Michael Bay Says 'Transformers 4' Has Really 'Redesigned Everything'

February 4, 2013
Source: Forbes

Transformers 4

The forthcoming sequel Transformers 4 already has Mark Wahlberg lined up for a role, and rising star Jack Reynor as the young male lead. Though a female co-star is still needed, development on the blockbuster sequel slated for release on June 27th, 2014 continues. Though Michael Bay himself has said that this sequel doesn't serve as a franchise reboot, despite having all-new human cast members, it does sound like a pseudo-reboot that happens to acknowledge the mythology that the first three films created. Bay talked with Forbes saying, "To freshen the franchise, we’ve redesigned everything from top to bottom."

Bay continued to talk about the style of the new sequel:

"The history of the first three movies is still there. We start four years later and there’s a reason why we’re meeting a new cast. We keep the 'Transformers' the way they were. It’s just four years later. There’s a reason the Transformers are redesigned. We’re trying to broaden the franchise and give it more places to go."

Okay, so they keep the Transformers they way they were, but they've been redesigned. Basically, I think he means that the characters won't change dramatically, but their appearance has likely been upgraded and they'll have some new armor, maybe a more modern automobile look. And considering plenty of new cars have made their way to the big screen through Transformers, I'm betting one of the new cars on the scene will be the 2014 Corvette Stingray, which is different than any of the previous models. It could make for one bad ass Autobot next summer. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

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"A female co-star is still needed" No it isn't. Good to hear there's a redesign, and they're trying a different angle.

OfficialJab on Feb 4, 2013


Redesign? I call B.S.!! He's just trying to right his wrongs. I don't care anymore. And I agree, a female co-star is not needed. Humans period are not needed. They could do a film like the War for Cybertron games and it would be better than any of the crap they've already made. No stupid Shia Laboof, no stupid parents, no spoiled brat nub thumbed can't act girlfriend, no "gangsta" autobots, and hopefully no Michael Bay.

Angry Lester on Feb 4, 2013


We want the dinobots or the terrorcons. A new wrinkle. Agreed

j on Feb 17, 2013


i will never watch a transformers movie again:simple!!

avi on Feb 4, 2013


Then don't...? No need to beg for attention. Lol

C_Man1126 on Feb 25, 2013


so basically everything is the same, except redesigned the transformers with new modern look. and Wahlberg just jumb in for the ride. Fuck this shit, Money grabbing garbage.

truong18 on Feb 4, 2013


The one key element they needed to change to make things so much better than the previous three outings... but unfortunately, he's still directing it.

Chris on Feb 4, 2013


Sooo...polished up piles of indistinguishable metallic crap. Great.

LosZombies on Feb 4, 2013


How about we redesign Michael Bay and give him less places to go, one of them being a Director's Char

Tester on Feb 4, 2013


agreed lol, i mean why not pick another director, theres enough goood, decnt directors out there

Jamie Nicholl-Shelley on Feb 20, 2013


Chair* Just thought you should know. 🙂

Spellcheck Pro 2000 on Feb 25, 2013


I am so sad right now. I was hoping that the TF franchise would be rebooted and done right. It's gonna be another 5 years before we get to see a decent one. Michael Bay need only to watch TF Prime to see how it should be. Maybe he'll die before he gets to create another monstrosity.

Disappointed on Feb 4, 2013


Everyone complains because they hate everything about Michael Bay's TF movies... so he says "WE'RE CHANGING EVERYTHING" and everyone is still just whining away. We all know the Transformers aren't as good as they should be, but why not and wait to see what's changed before you get your panties all in a wad?

prantsdagger on Feb 4, 2013


Not to mention a lot of the people who are complaining will go see this day one. Yes there are quite a bit of cringe inducing bits but I enjoyed the franchise simply for the fact that the gigantic ass kicking robots were amazing.

Chris Amaya on Feb 4, 2013


I enjoy these movies! I'm looking forward to the next one!

Crazy Legs on Feb 4, 2013


Good job Michael,keep rocking again.fuck haters

Bob on Feb 5, 2013


I like this guy.

Bob For the WIN! on Feb 25, 2013


My birthday wish for this year is, when TF is out in cinemas. Everyone in the world just dont go and watch it. In that way Micheal Bay can just fuck off.

