Miles Teller as Reed Richards in Josh Trank's 'Fantastic Four' Reboot?

August 2, 2013
Source: The Wrap

Mr. Fantastic / Miles Teller

It sounds like the new cast of Fantastic Four is going to be much younger than the recent big screen attempt to bring the foursome to life. Previously, we heard that Chronicle star Michael B. Jordan might reteam with director Josh Trank for the Marvel reboot, but that's yet to be confirmed. Now word comes from The Wrap that Fox is also looking at The Spectacular Now and 21 and Over star Miles Teller to play Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, in the developing tentpole. However, word on the street is that the script still needs some work and there isn't even a casting director yet, so this may just be wishlist casting for now.

However, Teller has reportedly still met with Trank, and he's the director's top choice. The actor has plenty of charisma and genuine talent, and The Spectacular Now (hitting limited theaters today) will prove that to audiences. Now if Trank could line up Shailene Woodley for Sue Storm (The Invisible Woman), we'd have great chemistry for the superhero couple. But who would play Ben Grimm, aka The Thing? Nick Frost would be amazing, but he's seems too old for the young cast. Who do you want in Fantastic Four?

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Kirby on Aug 2, 2013


Fantastic Kids? John Hamm should me Reeds.

Spirre on Aug 2, 2013


Adam Sandler to play all four roles. Instant classic.

mooreworthy on Aug 2, 2013


Honestly, when I read it would possibly be a young cast and thinking of an actor with some weight on them to play The Thing....I think it would be pretty cool seeing Ethan Suplee getting the part. I'd be amazed to see how he does as a superhero.

JBrotsis on Aug 2, 2013


Too Young... (?)

Fidel Reyes on Aug 2, 2013


double FAIL!

Oblique on Aug 2, 2013


I think he's way too young! And he just doesn't look right for the part. Ugh...

Moutchy on Aug 2, 2013


This sounds awful already. i see another Fantastic 4 bomb.

TheDouch on Aug 2, 2013


I agree.

blkstar on Aug 2, 2013


Fantastic babies is more like it.

todd on Aug 2, 2013


Maybe hopefully it's just for a flashback sequence? Please?

Phillip Gockel on Aug 2, 2013


In The Ultimate Fantastic Four books Reed Richards was a lot younger. If this is the way they are going with the casting it seems like they are going to be trying something more along the lines of the Ultimate books. I never thought the Ultimate FF was as good as the Ultimate versions of Spider-Man, X-men or The Avengers though and the previous FF already borrowed an element of thee Ultimate universe having Doctor Doom's origin linked to that of the FF. I'm not one of these hardcore "fanboys" who insist that the movie version needs to be like the comics. Especially since this is the second go around and we need a new take. That said, not so sure about this movie. I wouldn't mind Michael B. Jordan being Johnny Storm though. In the comics Alicia Masters wasn't black either but she was in the first movies. We will see what is really going on when we find out more.

robephiles on Aug 3, 2013


Why do I feel like this production is not coming along as smoothly, time-line wise, as it should? I mean, isn't filming supposed to start in September? And they don't even have a casting director or the majority of the crew signed? Unless they are keeping everything about this movie a secret...I have some doubts that it's coming along as fast as it should be/needs to be. How long does Fox have before the rights revert back to Marvel? The last Fantastic Four movie was released in summer of 2007....

Chris Groves on Aug 3, 2013


Way too young. The FF should be treated with more respect. Jessica Alba was too young to play Sue Storm in the first go-round. It seems like they didn't learn anything. Now, we're getting a guy in his twenties to play RR and a black guy to play Human Torch. Sheesh..

kitano0 on Aug 3, 2013


Why not just get Shia LaBeouf for the role and really ensure the film is DOA.

Chris on Aug 3, 2013


Personally my vote has always been Guy Pierce as Mr. Fantastic but will that happen? No probably not but I can dream!

N. on Aug 3, 2013


Um.. no.Why? Way too young. No grey streaks no deal.

Dresden on Aug 5, 2013


Reed is not a frakking kid. Nor one that can't act. Fantastic Four: The Trainwreck; take two.

Andrew Ortega on Aug 5, 2013


"Hey reed how's your acne doing?" "Oh it's doing better I tried Clearasil!"

Jimmy Love on Aug 5, 2013

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