Michael Bay Finally Got Punched on 'Transformers 4' Set in Hong Kong?

October 17, 2013
Source: Reuters

Michael Bay

For all the complaints that have come from fanboys across the internet -  whether it's about Transformers,  horror remakes of A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th, or the forthcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - it's amazing that someone hadn't punched director Michael Bay in the face. But that almost changed today on the set of Transformers: Age of Extinction in Hong Kong today. While shooting a scene, two brothers approached the director and demanded $100,000 in Hong Kong currency, or about $12,900 in American dollars. Early reports indicated Bay was punched in the face, but that may not be true.

According to Reuters, these two brothers own a shop nearby the shooting location, and they demanded to be paid because they felt the production was hurting their business. Supposedly the conversation became heated, and one of the men ended up punching Bay in the face. However, new reports say the man was using an air-conditioning unit as a weapon, swinging it around, seemingly under the influence of drugs. But when he swung the unit at Bay's head, the director ducked and seized it from the man. When police showed up, his brother tried to fight off three police officers. The two were arrested, and there are reports that a third man might have been with them who was also apprehended on suspicion of assault and blackmail.

Production supposedly resumed after the men were arrested, and it doesn't sound like anyone on the crew was actually injured. Still, that's not a very good start to production on the first day of filming. It's definitely a crazy story out of Hong Kong, mostly because these people expected the production to have that much money just lying around. Clearly these knuckleheads didn't thin this through, and they'll have plenty of time to do that as they get questioned by the police and maybe get some jail time. Maybe Bay can use this in one of his movies some day, and he'll add some explosions.

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Seems fair enough.

Carpola on Oct 17, 2013


I imagine Michael Bay has thousands of stories like this.

germss on Oct 17, 2013


I heard a story from a camera operator that worked with him on Pearl Harbor. Michael Bay had been adamant about putting camera operators with handheld cameras on the deck of the ship as planes buzzed by, even though the DP was concerned about how close the planes would be flying. Well, needless to say, Michael Bay got his way, and he even said he would be an additional camera operator for the shot. So, they're shooting and the planes head in towards the deck. The plan was to have different cameras catching different angles and panning as the planes zoom past. The planes come in and Michael Bay just drops his camera and hugs the deck, trying to get away from the jets just 50 ft overhead. The camera operator has to haul him up and yell at him "NO, NO! YOU wanted this!" Not as funny as him getting attacked by drug-addled extortionists in Hong Kong, but I like the thought of him whimpering on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

ruskobot on Oct 17, 2013


Looks like a swing and a miss to me, that too for different reasons, Sad isn't it, wish it was a kick in the balls

Francis.F on Oct 17, 2013


He should've punched the director of iron man 3.

qweqwu22 on Oct 17, 2013


haha and robbed him.

Such heroic nonsense on Oct 17, 2013


You people seem to be happy that someone almost got robbed and physically threatened by some junkies. Bay may have done some bad movies but that is no reason to make fun of a situation like this.

Alex on Oct 17, 2013


Yes it is! It has every reason to make fun of!

Jimmy Love on Oct 17, 2013


When do we get to see that art tard Wes Anderson get punched?

txJM on Oct 17, 2013


Looks like the script for Pain and Gain 2 just got its inspiration...

SV7 on Oct 17, 2013


It's probably a bullshit story created by the PR firm working for Paramount or Dreamworks. You know, bring a little attention to the movie itself.

Trey Wilson on Oct 17, 2013


Yeah, because if there's one thing a billion dollar franchise needs, it's more attention.

Ethan Anderton on Oct 17, 2013


He's actually shocked that they would do that! I would be shocked if they didn't!

Jimmy Love on Oct 17, 2013


Looks like my sarcasm meter wasn't set high enough this morning. Give yourself an uppercut.

Trey Wilson on Oct 18, 2013


Sure. And I'll bet Bay grabbed the air-conditioner cord and swung it around his head like a flail, knocking the two Chinese guys through their shop window, which then exploded.

cobrazombie on Oct 17, 2013


To bad it was not a Five Finger Death Punch! Burn Mother Fucker Burn!

Jimmy Love on Oct 17, 2013


You're the worst kind of person.

davidshaw on Oct 17, 2013


Oh noes! someone doesn't like mmmbay he must be a bad person! Grow up!

Jimmy Love on Oct 19, 2013


Dislike him all you want but the fact that you want him dead because you dislike his movies makes you the worst kind of person.

davidshaw on Oct 20, 2013


I never said dead! Obviously my reference went WAY! over your head! Try google! I dont want him dead...disfigured would be nice! Oh or even maimed! You don't hear of a good maiming anymore. I call for a good maiming!

Jimmy Love on Oct 20, 2013


He didn't know what "Chinese Spare Ribs" were.

MrKuel on Oct 17, 2013


I don't think this is funny, but hey, I'm not a fan of real life violence.. I also happen to respect Bay and his work ethic. I really don't get why it's "okay" for cinephiles to bash him as if he was the worst or something. There are so many overrated directors out there at least Bay doesn't take himself so seriously.

DavideCoppola on Oct 18, 2013

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