Handsomepig on Feb 5, 2013


How bout' this? On your 7th birthday you go fly a kite alone and sit on your thumb and twist like a good little boy. 🙂

Immature Attention Beggar. Lol on Feb 25, 2013


Bay needs to eat a bullet or stop littering the cinematic landscape.Even his "better" movies are utter crap.

mesa like no on Feb 5, 2013


The Bayformers designs look like shit. They have from day one. If only they could freshen the story and script, too, so the movies don't stink from the first frame.

castingcouch on Feb 5, 2013


Ok, now all of you people bitching about the series, the director, the characters...don't line up to see this one. It happens with every movie. As someone else mentioned, you all bitch and moan with each new sequel, yet you're the first ones to jump in line day 1...That's like someone at a restaurant ordering a meal, licking the plate clean, then complaining to the waitstaff that it wasn't very good. Don't like it, don't go and watch it.

Totes_McGoats on Feb 5, 2013


i think that michael bay is a gigantic asshole why did he make the plot even more confusing why? 4 years later sam witwicky has a daughter already? and wtf happened to the mom? michael bay has to wake up and stop making plots that are complete bullshit.

imwithstupid on Feb 7, 2013


i would be very happy see this movie ........ i would like ironhide and jazz would be resurrected. ironhide shouldn't have died in tf3 it would have been awesome he was there.....

ironhide 88 on Feb 7, 2013


Agreed. Ironhide was one of the best. But sadly it wouldn't be possible. :/ He was precticaly disintegrated in the 3rd one.. :c

R.I.P Ironhide on Feb 25, 2013


The Stingray was already a transformer - Sideswipe. I was disappointed that he wasn't in the third movie, but I hope they bring him back!

Josh Weikel on Feb 7, 2013


Sideswipe was in the third movie.

Hunter on Feb 27, 2013


Old, old reply, but ya you're right. Totally forgot about the whole gun showdown with ironhide and the two baddies. Likely he was in other scenes.

Josh Weikel on Oct 8, 2014


Terrorcons baby. A great new wrinkle. Who agrees

j on Feb 17, 2013


That sure would be awesome but I'm afraid it's probably too late for that.. 🙁

C_Man1126 on Feb 25, 2013


First of all the first three transformers were excellent. Michael Bay made transformers realistic as though it could take place in the real world. Coming from a complete cartoon angle would have messed it up. Michael Bay knows what he is doing and would not internationally jeaparzied Transformers 4. It's going to be brillant. Michael Bay was born to direct Transformers.

Kaunda on Feb 18, 2013


I'm glad you said that this man has made damn near all his movies #1 or roke a box office record this is Bay's babt

Dawyone Prime on Mar 20, 2013


(Sigh) Why can't this guy take a cue from Christopher Nolan. Character and story FIRST. Action and special effects SECOND.

psychoticsausagekiller on Feb 19, 2013


Except, of course, if we're talking about Dark Knight Rises. In which case, let's DESTROY the characters, make a sincerely TERRIBLE and PLOT HOLE FILLED movie and then worry about the polish. Nolan should've used Bay's method. At least if Nolan polished it more, it would have distracted from the utter crap we were delivered.

Darman456 on Feb 27, 2013


Clearly you've never actually seen the Transformers cartoon. n_n

Roger Workman on Mar 14, 2013


lets hope they bring back Bumble Bee as the VW Beetle as it was in the cartoons I was disappointed when chevy put there cars in there and ruined the originality of it screw the money and do whats right to make it right

jay123health on Feb 19, 2013


lets hope they bring back Bumble Bee as the VW Beetle as it was in the cartoons I was disappointed when chevy put there cars in there and ruined the originality of it screw the money and do whats right to make it right

jay123health on Feb 19, 2013


lets hope they bring back Bumble Bee as the VW Beetle as it was in the cartoons I was disappointed when chevy put there cars in there and ruined the originality of it screw the money and do whats right to make it right

jay123health on Feb 19, 2013


You don't have to give them your money...if you don't wanna go see it, don't.

JohnnyBoy7 on Feb 20, 2013


He's alreadyfucked up transformers, and im still mad on him about to fuck up Ninja Turtles, face it, the only decent film Bay ever made is Armageddon

Kyle Edgecomb on Feb 22, 2013


U guys r fucking stupid the other transformers were the best movies ever micheal bay is a great director. But I agree that the next movie might not be as good as the others because Shia lebouf isn't in it he really made the movies because of his humor and he fit in perfectly. It'll be interesting to see how they can replace him

Jcrack on Feb 23, 2013


i saw the exorist the movie i was scared and strange noises were made during the movie

tim alexander on Feb 25, 2013


it was awesome

alex may on Feb 25, 2013



tim alexander on Feb 25, 2013


For one of the cars, they should use the new Acura NSX Concept. It's simply an amazing car!

