhere."

Blargh on May 4, 2013


This is just one of those crazy rumors the studio leaks to create buzz for the movie. Why don't people realize this? And even if it's remotely true, is Johnny Storm's race a central and integral part of the character?

MildlyAmusedMike on May 2, 2013


But it doesn't matter. Comic book movies tend to be D.O.A. if they're not 100% copies of the original material, because the fans are so rigid, and general audiences are the only ones who accept them for what they are. Things that have no bearing on the story or the character's personalities are updated or altered in some way, and suddenly everything is a 'time-honoured tradition' that is a sacred pillar of the franchise. What if he were black? What if Green Lantern were gay? What if Krypton weren't destroyed (today's rumour)? That last one could change depending on how it's handled, but in general everything can progress normally, no?

OfficialJab on May 2, 2013


i really hope they (Josh Trank) goes with this. I think he'd do great as Johnny.

Derrick on May 2, 2013


I really liked his performance in Chronicle he was honestly my favorite character in my own personal opinion felt he had the best heart and good intentions out of the trio. But to be honest I don't think it this will happen, then again if it does it would be interesting.

Fidel Reyes on May 2, 2013


I'm just wondering if this FF remake will fit into Marvel's Phase Three slate of films. As to having Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, why the hell not.

Thexn on May 2, 2013


Again, the Human Torch is NOT BLACK!! Just like ELECTRO!!!!

Angry Lester on May 3, 2013

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