Guest on Feb 26, 2013


For one of the new cars, they should use the new Acura NSX Concept (shown below). It's simply an amazing car!

Bill Childress on Feb 26, 2013


Car will never make it to the film or the streets... It's old design and Hyundai created the car a few years ago. I think they called it Genesis.

Actionmac on Mar 9, 2013


Who is in the transformer 4 movie?

transformer fan on Feb 27, 2013


Another genius movie by Bay, but ohh god i dont realise why he dont want Megan Fox back.

Something on Feb 27, 2013


What a load of crap.. Why redesign eveything unless you have run out of ideas.. There is alot to the transformers universe.. I want to see galvatron or hotrod.. My be they should ask the fans rather than a bunch of corperate beard stroking morons that are payed to much to think..

Simon Mason on Mar 3, 2013


First he ditched Megan fox, now this...i miss the old stuff...

joey on Mar 3, 2013


Redesign? How about Bumblebee as a classic VW Beetle! I was so angry with the Camero or whatever it was. But I guess that's not as bad as turning the teenage mutant ninja turtles into alien mma aliens. Why do you have to stomp all over my childhood heroes Michael Bay? I effin hate you!

MichaelBayShattersDreams on Mar 3, 2013


there will not be enuf comedy in the new transformers , thts wht dey said , and it'll be much shorter than transfrmers 3

battleaura7 on Mar 3, 2013


The tf movies are great action films. The story Bay is telling with these movies is kinda cool but I would prefer movies based off the original cartoon. There is so much potential there why was it ignored. Think about it live action Unicron, dinobots, tripticon, and metroplex. A story was already there all it needed was some cleaning up. And humble bee as a vw beatle would have been stupid, maybe to start with just to pay homage to the original and then have him get a new vehicle mode, i could handle that but come on a vw beatle is not a bad ass vehicle. People drive those things in public with giant eyelashes on the headlights, WTF.

D. Shono on Mar 5, 2013


The worst thing about these comments is that the majority of the pretentious babble is coming from spotty oiks who weren't around to enjoy the toys and then the cartoons. This franchise was solely built on nostalgia and is thoroughly enjoyed by a certain generation who has finally seen part of their childhood bought to life. And we couldn't give a fuck who directs it tbh.

TheGaffer on Mar 5, 2013


They should include new Autobots along with the old ones like Ultra Magnus,Kup,HotRod,Springer,Perceptor,Prowl,Hound,Aerialbots and the Dinobots.New Decepticons like Galvatron, Cyclonus,Scourge,Blitzwing,Insecticons and Terrorcons with Unicron as the main Villain would be awesome.

Vlad Dracul on Mar 7, 2013


just a quick comment for all the idiots bashing Michael Bay's efforts with the previous films. Lets not forget that he is the one who converted Transformers from cartoon to live action, ,made 3 successful (box office will agree with statement) movies on the subject so far, and that the movie has not come out yet. Just cause some peoples favorite transformers have not turned up yet or have not been chosen does not not mean he's done a bad job. As for Shia Leboof, lets not forget Spike & Wheeljack from season 1 weren't exactly great or essential characters in the cartoon either. Give the guy a break & wait before you see the movie before you start bitching about it. The previous 3 movies were pretty bloody good in my book & I'll certainly be looking forward to the next one. Hell he's done what no one had the balls to do in the nearly 30 years since the original, & make the movies, make them successful & bring the Transformers to a whole new generation. I'm just sick of the overgeeks who keep whining like spoiled brats cause the characters they were after haven't been put into the movies {yet}.

Asteroth on Mar 7, 2013


Will iron hire be back??

Rick on Mar 7, 2013


Michael Bay did a good job in bringing the transformers to life with todays technology but in my opinion, i think thats all he did. There were so many key elements missed, not properly used, and outlandish implementations. Stephen Spielberg should of just done it himself instead of bringing in another director. Hes the transformers fan, not Michael. But you cant unscramble scrambled eggs i guess. i shall wait and see what the trailer looks like and gauge my decision based on that.

Transform and roll out on Mar 8, 2013


Wow a lot of whining about three movies that nobody seem to like from director to actors, but they went to see all three... How do you watch all three when you didn't like the first? Bring it on I enjoyed ALL three and most likely will enjoy the next.

Actionmac on Mar 9, 2013


As a big fan of transformers its time to stop making them before they kill the series

Adam Corria on Mar 12, 2013


transformers is the stuff

Aaron Taylor on Mar 19, 2013

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